The Sig Sauer Elite Copper Hunting cartridge chambered for a 300 Winchester Magnum is an incredible advantage to have while hunting large game. The Elite Copper bullet uses the highest quality in powders and primers to ensure each bullet is fired at the same velocity and energy upon impact. It’s designed to expand 1.8x in diameter for a massive wound channel and quick kill. The casing is nickel-plated for smooth and reliable feeding and accuracy. 

The Sig Sauer Elite Copper bullet is made to easily feed in any AR-style rifle chambered for the 300 Win Mag. The bullet is lead-free to accommodate hunters in every state. This ensures that any animal that ingests debris from this bullet doesn’t get lead poising and die. Lead bullets are a huge contributor to the decline in some of our most storied and revered birds, such as the Bald Eagle, Golden Eagle, and Osprey. 


Bullet Type Elite Hunting Copper/ JHP
Cartridge 300 Win Mag
Weight 165 GR
Muzzle Velocity 3110 fps
Muzzle Energy 3543 ft-lb
Quantity 20/box
MSRP $40.97



Sig Sauer .300 Win Mag 165 Grain Elite Copper Hunting Rifle Ammunition