Deal of the Day! 5.11 ABR Pro Pants

Now is the time for deals and discounts for most of the major online retailers. Memorial Day weekend always has a lot of great sales from grills and camping equipment to tactical pants and hiking gear. 5.11 ABR Pro Tactical Pants are on sale right now for $43.99, which is about $12 off the normal price. As every 5.11 fan knows, they don’t have to put their pants on sale to sell anything because everyone wants a pair of 5.11 pants. These specific pants are stronger than you’d ever need them to be with the capacity to tow a truck, in a pinch and still maintain structural integrity. Made from ripstop fabric and polyester for a lightweight, breathable, pant that will make you want to wear them every day. The Teflon finish allows these pants to repel water, oil, and mud from soaking your pants and bogging you down. For all, you gear heads and men that work with your hands, these pants are not going to last and not going to let you down. 

5.11 Men’s ABR Pro Tactical Cargo Pants

at Sportsman’s Warehouse
Prices accurate at time of writing

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