Norma is an ammo manufacturer that may be less known than the heavyweights, like Remington, Hornady, and Federal, but still good. I can’t stress enough the importance of training with your weapon systems. The Norma Range and Training 9mm ammo on sale at Palmetto State Armory right now (11/10/2020) are perfect for training. You’ll rarely find 9mm ammo on the market right now and even less likely to find it at a reasonable price. 

This Norma ammo is a 115 gr full metal jacket (FMJ) bullet that has a muzzle velocity of 1,214 fps and an energy of 378 ft-lbs. The box comes with 50 rounds and is on sale for $29.99. This ammo will not be on the shelf for more than a day, so don’t waste time thinking about it if you need this. 


Caliber 9mm
Weight  115 gr
Bullet type FMJ
Muzzle Velocity 1,214 fps
Muzzle Energy 378 ft-lbs
Quantity 50/box
MSRP $29.99


Norma Range And Training 115 gr FMJ 9mm Ammunition 50 Rounds