Deal of the Day! Allen Hypa-Lite Sling

It’s that time of year where you need to make sure you got all your gear with only 9 days left until opening day for Spring turkey season. I have 2 slings that I use right now and one of them is this affordable Hypalon sling, called the Allen Hypa-Lite Shocker Turkey Sling. The reason I like this sling so much is due to the versatility, comfort, and amount of weight it can hold comfortably (300 lbs. swivel rating). Hypalon is a chlorosulfonated polyethylene synthetic rubber that can handle any type of environment due to its ability to be exposed to incredibly hot and cold temps without breaking down. 

I also like this sling a lot because if you don’t have a turkey vest or don’t want a turkey vest, you have several pockets on this sling for 2 shotgun shells and 3 storage pockets for your mouth calls. The backing on the sling is made to stick to your shoulder and not slip at all to cause discomfort or more stress on your shoulder. The swivel is a great touch and prevents me from ever getting my sling tangled up around my gun or on any other gear I’m carrying. The Mossy Oak camo is a great touch for turkey hunting and will help make sure you’re completely concealed in the woods. For only $19.99, the Allen Hypa-Lite sling is a great sling that will give you added versatility and great performance. 

at Sportsman’s Guide
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