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In 2015, RE Factor Tactical began offering marketing to third party companies within the tactical gear/gun industry.  Our entire marketing team comes from a Special Operations background, giving us a unique ability to offer a marketing service that is authentic, engaging and organic.  We pride ourselves in creating a marketing product that stands out in an incredibly saturated industry.

Services Offered:

Design- We offer a wide variety of design services from logos to t-shirts and everything in between.  Our in house design team works to design imagery that is unique to your product, your company and the industry.

Blogging- Our in house blogging team is specialized in providing blogging content that will help drive your SEO on key search terms that pertain to your product and company.  Because our bloggers come from a military background they can easily create content that is both accurate to the tactical gear industry and perfectly optimized to help drive organic keyword traffic.

Consulting- If you’re not sure where to get started we can help!  We consult in a number of different avenues from Social Media, SEO, photography and more.

Videography- Our team of school trained videographers have an in-depth knowledge of your customer, how to market your product to the customer and how the customer would use your product in a real world setting.  By starting with the customer we are able to visualize how your products work in a real world setting and we create content that is edgy yet marketable to the end user.  We know how the end user perceives your product because we ourselves are the end users!

Photography- RE Factor Tactical’s marketing services began through photography and we’ve quickly earned ourselves a spot in the industry as one of the top content creators available.  We can offer photography for small projects to large full blown photoshoots.  Our team can show up and capture content or build your photoshoot from scratch by finding venues, equipment and models.


Search Engine Optimization- Our team of SEO experts will assess your company and products to find search terms that you can compete on to help drive organic traffic and beat out your competitors.  Our services vary from simple product descriptions to full on blogging campaigns and everything in between.

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