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Introducing the Essential Shooting Guide



After almost a year of work, we are excited to announce the release of our new Essential Shooting Guide. This 91-page book is specifically designed to use in conjunction with our Essentials Target. Together, they will enhance your shooting skills as well as make the most out of your range time.

The Essentials Shooting Guide starts out with the user shooting our 150 round, 17 course of fire Essential Drill listed in Chapter 1 on page 7.

This drill is designed to test all of the major aspects of shooting including draws, reloads, marksmanship, trigger speeds, and target transitions.  Following the drill, you will see where you need to improve and offers exercises to enhance your skills.


Each drill also has a section where you can record your results and track your improvement.  The books are printed in the USA and measure 4 x 6″ to allow for easy carry to and from the range.


To purchase, the book go to https://www.refactortactical.com/shop/the-essential-shooting-guide/