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Tips for being a Private Military Contractor (PMC)

Tips for new Private Military Contractors

Hey Hero, congrats on making it out of the military and into the PMC world. You are about to embark on the greatest monetary adventure of your life, but before you do we wanted to offer a few pieces of advice.

1. Kit- Before deploying buy as much gear as possible. This is essential and your coolness with be calculated by your ability to buy the most up to date gear. Don’t have a use for that piece of gear? No problem. As long as the gear has MOLLE on it you are set.

2. Tattoos- Get some, actually get a lot of them. A couple of true crowd-pleasers are flames, skulls, spiderwebs, 8 balls, inspiring quotes about how you will never give up and anything tribal. The more menacing the better and make sure they put somewhere on your body where everyone can see them.

3. Look like you are going on a safari- This is quite possibly the most important of all. Go to your local tactical dealer and buy one of everything…. Actually, scratch that, buy 10 of everything in every color. Don’t worry you can afford it, you are a baller contractor now. When traveling OCONUS ensure you start your trip off looking like you’re fully prepared to conduct an operation of all times. Your outfit should rest somewhere in between Lawrence of a Labia and Chuck Norris in Delta Force. If you’re not sure what to accessorize your outfit with, we would suggest 5.11 pants, a Grunt Style Shirt, your CAC Card banded and proudly displayed around your arm and a gun belt. If traveling through Dubai, Frankfurt or Qatar, make sure you discuss banging bitches, getting fucked up, National Security and how much you hate your work in a manner that all can hear; it’s important that inferior nations resect you and your CAC card authority.

4. House- Buy one, a big one with lots of extras like a pool, 5 car garage and an insanely large TV. You will need somewhere for your wife and her boyfriend to live while you are away, so make sure it’s nice. Not sure what you can afford? A good rule of thumb when buying a house is to take your yearly average income and multiply it by 3 and that is what you can safely afford. Since you are a rich contractor and will never be fired or let go due to a change of work go ahead and take what you make in a year and multiply it by 20. This way you are guaranteed to match your newly acquired baller rich lifestyle.

5. Car- What am I thinking? Truck. The bigger the better and make sure to get a good lift kit, loud exhaust, bumper stickers that contain your entire DD-214 and flamed decals. Remember anything under a supercharged V-8 is for pussies and you don’t want to be a pussy now that you are a snake eating contractor, do you?

6. Harley- Notice I didn’t write Honda, BMW, Kawasaki or anything else lame like that. Get something big with a loud exhaust. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to ride one either, chances are your wife’s boyfriend does and he will be able to keep it running for you while you’re gone.

7. Watch- Go to your nearest Rolex retailer and buy a submariner, make sure it’s brand new and really expensive. Everyone needs to know you make a lot of money and that is the best way to prove it. If it’s not a Rolex then make sure it’s big, bright and easily identifiable as something that a rich person would wear by anyone not accustomed to your gangster ass lifestyle.

8. Savings- Don’t do it, you will just be wasting your time since you are getting more money next month and lots of it. If you are confused about ways to spend it I recommend going to Vegas, Thailand or the Philippines and throwing it at strippers and other minions who don’t make as much you.

9. Tap Out Shirts- Can’t fight? No problem!! You don’t need to train for years… remember that Jiu-Jitsu class that you took 3 years ago but were too tired to finish? That is all you need to start wearing a bunch of fight clothes… maybe everyone will think you’re actually sponsored!!

10. Buy lots of supplements- Anything that sounds like ‘Jacked-Up Fuck Monster’, ‘Energy Fist’, ‘Stronger, Deeper, and Definitely not-Gay’, and ‘Mega Mass Monster Bench Press’ will do. It is irrelevant if it actually works, just buy it, and have it sitting out on your nightstand… much respect (besides, you’ll be doing steroids anyway). And remember, if its herbal, cleansing, vitamins, or overall health and wellness related you will look like a giant pussy.

11. Get on social media and tell everyone else how bad-ass you are- Now that you are a PMC you are pretty much the Delta Force DEVGRU ninja operator of the security world. Nobody knows more about tactics and operations than you now that you went through a 2-week WPPS course. It’s your duty to get on Facebook and Instagram and educate the rest of those low life scum that only makes in a month what you make in a week. Be sure to degrade others on the chat forums and talk about the time you were in the military and killed more people than ass cancer on your last deployment. On your profile be sure to list as many photos as possible of you jacking steel, shooting guns and all your testosterone-infused trucks and motorbikes.


Impossible Missions: The Devil’s Brigade – WWII’s First Special Service Force Part 1 – Int

By Dominic Oto

Risk, grit, daring and doing impossible missions are the trademark of America’s Special Operations Forces (SOF). Many American SOF units trace their lineage to the “Devil’s Brigade.”

During World War II the Allies were struggling to strike out at their enemies. A secret unit of soldiers was created to carry out deadly actions in the face of impossible danger. The unit was called the First Special Service Force.

The Devil’s Brigade was a special fighting unit from World War II. This secret fighting outfit combined crack Canadian soldiers and a collection of U.S. Army misfits, many serving time in military jails before they were recruited. At first, there was a conflict between the men of two different armies. Over time hostility turned to friendship and respect. The commando unit was sent to Italy to attempt a dangerous mission that was previously considered impossible to successfully complete.

The Canadians were the handpicked best of the best-trained army in the world, veterans of the fighting at Dunkirk. The Canadian volunteers are the very best of the Canadian army: spit and polish, experienced, and multiskilled soldiers. The Americans were a rough bunch. The Americans are the bottom of the barrel of the U.S. Army: oddballs and troublemakers lacking discipline. Over time, Colonel Robert T. Frederick forges the brass-knuckled Americans and the brass button Canadians into a unified, crack commando fighting force.

Impossible Missions: The Devil’s Brigade – WWII’s First Special Service Force Part 2 – Training and Men

The unit’s name disguised the lethal fighting skills of its men. On the battlefield, their Nazi opponents called them “Die Schwarzen Teufeln” (the Black Devils). Too much of the public, they became known as the Devil’s Brigade. To their admirers, they were no less than super commandos.

They were a fighting force like no other. Men of the outdoors attuned to the rigors of rough terrain. They struck with stealth by night. The enemy feared them. They were a force trained to confront danger. They became known as the “Devil’s Brigade.”

They were a hellish band of men that hated each other more than the enemy until they met the enemy.  The unit is sent to Italy where they distinguished themselves in numerous combat actions. A band of men the enemy soon called the “Devil’s Brigade.”  The First Special Service Force is the most unusual group of men ever brought together to win a war.

Devil’s Brigade- Part 3- More Training, First Deployment

About the author:

Oto holds a BS in History from Oregon State University and a MMA in Military History from American Public University. He served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Company Commander and Staff Trainer to the Afghan National Army. He was wounded once and decorated three times. Oto is an Infantry Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve.

Special Operations Truths- Rough Men, Ready 

Special Operations Truths- Rough Men, Ready 

Army Capt. Zakary Long jumps out of a UH-60 Black Hawk helicopter into Victory Pond during a helocast event as part of the Best Ranger Competition at Fort Benning, Ga., April 17, 2016. The three-day competition tested competitors’ physical, mental and technical capabilities. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Colville McFee

By Dominic Oto

“People sleep peacefully in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would do them harm.”

– George Orwell

Special Operations Forces (SOF) are certified jumpers, divers and survival experts. They can go anywhere on any mission. SOF are dropped behind enemy lines to train foreign fighters and to carry out dangerous raids. SOF soldiers carry out covert missions that prevent future conflicts. SOF troops live for a challenge. They are highly trained and highly intelligent.

They pass a grueling and rigorous selection process that makes sure they are the “best of the best.”

In the Special Forces Qualification Course, they hone their core soldiering skills like rifle marksmanship, first-aid and outdoor survival skills. All of it to earn the right to join a Special Missions Unit. Their history is a storied one.

Rogers’ Rangers

Even before the American Revolution those in charge of the British Army wanted to employ a special kind of soldier. In the middle of the French and Indian War (1754-63), Robert Rogers is tasked with assembling a Special Purpose Force.

The British Army had several setbacks fighting the French and their Indian allies. They realize they need help. Rogers is looking for any and all volunteers willing to operate under terrain and conditions very different from the British regulars.

Where The Hell did The Word “Recondo” Come From?

Roger’s Rangers” becomes the British Army’s ace in the hole. The Rangers’ mission is scouting and collecting intelligence. Their contribution to the war effort allowed the British to extract a victory in the French and Indian War.

The tenacity, cunning, and fearlessness exhibited by Rogers’ Rangers will become an inspiration for the U.S. Army Rangers in later wars. Rogers’ “28 Rules of Ranging” are still used in the training of Army Rangers today. Rogers’ Rangers heroic combat record is the foundation that the United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is built.

Today, SOCOM is focused on counter-terrorism efforts to combat dangerous radical organizations like ISIS and Al Qaeda and terrorist masterminds like Osama Bin Laden. These enemies operate overseas and at home.

Who Are the Night Stalkers?

SOF commandos operating with SOCOM are tasked with using unconventional tactics like Rogers’ Rangers. These tactics protect the safety and well-being of American citizens and our allies in combat and emergency situations. The United States Special Operations Forces carry out this mission by operating under a set of guidelines known as the “Five Truths”.

Truth One- Humans are more important than hardware. Soldiers are not equipment meant to make the critical difference. The right soldiers, highly trained and working as a team, can do any mission with the right equipment. The best equipment doesn’t take the place of the right soldiers.

Truth Two- Quality is better than quantity. A small number of soldiers, carefully selected, well-trained and well-led are preferable to large numbers of troops. A select number of SOF troops specially trained for special tasks can do almost anything.

Truth Three- SOF cannot be mass-produced. It takes years to train a SOF operator to the exacting level of proficiency needed to accomplish difficult missions. Intense training, both in SOF schools and units is needed to make motivated soldiers qualified for capable units. This process takes time and there are no shortcuts.

Truth Four- Competent SOF cannot be created after emergencies occur. Creation of competent, mission-ready units doesn’t happen overnight. Employment of SOF on short notice requires available and mission-ready SOF units must be ready at all times.

Truth Five- Most Special Operations require non-SOF assistance. The operational readiness of SOF units needs joint service partners and support personnel. The support of all five services, technicians, engineers, and intelligence analysts all enhance the capabilities of SOF units.

The Requirement

Exceptional soldiers are needed to serve in SOF. These talented soldiers are “quiet professionals.” They respond to our nation’s most complex, demanding and high-risk challenges. To build a “special operations” soldier is a demanding and time-intensive process.

The Secret Soldiers of Afghanistan and Iraq

This is not a job for the faint of heart. It requires an extraordinary level of effort and personal sacrifice. The SOF soldier will endure physical and mental demands in training and on dangerous missions. They are rough men and women who stand ready to protect our great nation.

Attribution: http://www.acc.af.mil/News/Article-Display/Article/1030689/usafws-hosts-joint-integrated-hostage-rescue/

About the author:

Oto holds a BS in History from Oregon State University and a MMA in Military History from American Public University. He served three tours in Iraq and Afghanistan as a Company Commander and Staff Trainer to the Afghan National Army. He was wounded once and decorated three times. Oto is an Infantry Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Reserve.

List of Active Duty/Veteran Discounts You Might Not Know About


We all like discounts and free shit so we set out to find some solid companies out there who offer some solid discounts to active duty and or veteran personnel.  Please note that some of the discounts may change from the time this blog is written so be sure to check with the company for further details.   If you are out shopping don’t be afraid to ask if the store offers any military-related discounts, you might be surprised who actually does.

5 Awesome Active Duty and Veteran Discounts

If you know of any other discounts please be sure to add it in the comments below so we can help grow the list!

1: RE Factor Tactical-  We offer 15% off to Active Duty Military Personnel, Law Enforcement Personnel, and Emergency Services.  To qualify, please create an account using your official government email address.  Once complete email info@refactortactical.com and we will adjust your account to receive the discount.

RE Factor Holiday Gift Guide

2: National Park Service– Offers free entry with a valid Active Duty ID.

3: Banana Republic- Offers 20% off to all Active Duty and Veteran personnel.

4: Verizon– Offers 15% off to  Active Duty Service Members

5: Chick-fil-A– Offers 10% off to Active Duty Service Members (varies by franchise)

6:  Lonestar Stakehouse- Offers 20% off every Monday and 10% off every other day to Active Duty and Veteran Personnel.

7: Hard Rock Cafe- Offers 15% off to Active Duty Personnel.

8: Cabelas– Offers 5% off to Active Duty, Reserve, Retired and VA Personnel.

9: Footlocker- Offers 20% off to Active Duty and Veteran Personnel.

10: Lowes– Offers 10% off to Active Duty and Veteran Personnel.

11: Nike– Offers 10% off to Active Duty and Veteran Personnel. (If you’ve stumbled upon this article July 2020, update, they are offering a temporary 20% discount.)

12: Dick’s Sporting Goods- Offers 10% off to Active Duty and Veteran Personnel.

13: Bed Bath and Beyond- Offers 10% off to Active Duty and Veteran Personnel.

14: Apple– Offers varied discounts to Active Duty and Government Personnel.  Ask for their federal program.

15: AT&T– Offers 15% off to Veterans and Active Duty Service Members.

16: Home Depot– Offers 10% off to Active Duty and Veteran Personnel.

17: Proof Research Barrels- 25% off to all Active Duty and LE personnel.

18: Brass Flags– 7% off to all Active Duty Military, Fire, EMS and LE personnel.

19: Manta Defense- 20% off to all current or former Military, LE, FED and EMS personnel.

20: RMJ Tactical- $65 off all axes and tomahawks for LE, EMS and Active Duty Personnel. $35 off for Veterans personnel.

21: Sarge’s Shooting Bags- 25% off to all Active Duty Military, Veterans, EMS, Fire and LE Personnel.

22: Lantac USA– Offers 10% off to all LE personnel.

23: AZ Guns- Offers a variety of price breaks to Active Duty Military, LE and Federal Employees.

24: Fox Group Tennessee– Offers 20% off to all Active Duty Military, Veterans, LE, Fire and EMS Personnel.

25: California Emergency Prep- 10% off to all EMS, Fire, Active Duty Military and LE Personnel.

26: Madison Fight Science Gym- Offers free 20 hours of training to all Active Duty Military and LE personnel.

27: Strip Gun Club, Las Vegas– Offers 10% off to all Active Duty Military and LE Personnel.

Tax Deductions for Service Members

NOTE: It is against DoD policy to scan, copy or send your CAC Card for any reason other than official government business.   If a company asks for a copy of your CAC Card you should ask for confirmation via other means.  If you copy your DD214 don’t forget to black out your Social Security Number.

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Here’s the Deal With Special Forces Training Area Pineland


Pineland is a fictitious country located in North Carolina, developed by the United States Army Special Forces Command to train Special Forces, Psyops and Civil Affairs in unconventional warfare.  The basic scenario of Pineland is that the government has been overthrown through a violent coup and US forces are now assisting a guerrilla force that aims to overthrow the de facto government and restore order to the nation.  Around eight times a year, Special Forces soldier infiltrate into Pineland via parachute, vehicle, helicopter, and foot, and link up with their guerrilla forces.  The guerrilla forces are comprised primarily of Active Duty soldiers and volunteer civilians who participate in the exercise often referred to as Robin Sage.

US Army Special Forces Training | An Introduction


Pineland’s geography mimics North Carolina’s and the common language is English.  There is a fake currency known as Don which can be used to pay guerrilla forces, transportation, and even food in some of the participating restaurants.  There are even fake firefights that take place in the middle of town centers and residential neighborhoods using blank ammunition.  Thousands of residents in North Carolina have participated in Robin Sage for years acting in various roles from town mayors to CIA contacts all designed to help train the Special Forces soldiers.

Special Forces PT Test


Fake Pineland currency known as Don

The missions that take place within Pineland include everything from hostage rescue to building a bridge for the local populace.  Special Forces soldiers conduct raids on bridges and emplace fake explosive charges after killing or capturing UPA (Unified Provinces of Atlantica) or they meet with underground forces to gather intelligence on enemy movements and operations.  The goal of the exercise is to train the resistance forces to a point where they can successfully overthrow the UPA government and restore order.  This is done through ongoing training of the resistance forces while in Pineland and an operations plan where the SF soldiers gradually pass the responsibility of training and operations to the forces to the point where they can operate unilaterally.  This is designed to train SF soldiers for real-world scenarios such as Afghanistan where they are conducting similar operations.  In many ways, the Special Forces soldier’s job is to train themselves out of a job and leave behind a fully operational force that can conduct ongoing operations without the help of US personnel.

Tips for Passing Selection


Pineland Resistance Forces Flag Sticker

Pineland Resistance Forces Flag PVC Patch

Want to Learn More About Pineland and Special Forces Training?


Tips For Passing Special Forces Selection

1. Don’t quit- We have all met the guy who went to “insert Special Forces Selection, BUDs, INDOC, Ranger School, etc. here” and made it all the way to the last day but got hurt.  Or the friend who apparently got selected but decided it wasn’t for him because his significant other could never go for that.  The reality is that unless that guy now has a chronic limp from his injury chances are he was faking it and quit.  Now I am not into statistics but of the 60-70% of people that leave 100% don’t get selected.  Pretty good odds there that if you quit you won’t make it.  Take it one day at a time and remember that the only easy day was yesterday. Unless you have a down day today, then today is an easy day.  Or unless you just finished selection then that day is easy. Or unless you quit, then that day will be easy.  Well ok, scratch that, it sounds lame.

Special Forces PT Test | Upper Body Round Robin

2. Be the gray man- Going through selection there were all walks of life and a whole mix of eclectic characters.  Most of the guys that showed up thinking they had that cat in the bag, didn’t.  Nothing will draw more unwanted attention to you than sticking out like a boner in sweatpants the first day because you can’t shut your pie hole about how awesome you are.  Leave your “no shit there I was” stories for the bars because the people there won’t be able to call you out on your bull shit about how you single-handedly took over Iraq and then everyone else came in and jacked it all up.

3. Arrive in shape- I know I know you are saying “yeah no shit, duh hh hh.” Well, first of all, stop swearing, this is a public forum. Second, of all, it happens more often than you think.  In my selection class, we lost 15 students just on the PT test.  That’s right, the PT test.  These Infidel strong warriors showed up to Special Forces Selection, considered by Green Berets to be the toughest selection known to man, not even able to pass a PT test.  There are a million and one different sites that you can go to besides Jenny Craig that have some excellent tips on how to prepare.  If you aren’t sure which ones to visit check out our Combat Fitness Deck,  http://stewsmith.com,  or http://porntube.com.  Maybe forgo the last since chances are you are reading this on your mother’s computer.

4. Play the game- Selection is a game, and if Milton and Bradley patented it, they would go bankrupt.  The trick of the game is to do everything the cadre tells you to as best as you can.  If they come out and ask you to jump out of a plane without a parachute, do a cheetah flip while citing the ranger creed you should hit the ground perform a second Cheetah flip and spout the ranger creed off in English and Japanese because that’s just how much you want it.  If the cadre says the sky is pink, well then you should tell him you can’t believe it took you this long to realize it and what a wonderful pink sky it is.  Selection is easy as long as you don’t overthink it and just do as you are told.  As long as you follow the first three tips, chances are you won’t have anything to worry about.

Top Apps for Operational Fitness

5. Don’t cry- For some reason when guys go-to selection, they think it’s ok to shed some tears.  Unless your boo boo is bleeding and you are looking for a lollypop crying will not help you out.  You will see guys cry in selection for all sorts of things from hurting themselves to getting yelled at by the cadre.  Trust me; I don’t think any of the cadres will sit there and say “well he cries a lot but his PT was excellent, so let’s take him.”  Now if you went to a selection, cried and then got selected, well then I congratulate you for passing BUDs, that is incredibly hard.  However, for the rest of us non-swimming SOF goers, I think a general rule of thumb is to leave the tears of passion, pain, and happiness back at home for when you are trying to convince your girlfriend you are a genuine guy.

6. Cheat- If you aren’t cheating the selection you are wrong.  Running the roads, asking other candidates for directions and taking weight out of your ruck during the movement are all ways to get you where you are going faster.  I know they say don’t sleep when we aren’t looking, but no one ever says don’t take a thirty-minute shit and I am here to tell you, gentlemen, some of the best naps I have experienced were upon the porcelain throne.  Let’s be honest, chances are you have been cheating on high school tests and yourself when you look in the mirror since you were a kid.  Take that mentality to selection and find the easiest way to make it to the end.  You know that saying “if you ain’t cheating you ain’t trying?”  That’s bullshit if you aren’t cheating chances are, you are trying too hard.

7. Don’t get caught-  This follows #6 and is paramount for every SOF operator.  After selection, you will be expected to conduct overt and covert operations around the world while potentially using a cover.  So make sure you know how to keep from getting caught from the get-go.  I don’t want you coming back from selection saying that you took this seriously and cheated your way all the way through and then got caught and became a 24-day non-select.  Don’t be an idiot, when you see the lights of the car driving down the road towards you run your ass into the bushes and make like a tree.

Note: These are just a few tips and should be taken in stride.  The author passed Special Forces Selection but also did it after shitting himself, crying, and with having a natural spotlight on him because he is a great and nasty ginger.  So on second thought maybe scratch the above and do what AJ and Stew Smith say on their blogs instead.