Tourniquets for Heroes is a special initiative aimed at equipping Law Enforcement Officers with life-saving tourniquets for personal carry while on duty.

Each year thousands of officers are killed in the line of duty while protecting the communities they serve. Many of these officers are not provided with the proper training or equipment necessary for responding to life-threatening medical situations. Tourniquets are a proven and essential life-saving tool for stopping massive hemorrhages, regrettably not provided by many police departments.

To help our officers prevent the unnecessary loss of life, Tourniquets for Heroes will allow everyday citizens to purchase a Rapid Application Tourniquet System (RATS) at a discounted price, which we will send directly to a verified Law Enforcement Officer in need. It is our hope that this program will help save more lives by better preparing our officers.

This opportunity allows our communities to directly give back and support those officers who put themselves in harm’s way every day. Each officer who signs up will receive a RATS Tourniquet and a thank you note as part of your anonymous donation. The more tourniquets purchased, the more officers we can assist.

If you would like to support the Law Enforcement Community you may purchase a tourniquet for an officer HERE.

If you are a Law Enforcement Officer in need of a tourniquet, please sign up HERE.