Top 5 Pistol Magazine Pouches

Pistol Magazines

Pistol Magazines come in a variety of styles designed for different purposes and mission requirements. For the purpose of this blog, we will discuss the best pistol magazines that made to be either single or double-stacked for an increased ammo load. The pistol magazine pouches/holders that I review today are all great and will work effectively and increase your advantage on the battlefield. From much research, I’ve discovered that companies such as FirstSpear, Blue Force Gear, Ferro Concepts, S&S Precision, and High Speed Gear are all great American companies that deserve praise.

1. FirstSpear SSV™, In-the-Belt Pistol Magazine Pocket, Single

FirstSpear is more than just one of the most expensive tactical gear companies in the country, it’s one of the most versatile, durable, and dependable companies, as well. The FirstSpear SSV is completely ambidextrous to accommodate both left and right-handed shooters. It holds a single pistol magazine from any caliber handgun magazine and is designed in conjunction with (ICW) in-the-belt-holsters. The Molded J-Hook is accompanied by the backup dummy cord to ensure the mag pouch stays put when you have to quickly grab the magazine from the pouch. As you can see in the picture below, the mag pouch is equipped with beveled down corners on each side of the mag pouch in order to provide a better grip on the magazine without grabbing the pouch too. These features ensure the FirstSpear pistol mag pouch is as versatile, functional, practical, and ergonomic as possible. The rounded corners of the mag pouch and the hydrophobic composite material ensure the product is comfortable when you sit down and don’t poke you or get weighed down with water or sweat.

Why Should I Buy the FirstSpear SSV In-the-Belt Pistol Magazine Pocket?

I would buy this mag pouch for many reasons, but to start, I love the concealable nature of this mag pouch and how FirstSpear has made it comfortable to wear even as it’s close to the skin. The rounded corners seem like a minor adjustment, but how many times have you been poked by the sharp corners of a magazine pouch as you sit down or bend over? The beveled corners provide a much better grip and instill confidence that you’ll never grab the fabric and magazine at the same time. The SSV Magazine Pocket is perfect for law enforcement, competition shooters in the 3-Gun Competition, and made for soldiers who need every second to save their lives.



2. Tyr Tactical Pistol Mag Pouch – Combat Adjustable Happy Mag®

The Tyr Tactical Pistol Mag Pouch is the most affordable, versatile, and functional magazine pouch on the market. This pouch combines the 2 most sought after features for a tactical mag pouch; the Adjustable Happy Mag and the CLPA. The CLPA is specifically designed to conform to either single-stack or double-stack magazines, which is controlled by the tension adjustment on the bottom of the pouch. The Happy Mag clip and contact-grip material secure the magazine to ensure you will NEVER lose a magazine unless it’s actively pulled out by you. To ensure the utmost security of the magazine, you just need to use the retention strap to ensure that there is no way your magazine will be able to be removed without some catastrophic accident.

Why Should I Buy The Tyr Tactical Combat Adjustable Happy Mag?

I love the comfort and the level of retention in this magazine pouch more than any other retention system because of the simplicity and ease of use. Many companies work so hard to create the most unique and technologically advanced system that they tend to forget the basics sometimes. Tyr Tactical starts from the basics of practicality and works in the technology after the solid base is formed. The pouch is even available in fire retardant material to avoid catching fire if you’re unfortunate enough to be in a vehicle hit by an IED or RPG. For $40.00 there is no other mag pouch that would I want.

How Do I Attach The Tyr Tactical Pistol Mag Pouch?

  1. As you can see in the video below, place the CLPA attachment inside the Happy Mag
  2. Adjust the retention cord to fit your magazine(s)
  3. Place the retention strap over the magazine to completely secure the magazine in the pouch (optional)
  4. Flip the pouch upside down to test the retention



3. Blue Force Gear Ten-Speed Single Magazine Pouch

The Blue Force Ten-Speed Single Mag pouch is designed to fit every pistol caliber magazine up to an HK 45. The pouch will need at least a 2×1 MOLLE strap to fit properly and securely. The reason I chose the Ten-Speed Mag Pouch is because of the Helium Whisper Attachment System, which is compatible with all MOLLE platforms and built with incredibly strong laminate. This laminate reduces the weight of the mag pouch by at least 60% and maintains its rigidity and overall strength. One of the great features is the elastic material that securely holds the magazine in place, even if it’s shaken or flipped upside down.

Why Should I Buy Blue Force Ten-Speed Single magazine Pouch?

This magazine has great versatility with the ability to securely hold a single or double-tack pistol magazine, a tactical light, multitool, knives, and OC spray. I would argue this is the most technologically advanced pistol mag under $30 you’ll ever find. It’s less than 0.031 lbs in overall weight, which is literally not even heavy enough to throw without the wind taking it. It’s elastic is durable, long-lasting, and makes it easy for rapid release or securement.




4. Ferro Concepts Turnover Double Pistol Magazine Pouch

The Ferro Concepts Turnover Magazine pouch is specifically designed with the Slickster Plate Carrier Platform. The Slickster plate carrier is the best selling and comfortable plate carriers on the market. The Turnover Magazine Pouch is made with a high-strength elastic and velcro on the front and back for added versatility. The Turnover is a double pistol mag capable of securely holding 2 pistol magazines of any caliber up to an HK 45. As with every Ferro Concepts products, this mag pouch is Berry Compliant and made in America with precision and excellence.

Why Should I Buy the Ferro Concepts Double Magazine Pouch?

Ferro Concepts takes pride in producing great American made products based on practicality and simplicity. The reason I like their products so much is they’re much more affordable than any other company on this list. This double mag pouch will cost you $18.00 and give you similar versatility and save you at least $40.00-100.00 depending if you buy from FirstSpear or Tyr Tactical. It might not offer the same advanced technology, but it works perfectly with the ever-popular Slicker plate carrier and comes with a great limited lifetime warranty.

5. High Speed Gear Pistol Taco LT-Belt Mount

HSGI’s product list is as impressive as most other companies and their TACO LT-Belt Mount pistol magazines are no different. It’s incredibly versatile with the capability of holding any non-extended pistol magazine, tactical light, multitool, or knife. With the attachment strap designed for your battle belt, the mag pouch allows you to conceal it with ease. The attachment for the HSGI pistol mag pouch is developed with a much sturdier fabric that most traditional mag pouches. They use a strip of nylon that is reinforced by a heavy-duty nylon laminate and then secured with a snap closure system for better security.

Why Should I Buy the HSGI Taco LT belt Mount?

The HSGI Taco pistol mag is priced at $31.00 and offers a lot of versatility for a variety of loadouts and mission requirements.  The Taco LT-Belt Mount is easy to conceal if you’re using a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW). I would buy this product if I already had HSGI gear because all of their products work best when used in conjunction with each other. The retention strap secures almost any magazine to give you the confidence you’ll need to be comfortable with your loadout.


Top 5 Battle Belts| Complete 2020 Review

Battle Belts

Battle belts are simply belts that designed to be worn in tactical situations, such as law enforcement, warfare, hunting, and shooting competitions. What separates battle belts from normal belts is normally the material they’re made of. Battle belts need to be more rugged, tighter on the waist, and strong enough to hold up a gun holster and gear without sagging. The battle belts on this list are all worthy of your patronage because they’re all durable, comfortable, and functional in the most hostile environments you’ll find yourself in.

1. FirstSpear Assaulters Gun Belt (AGB)

FirstSpear always impresses me because they’re always trying to find ways of innovating their products to make them better. The Assaulters Gun Belt is incredibly versatile with the option of adding the tactical suspenders and the gun belt sleeve for added comfort and capability. The AGB is equipped with a 2-point metallic buckle that is strong enough to hold together during the toughest situations. For example, if one of your teammates goes down in the line of duty, you can hook up to the AGB and drag them out without the buckle breaking. This belt can fit any sized holster with the 6/12 straps without having your belt sag on the side of your holster. Anyone who carries a pistol on their belt knows how uncomfortable this is and how unpractical it is during a mission.

Why Should I Buy The AGB?

The AGB is compatible with every other component in the First Spear product line, such as the suspenders, sleeve, 6/12 straps, and many of the pistol and rifle magazine pouches. The 6/9 and 6/12 technology allows the AGB to fit inside the AGB sleeve to add either more comfort or add a soft armor panel for added blast protection. The buckle is easily removed for installation and feeding through smaller MOLLE loops or 6/12 pouches. I would buy this belt and add the sleeve for optimal comfort and more opportunity to carry your loadout on your belt instead of your vest. The versatility that the AGB adds to your loadout is unquestionably advantageous to an operator who demands comfort, durability, and reliability.

What is FirstSpear 6/12 Technology?

6/12 Modular pockets/pouches were designed y FirstSpear to reduce the weight that comes with attachments and tactical gear. 6/12 technology has been shown to reduce the weight of modular pouches by up to 40% versus traditional MOLLE pouches. If you’re adding 6/12 rifle pouches that can carry 2 30-round mags loaded with 5.56mm NATO ammo, you’re talking about reducing your weight by a couple pounds. The 6/12 pouches not only reduce the weight on your back, but it also reduces the overall bulk of MOLLE pouches by removing the nylon webbing, metal snaps, and the reinforced polymer.

FirstSpear designed the 6/12 modular system to be completely compatible with the MOLLE pockets and improved the retention and fit with state-of-the-art technology. They 1st used a machine industrial laser to precisely cut the attachment points to specification. Then they used an adhesive for the backing of the pouches to ensure they’re as tight as possible to the vest. This whole process creates greater flexibility on unarmored platforms so the operator has increased maneuverability when it’s needed. 


2. Ferro Concepts-The Bison Belt

The Bison Belt from Ferro Concepts is lightweight, low-profile, incredibly strong, and is designed with advanced technology to make it versatile and practical. This belt has a price tag of $215.00, but the amount of time and money spent on making the belt ensures its worth. They used a single layer laser-cut thermoplastic frame to cut the plastic to absolute precision and to reduce weight (0.5 lbs). Not only does the thermoplastic reduce the weight and thickness of the belt, but it significantly increases the rigidity of the belt for more reliability in stressful situations. The belt is completely compatible with MOLLE pouches by attaching their patented Hook and Loop Velcro system to the MOLLE for a very quick and easy installation.

Why Should I Buy the Bison Belt?

The Bison Belt is made in America and Berry Complaint, along with all of their products. Not only does buying this belt support American workers, but it will give you a clear advantage over most other products on the market in durability and agility. The Bison Belt is equipped with the patented D-Ring Cobra buckle to offer an easy and strong buckle that fits the need for soldiers and police. The Hook Velcro system is lined on the inside of the belt for a rapid release and donning feature that is practical and functional in a combat situation.

What is Berry Compliance?

The Berry Amendment of 1941 is important for American Manufacturing because it protects American textile and clothing factories. The Amendment works by forcing the Department of Defense (DOD) to purchase all textiles from America, during a time of war.  Anytime a company is compliant with the Berry Amendment, it shows their regard for our nation and it’s workers. Any DOD sub-contractor (like Ferro Concepts) is required to purchase all of their products from American made sources during a time of war to ensure American companies are not undercut by foreign-made products. The list of products that are met by the Berry Amendment are listed below.

  • Natural fiber products, including cotton
  • Wool (yarn or fiber in materials; manufactured articles or fabrics)
  • Clothing, including its components and materials (i.e. underwear, outerwear, footwear, headwear, hosiery, and where, insignia, belts, and badges)
  • Woven silk
  • Woven silk blends
  • Spun silk yarn used in cartridge cloth
  • Coated synthetic fabric
  • All yarns in textile fibers used in coated synthetic fabrics
  • Any piece of equipment that contains or is used to manufacture the above-mentioned fibers, yarns, or materials made in the U.S.
  • Tents and their associated components, such as tarpaulins and covers

3. Tyr Tactical-Gunfighter Modular Assaulters Belt

The Tyr Tactical Gunfighter Modular Assaulters Belt is known for its simplicity, durability, and load carriage balance. The feature that stands out most for this belt is the compatibility with the TYR Tactical® Dual Point Rigger Belt. This attachment gives the operator or LEO a vertical load test weight of 8,000 lbs, which is more than enough to be hoisted up in a helicopter or repel down a cliff. The belt is built with the same Pluma Vires (PV) material that the PICO-DS is made from, which reduces the weight and increases the strength of the belt. The PV material is made from Kevlar and nylon to ensure the belt is as durable and strong as it possibly can be without reducing the maneuverability of the operator.

Why Should I Buy The Tyr Tactical Gunfighter Assaulters Belt?

I would buy this belt over the others on this list if I were going to be using it with a rigger’s set-up to be able to climb, repel, and be hoisted up by helicopter in a combat zone. This belt is compatible with MOLLE/PALS pockets and is easily combined with the rigger’s belt for more versatility. The Dual Point Rigger belt attaches to the GAB via the hook and loop straps for easy installation. Once the belts are placed through the hook and loop velcro, the belts are flush with each other and offer more rigidity than most other combination belts on the market.

4. S&S Precision- Belt Modular (BM)

S&S Precision has been one of my favorite tactical gear companies for many years so far due to their outstanding customer service and exemplary gear. The Belt-M (BM) is a great base belt that offers 2 options for inner belts. You can easily change and install the 2 belts (comfort or riggers belt) based on your mission requirements. For example, law enforcement officers should probably always go with the comfort inner belt because of the time spent sitting in a patrol car or walking around the community. Military soldiers can choose to go with the riggers belt if they need to handle weight loads more than their body weight without breaking (3,000 lb load rate). The BM features laser-cut MOLLE pockets for compatibility with any Modular Pocket attachment system.

Why Should I Buy The Belt Modular from S&S Precision?

The BM is made of hydrophobic composite, which repels water from the belt so you don’t add unwanted weight and mildew on your gear. The hard point can be used to tether to the inside of a helicopter for emergency repels and pick-ups. The versatility of the belt with the comfort inner attachment or the rigger belt is easy to use and completely interchangeable. The BM is designed to be form-fitting and low-profile so you don’t even know its there until you need to use it.

Belt-Modular™ (Belt-M)

5. High Speed Gear- Operator’s Belt (Cobra IDR 1.75″)

High Speed Gear’s (HSGI) Operator’s belt is designed to be used by Special Operations soldiers that need a belt with high tensile strength and the ability to be used as a riggers belt for excess loads. The HSGI Operator’s Belt is a low-profile riggers belt that is made with Type 13 nylon webbing, which is the new standard for nylon for Mil-Spec equipment. This belt is used and tested by Special Operations forces located in Ft. Bragg, NC for quality control. The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) has also tested this belt and praised it as being comfortable, rigid, and practical in combat operations.  All MOLLE and belt-mounted gear will attach easily to the HSGI Operator’s Belt and is equipped with MOLLE slots for attaching pouches and holsters.

Why Should I Buy The HSGI Operator’s Belt?

The Operator’s belt is one of the strongest rigger belts on the market that is somehow able to remain comfortable while being incredibly rigid. The combination of the Micro Grip Belt Panel and the HSGI Inner Belt provides a lot of versatility for those who need to meet a variety of mission requirements. The Cobra D-Ring buckle is an awesome feature that allows the operator to release the belt in a split-second if needed or secure the belt rapidly, depending on the situation. HSGI is not only a great company, but they’re also an American owned and operated company that provides dozens of jobs to North Carolina citizens.

What is the National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA)?

The National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) is an organization made up of professional soldiers and law enforcement officers from various Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT). The NTOA strives to improve the effectiveness of policing and tactics through education and training at their facilities across the country and through online education. The NTOA works with individual police departments and offers annual conferences across the country to actively recruit LEOs. The training is always lead by a certified trainer with years of tactical experience so everyone can be assured they’re receiving the best training possible. The NTOA also offers an Academy that teaches the students on leadership, tactical command, and ways to improve decision-making skills in the field.


Top 5 Chest Rigs| 2020 Review

Chest Rigs

Chest rigs are often misinterpreted to mean plate carriers or body armor, but these rigs are mostly used to carry ammo and gear. They are worn over your plate carrier for the special operations soldiers that get to wear whatever they want. For hunting, think of a turkey chest rig that will hold your shotgun ammo, knife, turkey calls, and pouches for snacks. Chest rigs are designed to make your life easier by giving you as much customization as possible in the field. This blog will focus on the top 5 chest rigs on the market today, starting with First Spear and ending with High Speed Gear.

How Do I Determine Which Company is the Best?

Each of the 5 companies that I review below are great companies that support the United States military and every other freedom-loving American. However, some companies make better products that are more comfortable, durable, Maneuverable, practical, and tactical. I Don’t care how cool a product looks or how durable it is if the rig is so uncomfortable that you dread wearing it. Each of these rigs below passes the durability test and will last through the normal wear and tear of duty if you follow the manufacturer guidelines on care. How many times have we all seen someone running around in full battle rattle and you could hear them coming from a mile away? If a chest rig is not properly worn or built well enough, you’ll end up giving up your location as if you were wearing little Christmas bells all over your MOLLE system. These rigs below put an end to that and make almost no noise at all to give the operator the stealth needed for the mission.


1. JOKER – Jungle Operations Airborne Capable Chest Rig

The Joker chest rig from FirstSpear Technology is my number 1 chest rig because of the advanced technology incorporated in the chest rig. The Comfort and maneuverability from the lightweight material and the MIKE Force Pack (MFP) are better than any other product I’ve seen.  The Joker is specifically designed to work with AIrborne soldiers, such as 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions. The Joker is equipped with a Side Release Buckle that drops the overall length of the shoulder straps to accommodate each individual airborne soldier. In short, the Joker can be pulled up through any parachute harness with the click of 2 buckles. The Joker is built has foam integrated into the shoulder straps to absorb some of the weight and adds neutral buoyancy in case the soldier has to get in the water.

JOKER - Jungle Operations Airborne Capable Chest Rig

What is the Tubes Rapid-Release Technology?

FirstSpear Tubes Rapid-Release Technology is just one of the many reasons this chest rig is rated number one. FirstSpear listened to their customers and stepped outside the normal Velcro fasteners. As everyone who’s spent time in Iraq or Afghanistan knows, Velcro doesn’t hold up to sand, dirt, water, sweat, mud, and all the other elemental effects you’ll face in warfare. The Tubes Rapid-Release will withstand all of those elements with ease and reduce the noise of trying to get your rig as tight and comfortable as possible. The Tubes increases the level of protection by accommodating side plates and inflatable flotation accessories.


Assy Assembled Perspective
The Tubes are manufactured from a lightweight polymer that sheds water, repels sand and dirt, and is incredibly strong. Instead of using a system of cables that run through the vest and get tangled up, FirstSpear created a rapid-release system that works 100% of the time without any malfunctions. The Tubes system allows for near unlimited customization in colors to fit the terrain of your warzone. The Tubes Rapid-Release system also provides choices for activation so you can choose how to release the rig or close it. Regardless of whatever combination you choose, this chest rig will increase your performance, maneuverability, and mission functionality like no other vest on this list.


What is the 6/9 Modular Pocket Technology?

The 6/9 Modular Pocket is completely backward compatible with all MOLLE/PALS system for the ultimate experience in customization. The 6/9 Pocket is meant to replace MOOLE pockets because they’re lighter and more customizable. The best feature of the 6/9 Modular Pocket is its ability to fit tighter to the vest than any MOLLE system, which gives the Joker a tactical advantage over any other system on the market. This system is so impressive it’s been adopted by the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC) to replace the traditional MOLLE/PALS system that we’ve been accustomed to. The top reasons for the switch are weight reduction, customization,  a much tighter fit for noise reduction, and an increase in mobility.

What is Advanced Clothing Materials (ACM) Technology?

ACM is made from American Merino Wool, is lighter, softer, and does a better job at regulating body temperature than most other material found in their competitors. Wearing Merino Wool is perfect for soldiers because it helps reduce odor from sweat and can hold up to 30% of weight in water and still stay insulated (somehow!). Merino Wool will keep you dry, clean, and light, even when the elements dictate the opposite. Although the Joker sin;t 100% waterproof, it’s water-resistant, which repels water from penetrating the fabric. For me, the best part about wearing Merino Wool is how comfortable and light it is versus the traditional standard issue wool we all get in Basic Training. Merino Wool is 100% sustainable and if it’s disposed of properly, it will degrade into the soil within a few years.


2. S&S Precision CR-M

S&S Precision is a great company with all their products made in the United States and sold almost strictly to law enforcement and the U.S. military. The CR-M is flexible, semi-rigid, and is made to carry a variety of loadouts, depending on the mission’s purpose. The CR-M is perfect for operators who deal with a water crossing or need to be submerged underwater. The CR-M is made to be hydrophobic, which allows the vest to repel water so you don’t absorb it all and increase your weight. It even comes with a Fin Retention configuration to allow you to secure your fins to rig without them getting in the way. The patented LiftR-40 flotation system is easily attached to the laser-cut MOOLE slits for optimizing your weight. The best feature of this chest rig is its versatility with the different configurations, designed for use in water, land, and Airborne operations. For its ingenuity and versatility, it’s more than deserving of a top spot on any list.

Chest Rig-Modular™ (CR-M)

3. Blue Force MOLLEminus Chestrig

Blue Force’s MOLLEminus Chestrig is probably the most unique chest rig on the list because it’s built from a precision laser cut laminate, instead of the sewn MOLLE loops. The 1st thing you’ll notice is how light this chest rig is. It will feel so light (0.7 lbs!) that you’ll immediately doubt its durability and quality. This rig will change how you view MOLLE-less systems with its extreme flexibility and aerodynamics. The Blue Force MOLLEminus Chestrig can fit the equivalent of 12 MOLLE columns wide by 6 columns tall for the ultimate experience in customization. The shoulder harness is easily removable and adjustable to fit any body size for optimizing comfort where you need it most.

MOLLEminus Chestrig

4. Ferro Concepts Chesty Rig Wide Harness

At $73.00, there are not many chest rigs with the flexibility and comfort that Ferro Concepts have developed. The Chesty Rig is made to be a versatile and MOLLE compatible rig at a lower price than any other model on the list. The ADAPT features that come with the Chesty Rig allow for a variety of customizable attachments that can be easily attached or removed. The Chesty Rig is built with 2 columns wide and 3 columns high on each side of the chest rig to accommodate a light loadout. The waist strap is adjustable along with the H-Harness to accommodate any size soldier or hunter

5. HSGI Neo Chest Rig

The HSGI Neo Chest Rig is similar to the Blue Force chest rig with the same style of laser-cut laminate to reduce weight and increase efficiency. It comes with a removable 8″x8″ bib with the same laser-cut slots for MOLLE pouches and any style of loop pocket attachment. The shoulder straps are removable and made of a super soft and comfortable neoprene padding. The belt is made of the same neoprene padding that gives this one of the most comfortable chest rigs on this list. With 5 slots tall and 10 slots wide, the Neo chest rig is easily customizable. One of the most overlooked features is the elastic keepers on the strap ends that allow for minor adjustments and quick and easy retention of the strap placements. This feature gives the chest rig a great balance in load balance to give your shoulders a break from an uneven load.




Most Gucci Chest Rig-Viking Patrol Harness-Artic At-X

With a price tag of $331.00, the Viking Patrol Harness (VPH) from FirstSpear is one of those chest rigs that will instantly stand out. The Artic AT-X harness is specifically designed for extremely cold weather, such as in the Hindu Kush or Rocky Mountain Ranges.  The VPH can handle any environment with superb durability and dependability, while maintaining mission effectiveness and comfort. It’s equipped with 3 fixed full-flap magazine pockets with the capability to hold 2 30-round 5.56mm magazines without compromising the integrity of the harness. The VPH is completely compatible with any MOLLE/PALS system and has an external pouch for your radio (I.E. AN/PRC-148 MBITR) and is fitted with 6/12 panels on the side for complete customization in your loadout. The VPH is even built with extra long shoulder straps to accommodate the extra layers of clothes you’ll need to wear in sub-zero temps.




Mossberg MVP Rifle| What To Know Before You Buy

Mossberg MVP

The Mossberg MVP Series rifles are an AR-15 Magazine fed bolt-action rifle that is equipped with state of the art technology. The MVP series is built to be your primary hunting rifle and still capable of performing in competition shooting. The durability, premium materials used, and unlimited features, makes this rifle a must-own for your collection. The MVP series rifles are all magazine fed with an AR-15 style magazine for quick and easy reloading. The Mossberg MVP rifles are chambered in almost every caliber round you can think of and even some rare calibers, such as the .224 Valkyrie. Whether you’re looking for a hunting rifle, competition rifle, or a self-defense AR-15 style rifle, the Mossberg MVP series has you covered.

Mossberg MVP LC

The Mossberg MVP Light-Chassis (LC) is one of the most sought after rifles in the Mossberg MVP collection. The LC model is designed to be as light as possible while still being able to handle the heavy 7.62mm NATO bullet. This rifle is equipped with as many after-market features as possible to accommodate the needs of all shooters. Built around the famous MDT LLS light chassis aluminum stock, the MVP LC is light, but incredibly strong and durable. The LC model is also equipped with a Mil-Spec Magpul CTR Adjustable LOP Stock with an A-frame profile to reduce snagging. The barrel is threaded to be able to easily equip a silencer and the LBA trigger is standard in all MVP rifles. To top off the incredible features, the LC has a 1913 Picatinny Rail to attach any optic or scope for your specific purpose.



Caliber 7.62mm NATO (.308 Win)
Capacity 10+1
Barrel Type Med. Bull, Fluted, Threaded
Barrel Length 18.5″
Sight/Base Picatinny Rail
Twist 1:10
LOP Type Adjustable
LOP 11.25″-14.5″
Barrel Finish Matte Blued
Stock Finish Tan Aluminum Chassis w/ Black Magpul Accessories
Weight 7.62
Length 35.75″


Why Should I Buy The Mossberg MVP LC?

The Mossberg MVP LC is perfect for use in self-defense (5.56mm), hunting (7.62mm), or competition (6.5 Creedmoor). The LC model is equipped with some of the best features you could ever ask for in a rifle. From the MDT LSS chassis to the customizable length of pull and trigger pull weight, this rifle is incredible, right out of the box. The barrel threading on the 5.56 model allows for easy installation of a silencer and the Picatinny Rail system provides room for every type of optic or scope. Whichever model you choose, you’ll get a great rifle well below the standard asking price of any other brand with these features.

Where Can I Buy The Mossberg MVP LC?


  1. Gearfire
  2. The Shooting Store
  3. Gallery of Guns
  4. Locate a Dealer
  5. Gun Broker
  6. Armslist
  7. Cabela’s

Mossberg MVP LC .308 Win Tan Rifle - 27775



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What is the Lightning Bolt Action (LBA) Adjustable Trigger?

The LBA adjustable trigger blade requires the blade to be fully depressed in order for the sear to release the striker. As you can see in the MVP LC model, the LBA blade is attached to the trigger and is used as a safety device. The LBA is made from aircraft-grade aluminum and hard-coat anodized to comply with military specifications requirements. The MilSpec requirements will ensure that the LBA trigger lasts longer and prevents corrosion from the elements. The best feature of the LBA trigger is you can adjust the trigger pull weight from 2-7 lbs with a simple turn from a screwdriver.

What is an MDT Chassis?

The MDT LSS Light Chassis system is specifically designed to be compact and lightweight for maneuverability and stability. The forend of the chassis is free-floated to improve accuracy and ergonomics by reducing felt-recoil. The whole chassis is built from 6061-T6 aluminum, which is essentially aircraft-grade aluminum used in commercial aircraft. This level of rigidness and flexibility required to handle air travel is used to control the force from the explosion of a gun being fired. The MDT LSS is designed to be placed on AR-15 style buttstock and will fit just about any rifle with an adapter.

Noveske 7.62X51MM 168GR Ballistic Glow Tip Ammunition

Many people have never heard of Noveske ammo, but I am here to convert you to at least try his products. All Noveske ammo is produced by Nosler to ensure the highest quality materials are used for each bullet. For example, all casings are black nickel-plated to ensure every round is chambered as smooth as possible. Each round is inspected by a professional to ensure there are no discrepancies in the bullet before packaging. You’ll notice the white glow-tip and exceptionally smooth brass on every bullet from Noveske. It’s very expensive, but well worth the money if your life depends on your rifle working properly.

Noveske 7.62x51mm 168gr Ballistic Glow Tip Ammunition 20rds - 52221

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Winchester 308 168GR Ballistic Silvertip Rifle Ammunition

Winchester ammo is one of the most proven ammo companies in the world and never really disappoint me with any of their products. The Winchester Silvertip ammo is built with a polymer tip to prevent deformation and advance the expansion of the bullet. The Alloyed lead core ensures great weight retention for much deeper penetration through the deer than you’d get with a lot of ammo. The contoured jacket provides a consistent and rapid expansion to knock down any deer you hit with this bullet. Maybe I come across as lazy, but I hate chasing deer that I’ve shot through the dense woodlands of Virginia. I never want an animal to suffer at my hands so I trust premier ammunition to make sure that I kill them quickly.


Winchester 308 168gr Ballistic SilverTip Rifle Ammunition 20rds - SBST308A



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Black Hills 5.56MM 62GR Barnes TXP Ammunition

Black Hills ammo is made from copper and is known by shooters as one of the most consistent bullets on the market. Black Hills ammo is known to expand immediately upon impact, creating a larger cavity than most other 5.56mm ammo. This bullet is specifically designed to create the most damage possible to its target with its unique expansion rate and the width of the shrapnel spread inside the wound cavity. As the metal fragments cut through the soft tissue, the round is designed to penetrate further through your target for maximum impact.

Black Hills 5.56mm 62gr Barnes TSX Ammunition 50rds - D556N18



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How Do I Adjust the Mossberg MVP LBA Trigger?

  1. The 1st thing you need to do is ensure your rifle is clear so you don’t have an accidental discharge.
  2. Remove the stock by removing the front and rear action screws
  3. Lift the action out of the stock
  4. To increase the trigger pull weight, turn the screw clockwise
  5. To decrease the trigger pull weight, turn the screw counterclockwise
  6. DO NOT overturn the screw in either direction because you can lose the small components and never be able to adjust the trigger pull again
  7. Reinstall the action into the stock and tighten the front screw 1st, then the rear screw 2nd
  8. Follow the instructions manual and put the stock back on and you’ll be set

What is the LUTH-AR MBA-3 Stock?

The Luth-AR MBA-3 Stock is meant to replace the standard AR-15 style rifles with a more customizable stock. The MBA-3 stock will fit in any commercial or Mil-Spec buffer tube for easy installation and familiarity. The MBA-3 has a 3-axis Buttplate for the ability to customize your recoil pad in a number of configurations. I love the fact that you can adjust the length of pull with much higher precision with the simple turn of a knob. The cheek plate will allow you to raise it up to get a better sight picture through your scope without adding tape or some other modification. The MBA-3 comes with sling attachments for standard slings and the ever-popular QD cups, but you have to buy those separately.


What is a .224 Valkyrie?

The Mossberg MVP Predator is chambered in a very unique round that many people haven’t heard of before, called the .224 Valkyrie. The .224 Valkyrie is a .22 caliber rimless bottlenecked cartridge. It’s designed with the same diameter as the 5.56x45mm NATO bullet, but has a shorter case length and holds more powder in the casing. This allows the .224 Valkyrie have increased muzzle velocity and heavier bullets, which increases the accuracy of the bullet.

What is a Bull Barrel?

All Mossberg MVP rifles are fluted and made with bull barrels to improve the rigidity in order to increase the accuracy of the rifle. A bull barrel is made to be completely cylindrical and doesn’t taper outward like many other rifles. This reduces the vibrations in the barrel caused by the firing operation of the rifle. A bull barrel will increase the accuracy of the rifle by reducing the felt recoil and the effects of the vibrations from the gas and air pressure.

What is a Fluted Barrel?

A fluted barrel is a process in which the barrel is cut down to form grooves on the cylindrical surface to decrease weight. Fluting has been attributed to an increase in accuracy and improved cooling during high rates of fire. Fluting the barrel and bolt can decrease the overall weight of the rifle by at least 1 pound. There are many models of the Mossberg MVP that flute the barrel and the bolt to improve the weight and ergonomics of the rifle.

HSGI Taco Magazine Pouch| Everything You Need To Know Before You Buy

High Speed Gear

High Speed Gear is one of the biggest tactical gear companies on the East Coast. They started out in 1999, catering to the United States Marine Corps at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina.  As High Speed Gear picked up steam with more Marines buying their products, they were able to build their company into the largest full-time employer in Swansboro, NC. All of their products are built with comfort, practicality, and versatility in mind, with no other product exemplifying this than the Taco Mag Pouches. This blog will focus on the versatility of the Taco Mag Pouches and why we recommend buying them. Law Enforcement Officers (LEO), Soldiers, and any 2nd Amendment loving American will benefit from HSGI products. There are 6 distinct Taco Mag Pouches that are designed for different magazines and purposes. The HSGI Taco MOLLE Single Rifle Mag Pouch, The Double Pistol Taco Molle Mag Pouch, Triple Pistol Taco Molle Mag Pouch, Extended Pistol Taco Molle Mag Pouch, The Polymer Mini Taco Pistol Mag Pouch, and the Double Decker Taco Mag Pouch.

HSGI Taco MOLLE Single Rifle Mag Pouch

The Taco Mag pouches are the number 1 seller for High Speed Gear because of the practicality and versatility. As any soldier and LEO can attest to, sometimes magazines stick in the pouch as you try to pull them out. Other magazine pouches require excess velcro that ensures everyone within 100 yards will hear you open the pouch, thus losing any tactical advantage you had.

What Makes the HSGI Taco Rifle Mag Pouch Universal?

The whole point of this mag pouch was to make it as universal as possible so the user didn’t have to carry an unnecessary amount of gear on their bodies. The HSGI Taco Rifle Mag Pouch is designed to hold almost every single rifle magazine in the world. It’s flexible and tightens to the actual size of the magazine, so there is no guesswork on which mags will fit. The Nylon and bungee cord exterior allows for any AR-15 (M4) or AK-47 style rifle magazine to easily fit without any adjustments being made. Since there is no velcro or added straps on the mag pouch, you will be able to load and reload your rifles faster than most other products on the market today.

How is the Taco Rifle Mag Pouch Versatile?

It’s not enough to just fit any size rifle magazine in the pouch because HSGI understands the importance of keeping your loadout streamlined and light. With this idea in mind, you’re able to place your radio, flashbacks, smoke grenades, incendiary grenades, and even snacks for a long patrol (judgment-free zone). Regardless of what you want to put in your mag pouch, the adjustable bungee cord allows you to tighten and securely fasten anything you want without losing your tactical advantage and functionality.


Where Can I Place the Taco Rifle Mag Pouch?

The modular design of the pouch ensures you can mount the Taco Rifle Mag Pouch on your duty belt, shooters belt, or any MOLLE system. HSI produces its own proprietary MOLLE clips that easily attach to any vest, belt, or other MOLLE system. At 1.2″ wide and 3″ in height, this mag pouch should be able to fit on any vest or MOLLE system you’re issued either through the military or LEO organization.


Length 3″
Width 1″
Height 5″
Weight .18 pounds
MSRP $35.00



How Do I Attach the HGSI Taco Pouch to Molle?

One of the biggest complaints about the HSGI Taco Mag Pouch is the time it takes to thread the MOLLE into the pouch. I have to give them credit for fixing this issue with their HSGI Clips. All of their magazines come with the clips (after 2015) for quick and easy installation. All you have to do thread the clip into the MOLLE and fasten it into itself, instead of trying to manipulate the pouch to secure it to your MOLLE system.


Where are HSGI Products Made?

One reason I like to support HSGI is the fact that all of their products are made in Swansboro, NC. It’s one thing to support a company and it’s another to support a company that provides dozens of jobs for Americans. All of HSGI products are tested by local police officers, Marines, and even the U.S. Army Special Forces at Ft. Bragg, NC. Through this stringent testing program, products are put through all types of environmental conditions. It’s great to see that the products that make it to the store are trusted by our nation’s elite soldiers and Marines.

Does HSGI Have a Warranty?

Yes, HSGI has a lifetime guarantee on all of their products, but make sure you read the fine print. For example, the warranty says HSGI will repair or replace any product that fails due to a manufacturing issue, such as bad sowing or defect material. However, if you put a lot of miles on your gear and it wears down within a year, it will not be covered by their warranty. Even if you accidentally snag your mag pouch on a tree limp and it rips, it will not be covered because it’ considered a user fault. The other caveat to their warranty is it only works for the original buyer of the product. So, if you buy 2 mag pouches and give one to a friend, that friend will not be able to recoup the warranty.

What’s the Best belt to Wear With the HSGI Taco Pouch?

The HSGI Slim Sure-Grip Padded Belt is perfect for the Taco Rifle Mag Pouch because you can easily attach multiple mag pouches on the outer lining of the belt with ease. The MOLLE system wraps around the entirety of the belt so you have as much space as you want. A couple things to keep in mind is this belt is designed to be worn on the outside of your pants belt, which could be uncomfortable to some users. In addition to the extra belt, these belts wear small, so make sure you order a size above your normal belt size. Other than that, this belt is sturdy and holds up great under pressure and doesn’t restrict movement.


High Speed Gear Double Decker Taco Pouch

The Double Decker Taco is not just my favorite at Taco Bell, it’s my favorite mag pouch from HSGI. The ability to have the same versatility as the single Taco Rifle Mag Pouch and combine it with a highly versatile pistol mag pouch is an excellent option. The best feature of this pouch is its ability to adjust both pouches with the pull of the bungee, instead of having to individually set both. Instead of placing a pistol mag in the pouch, I prefer to place a flashlight and use my belt for pistol mags. In the heat of the moment with bullets flying at you, it’s easy to fumble through the pouch and grab the wrong mag. For this reason, I always believe in keeping my magazines separate to avoid any issue when my adrenaline is running into overdrive. Regardless of how you set your gear up, remember to always train with your new set up to get that muscle memory needed for when the fog of war sets in.


Length 3″
Width 2.2″
Height 5″
Weight .25 pounds
MSRP $45.00




High Speed Gear Triple Pistol TACO MOLLE Mag Pouch

The HSGI Triple Pistol Taco Mag Pouch is perfect for wearing on your duty belt or the Slim Sure-Grip Padded battle belt. The MOLLE attached gives you easy installation and the belt allows you to customize your mags anywhere on your belt.  This is important because it works with both lefties and right-handed shooters without any added products or materials. A lot of other companies only make pistol mag pouches for either single-stack or double stack, but the HSGI Taco Mag Pouches are flexible enough to accommodate any size pistol mag. These pouches fit any 1911, M9 Beretta 92 model, Glock, any XD, and the HK45 by simply loosening or pulling the bungee cord. The best part about this Triple mag pouch is its ability to keep the magazines completely secure with no movement so you never have to worry about them falling out or making too much noise.


Length 6″
Width 1.6″
Height 5.5″
Weight .35 pounds
MSRP $77.00





HSGI is a solid tactical gear company out of Swansboro, NC that has supported the United States Marine Corps for more than 20 years. That alone deserves respect and gratitude for their contribution. The Taco Mag Pouches are their number one selling item because of its functionality, versatility, and comfort. The fact that all of their products are made in America is worth my business. The Taco MOLLE Mag Pouches secure your magazines with heavy-duty nylon and bungee cord for tightening or loosening the pouch to secure it to your belt or vest.


ShotStop – Best Ballistic Armor Plate Systems [Review]

In the armor industry right now, there is no shortage of companies to choose from. Many of these companies have the classic ceramic SAPI and E-SAPI plates that many of us are used to from the Global War on Terror. Others have gone a slightly less expensive route using steel, to make body armor more attainable for the masses. There have even been innovations to the well-known ceramic systems that create an almost soft-armor type of body armor system that protects up to the same penetration level of their ceramic plate counter-parts.

True innovation however is rare. That’s why when we heard about a company with an all new type of material creating their own ballistic plates, we had to dive in. We’ve been using the ShotStop Duritium ballistic plates for a hot minute now, and this is our full review. By the end of this, you’re going to understand what Duritium is, and why we think ShotStop is a true competitor and the future of body armor solutions.

What is Duritium Technology?

Best Ballistic Plate Systems

In order to understand why ShotStop makes some of the best armor plates on the market, you first need to understand what Duritium Technology is. In the body armor world, for the longest time, the kings have been ceramic, and steel plates. Duritium however is a relative newcomer that offers some much needed innovation, and boasts higher durability with a longer life-span.

To keep it short, Duritium is a proprietary material, and a next generation polyethylene with an extremely high tensile strength. Due to the extreme tensile strength of the polyethylene, it has an amazing ability to distribute and disburse kinetic energy. This ability makes it ideal for use in products in the armor industry.

Also worth noting is the fact that Duritium is far lighter than both steel and ceramic. This means that the individual carrying Duritium plates is shedding weight in the armor department to either be lighter in general, or to make room for other required pieces of kit.

Meet ShotStop’s Duritium Plates.

Now that you know, basically, what Duritium is, we’d like to introduce you to ShotStop’s Duritium plates. ShotStop makes the armor plates in five different ratings ranging from Level III+ to IV. Each plate is multi-hit rated, and also comes in a variety of different cuts depending on the mission-set of the end-user. All of their ballistic ratings have come from an independent NIJ certified laboratory.

It’s also worth noting that each plate’s counter-part in both ceramic and steel weigh, on average, around 50% more. You can see a full list of their ballistic ratings, weights, and other various information on every plate in the graph below.

Ballistic Ratings and Specifications.

Graph Courtesy ShotStop

ShotStop Ballistic Plate Rating Data

Performance Down-Range and in Training.

Shot Stop Duritium Plates

For the purpose of full disclosure, we did not shoot, nor get shot wearing ShotStop’s Duritium plates, and we hope to keep it that way. Now that we have made that perfectly clear, let’s talk about how these plates held up for us individually both down-range, and in training.

The first thing you’ll notice about these plates is the weight difference. Anyone who has ever worn an E-SAPI plate knows that those things are generally heavy. Wearing full-kit for hours on end can often make you feel like you’re stuffed inside of a tuna can with an extra 40 pounds of armor and ammunition weighing you down. These plates are far and away the lightest body armor I have ever personally worn, and you feel that the second you slide your plate carrier on with these inside. Five to eight pounds total in weight difference may not look like much on paper, but it’s a weight difference you can absolutely appreciate when you’ve been sitting in an SUV with a broken AC for four hours waiting for the principal to get out of his meeting.

Another note-worthy thing about these plates are the durability. Again, anyone who has ever worked with an E-SAPI or regular ceramic SAPI plate knows that those things are brittle and fickle. If I had a dollar for every time I threw my plate carrier off of the roof of an MRAP, only to pick it up later and have it sound like a bag of broken kitchen dishes, I’d probably almost have enough money to buy a new set of those plates. With these Duritium plates however, I have yet to find a way to break them through conventional tossing or smashing. This makes them ideal for use out on the range, where most of the conventional tossing and smashing is conducted.

Here’s a video ShotStop put out that shows them testing the plates at various different rifle calibers. If you click through to their YouTube channel, you’ll also find videos of them trying to destroy the plates with a tomahawk, among various other inventive destructive techniques.

Where and How to Buy ShotStop Plates.

There are several ways that you can get your hands on a set of ShotStop plates. The first thing you need to do is decide which level or protection you need. We’ll publish an entire article to help you decide a little later down the road and link to that from here. For now, that’s a decision that’s going to require a bit of research on your own part. Once you’ve made that decision however, you can head over to ShotStop’s web page here.

Depending on the size of the order you need to make, you may want to consider contacting ShotStop directly. They have an entire form that you can fill out for those bulk orders, and from our experience working with them, they really go out of their way to make sure the customer gets what they need. You can find that custom order form here.

It’s also worth noting that several other vendors also carry ShotStop’s Duritium Plates. So, if you have a favorite vendor that carries these, they’re definitely worth picking up from them as well.

Final Thoughts on ShotStop Plates.

Shot Stop Ballistic Plates

At the end of the day, there’s two more things you need to know about ShotStop. First of all, the price-point. When compared to conventional ceramic armor plates, ShotStop comes in at a pretty competitive price point. The level IV plates will run you between $410 and $710 depending on the size and cut you need. This is about on par with the average, and some of the lower ratings will run you sub $300 per plate. The second thing you need to know, and in my opinion the most important, is the fact that these plates at that price-point come with a fifteen year warranty. Yes, you read that right. ShotStop guarantees that their plates will function for fifteen years. Most ceramic plates, even the most expensive ones that are delicately cared for, only have a shelf life of five years before you need to shell out another $700 per plate.

ShotStop is a no-brainer for us. If you’re looking to get an incredibly lightweight plate that has all of the protection of traditional ceramic plates, this is where you need to go. You’re getting all of the same pros as ceramic, but you’re shedding a majority of the cons that are associated with them. We easily give these five out of five stars. What are you waiting for? Get off of this blog post and go pick some up.

Mossberg Patriot| Complete Review 2020

Mossberg Patriot

The Mossberg Patriot is the base model rifle that is built into 6 different models for different purposes and price points. Today’s blog is going to give you the basic information you need to understand which Mossberg rife is right for you. We’re going to review the Mossberg Synthetic, Mossberg Hunting, Mossberg Predator, and the Mossberg Patriot Vortex II Combo. No other large gun manufacturer is building quality rifles at the price of any of these Mossberg rifles. I’ve included different calibers because it will depend on what animals you choose to hunt.

Mossberg Patriot Synthetic

The .243 Winchester Mossberg Patriot rifle is perfect for use n the plains or on the East Coast. I’d never recommended you hunting anything bigger than a White Tail/ Black Tail deer with this rifle. In fact, I would use this as a starter rifle to get used to hunting deer and Varmin, such as gophers, coyotes, and wild hogs. The synthetic stock will help reduce the felt-recoil to give you a great base to shoot from. With a 22″ barrel and a 1:10″ twist rate, you can use heavier ammo and reach targets much further than any rifle in this class. With the ability to adjust the trigger pull weight from 2-7 lbs of force, you can customize this rifle to fit your exact shooting style. There is no other rifle on the market that you can get this level of customization for under $400.


Caliber .243 WIN
Capacity 5+1
Barrel Type Fluted
Barrel Length 22″
Sight/Base Weaver Style Bases
Twist 1:10
LOP Type Fixed
LOP 13.75″
Barrel Finish Matte Blued
Stock Finish Synthetic (Black)
Weight 6.5
Length 42.75″


Why Should I Buy the Mossberg Patriot Synthetic?

With every Mossberg, you get the quality and dependability that is expected with such a big name in the gun game. Although the rifles might not be what they’re known for, the Mossberg Patriot is great for a beginning hunter. The synthetic stock will reduce your felt-recoil and make you more comfortable, while the trigger pull weight is light enough to break with barely a touch. All Mossberg Patriot rifles come with a crowned muzzle to ensure the bullet comes out evenly every time. A .243 Winchester is light enough bullet to prevent a lot of kick, which is great for those just learning how to shoot. If you’re hunting deer, coyote, or groundhogs, this is a great gun for an extraordinary price.


Where Can I Buy the Mossberg Patriot Synthetic?

  1. Gallery of Guns
  2. The Shooting Store
  3. Gearfire
  4. Palmetto State Armory
  5. Gun Broker
  6. Bass Pro Shops


Mossberg Patriot Black Synthetic .243 Win Rifle


  Buy Here


Mossberg Patriot Predator

The Mossberg Predator is a little different than the standard synthetic model with its oversized bolt handles and top-mount Picatinny Rail System. This rifle is chambered in a .308 Winchester, which allows you to hunt almost any big-game in North America (I’d go heavier for bison or a brown bear). You can buy the Predator in the newly chambers .450 Bushmaster if you want to hunt bear or bison. The Picatinny Rail is an upgrade from the Weaver rails and will allow you to mount a variety of optics and scopes easier than the synthetic.



Caliber .308 WIN
Capacity 5+1
Barrel Type Fluted, Threaded 5/8″-24 TPI
Barrel Length 22″
Sight/Base Picatinny Rail
Twist 1:10
LOP Type Fixed
LOP 13.75″
Barrel Finish Matte Blued
Stock Finish Synthetic (Flat Dark Earth)
Weight 6.5
Length 42.25″


Why Should I Buy The Mossberg Patriot Predator?

The Patriot Predator is chambered in 4 different rounds, which gives it the versatility to match the affordability and comfort of the Synthetic model. I would buy this rifle if I were wanting a year around hunting rifle that I could use all over North America. Whether you chamber this in the .308 or .450 Bushmaster, it will pack enough punch to knock down any animal we have on our continent. For around $400, I can’t think of another rifle that would compare in quality or dependability that Mossberg will offer you.


Where Can I Buy the Mossberg Patriot Predator?


  1. Gallery of Guns
  2. The Shooting Store
  3. Gearfire
  4. Palmetto State Armory
  5. Gun Broker

Mossberg Patriot Predator .308 Win FDE Rifle - 27874


 Buy Here




Mossberg Patriot Vortex II Combo

Mossberg has shown a desire to improve their product line by collaborating with the best professionals from Jerry Meculek to Shockwave Industries. Collaborating with Vortex to combine the Synthetic Patriot with a competent scope reduces the price and increases the effectiveness of the rifle. My favorite feature with this rifle is the fact that the scope is already mounted to the Weaver base and is ready to be zeroed right out of the box. The Vortex Crossfire II is a great scope for shorter ranges, such as shooting up to 300 yards (at least for me, but I have horrible vision). Either way, I wouldn’t trust this scope at distances longer than 700 yards for sure.


Caliber .308 WIN
Capacity 5+1
Barrel Type Fluted
Barrel Length 22″
Sight/Base Weaver Style Bases
Scope Vortex Crossfire II – 3-9x40mm
Twist 1:10
LOP Type Fixed
LOP 13.75″
Barrel Finish Matte Blued
Stock Finish Synthetic (Black)
Weight 7.5
Length 42.75″


Why Should I Buy the Mossberg Patriot Vortex II Combo Rifle?

This is your best chance of getting more for your money without having to get professional help installing your scope. As easy as it sounds to mount a scope, if you’ve never done it before, it can be harder than it looks. Buying the combo will save you around $100 and up to 4 hours figuring out how to install your scope. Chambered in .308 provides you with a year-round hunting rifle designed to bring down anything from an elk to a white-tail deer. I can’t stress enough to the importance of getting a high-quality scope that averages around $150 mounted for free.

Where Can I Buy the Mossberg Patriot ZVortex II Combo?


  1. Gallery of Guns
  2. The Shooting Store
  3. Gearfire
  4. Palmetto State Armory
  5. Gun Broker


Mossberg Patriot Synthetic .308 Win Rifle w/ Vortex Scope - 27933


 Buy Here


Vortex Crossfire II w/ Dead-Hold BDC Reticle

The Vortex Crossfire II has a large eyepiece that is designed to allow the shooter to square their target faster than the average scope. The 3.8″ eye relief is long enough to ensure your safety from any kickback that the rifle will give. From someone who knows what aircraft-grade aluminum can do to your eyebrow when you shoot too close to the scope, a 3.8″ relief is comforting. The tube and o-ring are sealed to make this scope waterproof, fog proof, and shock-resistant to be able to shoot in any weather condition you’ll face in the field. The Dead-Hold BDC Reticle is designed to eliminate holdover and provide more accurate windage corrections. The secondary focal plane hash marks allow you to adjust your shot based on weather and elevation without guesswork.





Winchester 243 PSP Super-X Ammunition

The .243 ammo I’d use for the Mossberg Patriot is the Super-X from Winchester. This ammo has incredible velocity (3,350 ft/per second) combined with a soft point for instant expansion. The rapid and uniform expansion of this round is perfect for varmin, such as groundhogs, coyotes, gophers, and foxes. The incredibly high velocity will give you much better accuracy than some other ammunition companies. This round will bring down a deer, but I’d recommend using an FMJ bullet for larger deer to ensure you don’t run around the woods tracking him.


Winchester 243 95gr Deer Season XP, 20 Round Box - X243DS


   Buy Here




Winchester 308 Deer Season XP Ammunition

A .308 chambered rifle is one of my favorite rifles to use because its one of the most versatile rounds on the market. The Winchester Deer Season is specifically designed to give the shooter a large tip with instant expansion. This combination of a larger tip and rapid expansion will result in incredible damage and a large open wound that no deer is coming back from. The power from a 2,820 ft/per second bullet made from an alloyed lead core provides enough punch to knock down any sized deer. The extreme level of penetration and power makes this bullet perfect for any deer from mule to White-tail and even elk.


Winchester Deer Season XP 308 Win Ammo


  Buy Here




The Mossberg Patriot is the most dependable and accurate rifle you’ll ever find for under $400 anywhere in the world. Accompanied by one of the most trusted names in firearms, the Mossberg Patriot is a great 1st rifle. The Patriot comes in 6 different models to choose from, depending on your purpose and style of shooting. I recommend using the Mossberg Patriot as a year-round deer rifle or a varmint hunting rifle. You’ll end up with around 1.5 MOA at 100 yards when you zero this rifle, which is incredible for the price point. Combining the Vortex Crossfire II with the Patriot synthetic model will give you the most bang for your buck. If you’re looking for a higher-end rifle to meet all of your needs, I would step up and buy the MVP model.  You’ll spend double the money, but you’ll have a sub 1 MOA at 100 yards and a rifle you could trust at any distance you’re comfortable shooting from.


Mossberg MC1SC| Ultimate Guide to Mossberg Pistols

Mossberg MC1SC

Anytime I hear the name Mossberg, I instantly think of some of the best shotguns in the world. However, Mossberg has quietly developed an incredible pistol designed for concealed carry. The pistol grip is made of a rough-textured polymer that is capable of withstanding any weather conditions thrown at it. The pistol is only 1.3 lbs fully loaded and is only 6.25″ long. This allows you to conceal this pistol in either a shoulder holster, waistband holster, or an ankle holster without adding any attention to yourself. The patented Clear Count pistol magazines will always let you know how many rounds you have without taking them out or counting your shots. The Safe Takedown System of the MC1SC sets the standard for safely handling your pistol during disassembly. In short, the MC1 Sub-Compact will give you a safer concealed carry weapon (CCW) with optimal ergonomics and a phenomenal trigger at an affordable price.


Mossberg MC1SC
Caliber 9mm
Frame Subcompact
Capacity 6, 7 rounds
Safety Cross-Bolt
Sight White 3-Dot
Sight Radius 5.4″
Trigger Flat-Profile Trigger
Trigger Pull Weight 5-6 lbs
Frame Material Polymer
Finish Matte Black
Barrel Length 3.4″
Overall Length 6.25″
Twist Rate 1:16 RH
Height 4.3″
Width 103″
Weight 1.19 lbs (19 oz)
MSRP $421.00


  • Superior Ergonomics
    Natural and comfortable in your hand thanks to the grip palm swell. Grip panels are integrated with aggressive texturing for added control for a confident, firm grip under a variety of conditions.
  • Flat-Profile Trigger
    The MC1sc trigger (approx. 6 lbs pull) has an integrated blade safety, a short, tactile reset, and reduced overtravel. It features a crisp, clean break and smooth take-up, which means less hand movement for a truer, more accurate shot.
  • Snag-Free Dovetail Sights
    Standard snag-free dovetail white three-dot sights (Sig #8 compatible) offer easier target acquisition and quicker draw. TRUGLO® Tritium PRO™ sights are also available as a factory option.
  • VIRIDIAN Laser Equipped Model: 89004
    A tiny laser sight tucks neatly between the trigger guard and muzzle, with no overhang. You can turn your laser on with a push of a button when you draw the weapon.
  • Clear-Count™ Polymer Magazines
    Each MC1sc ships with a flush-fit 6-round and an extended 7-round magazine. Clear-Count magazines feature easy-to-remove floor plates, and high-visibility followers made out of a lubricious polymer compound. All models have a reversible magazine release.

Where Can I Buy The MC1SC?

Palmetto State Armory is always a great choice if you’re in Law Enforcement or a military veteran so you can take advantage of the discount. However, Mossberg sells their guns through 3 major intermediaries, known as Gearfire, The Shooting Store, and Gallery of Guns.  If you don’t find the price or model you’re looking for, try the dozens of companies that sell Mossberg guns in the Locate a Dealer page. Cabela’s offers the cross-bolt safety model for $350.00, which is roughly $50.00 cheaper than most other places.

Mossberg MC1sc 9mm Pistol, Manual Safety - 89002


  Buy Here


What is a Safe Takedown System?

The Safe Takedown System on the MC1SC was designed to give pistol owners a level of comfort and safety that no other pistol offers. Mossberg accomplishes this feat by ensuring that the gun owner never has to pull the trigger to disassemble the pistol. As trivial as this sounds, every other handgun manufacturer requires the trigger to be pulled during the disassembly process. According to the CDC from 2006-2016, 6,885 people died from accidental shootings with 495 deaths in 2016 alone. This is important to consider because hundreds of those deaths could have been prevented with the extra safety precautions, such as the Safe Takedown System from Mossberg. many experienced gun owners like to think they would never make this kind of mistake, but think about long hours at the range and trying to get your gun cleaned and stored while worrying about getting your family dinner and ready for bed. It’s not difficult to forget a step in clearing your gun with all things considered.

How Do I Use the Safe Takedown System?

  1. Remove the magazine and lock open and clear the action. Push the slide cover plate button* and slide it down.
  2.  Once the slide cover plate is removed, the orange end of the striker assembly will be visible.
  3. Close the action by pulling the slide fully rearward and releasing it gently. This will allow the slide to push out the striker assembly.
  4. The striker assembly is safely removed from the pistol without ever pulling the trigger. The slide is then pushed forward towards the muzzle, and removed off of the frame.


Which Ammo Should I Use?

The Mossberg MC1SC has a 1:16″ Right-Hand rifling means it’s meant to be used with lighter ammo, such as the 124 grain. I have 3 different brands that I trust and use regularly in my 9mm pistols. I wanted to ensure I included bullets for varying purposes, such as hollow points for self-defense, FMJ for target shooting or everyday carry rounds. The MC1SC can shoot heavier ammo, but with a 3.4″ barrel, I recommend going light since the twist rate is so slow. The 3 companies I use a lot in my 9mm handguns are Hornady, Federal, and Winchester.


Hornady 9MM+P 124GR XTP American Gunner Ammunition

With dozens of ammunition companies selling similar bullets, it can be difficult to decide which to choose from. I prefer to go with companies that are made in America that specialize in ammunition. Obviously, the major companies, like Winchester, Sig Sauer, and Remington make great ammo, but Hornady shouldn’t be overlooked. The American Gunner series is the most popular style of ammo from Hornady because of its dependability and accuracy. This ammo features the eXtreme Terminal Performance (XTP) technology that has combined the most up to date ballistic technology with the highest grade materials.


Hornady 9mm+P 124gr XTP American Gunner Ammuntion 25rds - 90224


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Federal 9mm 124Gr HST Ammunition

Federal is my normal choice for my concealed carry Glock 43 and my Sig P365 because it works great with short barrel pistols and packs an incredibly powerful punch. This hollow point hits its target with a noticeable difference in power and somehow provides nearly 100% weight retention. The HST is designed to expand uniformly through clothing and non-metallic related barriers. If you want a bullet to punch through metal and stay intact, buy the FMJ style. This bullet is the most reliable round that I’ve shot with and that’s why I trust it with my life. It’s going to cost about $30.00 per box (20/box), but when your life depends on the reliability of your gun and its ammo, an extra $10  is well worth it. If my word isn’t good enough, the FBI has rated the Federal HST as superior in its extensive testing for law enforcement purposes.



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Winchester USA FMJ 9mm Ammunition

I love using the Winchester USA FMJ for practice because this box comes with 50 rounds and is less than $17.00 at most stores. I normally buy 2 boxes for about $35.00 and get a couple of hours at the range with each of my pistols. Something to keep in mind is the importance of practice with new pistols. Every pistol feels and operates a little differently than other brands, so it’s paramount that you get the time with each gun you have. Putting 100 rounds down range at an affordable price each month will ensure you gain the experience needed to ensure you come home to your family every day.

Winchester USA 9mm 124gr FMJ Ammunition 50rds - USA9MM



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GT-5000 (3 Strips) Grip Tape

As much as I’d like to say the grip is great, I find it to be slick, especially when it’s wet outside or my hands get sweaty. The GT-5000 Grip Tape will fit on any gun and provides more than enough support to make this a primary CCW. I hate to admit that I have severe arthritis at 35 years old, but there’s really no hiding it. For me, this tape offers a great sturdy grip in humidity, rain, and protection against sweat. I notice an immediate difference in my recoil control, accuracy, and comfort, even on days when my hands are flaring up and it’s hard to grip something. I like how the GT-5000 doesn’t wear the fabric on my clothes down from the rough texture and never leaves behind the sticky goo that requires more chemicals to get off the grip.



Warren Tactical Pistol Grip Sleeve

The first time you see this grip, you’re going to be turned off because it doesn’t look comfortable, or at least that’s how I felt. However, this pistol grip allowed me to focus on my correct hand placement for my support hand. The rubber sleeve serves as a guide to placing your hand in the same position every time to ensure your mechanics are the same when you hold the gun. Warren Tactical even got it approved by the USPSA and IDPA to give the best shooters in the world a chance to review their product. This grip sleeve is even recommended by the legendary FBI Hostage Rescue Team (HRT).


Why Should I Buy the Mossberg MC1SC?

The Mossberg MC1SC sets itself apart with its advanced safety features, such as the Safe takedown System and, the loaded barrel port indicator, and the cross-bolt safety mechanism. This pistol reminds me a lot of my Glock 43 because its almost the same exact size, it’s incredibly easy to fire, and it’s made by a superior gun manufacturer. Whether you buy this gun new from $350-430 or used for around $300, you’ll get your money’s worth. This pistol is easily concealable and offers the shooter to holster it in any conceivable style (hip, pocket, purse, shoulder, or ankle holster). In my opinion, if you add grip tape to this pistol, it shoots just as well as my Sig P365 and my Glock 43. I’ve never had any malfunctions, misdeeds, or problems with durability while shooting this gun (500 rounds put through). I highly recommend giving the Mossberg MC1SC a chance and encourage you to reach out to us with your thoughts.

Mossberg Maverick 88| Complete Guide Before You Buy

Who Are Maverick Arms?

Maverick Arms is a gun manufacturing company in Eagle Pass, Texas. Maverick produces shotguns under the Mossberg & Sons name at an affordable price of $230.00. Maverick Arms is a younger company (1988) that specializes in shotguns. Even though they’re now owned by Mossberg, they operate independently to create shotgun barrels, chokes, stocks, and conversion kits. With the financial backing of Mossberg, Maverick Arms has been able to develop quality shotguns at a lower price point than the Mossberg 500 and 590.

Mossberg Maverick 88

The Mossberg Maverick 88 is simply a more affordable version of the Mossberg 500.  The Maverick 88 is great for an introductory shotgun, a home-defense shotgun, or a truck-gun. It’s durable, dependable, and shoots true every time. The Maverick 88 has the same features as the Mossberg shotguns with dual extractors, twin action bars, positive steel to steel lockup, and even the anti-jam elevator. These features give the Maverick similar capabilities of the Mossberg 500 with a price reduction of around $400.00. With a 6 shell capacity (depending on the ammo) and 28″ barrel, you can easily use the Maverick for waterfowl hunting. Maverick describes the 88 models as the working man’s shotgun because it can handle being bumped, scraped, dropped, and beaten up through everyday wear and tear.


Gauge 12
Capacity 5+1
Chamber 3″
Barrel Type Vent Rib
Barrel Length 28″
Sight/Base Bead
Choke Modified Tube
LOP Type Fixed
LOP 14.5″
Barrel Finish Blued
Stock Finish Synthetic (Black)
Weight 7 lbs
Length 47.75″
MSRP $231.00

Where Can I Buy The Mossberg Maverick 88 All Purpose?

Depending on where you live and how you want to buy your gun will depend on where you should go. For example, if you live in a rural area that is a hundred miles from the main department stores, check to see if you have a Rural King around. You can get the Maverick 88 at RK Guns for about $200.00. Personally, I’d go to Palmetto State Armory for the Veteran discount to take away the taxes I would pay at any other store. Mossberg also sells all of their guns through 3rd party sellers, such as The Shooting Store, Gallary of Guns, and Gearfire.  Another great option is Bass Pro Shops because they generally sell their guns cheaper since they’re a bigger company.


Mossberg Maverick 88 All Purpose 20 GA 26" Pump Action Shotgun, Black - 32200



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Mossberg Maverick 88 Security Top-Folding Shotgun

The Mossberg Maverick 88 with the ATI folding stock is meant to serve as a dual-purpose security shotgun for close quarters and normal shotgun ranges (40 yards). With the stock folded up, you can fire from the pistol grip and cut the overall length by more than 12″. The purpose of the stock folded up is to give the shooter the ability to move quickly through rooms without sacrificing the time to pull the shotgun to your shoulder. This makes it an excellent shotgun for home self-defense or a truck-gun to protect yourself in a hurry. With the stock folded down, it gives you an entirely new platform to shoot from with the added stability of your shoulder as a point of contact.



Gauge 12
Capacity 5+1
Chamber 3″
Barrel Length 18.5″
Sight/Base Bead
Choke Cylinder Bore
LOP Type Fixed
LOP 14.5″
Barrel Finish Blued
Stock Finish ATI Shotforce Top Folding Synthetic – Black
Weight 6 lbs
Length 39.5″
MSRP $259.00


Where Can I Buy Mossberg 88 Security?

  1. Palmetto State Armory
  2. Gearfire
  3. The Shooting Store
  4. Gallery of Guns
  5. Find a Dealer

Mossberg Maverick 88 - Security with Top-Folding Stock - 6 Shot 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun, Black



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What is ATI Shotforce Folding Stock?

The ATI folding stock is made of DuPont Extreme Reinforced Polymer for unmatched durability and comes with a limited lifetime warranty. The stock is pre-drilled for a shotgun shell holder and has a quick-release button for rapid changes in either the folded or unfolded position. It comes with a sling swivel stud for easy installation of a sling and is ambidextrous in all its features. The ATI folding stock will fit on the following shotguns with very little time spent on installation:

  1. Maverick 88 12ga & 20 ga
  2. Mossberg 500
  3. Mossberg 535
  4. Mossberg 590
  5. Mossberg 835 12ga & 20ga
  6. Remington 870 12ga
  7. Winchester 1200/1300 12ga & 20ga


Mossberg 88 Bantam Shotgun

The Mossberg Bantam/Youth 20ga shotgun is the perfect shotgun for a brand new shooter. With a 6 shell capacity and a 22″ barrel, it will provide everything you need for a smaller shooter who is still developing. The Length of Pull is shortened by more than 2″ to accommodate the shorter arms of a child and the weight is more than a pound less than the standard model 88 for adults. One concern for many shooters is the kick that the Maverick has in the 12ga, but the recoil is reduced in the 20ga youth model. The last thing Maverick would want is for the shotgun to recoil out of the hands of the shooter. The double-beaded sights on this shotgun provide a better line of sight for shooters with very little experience holding a shotgun. Coming in at less than $250.00 makes this shotgun a steal for those trying to get your children into hunting waterfowl or want your children familiar with guns.


Gauge 20
Capacity 5+1
Chamber 3″
Barrel Type Vent Rib
Barrel Length 22″
Sight/Base Bead
Choke Modified Tube
LOP Type Fixed
LOP 12″
Barrel Finish Blued
Stock Finish Synthetic (Black)
Weight 5.25
Length 39.75″
MSRP $231.00


Where Can I Buy The Mossberg Maverick 88 Bantam?

  1. Palmetto State Armory
  2. Gearfire
  3. The Shooting Store
  4. Gallery of Guns
  5. Find a Dealer

Mossberg Shotgun M88 Pump Bantam Youth 20ga 32202



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The Maverick Thunder Ranch HS 12 Over/under is the higher-end model of the Maverick 88. The biggest difference is the Picatinny Rails that cover both the left, right, and top of the shotgun. The barrel houses the Picatinny Rail on both the left and right for quick and easy installation of lights and/or lasers. The Thunder Ranch provides a rail that allows for an optic, scope, or aftermarket night sights for quicker aiming. If you don’t want to add any sights, the Thunder Ranch comes with a fiber optic front sight and a wide-open rear slot sight. Instead of worrying about a shell holder, the Thunder Ranch already has one on the synthetic stock. If all the features aren’t enough. the Thunder Ranch was developed with Clint Smith. Mr. Smith is a former U.S. Marine, SWAT team member, and Director of the Thunder Ranch training facility in Lakeview, Oregon. You can get all your weapons training with the backdrop of some of the best scenery Oregon has to offer.


Gauge 12
Capacity 2
Chamber 3″
Barrel Type Vent Rib
Barrel Length 18.5
Sight/Base Rear Slot
Choke Cylinder Bore
LOP Type Fixed
LOP 14.25″
Barrel Finish Matte
Stock Finish Synthetic (Black)
Weight 6.25″
Length 36.5″
MSRP $478.00


Where Can I Buy The Maverick Thunder Ranch Shotgun?

  1. Palmetto State Armory
  2. Safeside Tactical
  3. Gun Broker


Maverick Thunder Ranch HS12 Over/Under Shotgun 75462




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What’s The Difference Between a Mossberg Maverick 88 and Mossberg 500?

The most noticeable difference between the shotguns is the safety mechanism is located in front of the trigger assembly for a cross-bolt safety on the Maverick 88. Mossberg 500/590/835 series all have their shotguns with the ambidextrous safety located on top of the receiver for a quick and easy transition. The Maverick 88 uses the same Accu-choke system that is found in all Mossberg shotguns, which helps with the uniformity of the pellets. Since Maverick Arms is located in Eagle Pass, TX (near the Mexican border), they’re able to produce some of their parts in Mexico to keep the cost down. The Maverick 88 only comes in black, which also keeps the cost down versus the many different models of the Mossberg 500 or 590 series. I do notice there is a much higher recoil in the Maverick 88 than there is with the Mossberg 500, but you can change out the recoil pad or the entire stock to fix it.

Why Should I buy the Mossberg Maverick 88?

The Maverick 88 is essentially the same shotgun with a different trigger assembly and made in a different location than most Mossberg’s. I would buy this shotgun in a heartbeat if I wanted a dependable shotgun for home-defense that isn’t going to break the bank. The best attribute of the Maverick is it’s almost entirely interchangeable with the Mossberg 500. You can easily change out the barrel and put on a Mossberg 500 barrel for an instant upgrade or change the stock to provide a better recoil pad. The only thing you cant change out is the trigger assembly and the cross-bolt safety mechanism. Either way, you won’t be able to find a shotgun for $200 anywhere in the world that matches the quality, dependability, accuracy, and durability.


A Mossberg Maverick 88 shotgun is going to give you great dependability, durability, and accuracy at an affordable price. You’ll have the same quality features as the Mossberg 500 with the twin action bars, steel to steel lockup, dual extractors, and the anti-jam elevator. The barrels are easily interchangeable if you want to replace a barrel or if you want a Mossberg 500 barrel. The Maverick 88 is great for newer shooters who want to get into hunting waterfowl or buying their first home defense shotgun. As many Texans will confirm, the Maverick 88 makes for a great truck gun due to its durability and price point.