VA News: Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act Now Signed to Law

June 25 President Trump signed the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act to law. For years Navy Vietnam Veterans have been trying to get disability benefits for exposure to Agent Orange while serving around the seas of Vietnam during the war. Last night they finally got only a little of what Americans owe them for their dedication to this country.

Approximately 90,000 Navy veterans are said to qualify for disability benefits as a result of Agent Orange exposure while at sea.

The new law is expected to total $1.1 billion over the next 10 years for these new benefit changes and a new fee will be attached to certain VA home loans. Similar to the VA funding fee, disabled veterans are exempt from this additional payment – a small price to pay, knowing approximately 90,000 veterans are finally going to get the disability compensation they’ve deserved for too long.

Along with the sign law, there will no longer be a loan limit on VA home loans. More details will be available in a separate blog, once we are able to confirm the facts.

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