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Belly Band Holsters have caught on more over the past 5 years than any other time that I can think of. So many Americans are choosing to go with an alternative way to holster their concealed carry weapons (CCW), As the demand increases year after year, many companies are producing more belly band holsters to meet that demand. However, finding the best belly band holster for a CCW is increasingly more difficult to find. 

One of the biggest problems in finding the best one is finding the one that fits your lifestyle and body type. For example, some gun owners are fat and some are short, finding a belly band holster that can be comfortable for all body types is what I want to discuss today. Let’s face the fact that we’re not all the same, in fact, the stats show that American’s are one of the most obese nations in the world

What is a Belly Band Holster?

A belly band holster is an alternative method to walk around with a  CCW in public by using flexible fabric that wraps around your stomach. Each company uses different materials to craft its belly band holster, but the general use and style are very similar.

Tac Ops Belly Band Holster

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What makes the difference in most belly band CCW holsters is the materials used and features that come with the holster. Belly band holsters can be carried in multiple ways, such as in the front center, turned to each side to ride over the hip bone (best way for women to carry), or even high up in the chest like a turret gunner.

What Do I Look For in a Belly Band Holster?

Before you think about clicking that buy button on a belly band holster, it’s good practice to think about a few things first. Understanding what to look for in a holster will help you in finding the best belly band holster.


The size of the belly band concealed carry holster should be the first thing you look for. Think about it like ordering a small shirt when you wear a large one, if the holster doesn’t fit your waist size, it won’t work properly. If you don’t already know your waist size, then measure your waist and look for the sizing from each company you’re researching. 


This should go without saying, but if you’re not comfortable wearing something, you won’t wear it consistently enough to make a difference. The level of comfort depends on a few different things. First, look at what the belly band holster is made of, then figure out if that material is waterproof, moisture-wicking, breathable, and meant to wear in both cold and hot environments. 

The last thing any of us want is to have a holster that traps our body heat and makes us sweat and sits on our bodies, causing irritation and discomfort. Some belly band holsters will dig into your skin because they don’t have any extra protection on the back end of the holster. Wearing a belly band holster that doesn’t offer added protection will result in abrasions and potentially cause bleeding to your skin if worn long enough.


If your holster isn’t durable, you’re just wasting your money on junk that will take up space in your closet or drawer. I always look at as many reviews from multiple websites to find out what fellow product owners think about durability. If you look at any bad reviews online, people are mostly upset about product durability. 

Look for belly band holsters that can be machine-washed because if they allow it to be washed in a machine, chances are the company is confident in the durability of the holster. 

Caldwell Tac Ops Belly Band Holster

The Caldwell Tac Ops Belly Band Holster is a one-of-a-kind holster that gives the gun owner an alternative to carrying their CCW on their hip or leg. The durability of this belly band holster has held up great in the 5 months that I’ve owned it. It doesn’t fray or pick with constant contact with clothing and friction from me walking or running. 

Caldwell Tac Ops Belly Band Holster

One of my biggest worries when I bought this holster was, “is it going to pinch my skin as I walk or rub my skin raw on my stomach?" Caldwell added an extra slide protection tab to reinforce the backing of the holster (the side that touches your stomach). This added protection ensures that you can walk, run, bend, and crouch without having the holster dig into your stomach or hip. 

As you can see from the picture above, you have extra pockets next to your holster that serves as a magazine holder, but it can also fit any iPhone or Android cell phone you have. I don’t ever put my cellphone there because if I’m carrying it in public, I’d much rather have an extra magazine and pocket knife. 


  • Two extra pockets to hold multiple mags, flashlights, cell phones, keys, or knives
  • Added protection for holster backing to prevent irritation from the holster
  • Very durable fabric that stretches and doesn’t fray or pick
  • Very affordable at less than $25
  • The moisture-wicking fabric prevents sweat from building up on your skin
  • Fits up to a 40" waist (52" for X-Large), which makes it a great holster for fat guys and skinny guys alike
  • The holster is very wide to fit a CCW with an optic and/or light
  • Very comfortable
  • Machine Washable
  • It fits almost any handgun and barrel size you own


  • My only complaint would be elastic for the holster will stretch if you’re using a big gun like a full size 1911. However, it’s great for my Glock 19, Walther PPS M2, and my brother’s Glock 43x. 
  • I’d like to see a retention device on top of the holster to keep it secure while moving fast. It works fine, but I do get nervous if I’m trying to job or walk fast to make up ground while hunting.


Caldwell Shooting Targets

Why Should I Buy the Caldwell Tac Ops Belly Band Holster?

  1. The holster fits every gun that I own and accommodates any barrel size by leaving the barrel end open.
  2. No judgment here, but if you’re a fat guy with a 40" waist, then this holster will fit just fine. Caldwell just released an XL model that fits up to a 52" waist for the biggest of gun owners.
  3. It’s comfortable enough for me to use while hiking, hunting, and is perfect for a CCW holster in public. 
  4. Anytime you can get a holster with the features, durability, and comfort of the Caldwell Tac Ops Belly Band, it’s a great deal. The fact that it’s on sale for less than $25.00 makes it a no-brainer for me.
  5. The two accessory pockets are great for spare mags, knives, and flashlights. My favorite part is they don’t print if you’re wearing a loose shirt or jacket.
  6. I like to wear this holster right over my hip, but it really depends on what I’m wearing and the season I’m in. Regardless, this holster doesn’t print at all and is easily concealed in any clothing I wear.

Where Can I Buy the Caldwell Tac Ops Bellyband Holster?

  1. Amazon $23.99 (XL)
  2. Brownells$21.99
  3. Sportsman’s Warehouse $29.99 (XL)
  4. Kentucky Gun Company$20.99

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