The RE Factor Tactical Kill Card Challenge

The RE Factor Challenge is designed to test your pistol shooting capabilities.  The drill will test your speed, accuracy, trigger manipulations and reload times.

Anyone who is able to meet the drill standard will receive the RE Factor Tactical Challenge patch.  This patch is not available for purchase and is available only to those who successfully meet the drill standard with video proof.  Your name will be published on our website unless requested otherwise.


Video Requirements:

In the video you must provide:

  • Proof of distance (using a measuring tape)
  • Proof of time (using a shot timer)
  • Proof of hits (show before and after of the target)


This drill is to be conducted on the Essentials Target


Distance for this drill is 5 yards

Starting position:

The shooter starts facing downrange, facing the target.  The shooter will have a pistol holstered.  The type of holster does not matter.  The type of pistol used does not matter.

The shooter will have their hands either in the surrender position, or with their hands down by their sides.  The shooter MAY NOT have their hand starting on the weapon.

The weapon will have a round chambered and one round in the loaded magazine.

In addition the shooter will have two magazines on their side, one with four rounds and one with two rounds.

The Drill:

At the buzzer the shooter will draw and fire two rounds to the #1 circle, reload, fire four rounds to the #7 rectangle, reload, fire two rounds to the #12 rectangle.


Successful completion of this drill is any time under 7 seconds with no misses.

Current Patch Holders:

  • Brandon Wright- 5:35 Top Time
  • @T1CS “Jared C”- 5:53
  • Brice Silveria- 6:01
  • Sean Griffith- 6:09
  • Sam Ghormley- 6:10
  • Alam Elam (from Surefire)- 6:15
  • Kodiak MPDSWAT(ret.)”- 6:28
  • Craig McElhaney- 6:37
  • FBI SWAT Agent (Name withheld)- 6:41
  • FBI HRT Operator (Name withheld)- 6:46
  • L.P.- 6:53
  • Adam Simon- 6:66
  • JSOC Member (name withheld)- 6:72
  • Joey Hsiao:  6:76
  • Jeremy Wang- 6.81
  • Michael Hiday (Jacksonville, FL Sheriff’s Office SWAT- 6:83
  • Sam Lerman Quantico Tactical- 6:86
  • David “Unicorn” Lang- 6:87
  • Elias Anderson- 6:88
  • Tom Reese- 6:97



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