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If you’re looking to get business internet installed in Denver, or anywhere else for that matter, chances are you looked into Xfinity/Comcast services.  If you’re wondering whether or not they are the best option available, let us save you some much wasted time and energy and tell you that going with them will be the biggest mistake you could ever make.  Let me explain why:

Our First Issue With Comcast

Our first issue with Comcast began three years ago when we moved from our old warehouse to our new place.  The move ended up being a last minute move so we needed internet fast.  One of our employees was tasked with getting internet set up and listened to the Comcast sales rep who convinced him that getting the TV/Phone/Internet package is the best option.  That combined option ended up costing the company $236/mo.  When the owner found out about the combined account he called Comcast to try and change the monthly bill to just internet.  Comcast informed him that he was locked into that price for three years!  They said they wouldn’t change his account even though he didn’t need the phone or TV service.  So we ended up paying $236/mo for internet for three years.  Mind you the internet continually failed, went out and was extremely slow.

When we went to move into our new warehouse a few weeks ago we called Comcast to change over our service.  The sales rep tried to initially convince us to stay with Comcast but we explained to her how they were unwilling to cancel our TV/Phone service before.  She said the rep who we spoke to actually misspoke and that we could have actually updated our billing to drop the phone and TV service every 6 months.  So we were, in fact, paying for the TV and phone services for three years when we could have changed it the entire time.  Well played Comcast, the good ol bait and switch.   After some serious frustration, we told Comcast that we would most likely cancel their services.  We were informed by the rep that if we decided to cancel our services they would continue to charge us for 60 days because we had to give them 60 days notice!  When we protested she said “it’s not my fault you don’t know how to read a contract”.  Thanks Kelli, that’s some solid customer service.  So if we did choose to go with another internet provider we would have to pay an additional $472 just to get rid of Comcast.  That’s even after they knowingly overcharged us thousands of dollars for the services we didn’t need.  Again, solid customer service guys.

We decided to look for other internet providers in Denver and after a lengthy process it turns out that Comcast/Xfinity is literally the only internet provider that we are able to use.  So we ended up having to go to Comcast for further services.  Now I should mention this initial contact was made on January 9th, it’s now January 17th and we still have no internet.  Not only that, we don’t even have an installation date.  Not only do we not have an installation date, we don’t even have an estimate of when we might get a date for the installation.  Think about that.  Over two weeks later and we don’t even have a date to get a date for our installation date.  Again, smooth move Comcast.

Our Current Issue with Comcast

So let’s take a look at how this process has now played out because I’d like you to know what to expect in the event that you have to end up dealing with Comcast…

Kelli said she would offer us internet for $81/mo.  I’d like to pause for a second and mention that had we been paying $236/mo when we could have been paying $81/mo for three years.  That’s an overcharge of $155/mo for 3 years… That’s $5,580 overcharges made to Comcast and they wouldn’t even cancel our account for free when we asked for it.  Absolutely unreal.  Sorry, I digress….

Ok, so Kelli gets us set up with internet at $81 a month and sends the request for installation over to the service team.  We get connected with a guy named Alexander H. who we tell that we need a fast installation because we are moving businesses locations soon.  His response?  “Well if you need the internet now why are you just telling us?  It’s like calling the movers the day before you move.”  Once again, Comcast nailing that customer service.  Alexander states that because we are at a new location that we need wiring installed before they can come and install the internet.  So we need an installation before our installation.  He says to get the installation before the installation will take a while and can’t give us any date and that it could be anywhere between 60-90 days before they could even get the installation.  Now if this sounds confusing it’s because it is.  Well, a few days go by and we hit up Alexander for an update.  He writes back and says:

“The most important info I got is that it does NOT go thru construction, will be quick… they have meeting this afternoon…”

Wait… What?  What in the world does that even mean?  So Alexander gives me a number to call for the construction installation which we call.  They tell us that we had told them at some point that we didn’t want anything installed until after January 23rd…. Wait??? WHAT?!  So now just to get someone to do the preinstallation we are told we had to wait till the 23rd. Luckily a guy named Eric helped us out and got us a prewiring installation that took place two days ago.  When we just called we were told it takes 7 days for the pre-wire installation into their system and then after that, they could potentially schedule us to get our actual internet installed.  So here we are two weeks later and we can’t even get a date for our installation.

Ok so, are you having issues keeping up with this?  Don’t worry.  So are we.  Comcast has displayed some of the most unprofessional customer support we have ever seen.  It’s an absolute joke and after over paying $5,500, we can’t even get someone to give us the time of day.

So here we are, writing this review.  If you are looking to get Comcast run, run far away.  If you don’t believe us keep in mind that there is a whole episode on South Park that is about how terrible Comcast’s service is.  There are memes all over the internet on how bad Comcast is.

So if you’re a Comcast agent and you want to make things right?  Let us know.  Until then we will keep this blog up for all to read.


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