Back in April 2015, SB 290 was passed. This law states that during an evacuation under a state of emergency, Florida residents may conceal carry without a permit. It must be under a mandatory evacuation and the permitless carry is only in effect for 48-hours during the evacuation.

This came about as a result of many gun owners facing charges after carrying their weapons outside of the home in mandatory evacuations, during Hurricane Katrina. The House passed the bill 86-26, so here we are.

Photo Credit: U.S. Navy Mass Communication Specialist 1st Class Ryan U. Kledzik

With that being said, Dorian is getting closer, which means there’s a chance residents may get the opportunity to invoke their rights under SB 290.

If for some reason you’ve decided you aren’t going to flee the area and would rather take your chances with Dorian, maybe consider reading the book below, while you clutch your firearm against your chest. You won’t have to worry about SB 290 if you don’t leave your home.



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