Benelli Supernova Tactical Review

When it comes to pump-action shotguns, you can’t go wrong with the tried-and-true Mossberg and Remington varieties. Both have proven themselves to be reliable and dependable shotguns.

But another pump shotgun that isn’t as common but certainly holds its own in this category is the Benelli Supernova Tactical.

This versatile shotgun boasts impressive features and a reputation for reliability.

Benelli Supernova Tactical Review

In this review, we’ll take a closer look at what makes the Benelli Supernova such a standout choice for any shooter in need of a high-performance shotgun.

Benelli Supernova Tactical At a Glance

If you’re in the market for a shotgun that can handle both home defense and hunting, the Benelli Supernova is a great choice.

Not only is it effective, but it’s also comfortable to shoot. Plus, the price is pretty reasonable for an Italian made shotgun!


  • Overall Size is Compact and inspires confidence when shooting
  • Easy to Use Iron Sights
  • Ergonomic Design makes it comfortable to shoot


  • Few customizations are available
  • Some complain about the length-of-pull being too long


Prices accurate at time of writing

Summary of Features

Benelli designed the SuperNova with a compact 18.5-inch barrel length, which is the usual size for a tactical 12-gauge shotgun.

Although it would be preferable to have a shorter barrel, the National Firearms Act mandates a special stamp for anything under 18 inches. By keeping the barrel length at 18.5 inches, Benelli allows for variations in the testing methods used by the ATF.

The Benelli Supernova measures 39.75 inches in overall length and weighs 7.6 pounds. The length of pull, which is the distance between the trigger and the butt of the gun, is a lengthy 14.75 inches.

The pump on the Benelli Supernova extends so far back that it overlaps with the receiver by about a quarter inch. This longer pump design allows both short-armed and long-armed shooters to comfortably operate the gun.

The Benelli design team created a shotgun with a polymer receiver, pump, and stock that may not be the most aesthetically pleasing, but damn does it perform. The action is impressively smooth and glides with ease.

But that’s not all the pump has to offer; it also features a magazine cutoff device in the center. This button can be pressed to prevent a shell from feeding into the action, making it easier to switch between loads quickly.

Another impressive feature of the Supernova is its ability to chamber 3.5-inch shells, which is not common for shotguns.

The Benelli SuperNova has a 4-round magazine tube, but the tube comes with a plug that restricts the capacity to just two rounds.

This is a common feature of hunting shotguns that makes sure hunters follow the rules that limit the number of shots they can fire at certain types of birds.

Removing the plug is a simple process. The minimum capacity for a tactical shotgun should be no less than four rounds plus one in the chamber.

Most people, myself included, would prefer a bit more capacity in a home defense or tactical shotgun.

Benelli Nova vs Supernova

Although the earlier Benelli Nova was a solid shotgun, it had a few shortcomings.

But with the Supernova, Benelli listened to what people had to say about the Nova and made a few key changes. Unlike the Nova, the Supernova allows for stock swapping since the receiver and stock are separate pieces.

Due to its larger size, the Supernova’s trigger guard is also made to fit gloved hands more comfortably. The SuperNova also comes with a highly regarded Comfortech stock that claims to reduce recoil.

To make sure the gun fits just right, the Supernova also includes a shim kit that allows for adjustment of drop and cast.

Overall, the Supernova is a highly customizable shotgun that addresses many of the concerns of its predecessor.

Benelli Supernova Accessories

As stated in the cons of this shotgun, there is a lack of accessories available. Mesa Tactical makes a few upgrades that can be added to your Supernova Tactical shotgun.

One of those upgrades is the Mesa Urbino Pistol Grip Stock. This is a great stock that not only ads a pistol grip to the firearm, but also shrinks the length-of-pull down to 12.5"; a huge upgrade over the stock LOP of 14.75".

Urbino Pistol Grip Stock For Benelli SuperNova

at Mesa Tactical
Prices accurate at time of writing

Additionally, Mesa offers a great side saddle option that not only includes a Picatinny rail but also has ample space to store up to 6 shells. It’s a handy accessory that can add functionality and convenience to your shotgun setup.

SureShell Polymer Carrier And Rail For Benelli SuperNova

at Mesa Tactical
Prices accurate at time of writing


The Benelli Supernova appears to be an impressive shotgun on paper, and it certainly lives up to its promise at the range.

I’ve handled my fair share of pump-action shotguns, but I don’t think I’ve ever experienced an action as smooth and light as the Supernova.

I’m surprised that the Supernova isn’t talked about more in modern discussions of shotguns, since it’s well-made, has a modern design, and is easy to use. Benelli has incorporated the same innovations into the Supernova as they do with all their shotguns, such as the Benelli M4.

The Supernova is quickly becoming one of my favorite pump-action shotguns.


Prices accurate at time of writing

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