Comp-Tac Victory Gear is a tactical gear company that specializes in producing some of the best holsters on the market today, especially for competition shooters. They produce holsters, battle belts, mag pouches, concealment vests, and many more products designed to add comfort to carrying a weapon. Today’s blog will focus on 6 holsters from Comp-Tac Victory Gear that everyone should consider when looking for the best holster. We will start with the 2 O’Clock IWB Right Hand Holster and explain, the International Holster, Blue Duty Holster Series, Calvery Holster, CTAC, and the Ultra Max Concealed Carry Holster.

2 O’clock™ IWB Right Hand Holster | Appendix Holster

The 2 O’Clock In-Waist-Band (IWB) Right Hand Holster is designed to fit at the 2:00 position on your waist for quick access. It’s compatible with every major pistol brand, from the Glock and Sig to Springfield’s 1911 and the H&K. Comp-Tac uses 100% Kydex to build the IBW holster to improve the rigidness and durability of the holster while providing a custom fit. The 2 O’Clock holster is made to fit 11 different pistol brands with exact precision for the tightest and most secure fit possible. The Kydex ensures that the draw is as smooth as silk due to its low-friction properties. The holster clip is a C shape clip that is designed to grip your belt at the top and bottom for a more secure fit. This holster works great as an open carry with your shirt tucked in or is easily concealed under your shirt.

What is Kydex?

Comp-Tac decided to use Kydex because of its low-friction properties and durability. It’s a thermoplastic acrylic-polyvinyl chloride (PVC) created by Sekisui SPI for use in knife sheaths, holsters, and aircraft bulkheads. The acrylic used in the process gives the holster its rigidity and flexibility to conform to the gun instead of having a 1-size fits all. The PVC gives the holster the durability it needs to withstand the wear and tear of bumping against trees, concrete, and rifles or gear. Kydex is a great material to use for holsters, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

Why Should I Buy the 2 O’Clock IWB Right Hand Holster?

The 2 O’Clock Holster is comfortable with the nylon and fits with any belt you could buy for tactical gear. The Kydex ensures the holster will repel all oils, water, and sweat, so your holster will last a decade if you take care of it. The low friction will result in a very fast draw and the holster is designed to withstand 10,000,000 flexes without failure. The holster comes with 5 separate holes for adjustment and is designed to fit any 1.5″ belt. This holster will never catch or ruin your leather car seat or clothing and fits your pistol like a glove.



2 O'clock™ IWB Right Hand Holster | Appendix Holster | Comp-Tac

International™ Holster | Belt, Paddle, Drop Offset Holster

The International Holster is designed to be used in competition shooting such as the 3-Gun Competition by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) or the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA). This holster is designed with a slit down the front of the holster to fit optics and has a .5″ tall sight rail to fit most suppressors and optic combinations. It’s an outside the waistband (OWB) holster with a modular mounting design to give the shooter 16 holster configuration options without any extra material. This versatility is incredible to go with the 3:00 mounting position for quick access without getting in the way of a plate carrier or tactical vest on the front of your body.

Why Should I Buy the International Holster?

The versatility of 16 configurations and 3 separate mounting options (belt mount, paddle mount, and drop offset mount) with the smooth and durable Kydex is incredible. You can adjust the retention of the holster depending on the use and purpose of you carrying the gun. For example, if you’re carrying for competition purposes, you can loosen the holster to have less retention and a quicker draw. Comp-Tac included raised lettering on the front of the holster to ensure the user which gun goes with this holster. The starting price for the International Holster is $68.00.


International™ Holster | Belt, Paddle, Drop Offset Holster | Comp-Tac


Blue Duty Holster Series™ Covered Optic | Level 2 | Spring Loaded Bale

The Blue Duty Holster is Comp-Tac’s Law Enforcement Officer (LEO) model that is specifically made to handle a red-dot optic and a tactical rail-mounted light. It comes with a thumb release bale that helps officers to carry their attachments without sacrificing performance or comfort. Very few holsters on the market today allow you to holster a pistol with a tactical light and optic attachment. It’s built with 2 retention points, one on the back and the other on the bottom for confidence in knowing your pistol secured, even if one fails. The bottom retention point allows you to adjust the level of retention to fit your ideal draw time. It’s made with the same Kydex material that ensures your pistol is smooth, repels water, oils, and sweat without adding any chemical to your holster.

Why Should I Buy the Comp-Tac Blue Duty Holster Series?

If you’re an LEO and prefer to carry attachments on your duty pistol, I highly recommend this holster for you. With double retention points to secure your pistol in any situation you find yourself in, this holster will secure and protect your pistol like no other. The Kydex gives the holster great flexibility, durability, and provides a quick draw with its low friction properties.


Blue Duty Holster Series™ Covered Optic | Level 2 | Spring Loaded Bale | Optics and Light Compatible

Cavalry™ Holster | Hybrid Holster for Pocket Pistol Size Guns

The Cavalry Holster from Comp-Tac is specifically designed for a CCW, such as a Glock 43 or the Kimber Solo. This holster is versatile with the ability to adjust the cant, ride height, and retention. The Holster comes with 2 options for clips, with the Standard clip being better for thick and rigid belts, whereas, the C-Clip is better for thin flexible belts. The adjustable cant and ride height are what makes this holster great because you can lower the holster based on your body to conceal this holster without printing in a t-shirt. The only complaint with this holster is the Kydex shell and leather could have been rounded a little better to add more comfort. You’ll probably have to wear extra fabric underneath to pad your skin from rubbing raw on the leather if you’re overweight and have love handles.

Cavalry™ Holster | Hybrid Holster for Pocket Pistol Size Guns | Comp-Tac


CTAC™ Holsters | All Kydex IWB Concealed Carry

The CTAC is an IWB 100% Kydex holster specifically made for a Concealed carry weapon. This holster is designed to be worn behind your hip at the 4:00-5:00 range for better concealment for someone standing in front of you. The CTAC is made to withstand hot and humid temperatures since the Kydex will repel all sweat, water, or oils from your gun or skin. The low friction property of the Kydex allows for a rapid draw for those moments when seconds matter. You can adjust the mounting of the holster to provide the shooter with the proper height for their comfort. The CTAC comes with 3 types of clips, the standard clips, C-Clip, or the V-Clip. The V-Clip will fit on either a thin or thicker belt and provides the best concealment by attaching the holster after the clip so no one could see the clip from the outside.

CTAC™ Holsters | All Kydex IWB Concealed Carry | Comp-Tac


Infidel Ultra Max™ Holster | IWB Concealed Carry

The Infidel Ultra Max offers one of the most versatile cant adjustments of any holster we’ve reviewed with 3 separate styles. You can use the adjustment holes to change the cant to a reverse cant, straight drop speed cant, or the FBI forward cant that is best for law enforcement. It’s built with a single clip that allows you to put on and take off your holster without removing your belt. The Infidel is built with a Kydex shell and 2 layers of cowhide leather for added comfort. It’s also built with a retention adjustment so you can change your draw speed to fit your purpose. The cowhide leather makes this holster more comfortable than the 100% Kydex holsters because there is no rubbing or pinching with plastic. The feature that is new with the Infidel is the interchangeable Kydex body. This feature allows you to use 1 holster for all of your pistols, whether they’re a CCW or full size .357 Magnum.

Why Should I Buy the Infidel Ultra Max holster?

Although this holster starts at $80.00, it has the ability to be the only holster you’ll ever need for all of your pistols. It’s more comfortable than the 100% Kydex because the cowhide leather doesn’t rub or pinch your skin if you’re sitting in your car or bending over to pick something up. It has the versatility to be mounted in either the infidel clip or through the belt loops to provide more or less concealment. The Infidel clip is a nylon clip that slides over the belt for quick and easy installation. If you want more security and concealment, the belt loop option wraps around the belt and snaps closed. If someone wanted to take your gun off your hip, they’d have to remove your entire belt before getting to the gun.


Infidel Ultra Max™ Holster | IWB Concealed Carry | Comp-Tac