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How To Call in a 9 Line UXO Report


Here’s the standard procedure for calling in a UXO report.

LINE 1Date-time group discovered: (Command policy will dictate Local or Zulu time).

LINE 2Reporting Activity (UIC / Unit designation). Location: mandatory eight-digit grid: (include: landmarks, reference points, or street addresses). 

LINE 3Contact Method: Radio Freq / Call Sign or Telephone Number. (If using phone number, provide name).

LINE 4Type of Ammunition: (Dropped, Projected, Placed, or Thrown).

LINE 5NBC Contamination: Yes or No, known or suspected NBC Contamination. If yes, report type of agent if known/identified.

LINE 6Resources Threatened: (What resource is threatened – is it a critical asset?).

LINE 7Impact on Mission: (How the UXO is affecting the mission).

LINE 8Protective Measures Taken: (Unit emplaced protective measures).

LINE 9Recommended Priority (Immediate, Indirect, Minor or No Threat).

How To Call In A 9Line MEDEVAC And MIST Report