August 19

30 Pre-Battle Songs Chosen By You

We asked you guys what songs you listen to in order to get your game face on.  Here are a few of the chosen songs that get your blood flowing and ready for battle. 1)  Drowning Pool-Bodies    2) Pantera- 5 Minutes Alone   3) Bay of Pigs – Long […]

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August 18

Why does North Korea hate America?

By Dominic Oto The North Korean regime hates the United States. Every day on North Korean news the Hermit Kingdom’s citizens are told Americans are imperialists, aggressors and hostile towards North Korea. In school, North Korean children are taught that “cunning American dogs” want to kill them and eat them. […]

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August 17

Impossible Missions: The Devil’s Brigade – WWII’s First Special Service Force Part 2 – Training and Men

By Dominic Oto   Risk, grit, daring and doing impossible missions are the trademark of American’s Special Operations Forces (SOF). Many American SOF units trace their lineage to the “Devil’s Brigade.” During World War II the Allies were struggling to strike out at their enemies. A secret unit of soldiers […]

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August 16

This Nonprofit Gets Gear To Soldiers That They Need Downrange

From time to time you get a group of individuals that put together something great. The generous men and women of Support a Soldier have put together a nonprofit organization dedicated to giving soldiers the gear that they REALLY need downrange. This is how it works: 1. Soldiers request gear […]

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