This Is The Best Customer Email We Have Ever Received

Every year we receive thousands of customer emails, some encouraging, some from upset customers and some are from some fairly interesting individuals.  We wanted to share a few of our all-time favorites.   We have left out the customer’s email and name for their own privacy.

This email was in response to our GFY Patch (shown below).


from: XXXXX  XXXXXX <>
date: Sun, Mar 4, 2012 at 9:38 PM
subject: Want Some Help?


Hey Crew,


My name is XXXXXX and I know something about Arabic and SOF (Google me and you’ll find out all you need to know), I am an ex-secret squirrel-type (I am NOT a SEAL). I lecture at the international spy museum in Washington DC so that’s all you should need to know.


  1. What my bio doesn’t say is that I was  the main original source for the SOC to supply them with both pre-and post 9/11 tactical Arabic prisoner handling language materials, particularly developed for Naval Special Warfare.  I created for both the NSWC and SOF Language Office the prisoner handling cards used by almost all the Tier one and NSW units after 9/11.  I made them in 9 languages including Arabic, Pashto and Dari … so that’s me. See some attached samples of POW cards in phonetics and Arabic script.  If you were SOF you most likely saw these years before the pointee-talkee cards arrived.
  1. Unfortunately, your shirts do not say “Go fuck Yourself” in any language … Go Fuck Yourself in Arabic is actually said “Fuck Your Mother’s Pussy.”  Literally Go Fuck Yourself is “Neek Nefsik”  I am sure every 98G (military Arabic linguist) in the world is writing to tell you that right now.
  1. The reason I am telling you all of this is I can not only unscrew your Arabic but can give you the correct offensive sayings as well as the shirts we made up in the first and subsequent Gulf wars.

For example: in 1991 I handled Iraqi prisoners captured by the SEALs.  Our Intelligence team made T-Shirts that said “If you can read this then you are a Prisoner of War… Welcome Aboard!”.

The prisoners loved them and actually cooperated better. We also had a very, very, very offensive “Prisoner Use of Obscenity” card with all of the naughty Arabic saying prisoners would use or vice versa … ONLY T-1 operators received this card in the GWOT – our cards made the first Jump into Afghanistan with the Rangers and OGAs.

So I am going to make you an offer.  Lets put an end to T-Shirts that just make Arabs laugh at our ignorance … I can help you make some real ones that actually say something like “You Push Sand With Your Chest” (Libyan dialect for being Gay … well you get it).   I have reams of materials in numerous languages from Farsi to Pashto to Somali.

I operate out of the UAE and moving between Iraq and Libya so getting you the absolutely correct Arabic is easy and you can crank out some even more stupendous t-shirts.

Let me know what you think.

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