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As a military brat (hate the term, btw) I’ve traveled all over the world before I was an adult, but the Grand River and Lake Michigan were always home to me. Some of my fondest memories as a child involve fishing with my grandpa and big brother on the lake. Fortunately, I know millions of Americans share these kinds of memories and we should all be thankful for them. I believe we should even continue to pass down those skills and pastimes to future generations. Owning fishing gear is like owning a lighter for smokers; you feel like you replace them way more than you ever should. This blog is dedicated to why I think you should give Bubba a chance for your future fishing endeavors.

Why Did I Choose Bubba?

Bubba is mainly a knife supply company that specializes in the blades you need in the great outdoors. Most of their knives and tools are for fishing, but I own 2 hunting knives from Bubba and love them both. My reasoning for choosing Bubba happened after I nearly cut a finger off when my fillet knife broke on the spine of a brown trout. I’ve been through multiple knives in the past and knew I wanted a high-end knife with a sturdy grip and heavy blade. The minute I held my Fillet knife (gut hook model), I knew I was holding a knife with an expensive blade and custom-designed grip.

How Do I Like My Bubba Blade?

I’ve had my fillet knife for 2 years now and have put 10 deer, a turkey, and a couple of dozen fish from the New River out here in Virginia. The grip is made of a non-slide rubber composite that feels great in my hand. I also absolutely love the thumb stop on the grip because it prevents your hand from sliding up and allows you to put more force behind your stroke if needed. I normally have to use a little more force when I’m processing my deer or cutting off a fish head. I haven’t had any gripes or complaints about my blades at all and I put them through a lot.

I have the Bubba blade with the gut hook, but it doesn’t seem like they sell my model anymore. Regardless, I still have a warranty on the knife if the blade just falls out of the handle or breaks in some way. I highly recommend buying a nice set of wet stones to sharpen your knife with to keep it fresh longer than average. As with everything in life, the better you take care of your blade, the better it will be over time. I also notice that the grip and blade wash blood and entrails off very easily with some water and a light rub. Overall, I’m glad that I spent the extra $20 or so to get a higher-quality knife.

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What Else Does Bubba Sell?

Bubba specializes in knives, but they carry most of the gear you’d need for fishing, including pliers, gaffs, and nets. For me, one of the best purchases I’ve ever made for both hunting and fishing is buying the fillet glove. I’m not going to lie to you and tell you that this is the most affordable fishing equipment available online, but it’s some of the best and most durable fishing equipment I’ve ever owned.

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Does Bubba Sell Clothes?

Yes, and each shirt, shorts, and hat is specifically designed to be worn in during fishing, hiking, or enjoying a day at the beach. If you’ve ever worn bamboo, you know how good it feels and how lightweight it can be. For the newcomers to bamboo, I get that it might sound crazy that such a hardwood plant can produce such a soft fabric for clothing. The best part about bamboo is that it helps wick the sweat away and breathes incredibly well. Whether you’re fishing from a boat or the shoreline, you’re going to get wet if you’re doing it right. All Bubba apparel is designed to dry quickly and keep you cool throughout the day.

Lithium Ion Cordless Fillet Knife

What is My Favorite Bubba Blade?

I absolutely love my gut-hook hunting knife, but there is one knife they have that should be a must-own for every fisherman and hunter. The 7″ Tapered Flex fillet knife is one that I use on all my fish and for finer cuts on other animals such as, deer, squirrel, rabbit, turkey, and duck. For me a 7″ blade is the perfect size for any animal I hunt or catch. Everyone is different, but I prefer a shorter blade because I feel I have more control over it and able to make more precise cuts. However, this 7″ blade has an excellent non-slip grip that gives me the same control as a 5″ blade. I’ve used this knife on my catfish, brown trout, rainbow trout, and walleye with no problems and great results.

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What Fillet Knife Should I Use for Deep-Sea Fishing?

The deeper you get into the oceans, the bigger the fish get for the most part. A 7″ blade will be able to get the job done for most fish, but if you’re catching above 60 lbs of fish, you should go with a bigger knife. The 12″ Flex fillet knife is the biggest knife they carry and will help you fillet the monsters of the ocean, such as Tuna, Swordfish, and Tarpon in South Florida.

Which Knife Should Outfitters Use?

I’ve been fortunate enough to get to know many outfitters from the Great Lakes (Erie, Michigan) to the Pacific coastline of Washington. As any outfitter knows, time is money, so the less time it takes to fillet fish, the better tips you get, the less time you spend filleting, etc. Personally, I think electric fillet knives leave too much meat on the bones, but they’re so fast and smooth that it’s worth it for professionals. I would use the Lithium-Ion Battery-powered electric fillet knife because it’s portable, powerful enough, and gives the outfitter an incredible advantage over manual fillet knives.

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Do Bubba Blades Come Sharpened?

I get asked this question about knives that purchase from a variety of stores, so I thought I’d give my best answer. The 2 blades that I have bought were not sharp at all because most companies don’t sharpen the blades for you. You’ll want to sharpen any knife you buy from any store before you use it in the field to ensure it’s good enough and safe enough for the work ahead. You could buy the Bubba 10″ knife sharpener for use while you’re filleting and need a quick refresher for animals with thicker bones and ligaments. For a frame of reference, it takes me about 30 minutes to sharpen my new blades before their first use, but I do recognize that I am a little OCD with my blades.

Why Should Every Outdoorsman Have a Fillet Glove?

I mentioned it above, but I wanted to give enough attention to the importance of a fillet glove. First, if you don’t know, they protect your hands while you’re filleting your fish or other wild game. The Ultimate Fillet Glove is the one I use when filleting most of my fish and deer because of the fit and level of protection. I may just be clumsy or just tired after a long day’s hunt, but I’ve knicked my fingers and hands more times than I can count. These gloves give me enough dexterity to hold and manipulate the fish or deer and without taking on/off my gloves. I’ve slashed (don’t recommend it) these gloves on purpose immediately after sharpening my knife and it just slid across the glove-like water.


Fishing and hunting have been a part of human nature since the beginning of time and I want them to continue to be a part of who we are as Americans. Fishing has obviously evolved over time and has gotten much easier than our ancestors had it. However, choosing the right gear has become incredibly difficult to figure out with hundreds of companies selling the “world’s best knife”. I won’t make that pledge because who really knows, but. I can tell you Bubba Blades are incredibly durable, dependable, and safe to use. You’ll feel the difference immediately when you open your first blade from them. If you’re looking for quality fishing and hunting knives, give Bubba a chance; I know you won’t regret it.

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  • Why Did I Choose Bubba?
  • How Do I Like My Bubba Blade?
  • What Else Does Bubba Sell?
  • Does Bubba Sell Clothes?
  • What is My Favorite Bubba Blade?
  • What Fillet Knife Should I Use for Deep-Sea Fishing?
  • Which Knife Should Outfitters Use?
  • Do Bubba Blades Come Sharpened?
  • Why Should Every Outdoorsman Have a Fillet Glove?

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