Today’s blog will compare and contrast the similarities and differences between the Remington Model 700 CP and the Maxim Defense PDX. You’ll learn the differences between the SBR and AR-style pistol, the purposes of each gun, and all the incredible technology that these 2 great companies incorporate into their guns.

Maxim Defense is relatively new, but they’re a Veteran owned and operated company that caters to law enforcement and elite military units, such as the Army Special Forces (Green Berets) and Navy SEALs.

Maxim Defense

Who Is Maxim Defense?

Maxim Defense was created by Michael Windfeldt to accommodate the various mission needs and requirements of the Special Operations career fields. With the understanding that the certainty in warfare is uncertainty, Maxim Defense provides unparalleled versatility to meet the many needs of our nation’s elite soldiers. From short-barreled rifles (SBRs) to AR-style pistols, Maxim Defense offers a tool for each mission requirement to enhance the effectiveness of our soldiers with shorter barrels, lighter rifles, and specific ammo that is designed to be more effective than standard store-bought ammo. The best feature of Maxim Defense weapons is that they’re able to provide soldiers with better mobility and more versatility, without sacrificing capability.

Why Should I Buy The Maxim Defense PDX?

Very rarely will you ever find a rifle with a 5.5″ barrel and an overall length of 18.75″ that can fire a heavy 7.62mm bullet accurately and consistently without malfunction. The PDX is incredibly expensive at over $2,065 but gives every operator an advantage that really hasn’t been around until recently. The Advanced Combat Trigger (ACT) from ALG Defense is an absolute game-changer. It’s designed to be incredibly smooth by using precipitation hardened  17-4 stainless steel and polishing the sear surfaces until silky smooth. The trigger breaks at 6.0 lbs of force consistently with no creep and an incredibly quick reset. The Maxim Defense PDX allows every operator the advantage of using an SBR with the power of a traditionally much larger rifle. You can’t go wrong with Maxim Defense and I will bet my paycheck that this SBR gives you everything you need and desire for a unique mission requirement.

What Is The Maxim Defense SCW Stock?

The SCW stock from Maxim Defense is a revolutionary stock specifically designed for comfort and durability in the most extreme field conditions. There are no buttons to adjust the stock, you just simply pull/push the stock to adjust it to your desired LOP. It features an extended cheek weld to offer a better line of sight and more comfort, especially once you add a scope or optic to the top. The SCW stock is incredibly short at 4″ (fully-collapsed) and only 8.8″ (fully extended).

What Is The Maxim Defense HATEBRAKE?

With more companies creating SBR’s and AR-style pistols, one of the biggest problems, besides the ammo is the issue of malfunctions and reliable cycling and extraction. Maxim Defense ensures their Short barrel weapons don’t suffer from low-pressure by introducing their patented HATEBRAKE. The HATEBRAKE is designed to regulate exhaust gases to provide reliable cycling.

The HATEBRAKE redirects the sound of the gunfire away from the shooter, decreases the muzzle flash, and reduces the felt-recoil, which increases the accuracy of the weapon. The HATEBRAKE easily installs with a 3/8″ drive socket in the front and locks into place with a patent-pending technology called, K-Taper. This technology replaces the need for tapered barrels and ensures the muzzle booster is securely locked into place.

Do I Need Maxim Defense Short Barrel Ammo?

There is so much misinformation about SBR’s and what kind of ammo works with them and what doesn’t work. Maxim Defense allows for no stone unturned in their quest for market share in the gun industry. Whether or not you like them, you have to give them credit for the amount of effort and ingenuity they put into their products. I know everyone here at RE loves their guns and has been blown away by how well their ammo works in their new PDX SBR. One of the biggest problems manufacturers face right now is the lacking terminal ballistics in shorter barrels vs longer barrel rifles.

Maxim Defense created Tumble Upon Impact (TUI) technology that significantly increases the wound cavities by expanding and fragmenting more than any other bullet. You can still fire regular ammo from other companies, but if you want the best ballistics for an SBR, you need to use Maxim Defense ammo.

Remington Model 700 CP- 308 Winchester

The Remington 700 CP is a short-action AR-style pistol chambered in 300 Blackout, .223 Remington, and .308 Winchester and used for hunting, long-range target practice, or plinking. It’s built around a brand new chassis system that is only 21.75″ long and weighs less than half a pound unloaded. The Magpul MIAD grip offers better ergonomics with a slight tilt in the pistol grip so your hand has a more natural fit. It features a 10 round magazine and the incredibly light and stable SBA3 Brace for added stability and control. The strap on the SBA3 easily secures the pistol to your forearm so you can shoot this pistol with one hand accurately. This bolt-action AR-style pistol can hit targets in this model (308 Winchester) up to 500 yards with the stock and shoulder-fired.


Caliber308 Winchester
Weight.40 lbs (6.1 oz)
Barrel Length12.5″
Overall Length21.75″
GripMagpul MIAD
Stock FinishHard Coat Anodized / Black Cerakote
Magazine Capacity10+1
Trigger Pull Weight3.5-5.0 lbs

Why Should I Buy The Remington 700 CP in 308?

The Remington 700 CP chambered in 308 Winchester is one of the best and most complete AR-style pistols on the market with incredible features, such as the SBA3 Stock, Magpul MIAD pistol grip, and the X-Mark Pro series trigger that comes with all 700 model Remingtons. I love the ability to adjust the trigger pull all the way down to 3.5 lbs for a clean, crisp, and easy trigger pull for every shot. This is one of the best AR-style pistols you can own and I believe it’s the most accurate and versatile that I have reviewed so far.

What Is The Magpul MIAD Pistol Grip?

Everyone already knows how versatile and practical Magpul M-LOK is for weapon attachments and customization, but few people understand their incredible Mission Adaptable (MIAD) pistol grip. The MIAD is designed to replace the standard AR-15 and AR-10 grips for better ergonomics and a more aggressively textured grip for better control. The MIAD features interchangeable front and rear straps to accommodate shooters with either large or small hands without sacrificing the ergonomics of the gun. The original Magpul grip comes with all the same features, except the improved strap retention system and the grip core that holds a 1/2 oz. lubrication bottle.

What Is The SBA3 Brace?

The SBA3 brace is designed to be a versatile 5-position adjustable stock/brace to allow attachment on any mil-spec carbine platform. It features an adjustable nylon strap to wrap around any sized forearm to increase the control of an AR-style pistol or SRB that fires a heavier round, such as the 308 Winchester or 5.56mm NATO bullet. The SBA3 includes the 7075 mil-spec carbine receiver extension. I absolutely love the QD sling socket and overall minimalist design of the brace. You can buy the SBA3 separately on any compatible weapon system for $170.00.

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