Electric bikes have been getting better every year as the technology improves with the motors and the designs get better and more practical. QuietKat is a company based out of Eagle, Colorado that is changing how electric bikes are being used. We’ve all seen electric bikes on the streets of big cities and college campuses, but no company has made a bike reliable enough for use by law enforcement and mountainous terrain…until now. QuietKat produces 9 bikes right now that can be used for different activities and 1 Trike for a multitude of purposes. This blog will focus on the specs, capabilities, purposes, and price points of the QuietKat electric bikes.

What Can I Use The QuietKat Electric Bike For?

Each of the 9 QuietKat is designed for a different purpose, such as hunting, camping, trail riding, fishing, city streets, and mountain biking. All Quietkat bikes are capable of handles between 250-325 lbs. They’re also built to last for at least 20-50 miles, depending on the size of the battery and motor. QuietKat bikes are made from stainless hardware and aluminum tubular framing to ensure they never rust or discolor. The chart below explains should give you a better understanding of what these bikes are capable of on any given day.

Purpose Weight Motor Size Speeds Suspension Capacity Battery Range MSRP
Quantum E-Bike Hunting, Mountain Biking, Camping, LE, etc… 59 lbs 1,000 W, 750W 19″L, 17″ M 9 150mm full air 300 lbs 48v 14.5ah (696wh) 29m, 59m $6,199.00
Ripper Kids E-Bike child use, city use 54 lbs 500W 15″ S single 100mm coil fork 300 lbs 36v 10.4ah (375wh) 21m, 42m $2,299.00 – $2,677.00
Ranger E-Bike Hunting, Camping, LE, etc… 74 lbs 1,000 W, 750W 19″L, 17″ M 7, single 120mm coil fork 325 lbs 48v 11.6ah (557wh) 23m, 46m $2,699.00 – $3,077.00
Apex E-Bike Hunting, Mountain Biking, Camping, LE, etc… 79 lbs 1,500W, 1,000 W, 750W 19″L, 17″ M 9, single 150mm air fork 325 lbs 48v 14.5ah (696wh) 29m, 58m $4,629.00 – $5,377.00
Warrior E-Bike Hunting, Camping, LE, etc… 79 lbs 1,000 W, 750W 19″L, 17″ M 8 120mm air fork 325 lbs 48v 11.6ah (557wh) 23m, 46m $3,899.00 – $4,277.00
Jeep E-Bike Hunting, Mountain Biking, Camping, LE, etc… 79 lbs 1,500W, 750W 19″L, 17″ M 10 150mm full air 300 lbs 48v 14.5ah (696wh) 30-60m $5,899.00 – $6,177.00
Ridgerunner E-Bike Hunting, Mountain Biking, Camping, LE, etc… 79 lbs 1,000 W, 750W 19″L, 17″ M 9 150mm full air 300 lbs 48v 16ah (768wh) 32m, 64m $5,699.00 – $5,977.00
Villager Urban E-Bike LE, city 59 lbs 500W 500W 7 110mm coil fork 325 lbs 48v 11.6ah (557wh) 23m, 46m $2,569.00 – $2,847.00
Voyager E-Bike LE, city 54 lbs 750W 16″ (25″ folding) 7 100mm coil fork 325 lbs 48v 11.6ah (557wh) 23m, 46m $2,599.00 – $2,877.00

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What Hills Can I Climb With my QuietKat?

Any hill that is 20 degrees steep or less can be easily climbed with any of the QuietKat bikes. All QuietKat bikes are front-wheel drive (like most vehicles) to be able to maintain traction in any environment, such as rain, snow, slippery rocks, or traveling through creeks and streams. When you’re going uphill make sure you’re standing up and leaning forward to ensure the front wheel stays on the ground and keeps that traction you need. This picture below is a 20-degree angle.

Complementary Angles 70-20 | ClipArt ETC

What Are Fat-Bike Tires?

Fat-Bike tires are the tires used by all QuietKat bikes to ensure they can perform in any environmental condition (rain, snow, sand, sleet, creeks, rivers, slippery terrain). In slippery conditions, such as icy roads or wet streets, you can lower the pressure of the Fat-Bike tires to 8 lbs to significantly increase your traction. Just remember to put more air into them after you’re done in those slippery conditions to prevent degradation of the tires and bike. All QuietKat bikes can go through water, but make sure you don’t completely submerge the battery in water. It can handle getting wet, but it will fail if it’s fully submerged for any amount of time.

What’s the Difference Between Full Suspension & Fork Suspension?

This is one of the most overlooked specifications in mountain bikes for beginners because they just don’t know any better. I want to keep this as simple as possible with the pros and cons of each type of suspension and which one you should buy. QuietKat electric bikes are made with either a front suspension system called a Fork, or a full suspension system that has front and rear suspension. Generally speaking, I wouldn’t recommend a bike for mountain biking with a suspension of less than 120mm (5″ of travel). The bikes with 150mm suspension have enough give (6″) to absorb the shock of a drop of a few feet without either throwing you from the bike or making your body absorb the impact. A full suspension is going to give the rider a much more comfortable ride on uneven, rocky terrain versus a bike with only a front suspension.


Why Would I Want a Fork Suspension Instead of Full Suspension?

This a great question for any logical thinker because if a full suspension is going to be more versatile, then it makes sense to go with that, right? Not necessarily. A full suspension is great for the mountain and trail riding, but if you’re a law enforcement officer or city food delivery rider, you don’t need the full suspension. A front suspension will work great on flat surfaces and actually perform better because it keeps your body from sinking lower into the bike as you ride. A front suspension will be perfect for absorbing the shock from curbs, sidewalks, and small hills.

What Should I Do If My Battery dies during a bike ride?

The best answer to this question is to know your equipment so you can avoid getting caught with your pants down. Preparation is the best way to ensure you’re going to be able to handle any situation that arises, not only in bike riding but also in life. One way you can be prepared if you’re going on a weekend bike ride trip is to pack a spare battery that QuietKat sells separately from the initial purchase. Choose the battery that fits the type of bike you own and this will always ensure you have enough charge to get you where you need to go.


How Long Does a Battery Last?

This is kind of a loaded question because it depends on so many different factors, such as load on the bike, type of terrain, what type of added gear you have, and which size battery you own. For example, if you’re traveling in Kansas on a nice flat road and you only weigh 185 lbs, chances are this battery is going to get you 25-35 miles. However, if you’re 220 lbs, carrying 50 lbs in your backpack and traveling through the Rockies, the battery will get you 20-25 miles. The spare battery packs weigh 8lbs and can be charged using the standard outlet in about 5-8 hours.

How Should I Travel With My QuietKat?

There are multiple ways to travel with your Quietkat, depending on what kind of vehicle you have and which bike you choose. The maximum size of any of the QuietKat bikes is 65” L x 32” W x 32” H. This allows you to fold the handlebars down and fit your bike into any sized SUV, truck, or crossover vehicle. If you have a small compact car, such as a Honda Civic, or Subaru Legacy, it’s probably best that you buy the accessories to carry the bike on the back of your car. The best thing to do would be to buy the QK Single Bike Rack from their website for $480.00. To keep from being that guy/girl that has their tire spinning continuously as they drive, I recommend buying the Long Wheel Lock for $20.00. This prevents your wheel from spinning and becoming lose or wearing down the metal over time.


What is the 60V Prowler All Purpose (AP)?

The Prowler AP is an electric trike that is powered by a 60V 20ah Lithium battery pack. The trike is capable of going up to 25 miles on a single charge, however, you can carry an extra battery pack to double your distance to 50 miles. The Prowler comes with a utility rack on the back, rear mudguards, and a front handlebar bag for miscellaneous items, such as wallets, keys, knives, and extra ammo. The overall load with person and gear is 275 lbs and is specifically designed for off-road use in trails, woodlands, and dense forest during hunts. The vehicle itself weighs 135 lbs and is 32″ wide and 65″ long. This gives it the mobility to be carried in the back of your pick-up truck or in the trunk of an SUV with the handlebars folded down.

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