Lockdown is a technology company that specializes in monitoring your home, valuables, and guns with advanced Smart Home technology. Lockdown is the only company in the world that successfully integrates advanced technology into the gun storage and security business. They were created out of a necessity to push the way American’s store their guns into the 21st Century. Every safe or vault built before Lockdown is designed entirely to keep people out and hopefully protect your guns from fire damage. The engineers at Lockdown noticed that for decades, their family’s weapons and valuables were susceptible to the relative humidity inside the safe. In response, Lockdown created the Puck to monitor humidity and temperature to ensure your guns and valuables don’t rust or develop mold.

Lockdown Puck

The Lockdown Puck is the flagship product from Lockdown that provides the duel-purpose of monitoring and security from the control of their patented Logic App. Many other Smart Home security features are voice-controlled and give you the feeling that someone is listening to everything going on in your home. I love the idea that everything is controlled from your phone, without invasive voice commands. By placing the Puck into your gun safe, vault, cabinet, drawer, etc., you can monitor the relative humidity and temperature in real-time from anywhere in the world that has Wifi. The Puck also connects to the magnetic door sensors that come with the Puck to ensure no door, window, cabinet, drawer, or wine cellar is opened without your knowledge.

What Does the Puck Come With?

The Lockdown Puck is $110.00 for the base price on its website and has been recently removed from Amazon at the same price. I want to clear things up with what you get for the $110.00 because you’ll need to buy more products to get the most out of the Puck. For example, you’ll receive 1 magnetic door sensor and a mounting bracket with the relative hardware to place your puck anywhere that can be mounted (i.e. inside a cabinet, above a door, etc…). For every room you want to monitor, you’ll place the Puck in that room and magnetic door sensor where you see fit (i.e. window, cabinet, drawer). Your Logic App will sync to multiple Puck’s to allow you to access and monitor all of your Smart features from your phone. This feature on your Logic App will ensure all of your products are organized and streamlined so you know exactly what every Puck is monitoring at all times.

  • 1 PUCK™ Unit
  • 1 Nine-foot Micro USB power cord
  • 1 Magnetic door sensor
  • 1 Mounting bracket and hardware
  • 4 AA batteries

Does The Puck Control Humidity?

No, the Puck monitors the humidity and temperature in the room, container, safe, cabinet, or drawer that it’s placed in. What separates the Puck from its competition is the ability to use multiple products in conjunction with the Puck. For example, if you use the Lockdown Silica Gel in your safe along with the Puck, you’ll be able to set a threshold of humidity you want and the Silica Gel will absorb the humidity inside the safe. If the humidity reaches outside the threshold, the Puck will alert you on your Logic App so you can remedy the issue before any condensation or mildew forms.

Silica Gel

Silica Gel absorbs moisture in the air of your safe or container to prevent the build-up of mildew, condensation, and rust on your valuables. Silica crystals will turn color once they’re saturated and can be recharged in the oven for continual use.  Lockdown has 3 separate size recommendations for Silica, based on the size of the room or safe you want to protect from humidity causing damages. Using Silica Gel is a great way to help, but Lockdown has created other products to ensure your firearms remain protected if your Silica isn’t enough.





Dehumidifier Rod

The Lockdown Golden Dehumidifier Rod is the best way, in my opinion, to control the humidity in your safe or container. The Golden Rod forces warm air throughout the safe to ensure the inside the safe remains around 70 degrees Fereinheight. According to the International Journal of Electrochemical Science, rust will start to form on metals when they reach temperatures above 71 degrees Fereinheight.  The Golden Rod protects approximately 100 cubic feet from mildew, rust, and mold and can be easily bracketed onto any surface. By using the Silica Gel and Golden Rod Dehumidifier Rod, your Puck will give you the peace of mind that your guns are protected from rust without having to lift a finger.




Lockdown Smart Plug

Lockdown Smart Plugs are controlled entirely from the Logic App on your phone after you connect them to your puck. The Smart Plugs are an incredible tool you can use to make your life easier by turning your lights, coffee machine, TV, etc. on and off no matter where you’re at in the world (Wifi needed). The thing I like about the Smart Plug the most is the ability to use it to enhance the security of your home by setting a timer on your Logic App. The Puck will automatically turn on/off your appliances at any time you have set to ensure any neighbor or potential thief doesn’t know when you’re away or home. For example, if you took a European vacation to Germany for 2 weeks and wanted to make it look like you were home at 6:00 PM every night, you could simply set a timer and your puck will turn on your lights, TV, and any other appliance you want. Although the Smart Plug won’t be out until November, I will use it on my  Lockdown Compact dehumidifier. I will set the plug on a timer and once I see my humidity reach high levels, the Plug will automatically turn on and start removing humidity.

In-Plain-Sight Shelf

The In-Plain-Sight-Shelf is one of those products that you show off to all your friends and family when they come to your home. It’s the most technologically advanced hidden gun safe you’ll ever find for this price. The hydraulic bar raises and lowers the hidden compartment with the touch of the hidden magnetic latch. The hidden magnetic latch opens within a second for quick access to your guns, in case of an emergency. The best part about this product is how inconspicuous it is to anybody coming inside your home. The whole point of the In-Plain-Sight-Shelf is to hide your guns in places that you spend a lot of time in, such as living room and kitchen. You could also hide your valuables, such as jewelry or important documents in plain sight to trick any would-be thief. The Puck will monitor the shelf to ensure that no one tampers or opens the shelf without alerting your Logic App, immediately.

Why Should I Buy The Lockdown Puck?

The Lockdown Puck has literally zero competitors for similar technology and capability. There is no other company in the world that offers gun owners the ability to integrate gun storage and security with Smart Home features. The Lockdown Puck has the ability to monitor and connect to 512 separate products and organizes all of them into 1 incredible interface. The Puck will ensure your guns are secure, protected from humidity, and will increase the overall security of your home for $110.00.

Does Lockdown Have a Subscription?

No! I have yet to see any company that offers customer support and around the clock service with no subscription. I can’t tell you how awesome it is to buy a product and know I won’t have to pay any extra fees. The idea that Lockdown is able to offer a product line with 41 (and counting) products and only charge the listed price shows their commitment to their customers. Most other companies offer subscription services ranging from $7-$30/month and offer very limited interface connectivity. Lockdown offers the Logic App for free and connects up to 512 products with no service fee.

Can The Puck Alert The Police of an Attempted Break-in?

Although the Puck doesn’t contact the police directly, it will immediately inform your contacts of an alarm. This ensures there is no subscription fee and you can have every person you know contact the police, if necessary.  I have notifications for all of my family members (brother in Ohio, Dad in Colorado, Sister in Michigan). It’s always a good idea to instruct your emergency contacts what to do in case they receive an alert. For example, I tell my emergency contacts if they can’t get a hold of me, they should call the police and inform them of my address and the alarm.


The Puck is a one-of-a-kind product that will revolutionize the way you care for your guns and valuables. There is no other product in the world that can monitor humidity and temperature while monitoring security. The Puck, in conjunction with other Lockdown products (such as Silica Gel and the rechargeable dehumidifier), will ensure your guns last decades longer than any other product on the market. The Puck connects to the Logic App, which organizes your products in an easy to use interface. My favorite part of the Puck and Lockdown as a whole is the fact that you don’t have to be a tech-savvy person to get the most out of this product. It’s incredibly user friendly and more affordable than many other products available.