The Operator Band™ is the first band designed to fit the mission needs of Special Operations personnel. Created by a Special Forces S.E.R.E Level C graduate the components of the band are intended to provide everything needed when encountering a survival situation.

Each Operator Band comes standard with seven different survival tools. This includes essential items such as removable/reusable hidden handcuff key in the buckle for an escape from illegal restraint,  80lb test braided fishing line used to make a snare or shelter, 18″ 45lb test water snare wire,  and ferrocerium fire starter that burns at over 3000 degrees.

Upgrades to the Operator Band can be applied with the addition of LiveFire® Paracord and/or a Suunto® Clipper Compass. The LiveFire Paracord is an additional strip of cord down the center of the band that is internally coated with a flammable chemical agent.

The Clipper Compass offers an illuminating bezel, rotating declination dial and waterproof encasing, detachable from the band when needed. The accuracy of the compass allows for the ability to set declination for easy day and night navigation. For more information watch the video below or go to

  • 12′ of 550 Paracord
  • 30′ of 80lb Test Spider Wire Fishing Line
  • Fishing Hook
  • 18″ of 45lb test Eagle Claw Snare Wire
  • P51 Can Opener
  • Ferrocerium Starter
  • Hidden Handcuff Key Buckle
  • LiveFire® Paracord (OPTIONAL)
  • Suunto Clipper Compass (OPTIONAL)
  • Veteran Made in the USA