Amazon Update on Essentials for Coronavirus

As we all try and deal with the uncertainty of this pandemic, Amazon has been working around the clock to get as many supplies restocked and shipped out to those in need. I can’t stress enough the importance of only ordering the supplies your family needs (not wants) to get through these trying times. By ordering only the essentials, more Americans are able to live comfortably while in isolation for another month or so. As we reported in the “Amazon Response To Coronavirus” blog, most of all the essential supplies, such as hand sanitizer, baby wipes, diapers, and cleaning supplies have been sold out. This is the latest update on what Amazon has left and what they’ve restocked. One great thing to consider is there is much less price-gouging because Amazon has removed thousands of pages from unethical companies.

Baby Wipes

If there are any parents who are worried about keeping their babies clean, this one is for you. Parent’s Choice baby wipes are restocked and will be shipped to your home within a week of your order. I have included as many baby wipes that I could find in my hours of research on Amazon to give you the most up to date and accurate information. Each of these wipes will be delivered to your home within a week’s time and are not price gouged like they were last week.

Parents Choice Baby Wipes comes with 216 disposable baby wipes. This item is sold through a 3-rd party seller and there is a very limited supply of them, so you must act quickly if you want a chance to get them.
All Clear Sensitive baby wipes are extra soft and made from 99.8% naturally-derived ingredients. They’re fragrance-free, alcohol-free, paraben-free, and phenoxyethanol-free. These wipes are touted for their ability to clean up any mess with 1 wipe, which goes well in a time of need, like a global pandemic.
HUGGIES Natural Care baby wipes come with 768 wipes for $50. It’s difficult to say if this product is being price gouged because they come with so many, but I’d be cautious with this one. If you’re comfortable with $50 for more wipes than you’ll hopefully ever need in a couple months, then I suggest you bite the bullet and gain that peace of mind that this will last you through the entirety of this pandemic.

I included these wipes because they’re made to keep your baby clean and free from any virus that he/she comes into contact with. These wipes are safe for a baby’s nose and work great for keeping your baby clean without giving him/her a bath 5 times a day. You’ll receive 360 total wipes in 12 separate packs to keep them fresh and moist.


These wipes are designed to be eco-friendly upon discarding them and are made to be compostable. If you’re looking for a way to limit your carbon footprint, this is the best chance to do it with something you’re going to use every day. These wipes are thick enough for the biggest mess your baby can make and are free from alcohol, chlorine, artificial fragrance & colors, parabens,  and phthalates. 

Baby Formula

One of the most overlooked necessities for younger families is having enough formula for infants without exposing them to the stores. Amazon ran out of formula just as fast as Hand Sanitizer, but luckily, they were able to restock a few brands that will last long enough for this crisis to be over.

This formula is designed to last 1 month for an infant so this should greatly improve your comfort level if you have a baby in need of food.
Nobody knows your baby like you do, so if you’re in need of an organic choice, this is a great option. They boast to have the closest formula to breast milk on the market and it’s sold at a reasonable price.
Enfamil is another formula option to go with, especially since it comes in a reusable tub that can be repurposed for many different things.

Hand Sanitizer

This is the number 1 most searched for item on Amazon in the past couple of weeks and I don’t see it slowing down anytime soon. I have found only 1 example of hand sanitizer being available within a week, which is listed below. I urge Americans to consider making their own sanitizer, which can be found on Amazon as well. Just make sure the sanitizer you use has at least 60% alcohol because it won’t kill all the germs associated with this virus if it’s less than that.


It looks like this product might be price-gouged a little, but at this point, you’re not going to find many legit hand sanitizers anywhere online that can be delivered by next week.
You can buy this and read it on your Kindle for easy and safe recipes on sanitizing your hands. With the supply being nonexistent and the demand at an all-time high, making your own is going to be the cheapest and most logical method of sanitizing your hands.
I like this book because it offers methods to create sanitizer wipes and liquid that are approved by the World Health Organization (WHO).
I would look at each of these online books and determine which one best suits your family’s needs. Look up the ingredients and see what you have to make enough sanitizer to take care of all the germs you and your family come into contact with.

Cleaning Supplies

We can clean our hands all we want (it will make a huge difference!), but if you have a dirty home, then you’ll end up becoming more susceptible to the Coronavirus, anyway. As the CDC and WHO have warned us, this virus can live on surfaces up to 4 days and in the air for 3-5 hours. I recommend cleaning and disaffecting your home 3 times per week to keep germs and other microscopic organisms away. Bleach, bleach alternatives, toilet bowl cleaners, air purifiers, and disinfectant wipes are all great things to buy during this time to ensure your home is safe for your family.

Kaboom Foam cleaner is a great way to ensure mold and mildew don’t build up in your bathroom sink, shower, or around your toilet. It’s easy to use and even easier to wipe away with a cloth or paper towel.
I chose these magic eraser cleaners because they work on just about everything with just a little water. I recommend using this cleaner every day on simple, but important tasks, like cleaning your bathroom or wiping down your kitchen counters. You can use each one of the erasers a couple times before they become less effective, but it also depends on what your scrubbing with them. This item will NOT disinfect your home, but it will keep germs from building up on common surfaces that everyone in your family uses or touches.
This bleach is only available through a 3-rd party, but with a 100% satisfaction rating, I’d trust that they’ll deliver what you need. I can’t give you more recommendations on having bleach in your home. Bleach will kill all known viruses and germs and doesn’t take a lot to do so. Read the instructions and use bleach on areas that your family spends the most time in, such as living room, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and on all doorknobs.
I would be careful because this seller has a less than reputable rating, but if they send you this item, it’ll be worth it. This spray bottle will work great on any surface and keep your home safe and clean from any debris or virus sitting in your home.
I highly recommend something like automatic bleach tabs for your toilet, so any germs released into the air are cut down before they can affect you. The best part is you don’t have to physically clean all the time, it does it for you and this 2-pack should last a few weeks at least.


All of these items listed above are meant to keep you safe and healthy during the Coronavirus epidemic and will be delivered to your house within a week. There are many other products that I didn’t include because Amazon has not restocked them as well as they did the items above. Either way, you should try to stay relaxed and if you don’t have these types of supplies, you should act quickly. These supplies will not be on the shelves very long and restocking shelves will be very difficult to maintain during these trying times.

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