Find The Best Barrel Length For 300 Blackout

The 300 Blackout is a versatile and popular cartridge for hunting, home defense, and shooting suppressed.

One of the most important factors in determining the overall performance of the 300 Blackout round is the barrel length.

Different barrel lengths present different advantages and disadvantages, and choosing the best barrel length can greatly impact the accuracy and overall performance of your firearm.

In this blog, we’ll take a look at the various barrel lengths available for the 300 Blackout and where you can find them.

Find The Best Barrel Length For 300 Blackout

The main question you need to ask yourself is whether or not you plan on using a suppressor.

If you’re looking for the quietest and best handling setup, one could easily go as short as 7.5" which is offered by Faxon Firearms.

Based on our personal experience and research we’ve done, the 9-inch 300 blackout barrel is the best overall barrel length with or without a suppressor, especially since an 8" barrel is the minimum warranty barrel length for many suppressor manufacturers.

Best Barrel Length For Suppressed 300 Blackout

For optimal performance with a suppressed 300 Blackout, we recommend a barrel length of 8-10 inches.

Attaching a 6-inch suppressor to this barrel length results in a total length of 14 to 16 inches, which provides optimal muzzle velocity for accurate long-range shots.

For the longer range engagements with a suppressed 300 Blackout, use a 16-inch barrel with a suppressor for an average velocity of over 2,630 fps, leading to more effective shots and minimal bullet drop.

Faxon Duty Series 10.5", Gunner, 300 BLK

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

Best 300 Blackout Barrel Length For Home Defense

The .300 Blackout round is a great choice for home defense as it combines power and efficiency with lethality when fired from a short-barreled rifle.

Using a short-barreled rifle is ideal for home defense as its compactness makes it easier to maneuver throughout the home. Despite its compact size though, a .300 BLK round fired from a short barrel can still hit targets up to 100 yards away.

For optimal home defense with the .300 Blackout, a barrel length of at least 6 to 8 inches is recommended.

Faxon Duty Series 7.5", Gunner, 300 BLK

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

Best 300 Blackout Barrel Length For Hunting

The ideal barrel length when hunting with .300 Blackout is one that can reach long-range targets with sufficient bullet velocity and energy on target for a lethal impact.

Longer barrel lengths offer greater accuracy and velocity, with a maximum length of 16 inches for the .300 Blackout. This length ensures full gunpowder combustion to generate maximum force and stabilizes the bullet for a flatter trajectory and improved accuracy.

Additionally, a 16-inch barrel offers a long line of sight for better aim, making it the recommended choice for long-range hunting.

Faxon Duty Series 16", Gunner, 300 BLK

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing


Choosing the optimal barrel length for the .300 BLK can be a complex decision.

At 10 inches, the muzzle velocity has not yet reached its peak. Heavy subsonic ammo in a 10-inch barrel may have lower velocities but allows for use of a suppressor without damaging your hearing. Supersonic ammo out of a 10-inch barrel retains rifle caliber velocities, but with greater bullet drop at longer distances.

At 16 inches, muzzle velocities are near their maximum. Heavy grain subsonic bullets struggle to retain their subsonic terminal performance while supersonic ammo has increased effective range and reduced bullet drop. The 16-inch barrel also provides greater energy upon impact, regardless of ammo type.

The barrel twist rate also impacts performance and should be considered when selecting barrel length and determining the effective range of the .300 Blackout. A 1:8 twist is best for light-weight supersonic rounds, while the 1:7 twist is recommended for heavy subsonic rounds with a suppressor.

In conclusion, there are a few factors to consider when selecting the ideal barrel length for the .300 BLK rifle and determining its effective range.

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