Once again, palmetto State Armory has restocked popular ammo just in time for hunting season. I’ve yet to find .300 Win Mag ammo anywhere online and PSA just released a great brand on 11/17/2020. In most states across the country, we have about a week or two left to hunt before the end of rifle season on deer and elk. This ammo is listed at $60.00 for a box of 20 rounds. Do not take your time on this decision, if you have a rifle chambered in .300 Win Mag, buy this ammo!

Sierra GameKing .300 Win Mag 

The Sierra GameKing .300 Win Mag ammo is perfect for any Unglette (Hooved animals) we have in North America. Some might think it’s overkill for a smaller whitetail, but I understand the desire to not track your animal through the forest. This bullet is very heavy with a weight of 180 GR with a brass casing. I’d hunt with this ammo if you’re going for bigger animals, such as elk, moose, bear, or mule deer. This specific bullet will maintain accuracy and power at distances up to 1,000 yards with the right scope and shooter. Good luck, we hope you get a chance to buy some new ammo!


Sierra GameChanger 180 gr Tipped GameKing .300 Win Mag Ammo, 20/box