We’ve spent the past few months building out our new 2021 Ford Ranger Lariat into one hell of a gun truck.

We chose the Ford Ranger platform after seeing it in use overseas by both the US Government and foreign militaries.

The purpose of the truck is for use as a prop in our company photography and the truck can be rented by our clients for their marketing needs.

Ford Ranger Gun Truck Build

We’ve received a lot of questions about what upgrades we did to the truck, so here are a few of the specs.

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Ford Ranger Gun Truck Build

Other Build Components

Ford Ranger Gun Truck Build

The truck was built with the help and expertise of Colorado Adventure Rigs and High Country 4×4.

Why no Hilux? We get a lot of people asking why we opted to go with the Ford Ranger rather than the Toyota Hilux which is more traditionally used by SOF elements overseas.

First, getting a Hilux in the states is extremely difficult and we didn’t want to half-ass it with a Toyota Tacoma.

Second, Ford Rangers are becoming increasingly more popular for use by SOF elements of foreign militaries due to the US Government’s contracts with US can manufacturers.

So Ford is certainly an up-and-coming brand and will be used a lot more by US Government units moving forward.


*This article was originally published on the Clandestine Media Group blog

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