Let’s take a moment to stray away from our normal discussions about building rifles and shooting targets to talk about something really awesome, good people doing good things. The Tango Yankee Project started as veterans recognizing fellow veterans, to say, what they do in this life matters.  But now it’s expanded into something greater.


If you’ve never heard of the Tango Yankee Project, you should most definitely check it out!

The Tango Yankee Project

So, what is the Tango Yankee Project, and why does it matter? First off, Tango Yankee is radio etiquette for saying, “thank you.” Which is how the project got its name. The project believes in taking action for the common good with an attitude of gratitude—quite simple, really.


Originally the Tango Yankee project was for the veteran community. Today, however, it’s for all people, because why wouldn’t we want to recognize when people are doing good things?

It makes sense that it started within the veteran community because it revolves around a single chip, similar to the coins military members collect throughout their military career. We’re given coins because we did something significant, being recognized for doing a good job, to say “hey, I see what you’re doing, and it’s good stuff, keep it up!”

The Tanko Yankee Project operates under the same concept. When you see a veteran, you give them a chip, and it says, hey, you’re doing a good job, I see what you’re doing out here, and it matters, keep it up! Now every time that veteran looks down at his or her chip, they’re reminded that someone out there believes they matter.


Recognizing Kindness

But, it’s not just veterans that matter; it’s your friends, family members, co-workers, everyone around you. And if you see someone struggling, you see someone doing great things; it doesn’t matter their background, give them a chip (or patch) as a way of saying, “Hey, you’re doing great things in this life! What you do in this life matters.”


It’s kind of like a birthday card, but cooler. And you can use it to acknowledge someone doing the right thing, having a good attitude, or just doing things to be good humans. It’s a good thing to recognize when people are doing what’s right and good in this life. You never know what that person is going through on the inside. And that small token (chip or patch) of recognition could change their entire day.


Remind someone that they matter and recognize them for being good people. Sadly too many people feel as though they go unnoticed, and it’s only their mistakes that get recognized. How about we point out the good they’re doing too.

A lot of people in this world are assholes. Recognize the ones that aren’t. Help put a smile on faces and pay it forward.



For more information and to get involved, visit tangoyankeechip.com