Deal of the Day! Nomad Women’s Harvester Jacket

I know many of our female readers would like us to provide more opportunities for deals and discounts for hunting clothing. I’m happy to share an incredible deal on a Mossy Oak hoodie from NOMAD. The Harvester jacket is a full zip hoodie that is great with the wind and is water-resistant to help with light showers on your hunt. Try to remember that water-resistant is not water-proof, so if it’s raining hard enough, you’re going to get wet. This hoodie is great for early dee season in the mid-west and the eastern United States, but I wouldn’t wear it if you’re hunting in real elevation, such as the Rockies or Cascades.

The first thing you’ll notice about this hoodie is how soft and comfortable it is with the DWR bonded knit fabric. The Harvester hoodie also features NOMAD’s patented SilverZ Scent Suppression System to help with preventing a buck from barking at you if you’re ever upwind. The NOMAD Harvester hoodie is normally around $130.00, but for whatever reason, Sportsman’s Warehouse has it for $58.92 for a large. It won’t last long, hurry and get a solid hunting hoodie for fall and spring hunting. Good Luck!

at Sportsman’s Warehouse
Prices accurate at time of writing

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