Deal of the Day! Carhartt K87 T-Shirt

Everyone knows who Carhartt is, but how many people have heard of Dungarees? Carhartt is one of the businesses that are under the umbrella company of Dungarees. We’re pretty excited to be able to write about Dungarees because we legitimately love their companies, such as Yeti, Timberland, Carhartt, Cat, and Wolverine. A Carhartt fan will recognize the t-Shirt pocket design of the K87 shirt as an icon to the company. Right now, Carhartt is offering 25% off for this t-shirt for a very limited time. You can get a shirt for less than $13 if you order soon. The quicker you put your order in the better chance you’ll get the color and size you want, but if you wait, you may be out of luck with the most popular sizes (large, medium, XL). Good Luck and have a wonderful weekend!

at Dungarees
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