Deal of the Day! Rock Island Meriva 12 GA Shotgun

The Rock Island Meriva Standard 12 Gauge Shotgun is the most affordable 12 gauge on the market right now. I don’t think this product will last long or make it past the week at the price of $189.99 on Primary Arms. Featuring an 18.5" barrel with a 5+1 capacity. This shotgun is meant for a self-defense shotgun with a fixed cylinder bore choke and a 3" chamber to load buckshot with ease. The synthetic stock helps to reduce some of the felt recoil and the entire gun is finished in Matte black to prevent any glare from the metal. 



  • 3" 12 Gauge chamber
  • 18.5" cylinder bore
  • 5+1 capacity tube magazine
  • Synthetic stock
  • Matte black finish


at Primary Arms
Prices accurate at time of writing


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