Ballistic Missiles Fired From Iran At US Bases In Iraq

Multiple cruise missiles fired from inside Iran have targeted multiple US bases across Iraq. US officials have confirmed the attacks and Iranian officials have already taken credit for them.

The targeted installations include Erbil in Kurdistan and al Assad air base in al Anbar. No reports on friendly casualties as of yet.

Iranian state TV reported that the Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, or IRGC, “has hit U.S. Ain al-Asad airbase in Iraq with tens of missiles.” The IRGC warned the US of of more “crushing responses in case of new aggression,” according to CNN.

The following video is unconfirmed.


  1. Let’s see… Iran is mad because we struck back after an attack on US interests… Then threaten us and say that they will “retaliate” against our strike….
    So they expect us to act like nothig wvwr happened, let them attack our embassy and other US interests including military personnel and civilians. I don’t think so. Thankfully we have a President that won’t take their crap. I stand by our President. #TRUMP2020 #MAKEAMERICAGREATAGAIN

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