Clandestine Media Group provides digital marketing services for some of the most well-known companies in the tactical and firearms industry.

They accomplish that through video content creation, joint photoshoots, SEO content writing services, social media & digital marketing, and more.

CMG offers unique marketing services from former SOF operators turned visual artists and photographers. They pride themselves on their ability to make all content look as authentic as possible.

That authenticity comes from a combined 20+ years of SOF experience and a warehouse full of body armor, helmets, uniforms, firearms, and everything else needed to make the content 100% authentic.

Who Is Clandestine Media Group


Put simply, they produce phenomenal digital content that generates a loyal repeat audience to their list of clients.

Veteran Owned and Operated with a Focus on Hiring Veterans

Clandestine Media Group is a 100% veteran-owned and operated company offering a full suite of marketing services. They also have a focus on hiring veterans and for good reason.

Veterans bring to the table subject matter expertise, years of advanced on-the-job training, leadership, problem-solving in fast-paced dynamic environments, and a host of other skills.

Focusing on hiring veterans has propelled Clandestine Media Group out past the competition by way of planning and executing strategies for clients at a higher level than most other media companies in the industry.

Who is clandestine media group

Clandestine Media Group Specializes in 3 Media Verticals

Content Creation Services | Videography & Photography

CMG offers photography/videography for smaller projects as well as large, highly-produced photoshoots. Their team is equipped to show up and capture content on-site, or build your photoshoot from scratch by finding venues, equipment, and models.

Their team of educated content creators have an in-depth knowledge of each client, how to market their product to the customer and how the customer would use the product in a real-world setting.

They are able to apply your product in a detailed, authentic scene and then create content that is edgy yet marketable to the end user.  They know how the end-user perceives the product because they are too the end-users!

On top of that, their videography team has a vast concept of creative storytelling making them savvy in branded content and documentary film.

SEO Content Writing Services

SEO blog writing services aren’t just a thing they do; it’s a service they excel at.

They have a deep understanding of the Google algorithm, how it works, what the ranking factors are, and how to take that data and turn it into a masterfully written SEO-optimized article.

Clandestine Media Group creates and executes organic search engine marketing strategies that accelerate website growth, improve search engine rankings, and generate more revenue.

Their SEO and Blogging team comes from military backgrounds. Because of that, they can easily create content that is both accurate to the tactical gear industry and perfectly optimized to help drive organic keyword traffic.

Social Media & Digital Marketing

The social media team at Clandestine Media Group is a unique blend of veterans with a combined knowledge of the outdoor, gun, and gear industries.

Whether it’s following the latest trends in rare camouflage drops or deciphering what components make a legitimate quality rifle build, they have the knowledge and the tools to make it happen.

One thing that sets apart the Clandestine Media team from any other social media team is their unstoppable thirst for knowledge in anything gun, gear, or outdoor related because their passion for those industries drives them to it.

The Gun Truck!

Clandestine Media Group has built one hell of a gun truck. This 2021 Ford Ranger is modeled after the ones in use overseas by US Government agencies, the US military, and foreign militaries.

The purpose of this bad-ass gun truck is for use as a prop in company content creation and it can also be rented out by their clients for creating marketing content. This gun truck brings another level of authenticity to photo and video shoots.

clandestine media group gun truck

What went into building this gun truck? Check out this impressive build list!

For a more exhaustive gun truck equipment list, check out their blog.

Clients Clandestine Media Group Works With

Clandestine Media Group works with some of the best brands in the industry. Check out their impressive list of clients.

Clandestine Media Group Client list
A small sample of work from some of their photoshoots.

What Separates Clandestine Media Group from the Rest?

Simply put, the team of veterans that they employ. It’s more of a family than a company.

With over 20 years of combined service, many of those deployed to active combat zones have molded their team into an extremely capable marketing company for the industry.

Clandestine Media Group maintains a drive, level of professionalism, and quality of content in the industry that others simply cannot match.

Visit their website ( to learn more about their services and to partner with an industry-leading media company.

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