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ISIS Drone Operations in Iraq/Syria | A New Era of Warfare

Around 2012/13 companies such as DJI brought commercial and civilian drone usage to the market at an affordable price.  The drones, constructed for photographers and hobbyists, offer an enjoyable view of the world below, in an easily flyable package.  Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for ISIS to modify these drones for offensive operations against Iraqi and allied troops in Iraq and Syria.

Overnight, ISIS gained access to a primitive Air Force and are using the technology to drop a wide array of armament on foot soldiers, tanks and structures with surprising accuracy.  In addition, they are able to use the drones for surveillance, scouting of troop movements and early warning detection.

Above you can see images of ISIS modifying DJI Phantom series drones to drop 40mm grenades fitted with badminton tails for stabilization.  These are released from a modified switch that is activated by the drone operator.

At the moment, there are very few counter drone options available for Iraqi and allied forces making the attacks more lethal.  Iraqi forces attempt to shoot down the drones using small arms fire, however, due to their low cost and accessibility, ISIS can easily and quickly replace them if they become damaged.

While there is no doubt the US military is working on possible solutions, it may take awhile before they are properly implemented in the field.  This marks a new era of warfare that will only become more prevalent as drone technology increases.





US Military Drops MOAB Bomb in Afghanistan

The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb sits at an air base in Southwest Asia waiting to be used should it become necessary. The MOAB is also called “The Mother of all Bombs” by scientists and the community alike. (Courtesy photo)

13 April 2017

According to AP reports, the United States Military dropped a MOAB (Massive Ordinance Air Blast, AKA Mother Of All Bombs), also known as a GBU 43/B into an ISIS stronghold.  The bomb was dropped into an area held by ISIS fighters in North Eastern Afghanistan.  This is the first time the bomb has been dropped in an operation since its creation in 2003.

This bomb was dropped in same area that a Special Forces soldier was killed last week.

The MOAB weighs over 22,000lbs, and has net explosive weight of 11 tons of TNT.

US Launches over 50 missiles at Syrian Military

In this picture made available by the U.S. Navy, Wednesday, March 30, 2011, the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Barry (DDG 52) launches a Tomahawk cruise missile from the ships bow, off the Libyan coast, Tuesday, March 29, 2011. Barry is currently supporting Joint Task Force (JTF) Odyssey Dawn. (AP Photo/U.S. Navy photo by Mass Communication Specialist 3rd Class Jonathan Sunderman/HO) EDITORIAL USE ONLY

On 6 April 2017 the United States Military launched over 50 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles at Syrian forces as a retaliation for chemical attacks against Syrian civilians.

The missiles were launched at a Syrian airfield where the US government believes the chemical weapons originated.


Quantico Tactical and RE Factor Tactical Announce New Partnership To Meet Equipment Demands For Government Customers

Quantico Tactical and RE Factor Tactical today announced the new availability of RE Factor Tactical products through all retail locations and government contracting vehicles belonging to Quantico Tactical.

As a leading supplier to the Department of Defense, Quantico Tactical is now able to provide innovative and specialized equipment, manufactured by RE Factor Tactical, through its well-established government purchasing programs, six nationwide retail locations and website. RE Factor Tactical will greatly expand its government customer network, establishing new relationships with, developers and decision makers.

Forever changing tactics and mission requirements have established a demand for constant improvement and delivery of new equipment tailored for supporting combat operations. As a prominent developer of innovative tactical equipment, Veteran-owned RE Factor Tactical is backed by years of ongoing service within Special Operations, thoroughly understanding the needs of the community.

Convenient procurement, made possible by Quantico Tactical, allow for both companies to expedite time-sensitive purchases made by government customers, using the DLA TLS Program, GSA and DOD EMall. Through constant unit interaction, Quantico Tactical will effectively communicate customer needs for streamlined product development from RE Factor Tactical.

Retail customers wanting RE Factor Tactical products can visit one of Quantico’s Stores or website at Government customers wanting more information or a quote should contact Quantico Tactical’s Government Operations at

Tourniquets for Heroes


Tourniquets for Heroes is a special initiative aimed at equipping Law Enforcement Officers with life-saving tourniquets for personal carry while on duty.

Each year thousands of officers are killed in the line of duty while protecting the communities they serve. Many of these officers are not provided with the proper training or equipment necessary for responding to life-threatening medical situations. Tourniquets are a proven and essential life-saving tool for stopping massive hemorrhages, regrettably not provided by many police departments.

To help our officers prevent the unnecessary loss of life, Tourniquets for Heroes will allow everyday citizens to purchase a Rapid Application Tourniquet System (RATS) at a discounted price, which we will send directly to a verified Law Enforcement Officer in need. It is our hope that this program will help save more lives by better preparing our officers.

This opportunity allows our communities to directly give back and support those officers who put themselves in harm’s way every day. Each officer who signs up will receive a RATS Tourniquet and a thank you note as part of your anonymous donation. The more tourniquets purchased, the more officers we can assist.

If you would like to support the Law Enforcement Community you may purchase a tourniquet for an officer HERE.

If you are a Law Enforcement Officer in need of a tourniquet, please sign up HERE.

The RE Factor Tactical Tourniquet Standard

The propensity to carry a tourniquet, especially among civilians is on the rise which is great.  Massive hemorrhage is the most commonly found preventable death on the battlefield which means it’s crucial to carry the equipment to control it.

While many civilians, LE personnel and military personnel are carrying tourniquets, they often don’t have the training to properly apply it in a timely manner.  There are no set application time limits like we have in the shooting world where a certain draw speed, reload speed or split times have become standard for departments, courses or in challenges.  So here is our standard:

Reach your stored tourniquet with either hand, apply it only using one hand, in under 15 seconds.  

This means if you are carrying a tourniquet you should be able to grab it with either hand and apply to any extremity, to completion, in under 15 seconds.  This may seem easy but when you try it you will be amazed at how difficult it can actually be to accomplish the above in under 15 seconds.  After you have applied the tourniquet you should check your pulse either using a standard finger test method or using a pulse oximeter.  While both methods won’t guarantee you that you have applied the tourniquet 100% correctly it’s a fairly good measurement of how well you applied the tourniquet in under 15 seconds.   This standard exists no matter what kit you’re carrying, your physical or mental state, available ambient light or any other outside factor.

Below is a video we shot awhile back of applying the RATs Tourniquet.  (Yes we know it wasn’t from a stored position, yes we know we didn’t show how well it did or didn’t work and yes we know the “injured” extremity was moving.)  We will work on getting a better video but in the meantime it should get an idea of the standard across.

The reason we chose 15 seconds as our standard is because: 1. it’s an achievable standard that anyone can reach with some practice 2. if you have a massive hemorrhage you can lose consciousness in 15-20 seconds which means if you can get the tourniquet on in under 15 seconds you should (hopefully) apply it before going unconscious.

While it’s important to train with a tourniquet, it’s equally as important to not use a tourniquet that you train with as the tourniquet you trust your life with.  IF YOU USE A TOURNIQUET FOR TRAINING DO NOT USE IT AS YOUR PRIMARY TOURNIQUET.  Simply paint the tourniquet blue, red, pink or whatever color you need to help you remember it’s a training tourniquet only.  This is because when you use a tourniquet for training you begin to stress it; this coupled with environmental factors can drastically reduce your tourniquet’s efficacy or cause it to fail when it counts.

As far as what tourniquet to use we don’t care if you use a RATs, CAT, SOFT-T, SWAT-T or any other tourniquet on the market.  This isn’t a post to determine what tourniquet is the best, you can leave that for the millions of other forums out there.  As far as how to store/carry your tourniquet that is up to you as long as you can meet the standard above.  While we offer a number of carrying solutions for a number of types of tourniquets we suggest you use the one that allows you to quickly apply it as well as carry it securely.

If you can matched or beat the standard we want to see it!  Please feel free to upload your video of you getting your tourniquet on as set above and either tag us (@refactortactical on IG, reftactical on Twitter RE Factor Tactical on Facebook) or use #REFTTQSTANDARD.

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Job Vacancies

Company Profile:

RE Factor Tactical, LLC is a Veteran run, Veteran owned company based out of Englewood, CO. We specialize in creating unique products for the tactical industry and our product line varies from bags, tactical pouches and survival gear to satirical posters and targets.

Position: Part-time Graphic Designer

RE Factor Tactical, LLC is currently seeking a part-time graphics designer to help us continue our strong marketing/social media platforms and product design. We are looking for someone to work at our office in Englewood, CO 2-3 times a week. This has the opportunity to move into a full-time position in the near future.

Why RE Factor Tactical?

Our unique work environment promotes creative thinking in both product design and marketing. We take a different approach to our marketing platform that requires individuals to think outside the box. We encourage our employees to help advance the company’s product line and marketing platform through unconventional designs. RE Factor Tactical is dedicated to hiring our Veterans and gives preferential hiring to Veterans and former EMS/LE personnel.


• Assist in design of new shirts, posters, patches, targets, books, and stickers

• Create marketing pictures and banners for social media, catalogs and product cards

Skills / Knowledge:

• Must have a strong working knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator

• Experience in taking photos/videos is a strong plus

• Experience in working within the tactical gear industry

• Ability to create new designs/ideas with little input or direction

• Ability to meet deadlines, work quickly and efficiently and turn ideas into sellable products. 

• Ability to create books, pamphlets and product cards


• 5+ Years experience in graphic design

• 3+ Years experience in working the tactical gear industry

• Military/LEO/EMS past work is a strong plus

• Strong working knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator are a must

• Ability to come into our office in Englewood, CO is a must

If interested please email your resume and portfolio to


Position: Part Time Customer Service/Warehouse Assistant

RE Factor Tactical, LLC is currently seeking a part-time customer service agent to take calls, returns emails and respond to customer questions on our social media platforms.  In addition they will be asked to help with miscellaneous tasks within our warehouse when not responding to customer inquiries. 

Why RE Factor Tactical?

Our unique work environment encourages veterans to focus on lessons learned in the military and apply it to our company and their everyday work life.  Our company strives to offer veterans a environment where they feel welcomed and we value their experiences.  At the moment we have a 65% veteran strong workforce and would like to continue to offer Veterans more jobs as we grow.

In addition we take a train the trainer approach with our employees and attempt to teach our employees as many skill-sets as possible that they can take with them either into other areas of the company or follow on jobs outside of RE Factor Tactical.  In short we want to ensure your time with us is as valuable and beneficial as possible.  


• Answer phone calls, return emails, respond to customer inquiries on social media.  

• Assist in daily warehouse tasks to include (but not limited to), prepping product for shipment, organizing inventory, counting inventory, assisting in new product ideas and packing orders.


• Must be over 18 years of age

• Must be able to work at least 15 hours a week at our office in Englewood, CO. 

• Military/LEO/EMS past work is a strong plus

• Must have strong grammar, spelling and syntax. 

If interested please email your resume and portfolio (for graphic design position) to

Can you answer 20 questions required to become a US citizen?

So we were sitting around the office seeing how well we can do on the Civics Exam that is required to become a U.S. Citizen.  All in all we didn’t do too bad.  There are 100 questions in all but we figured we would put up 20 so you guys could see how you did.  The answers are shown at the bottom of the page.

1. What ocean is on the West Coast of the United States?

2.Name one state that boarders Mexico.

3.Who is the commander and chief of the military?

4.What are two ways that Americans can participate in democracy?

5.Who makes federal laws?

6.If both the President and Vice-President can no longer serve, who becomes president?

7.Who is in charge of the Executive Branch?

8.Who are the two main political parties of the United States?

9.What does the Judicial Branch do?

10. Who was the first president?

11. Name one of the writers of the Constitution.

12. What is one thing Benjamin Franklin is famous for?

13. Name the war between the North and South.

14. What is the economic system of the United States?

15. What do we call the first 10 amendments of the constitution?

16. Name one war fought by the United States in the 1800’s.

17. Name on branch of the government.

18. What are two rights in the Declaration of Independence?

19. What does the Constitution do?

20. Who wrote the declaration of Independence?



1. Pacific Ocean

2. Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, California

3. President

4. Voting, join a political party, help with a campaign, join a civic group, join a community group, give an elected official your opinion on an issue, call senators and representatives, publicly oppose or support an issue or policy, run for office, write to a newspaper.

5. Congress, Senate and House, U.S or National Legislature

6. Speaker of the House

7. President

8. Republican and Democrat

9. Reviews laws, explains laws, resolves disputes, decides if a law goes against the constitution

10. George Washington

11. James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, Publius

12. U.S. Diplomat, Oldest Member of the Constitutional Convention, first Postmaster General of the United States, Write of Poor Richard’s Almanac, started the first free libraries.

13. The civil war.

14. What is the economic system of the United States? Capitalist economy, market economy.

15. The Bill of Rights

16. War of 1812, Mexican American War, Spanish American War, Civil War

17. Judicial, the Courts, Executive, President, Legislative, Congress

18. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

19. Sets up the government, defines the government, protects basic rights of Americans.

20. Thomas Jefferson