Today we know Afghanistan as an impoverished country, rife with violence, turmoil, and Islamic extremism.  Kabul, the nation’s capital, experiences daily violence initiated by terrorist organizations.  Buildings are bombed out, sewage runs in the streets, trash litters every corner and there seems to be no end in sight to the constant state of misery.

While Afghanistan’s history remains mostly violent, the ’60s will remain a time of relative peace and prosperity for the country.  This period prior to the US invasion, the Soviet/Marxist invasion and the Islamic extremist, promoted a culture of capitalistic tendencies with a democratically elected government.  While this period of peace only lasted a short time, these photos illustrate a much different country that we know today.

Locals dressed up in western style clothing
Flight Attendants stand in front of Ariana Airlines
Girls walk to school in moderate dress
A local government printing facility
Tribal female defense forces
Sound infrastructure
Afghan Nurses
A local park
The Afghan Army
Women dressed in skirts and high heels
Rush hour

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