Elevate Your Hunting Game with the 8.6 Blackout Barrel

Faxon Firearms has always been at the forefront of barrel development in the industry, so it’s no surprise that they are developing barrels for the 8.6 Blackout ammunition.

Working in conjunction with Q, they have developed a very lethal package when you combine Faxon Firearms barrel expertise and the science and innovation Q possesses.

To date here is everything you need to know about the new 8.6 Blackout round, how it compares to 300 Blackout, and the radical new barrel design by Faxon Firearms.

Elevate Your Hunting Game with the 8.6 Blackout Barrel

8.6 blackout vs 300 blackout

The 8.6 BLK round was imagined and developed by Q.

When imagining 8.6 Blackout, a good starting point is to think of 8.6 BLK as the big brother to 300 Blackout. However, it’s much more than just an upgrade on 300 BLK.

Like the 300 Blackout, the 8.6 Blackout was designed primarily for suppressed shooting, however, they also have supersonic loads in development as well.

8.6 BLK is re-imagining "energy on target" by employing a fast 1:3 twist rate (compare to common 1:7 and 1:8 twists for calibers like 5.56 NATO or 300 BLK).

Other 8.6 BLK Features

  • Fits AR-10 Sized Rifles
  • 338 Subsonic Load Based around the 300-grain Sierra Match King
  • Similar to 338 Federal, but the case has been shortened to reliably work with gas guns without modification to mags
  • Uses Standard 308 Mags
  • Low-Pressure Cartridge
  • Utilizes a shortened 6.5 Creedmoor case for use of subsonic and high BC projectiles
  • Current Ammo Companies in Development: Gorilla, Hornady, Black Hills, and Discreet Ballistics
  • Designed Around a 12" barrel

Faxon Firearms has previously shown several 8.6 Blackout loads with a 300-grain bullet and a 210-grain Barnes TTSX bullet. These loads are still in development but should become commercially available in the foreseeable future.

8.6 blackout ammunition

How Faxon Firearms Is Involved

Faxon Firearms has been privileged to work with Q on developing the best possible barrels to support this revolutionary new round.

The team at Faxon Firearms is in the development of their own 8.6 BLK barrels for both the AR-10 and Remington model 700 platforms.

Faxon 8.6 Blackout Barrel For Sale

Faxon Firearms will be offering 1:3 twist barrels chambered in 8.6 Blackout for Remington 700 platforms and AR-10 pattern rifles. The barrels for both platforms will be available in 8", 12", and 16" length options.

Remington 700 Platform

  • 8" Light Palma, Remage style with 1:3 twist
  • 12" Light Palma, Remage style with 1:3 twist
  • 16" Light Palma, Remage style with 1:3 twist

Faxon 8" Modified Light Palma Profile, 8.6 Blackout

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

AR-10 Platform

  • 8" Big Gunner with 1:3 twist
  • 12" Big Gunner with 1:3 twist
  • 16" Big Gunner with 1:3 twist

Faxon Duty Series 8" Big Gunner, 8.6 Blackout

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

Faxon Firearms 8.6 BLK barrel Details

  • 1:3 twist rate
  • Better stabilization on long and heavy subsonic rounds
  • Better expansion of the projectiles
  • Re-allocates the energy from the sound and flash to the rotation of the bullet
  • .875 gas block journal for AR10
  • DPMS Gen 1 Pattern
  • Remage-style barrels from Faxon will use a Remage-style nut with a standard AR-15 armorer castle nut wrench. The nut is included.

8.6 Blackout Barrel Twist

Faxon Firearms is manufacturing the barrels for these 8.6 Blackout loads. These barrels are not by any means your standard rifle barrel. Designing and manufacturing them can be a challenge, but Faxon Firearms has confidently stepped up to the plate.

In order to properly stabilize the long and heavy 300-grain subsonic projectiles, the 8.6 blackout barrels have a 1:3 twist rate!

That means the round is making one full rotation every three inches of barrel length. The bore of these new barrels looks more like internal threads for a bolt or screw than rifling. This revolutionary 1:3 twist greatly enhances the energy on target of the large 8.6 blackout round.

Conventionally, energy on target has been largely concerned with linear forces.

The following video highlights the devastating difference between the energy on target with a 1:3 twist rate vs a more standard 1:7 twist.

  • Top – 1:3 twist @2380fps MV with 140gr projectile
  • Bottom – 1:7 twist @2380fps MV with 140gr projectile

The fast 1:3 twist rate of the 8.6 BLK is reimagining the energy on target as having a second energy-delivering component; the rotational energy of a fast-spinning projectile.

In addition to the 8.6 blackout barrels, Faxon offers 3 new AR-10 M-Lok Handguards and AR-10 height gas blocks. More products for 8.6 BLK will continue to become available.

For more information, visit: FaxonFirearms.com/86BLK

8.6 Blackout Rifle For Sale

Faxon also offers complete firearms chambered for 8.6 blackout. Enter the Sentinel.

By definition, a Sentinel is a guard whose job it is to stand and keep watch. The Faxon Firearms Sentinel will do just that…keep watch…overwatch that is.

Faxon Sentinel 16" 8.6 BLK AR-10 Rifle

at Faxon Firearms
Prices accurate at time of writing

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