The Operator Band is the first 550 cord band specifically designed to meet the needs of the Operator working in semi and none permissive environments.  The band’s components were chosen after attending the US Army SERE Level C Course as well as spending years down range.  We have provided a small but not complete list of some of the uses of the Operator Band.

30′ 80lb Test Fishing Line: –       Fishing Line –       Sewing thread –       Lashing –       Snare line –       Net building –       Shoe Laces



18″ 40lb Test Snare Wire: –       Snare –       Lashing –       Fishing Line –       Fishing Lead –       Fire wire



P51 Can Opener: –       Can Opener –       Rope Cutter –       Fire Striker


12′ 550 Paracord: –       Lashing –       Rappelling line –       Fishing Line –       Bow String –       Tourniquet –       Belt –       Backpack strap –       Shoe Laces –       Snare Line –       Net –       Bear Bag Line –       Laundry Line –       Candle Wick –       Restraint –       Rifle Sling –       Swiss Seat


Fishing hook: –       Fishing Hook –       Sewing Needle –       Compass Needle

Small piranha fish caught in Amazonian basin
Small piranha fish caught in Amazonian basin


Handcuff Key Buckle: –       Handcuff Key




Flint Fire Starter: –       Fire Starter –       Sinker


For more information on the Operator Band visit https://www.refactortactical.com/shop/operator-band/