Choosing The Best Buckleless Belt For Concealed Carry

Are you constantly having to adjust your pants because the weight of your firearm on your hip is just too much for your cheap department store belt to handle?

It can be annoying, uncomfortable, and unsafe.  You may even choose to not carry your firearm with you every day because of those issues. Being more comfortable is only the beginning of finding the right tactical gun belt for concealed carry. There are many reasons why you must wear a quality gun belt if you are carrying a gun.

Choosing The Best Buckleless Belt For Concealed Carry

When people first start carrying a concealed firearm, they often focus a the firearm and very little on the gear to carry it. Some will even invest in a solid holster, which is always a good idea. What many people ignore is investing in a quality gun belt.

If you’ve carried concealed for any amount of time, then you know with the wrong gear even the smallest gun can be uncomfortable. Those new to concealed carry go through a process of finding what gear works for them to just give up if it’s uncomfortable. Most concealed carriers who give up, never consider that the cheap leather belt they’re wearing is often the cause of the discomfort.

This is where a high-quality gun belt comes into play. Purpose-built belts for concealed carry are often called gun belts. A tactical gun belt for concealed carry is one of the most important pieces of gear in a concealed carry weapon system.

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A gun belt supports the weapon and supporting gear and keeps it from moving around. The heavier the gun the stiffer the belt you’re going to need. Quality gun belts prevent the gun and holster from sagging outwards, which may print on your clothing, revealing that you’re carrying. A sagging holster and belt can also move when sitting down, especially in a vehicle.

In order to prevent these things, I have a simple checklist to go through before purchasing a tactical gun belt for your firearm.

My Requirements For Choosing The Best Buckleless Belt

Over the years I’ve been through several styles of belts from various manufacturers. It’s hard to tell whether a belt will suit your needs by looking at pictures online; you need to actually try it on to know. When I’m looking for a belt to support my everyday carry loadout and my Glock 17 it needs to meet a few requirements:

  • The belt has to be 1.5" in order to be worn with standard blue jeans or other pants. I’m not always going to be wearing high-speed tactical ninja pants that support a 1.75" riggers belt.
  • The belt needs to be low profile in the front to reduce printing when wearing a t-shirt. Personally, I just don’t like any belt with a large belt buckle that bulges out in the front.
  • Typically any piece of kit I carry for my daily loadout needs to fill at least two purposes, if not three (that goes for the belt too). Some may think of using it as a tourniquet, but I’m not an advocate of using a belt for that (that’s why I carry a SWAT-T with me every day). I prefer a belt that can be removed quickly to be used as either a weapon or to wrap around an overhead opening mechanism for doors (this prevents someone from opening the door if you have barricaded yourself in a room). These are usually found in hotels and other commercial buildings.
  • Made in the USA

Falcon Buckleless Gun Belt | We The People Holsters

The best buckleless belt I’ve found that meets all the above criteria is the Falcon Buckleless Gun Belt by We The People Holsters. The belt is a low profile (1.5") belt which closes via hook and loop (Velcro), and that’s it!

Falcon Buckleless Gun Belt

at We The People Holsters
Prices accurate at time of writing

Falcon Buckleless Gun Belt Specs:

  • 1.5" belt width to fit traditional pant loops
  • Exclusive, buckleless belt design for maximum versatility and comfort
  • Comes with a magazine holder
  • Industrial strength low-profile hook & loop fastener
  • Easy to feed through belt loops
  • Metal-free construction
  • Adjustable size for a perfect fit
  • Made with two layers of rigid, heavy-duty scuba webbing

This belt is as simple as it gets. It’s a single piece of heavy-duty nylon webbing with hook and loop velcro on the end (no buckles to deal with). The belt is extremely easy to thread through standard belt loops and is rigid enough to support my concealed carry gun, inside the waistband knife, and whatever you choose to carry in your pockets.


As a final thought, think of your handgun as one part of a total weapon system that includes you, your holster, EDC belt, and even the pants you’re wearing. Check out what Kyle Defoor has to say about your concealed carry setup as a whole.

Once you’ve obtained your gun belt and holster, you need to practice drawing from concealment and firing your handgun. Only when you’re comfortable and confident in your abilities, your handgun, and your equipment will you be able to employ your weapon effectively when the situation presents itself.

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