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Marz Tactical Plate Carrier Review

RE Factor Tactical is proud to announce the addition of the Marz Tactical Plate Carrier to our product line and we can’t be happier with the user feedback thus far. The Plate Carrier is one of the best we have seen to date and our decision to add it to our store was not by fault.  One of our SOF operators who has been using the plate carrier overseas for the past year suggested it as a great versatile, durable and comfortable option.  He wore the plate carrier in a number of different capacities to include an overt and covert nature and made the following notes about the product:

Material- The main material on the plate carrier is 1000D Cordura that comes in several different colors to include multi-cam, ranger free, coyote brown and black.

Fit-  The Marz Tactical Plate Carrier has a smaller profile fit but is compatible with a number of different body types and plates with its different available sizes.  In this particular scenario, he wore the medium plate carrier with velocity systems hard and soft plate combo.  The plates fit great inside of the carrier and didn’t bounce when he ran or jumped, which has been a concern with some of the past carriers with smaller plates.  The inside of the carrier is lined with a breathable padded mesh which helped keep him cool in the summer desert heat and quickly wicked away built up moisture.

Cumber bun-  The plate carrier comes with two different cumber buns that can be quickly swapped out depending on the mission.  The first cumber bun is designed for assault/patrol type missions and comes with an integrated side plate carrier and molle attachments.  The back of the cumber bun is woven together using heavy duty bungee cord rather than regular cord allowing for the cumber bun to expand and contract as needed. The second cumber bun is made from heavy duty elastic and proved to be optimal for low vis operations.  The elastic cumber bun can fit four M4 Magazines as well as other items such as a motorola radio, vs-17 panel, medical equipment or IR strobe.  Our operator mentioned he had combined the two so that the molle cumber bun was on his left side and the elastic was on his right allowing better access to his secondary weapon.  When using the vest for low vis operations he used a full elastic option for a decreased profile.

Shoulder pads-  Each plate carrier comes with removable shoulder pads that are easy to take on and off based on mission needs.  The pads also come with velcro loops that are designed to accommodate communication equipment or hydration tubes.

Carrying handle  On the back of the plate carrier is a carrying handle designed to carry heavy loads as it is securely fastened to multiple point on the vest.  Our operator said that during training exercises they had practiced several drags with over 260 pounds worth of combined weight attached to the vest.  After several attempts ,there was no sign of the carrying handle becoming weak. Low vis operations When going on low vis operations our operator took off the shoulder pads, used the elastic cumber bun and was able to wear two M4 Magazines, a radio, an IR strobe and a tourniquet on the plate carrier itself.  He was able to wear an xxl cover shirt, sweater or jacket over the kit and maintain a fairly low profile when moving in vehicles and on foot.

Direct Action/ patrolling operations- When going on kinetic operations our operator attached the shoulder pads, inserted the molle cumber bun and threw a chest rig on top that had extra ammunition, an IFAK kit, flashbangs grenades, NVGs, and signal equipment.  He mentioned that transferring from the overt to covert profile took 2 minutes at the most.  In addition, he was able to use his chest rig as a go-bag during low vis operations as it would easily slip over the plate carrier. 7

Price- The only drawback to the Marz Tactical Plate carrier is that its cost is slightly higher than other brands.  However, this is due to the fact that the buyer receives 2 cumber buns, detachable shoulder pads, a highly durable vest and most importantly a product that was made in the United States, something that is uncommon among many tactical companies.  All in all, he said the cost was well worth what he had received and would make the purchase again if given the option. For more information on the plate carrier visit www.marztg.com or http://www.refactortactical.com/product-p/marz-tactical-shooter-plate.htm.  The product is available for purchase here for $299.95

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