Who is TruBrain? Complete Buyer’s Guide

Besides sleep and exercise, nutrition is the most important aspect of your life that you can control.  As the saying goes. ” you’re only as good as what you put in your body”, it rings especially true when you consider performance levels. For example, how do you feel in the morning when you eat a chicken biscuit from Hardees versus a banana and a hard-boiled egg? You might really enjoy the biscuit (especially with some honey and hot sauce on top), but the healthier options will be more beneficial to your energy levels throughout the day. Many of you have heard of TruBrain, but how many people have given it a try? This blog is dedicated to everything you need to know about TruBrain before you buy.

What is TruBrain?

TruBrain is a nutritional company that specializes in optimizing your performance by giving you nutrients that your brain needs. I want to remind everyone that I’m not a doctor or scientist, but I’m educated enough to give objective information and offer an educated opinion. I also have used TruBrain for a few months and have noticed that my energy has increased along with my focus and concentration during the day. TruBrain offers coffee, bars, powder sticks, ketone powder, capsules, and non-caffeinated drink packets for an incredible variety of products.

What’s in TruBrain Products?

The main ingredient in all TruBrain products is an amino acid called nootropics that are absorbed by the brain to support cognition. It also has things like magnesium and choline to further enhance cognitive function. This combination of nutrients is found in veggies like spinach, artichokes, and kale. Personally, I hate eating kale, but I know it’s a power food, so I stomach it when I can. However, the ability to get the same benefits of kale without eating is a real positive for me as I try to get healthy and lose that holiday weight.

The majority of the products include caffeine, but they’re all combined with L-Theanine, which is found in green tea leaves. This combination of nootropics is found in nature and meant to improve your alertness while keeping you relaxed and not jittery. The combination of Uridine, Centrophenoxine, and Noopept is found in every product that TruBrain sells because it increases the production of RNA. Everyone has RNA in their brain, but research has found that when we learn we consume larger quantities of RNA, so we need large quantities throughout the day. These nootropics will increase your cognition and improve your memory retention.

The final nutrients in TruBrain products are Carnitine and Citicoline to provide anti-oxidants and improve neural energy. Citicoline has shown in different studies to improve your mood and keep your brain healthy. Carnitine is said to improve your brain’s ability to metabolize material and keep your neurons firing faster, which allows you to think quicker, especially in speech (my experience).

How Does TruBrain Work?

TruBrain uses all of the above-listed nutrients and nootropics to deliver more oxygen and glucose to neurons in order to increase blood flow in your brain. TruBrain claims their product improves your brain’s ability to make new connections, also called plasticity. The nutrients used in the TruBrain formula are specifically chosen to naturally support your brain’s metabolism and overall function.

What are the 4 Main Mechanisms of Action?

  1. Nootropics increase the blow flow to the brain, thus, increasing brain cell metabolism. This increase in metabolism allows brain cells to be used more efficiently, which allows the brain cells to make new connections in the brain to enhance learning and memory.
  2. The TruBrain formula modulates acetylcholine receptors in the brain, making them more receptive to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, allowing for faster, more efficient communication between neurons.
  3. Magnesium is one of the most common vitamins taken by people around the world because of a genetic deficiency. Along with tyrosine (another amino acid), this combination can increase neurotransmission (communication between brain cells).
  4. Carnitine and Citicoline provide food for the brain by allowing the neurons to break down glucose and fatty acids for fuel. Citicoline acts as a precursor to the neurotransmitter acetylcholine, which is used for communication between cells.

How is TruBrain Products Flavored?

It happens all the time where you find a nutrient bar or powder you like and turn it over to look at the ingredients and see artificial flavoring. Most of the time I can’t even pronounce the ingredients, let alone know what they are. This is one of the top reasons I support TruBrain because they only use natural ingredients, such as monk fruit, mangosteen, nopal cactus, cane sugar, and blue agave. All of these fruits have a high sweetness level without any type of additive or processing. Humans have been drinking the nectar from these fruits for thousands of years. By using these fruits as a flavoring, TruBrain is able to keep the calories down, ensure their products are as natural as possible, and still have a nice sweet flavor to your product.

How Much Do TruBrain Drinks Cost?

There are 3 separate plans to choose from that offer more products per month for a monthly fee. Each plan comes with a different recommendation for your specific needs. For example, the 20-plan is designed for customers who have used TruBrain before and know exactly what they want and what they need during their day. The 30-plan is designed for newer customers who don’t know exactly what works for them yet. You can choose between the caffeine-free drink or the regular “Boost” drink. The 60-plan is for customers who know what they want, but they need extra supplies. This is for the people that burn the candle at both ends and need a pick-me-up without getting crushed in the day by the caffeine wall.

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How Much Do TruBrain Bars Cost?

The bars come in either a box of 12 or 24 depending on how often you snack during the day. I always wanted to give the bars a try and I bought the box of 12 to try it out and see if it was for me. My first impression was it’s better than a Cliff Bar and just as filling, but I got tired of them quickly. I then tried the drinks and I never got tired of the drinks because drinking a packet a day during the workweek incredibly quick as easy. I could finish a drink in seconds, whereas the bars take me a few minutes to eat. However, everyone is different and prefers different things during the day. Both products will help you throughout your day and give you the energy and focus you need to complete your day.

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How Much Does the TruBrain Powder Sticks Cost?

The powder sticks are the easiest to use because you can simply carry one with you in your pocket, purse, lunch bag, etc… without taking up much room. All you have to do is add the packets to your water bottle and you’ll get the same benefits as any other product. It costs $55.00 for a box of 30 powder sticks, which allows you to have one every day of the month (except those with 31 days).

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How Much Do the TruBrain Capsules Cost?

The TruBrain capsules cost $125.00 for a jar of 30 capsules. However, you have to take 3 capsules a day, so it’s only good for 10 days a month. I’d use capsules if you’re more comfortable taking pills during the day and only occasionally need or want a boost. If the coffee gets you through your day feeling energized, then use the capsules for those days coffee doesn’t work. I know I have plenty of days where coffee doesn’t work at all.

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How Much Does the TruBrain Coffee Sticks Cost?

If you’re looking for a way to save the most money and try TruBrain products, this is the way to go. Each box comes with 30 sticks and only costs $29.99 for essentially $1.00/day. I like the coffee sticks because they’re designed to add to your coffee without changing the flavor of the coffee. If anyone else out there is a snob like me, but I want my coffee to taste like it’s supposed to.

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How Much Does TruBrain Ketones Cost?

Whether you’re on the Keto Diet or just wanting to limit your carbs, ketone powder is a good way of doing just that. If you’re on Keto, this is a great substitute for caffeine, especially if you’re new to keto and haven’t hit ketosis yet. The Ketones cost $65.00 for 15 servings of ketone powder. You can subscribe to a monthly price and get it for $59.99 if you’re sure you like this product. As always, monitor your ketones and make sure you’re in a safe range before you start adding more to your diet.

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Table of Contents

  • What is TruBrain?
  • What’s in TruBrain Products?
  • How Does TruBrain Work?
  • What are the 4 Main Mechanisms of Action?
  • How is TruBrain Products Flavored?
  • How Much Do TruBrain Drinks Cost?
  • How Much Do TruBrain Bars Cost?
  • How Much Does the TruBrain Powder Sticks Cost?
  • How Much Do the TruBrain Capsules Cost?
  • How Much Does the TruBrain Coffee Sticks Cost?
  • How Much Does TruBrain Ketones Cost?

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