Features of the VS-17 Marking Panel

The VS-17 Marking Panel measures 18 x 11″ VS-17 and is designed to aid troops in marking their location and increase visibility from the friendly troops.The panel is double-sided with one side being hi-vis orange and the other being hi-vis yellow which makes it perfect for signaling aircraft in a multitude of situations to include CAS or CASEVAC. The panel includes three different options for ensuring that the panel stays in place whether you are on the go, or facing inclement weather conditions.  Four removable bungee tie downs and four fastex buckles allow the panel to be securely tied or clipped onto a pack or any other item.  In addition, four rare earth magnets allow the panel to be attached directly to a vehicle or metal platform.  The magnets can sustain winds up to 55mph allowing the panel to adhere to a vehicle while in motion. For even more versatility, we have screen printed a 6 x 11″ American Flag to the center for quick recognition, while the reverse side has a 4 x 2″ Velcro patch panel that can be used for emplacement of IR patches.


  • Made in the USA (Berry Compliant)
  • 18 x 11″ hi-vis orange and yellow panels
  • 6 x 11″ silk screened American Flag
  • Earth Magnets for adhesion to metal surfaces
  • Four removable bungee ties
  • Included stuff sack



The VS-17 Marking Panel is currently available for government purchases only. If you are interested in purchasing this item for your unit, please email govsales@refactortactical.com to receive an order quote.

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