Remington 700| Authoritative Review of the Iconic Hunting Rifle

Remington 700 Buyer’s Guide

The Remington 700 is one of the most iconic sniper rifles made in the world today, due to its incredible range, durability, and reliability. It’s so versatile and reliable that the United States Military has made this their sniper rifle of choice, called the M24 Sniper Rifle. It is used as the primary Sniper Rifle for every branch of the military and by thousands of hunters across our country. The Remington 700 is relatively cheap versus other top brands and can be accessorized with scopes, stocks, grips, lights, lasers,  and many other sight options.

Remington 700

There are many variants of the Remington 700 with different calibers for multiple chambers, depending on what you need out of the gun. I hope that you’ll get an understanding of the Remington 700 so you can make the best decision for you and your family. Coming in at 8.99 pounds and about 41.5 inches, this rifle is very big and long, which can make it difficult to conceal and travel with. However, for its size, the 700 is relatively light and distributes the weight throughout the rifle better than a lot of other long rifles. The bolt is very smooth and assists in ejecting the spent cartridge while simultaneously chambering the next round.


Remington 700
Weight 8.99 lbs
Barrel Length 16.5-26″
Overall Length 41.5″
Caliber 30-06, 7.62mm, .300 Win Mag
Magazine Capacity 3-6 round internal magazine
Twist Rate 1:10
MSRP $429.00


  • Very durable
  • Reliable
  • Accurate
  • Affordable
  • Great Picatinny Rail System
  • Perfect for hunters covering a large amount of ground


  • Trigger inconsistency


  • Comes with Picatinny Rail System
  • Bolt-Action fired rifle
  • Hinged floor-plate for quick reload
  • Comes in multiple barrel lengths for hunters who need to reach longer or shorter distances
  • Multiple cartridge types for added/subtracted stopping power

Why You Should Buy a Remington 700

You should buy this gun if you hunt large ungulates, such as deer, elk, moose, and bighorn sheep. I will break down the specific models below, but any Remington 700 you buy will allow you to hunt Deer and Sheep, and you’ll need at least a 30-06 to hunt elk and moose. This is also a great gun for beginners because of its simplicity, and it comes in so many different configurations that it’s easy to find one that fits for you.

Where Can I Buy a Remington 700?

The three main places we buy our guns from are Palmetto State Armory (PSA), Brownells, and The Utah Gun Exchange because of the security and quality products it puts out. You could also you a place like Gun Broker, but I prefer having the peace of mind knowing if I buy a gun it’s going to be in excellent condition or it will be fixed. I know from experience that Palmetto State has a warranty on everything they sell, so they get a lot of my business. You can get a great deal for under $500 for a base model 700 at PSA.



Remington 700


Remington 700 ADL

The Remington 700 ADL model is the most straightforward, simplistic, and durable design of any of the Remington 700 models. With the many different models of the 700, it’s easy to get confused about what each one means and the differences between them. ADL means “Average Deluxe,” which is a kind way of saying the ADL is the average model of the 700.  The ADL has something called a “blind” magazine, which is a chamber that loads and unloads from the same port. Unfortunately, the ADL was discontinued in 2005 and replaced with the BDL (Better Deluxe) model to change the blind magazine to a hinged magazine, which I’ll explain below.


Remington 700 ADL
Weight 7 lbs
Barrel Length 24″
Overall Length 43 5/8″
Caliber .223 Winchester
Twist Rate 1:10
Magazine Capacity 3, 4
Length of Pull 13 3/8″
MSRP $429.00

Remington Model 700 ADL .243 Win 24" Rifle w/ 3-9x40mm Scope, Synthetic - 27093


Buy Here


Why You Should Buy This Gun

You should buy this gun if you’re looking for a more traditional looking hunting rifle that operates at the highest levels of accuracy and reliability. The slick design is absolutely beautiful and will bring you back to your roots with the Walnut stock and forend. This is a great gun for any hunter and is designed to easily shoot at ranges above 400-500 meters and remain accurate shot after shot.

Remington 700 SPS Left-Handed Rifle

The Remington 700 Special Purpose Synthetic (SPS) was the official replacement to the affordable ADL model with an improved stock and holes drilled in the receiver specifically for the addition of the scope. As many of my fellow lefty’s can tell you, it’s rough finding a gun that doesn’t send brass in our face or doesn’t have the safety on our opposite shooting hand side. The Remington 700 SPS makes me feel more comfortable than almost (I want a Tikka T3!) any other rifle on the market today. Sometimes we become so accustomed to adjusting to the majority of the population that we fail to remember what comfort feels like. I can tell all my lefties out there that if they have never felt comfortable behind a rifle, maybe you need to try one that is meant for you.


Remington 700 SPS
Weight 7  lbs
Barrel Length 20″
Overall Length 39 5/8″
Caliber 7mm-08 Remington
Twist Rate 9 1/4
Magazine Capacity 4
Length of Pull 12 3/8″
MSRP $557.86


  • Lightest 700 Model
  • A shorter length of pull than all other models
  • Made specifically for left-handed shooters
  • Very accurate for a much shorter barrel
  • Great recoil reduction


  • Not made for long-distance shooting
  • 20″ barrel shortens your distance by about 100 yards versus other models

Why You Should Buy This Gun

Are you a left-handed hunter, that is tired of getting smacked in the face by brass and having to switch your grip to manipulate the safety and bolt? Well, the Remington 700 SPS model is the gun that fixes all of that by merely placing the ejection port and safety on the opposite side of the gun. I personally don’t like hunting with anything less than a 24″ barrel because I know for sure that a 24″ barrel will reach any animal at my comfortable distance. Also, hunting requires skill. So, if you’re making a 400 meter with a crosswind and rain, you’ll need to be an incredibly talented shooter with a 20″ barrel.

Remington 700 SPS .300 Win Mag 26" Left Handed Bolt-Action Rifle, Black - 84180


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With any hunting rifle, there are multiple ways and accessories you can attach to make the best possible hunting platform. There are many ways to accessorize your rifle, but I recommend you keep it simple with what you put on your gun. Focus on what you actually need (scope) and less on what looks cool for your rifle (light, laser).  Once you realize this, you’ll have a great set up that doesn’t throw off the weight and feel of the gun. Another thing to consider when hunting with a rifle is range estimation. Knowing the distance you’re shooting at means everything to knowing what an acceptable shot for your skill level is.


As far as scopes go, Leupold is the go-to brand name for most hunters and expert shooters that I’ve met and talked to about gear. Leupold is like the Apple of cell phones or the Mercedes of cars, except they provide the top of the market rifle and pistol scopes. This scope is excellent at distances up to 200 meters and displays excellent clarity with its 20mm lens to provide a bigger and brighter sight picture.


Leupold VX-Freedom Riflescope
Magnification 1-4x
Objective Lens Diameter 20mm
Reticle  Tri-MOA
Length 9.35″
Weight 9.6 oz (0.6 lbs)
Eye Relief 4.17-3.70 inches
Tube Diameter 1 inch
Field of View 74.2-29.4 ft/100 yd
MSRP 349.99


Leupold VX-Freedom 1.5-4x20mm Riflescope w/ Tri-MOA Reticle - 174665


Buy Here



The VX-6HD model is one of the most advanced scopes you can buy under $2,000 due to its motion sensor technology that turns your reticle on and off based on what you see through the scope. This extends the battery life of the scope by months and saves you money in the process. The 6x High Definition and illuminated reticle display such amazing clarity that it doesn’t lose any clarity or brightness during twilight hours. As every hunter knows, the 1st hour of light and the last hour of light are the golden hours of hunting. This scope provides you with the best chance to make an accurate shot in low light situations.


  • Motion Sensor Technology dramatically extends battery life
  • Electronic reticle level simplifies mounting and improves long-range accuracy
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Waterproof and fog proof
  • Guard-Ion lens coating
  • Reversible throw lever allows for quick magnification changes


Leupold VX-6HD Firedot Rifle Scope
Magnification 1-6x
Objective Lens Diameter 24mm
Reticle  Leupold Firedot Duplex
Length 10.76″
Weight 16.2 oz (1.01 lbs)
Eye Relief 3.70″-3.82″
Tube Diameter 1 inch
Field of View 123 ft/100 yards
MSRP 1399.99


Leupold VX-6HD 1-6x24mm FireDot Duplex Illuminated Reticle Rifle Scope, Matte Black - 171552

Learn More



The decision to purchase a hunting rifle needs to be one that’s educated and calculated because the right rifle and gear mean putting food on your plate or not. The Remington 700 rifle has shown to be reliable, durable, accurate, and affordable to every American that would need a hunting a rifle. I prefer to have all my rifles with at least a 24″ barrel because of the range and accuracy at long ranges that longer and heavier rifles provide. No matter what decision you make, the information above gives you everything you need to make the best decision for your family. Happy Hunting!

Vudu Precision Rifle Scopes | EOTech

Vudu is the precision optic line of products brought to you through EOTech. You may know EOTech from introducing military holographic weapon sights in 2001, 5 years after revealing a holographic optic in conjunction with Bushnell. Since then, you can’t swing a bushel of Kandahar Kush without running into a US warfighter using the beloved “donut of death” to introduce martyrs to 72 virgins (if you believe that sort of thing. I don’t, but the only good martyr is a dead one, right?).

SOCOM has used early models of EOTechs since 2001, and I still remember my issued 553 model. We actually just got the new EXPS models delivered to the team room last year to address the infamous temperature issues with the earlier models. No problems since with temperature drift, to EOTech’s credit. I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention that EOTech, in response to the temperature drift fiasco, covered the consumer by issuing a full credit or refund to affected customers. High-class company if you ask me.

In 2016, EOTech introduced the Vudu line of precision rifle scopes. They’re still relatively new, but you can go to any local 3 gun or Precision Rifle Series match and find someone using one of these optics. They run the gamut in magnification to the ever-popular run and gun 1-6x to an 8-32x model for extreme long range shooting. If you’re looking for a magnified optic at a competitive price point, take a look at the Vudu line.

Rifle Scopes

Vudu 1-6x Precision Rifle Scope

The 1-6x variant will surely be a favorite for 3 gunners or folks looking to build a recce rifle. This optic is a low power variable optic (LPVO) and is a fantastic all-around option, especially for AR-type rifles. What I like about the Vudu 1-6x is how well it compares to the Vortex Razor 1-6x (which many would consider the gold standard for LPVOs).

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‘Donut of Death’

The Japanese glass, just like the Razor, is extremely clear and has great edge-to-edge clarity. My favorite feature of this optic is the aforementioned “donut of death” reticle is preserved. When looking through the optic on 1x, the reticle looks exactly like looking through an EOTech 553 or EXPS. Only when you power up to higher magnifications is the finer crosshair or BDC revealed. The Vudu is smaller and lighter than the Vortex offering, but not by much.  A really cool carry-over feature from EOTech holographic weapon sights is the auto-off feature. That means your Vudu illumination will automatically shut off after 2 hours to better conserve your battery life.

BDC Reticle and Illumination

Where the Vudu needs improvement is the BDC reticle and illumination. The SR-2 and SR-3 BDC reticles will absolutely need some tinkering to ensure your rifle and projectile will match up to the BDCs. The SR-1, on the other hand, is a standard crosshair with hashes that will work with any combination of caliber and rifle.  The reticle brightness leaves much to be desired, but it’s a common problem with LPVOs. The red LED appears to bleed a bit throughout the reticle, giving it a splotchy appearance. Not a deal-breaker, but something to consider.

Overall, it’s a very usable scope, especially for 3 gun purposes. The reticle on 1x is superb and allows for high-speed target engagements. The glass clarity is on par with optics in a much higher price range, and the battery saving feature is a great touch.


  • Magnification: 1-6x
  • Objective diameter: 24mm
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Reticle Focal Plane: First Focal Plane (FFP)
  • Reticle: SR-1 (MRAD), SR-2 (7.62 BDC), or SR-3 (5.56 BDC)
  • Dial Adjustment: MOA
  • Linear Field of View: 16.7-102.4’ at 100 yds (max to min magnification)
  • Illumination: Yes, red
  • Eye Relief: 3.1-.3.9”
  • Length: 10.63”
  • Weight: 19.75 oz
  • Price: $999.99 from Optics Planet and Palmetto State Armory

Vudu 2.5-10x Precision Rifle Scope

The next offering from EOTech’s Vudu line is the 2.5-10×44 scope. To me, this is a great mid-range scope as it reminds me of the venerable Leupold Mk4 MR/T 2.5-10x. Where EOTech improved upon the old Leupold is having a 44mm objective lens. The wider the objective lens, the more light is collected, and the clearer the glass appears. 44mm is a good choice because it’s small enough to still mount on an AR without necessitating an abnormally tall mount.

Buy Here

The Reticle

What I like about this optic is the reticle: you can order this bad boy with a Horus H59. This is one of my all-time favorite reticles because it works across a range of calibers and rifles. Holding for windage and elevation is… wait for it… “a breeze!” I couldn’t help myself, but you get the idea. It’s effortless.

Just like the Vudu 1-6x, the 2.5-10x inherited the auto-off feature and extremely clear glass. The non-H59 reticles are simple crosshairs in MRAD or MOA dimensions, which any military shooter will appreciate.

For a scope this size, you’d usually expect a 30mm main tube. However, this optic is a 34mm deal. This isn’t necessarily a negative, but it definitely feels quite a bit beefier (though not necessarily heavier) than a comparable scope. Don’t worry, you’ll be able to find whatever rings or mounts you want as everyone makes a 34mm set. (I love Leupold, but their new 35mm Mk5 is weird).

This is an excellent option for a recce rifle (think Mk12 or 18” AR) or hunting rifle. You can make good engagements out to 800m, no problem with this magnification range.


  • Magnification: 2.5-10x
  • Objective diameter: 44mm
  • Tube diameter: 34mm
  • Reticle Focal Plane: First Focal Plane (FFP)
  • Reticle: MD-1 (MRAD), MD-2 (MOA), or H59 (MRAD)
  • Dial Adjustment: MD-1 and H59: MRAD; MD-2: MOA
  • Linear Field of View: 10.2-41’’ at 100 yds (min to max magnification)
  • Illumination: Yes, red
  • Eye Relief: 3.2-.3.9”
  • Length: 14.84”
  • Weight: 30.97 oz
  • Price: $1149.99 at Optics Planet

Vudu 3.5-18x Precision Rifle Scope

With 3.5-18x, we can start to get into the long range game with much more precision. This is a great overall magnification range to go on a ram hunt in the mountains or compete in a Precision Rifle Series match.

Buy Here

MD-1, MD-2 Reticles

I’m not super crazy about the MD-1 or MD-2 reticles, but they are simple and easy to use for a variety of purposes. The benefit of this bad boy is that you can have it with the excellent H59. We’ll eventually have to do a whole piece on the H59 and other tree-style reticles, but check out this link for a little explanation. Todd Hodnett is the modern godfather of long range shooting and developed a lot of the formulas in modern ballistic apps. This dude literally drew up a new reticle for the 6.5 Creedmoor on a napkin for the US Army contract.

Like everything else in the Vudu line, this 3.5-18×50 version has excellent glass quality and edge to edge clarity. It’s heavy, but it’s still nearly 10oz lighter than the Vortex Razor 3-18x. That is a significant difference when you’re humping a bolt gun around through the Appalachian Mountains, believe me. The eye relief did take a little getting used to, but that could also be because I’ve been using LPVOs a lot recently. I only found it an issue in awkward positions, but after a few training reps, I was good to go.


  • Magnification: 3.5-18x
  • Objective diameter: 50mm
  • Tube diameter: 34mm
  • Reticle Focal Plane: First Focal Plane (FFP)
  • Reticle: MD-1 (MRAD), MD-2 (MOA), or H59 (MRAD)
  • Dial Adjustment: MD-1 and H59: MRAD; MD-2: MOA
  • Linear Field of View: 5.7-29.5’’ at 100 yds
  • Illumination: Yes, red
  • Eye Relief: 3.5-.4”
  • Length: 14.84”
  • Weight: 33.6 oz
  • Price: $1299.99 (MD-1 and MD-2); $1499,99 (H59) at Optics Planet

Vudu 8-32×50 SFP

This, along with the 5-25x, are EOTech’s submissions into the extreme long range shooting disciplines. The only thing I really have to say about this optic, that hasn’t already been said, is that I’d like to see a reticle option in MRAD versus MOA only.


As a military shooter, I learned to range estimate and shoot using MRAD (milliradians or sometimes just mils). Mils are easier to communicate and change on the fly, but I will say that MOA can give you a finer adjustment. Like most things, it comes down to personal preference. I will say that if your shooting buddies are using MOA, stick with MOA. If your buddies shoot MRAD, use MRAD. That will give you the best way to make adjustments in common vernacular, relatively speaking. Either way, use what you’re comfortable with, and you can’t go wrong.

50mm Objective Lens

Overall though, the 8-32x is very usable. It’s still very clear on the high end, and I like how they were able to cram a lot of performance in a relatively small package. At less than 11” overall length and not even 33oz, it’s convenient. The 50mm objective lens offers a lot of light, and for this model, I’d probably opt for using the included sunshade, though it will add length and weight to a pretty light package.


  • Magnification: 8-32x
  • Objective diameter: 50mm
  • Tube diameter: 30mm
  • Reticle Focal Plane: First Focal Plane (FFP)
  • Reticle: HC-2 (MOA)
  • Dial Adjustment: MOA
  • Linear Field of View: 3.3-13.2’’ at 100 yds
  • Illumination: Yes, red
  • Eye Relief: 3.39- 3.86”
  • Length: 10.63”
  • Weight: 32.7 oz
  • Price: $1299.99 at Optics Planet

Vudu 3.5-18×50 SFP

Ah, finally, an excuse to talk about the difference between a First Focal Plane (FFP) and Second Focal Plane (SFP)! Ok, so we already discussed the FFP version of this optic. This optic has all the same features (auto-off, included throw lever, fantastic glass, etc.) as the previously discussed FFP version. The FFP 3.5-18 Vudu has more reticle options than the SFP version, which only has an HC-1 MOA crosshair. Maybe that’s not so bad, though?

Buy Here

FFP Reticle

With an FFP reticle, your reticle size changes with magnification. The most popular advantage of this is that your holds will be the same at any magnification. Whether or not you can actually see the vertical stadia line hash marks on 4x is another story, but you get the idea. For the Vudu LPVOs, the FFP versions give you the ability to have the sacred “donut of death” on low power, and a finer aiming reticle when you zoom in to higher power.

SFP Reticle

Using an SFP reticle, the reticle stays the same size throughout the magnification range. This means that you need to know your holds at each power and at each range… which gets old for me. My only SFP optic I own is my Vortex Razor, and I only use the holds on that at max power, so it doesn’t bother me.

Personally, I would get this scope in the FFP version for the reticle options and that I prefer FFP over SFP in higher magnification scopes (again, personal preference). This scope is lighter by 5oz if that makes a difference to you.


  • Magnification: 3.5-18x
  • Objective diameter: 50mm
  • Tube diameter: 34mm
  • Reticle Focal Plane: Second Focal Plane (SFP)
  • Reticle: HC-1 (MOA)
  • Dial Adjustment: MOA
  • Linear Field of View: 5.9-30.2’’ at 100 yds (max to min magnification)
  • Illumination: Yes, red
  • Eye Relief: 3.39-.4”
  • Length: 14.84”
  • Weight: 31 oz
  • Price: $1119.99 at Optics Planet

Vudu 5-25×50 FFP

Say the following to yourself, like Hulk Hogan… “OH, BROTHER!” This scope is awesome and is my favorite of the batch. After taking a look at this scope, I’m legitimately on the fence about whether to get this or a Nightforce 2.5-20x for my SR25 ACC. This one comes with the aforementioned excellent glass, throw lever, auto-off, etc. However, this thing gives you 25x top end magnification in a tiny, lightweight package. It’s only 11.2” long and weighs less than 30oz. For an optic in this magnification range, that’s quite small. The comparable Vortex Razor 4.5-27x weighs a whole pound more!

Buy Here

Field View

The field of view on this is also pretty wide at 5x. Tracking was also spot on, doing a standard box test at 100m.  This is one of the more expensive offerings of the Vudu lineup, but you definitely get what you pay for.

I’m still not a fan of the illumination, but that’s the same with a lot of FFP optics, so I don’t hold it against EOTech too much. I’m sure they’ll eventually get it right like Leupold and Nightforce did, but it may not be until the next generation Vudu scopes.

Value and Performance

All in all, this is the best value and performance out of all the above scopes. It’s got a good magnification range that will let you shoot out to a mile, it’s light enough to go on a mountain rifle, the H59 is a fantastic reticle, and you get it at a pretty decent price point when you consider the capabilities.


  • Magnification: 5-25x
  • Objective diameter: 50mm
  • Tube diameter: 34mm
  • Reticle Focal Plane: First Focal Plane (FFP)
  • Reticle: MD-3 (MRAD) or H59 (MRAD)
  • Dial Adjustment: MRAD
  • Linear Field of View: 4.7-23.3’’ at 100 yds
  • Illumination: Yes, red
  • Eye Relief: 2.96-3.71”
  • Length: 11.2”
  • Weight: 29.5 oz
  • Price: $1599.99 (MD-3); $1699.99 (H59) at Optics Planet

How to Mount a Rifle Scope

There are two parts to mounting a scope to your optic: mounting the optic in the mount itself and securing the mount in an acceptable location on your rifle.

As a disclaimer, there’s a lot of ways to mount an optic, and this is simply “A” way, not necessarily “THE” way (word up, Mandalorian). It’s worked for me in the past, and it’s repeatable enough that I can mount it in the field if I have to… which I have. Hopefully, you can learn from my mistakes.

First, loosely mount your optic in your optic mount. Only tighten the screws down enough to keep the optic in there, but it helps if you can slide your optic forward or backward through your scope rings or one-piece mount. Finger tighten your mount on your upper receiver. The rule of thumb I go back is to have the eyepiece of your optic about even with the rear of the AR receiver. Place your optic on maximum magnification and look through your optic, adjusting forward or backward as necessary. A pro tip is to push your optic as far forward as possible (this is most easily accomplished if you use a one-piece mount). That way, you have a reference point if your scope comes loose for whatever reason.

Now that you’ve figured out where you want your optic and mount to stay, you need to tighten everything up and make sure it’s level. For an AR, you’ll need a vice, armorer’s block or reaction rod, and a pair of small levels. Place the AR in the vice and level it with one of your levels. Then place another level on the elevation dial. Adjust the cant of your scope as necessary to mirror the level on the receiver.

Now for the tricky part: tightening your mount’s rings. In an “x” pattern, hand tighten all of the screws on your mount or rings. Once you’ve got them hand tightened, you’ll need to apply the proper torque. The best tool for this is Fix-it Sticks. They make fantastic, compact tools for this exact function. Every time I go to the range, I make sure I have my Fix-it Sticks. These tools allow you to tighten to the exact inch-pounds required by the manufacturer of your rings or mount. Don’t forget to periodically check to make sure your optic is still level throughout the tightening process. It’s a massive pain in the ass, but I promise it will be worth it when you’re ringing steel at 800m away using good holds you have confidence in.

After this, you can then tighten your rings or one-piece mount down to the proper torque on your upper receiver and shoot with confidence.

*Another pro-tip: use a plumb line to ensure a good level with your vertical stadia line. Simple, but foolproof.

How to Use a Rifle Scope

This all depends on a combination of your optic, ammunition, and rifle platform you use.

Specific to optics, it really depends on two things: your reticle and your adjustment metric. You can make any reticle work, but you need to know exactly how your chosen ammunition performs out of the rifle you want to use. Ammunition manufacturers often publish the muzzle velocity on the box, but it’s using a test barrel of 22” or something no one generally uses. Chronographs are perfect for determining your velocity and how it measures up. After that, you can cheat and save yourself some time by taking advantage of a ballistic app (I use Strelok Pro). The ballistic app will tell you exactly where you need to hold using your reticle with a given projectile and it’s muzzle velocity.  If you can afford a Kestrel, I would invest in one.

Bullet Drop Compensator Reticles

Bullet Drop Compensator (BDC) reticles are great, but only if your ammunition and rifle match up perfectly. Most long range precision shooters use a grid (like the Horus 59 reticle in a few of the Vudus above). This allows the shooter to use the same scope for a variety of rifles or ammunition types, assuming you have the data necessary for your ballistic app. I prefer MRADs because that’s what I was taught to use when I was a young infantryman. Many civilian shooters still use MOA but more and more are switching to MRAD. It really boils down to personal preference, but whatever you decide, just make sure that your reticle and dials correspond.


Ammunition is another considerable factor. Mk262 77 grain open tip match is inherently more accurate than M855 62 grain steel penetrator. The distribution of the mass and the mass itself makes it more resistant to crosswinds and other environmental factors. That being said, it will move at a slower velocity because it’s heavier. My SR25 ACC likes to shoot what’s known as Mexican Match ammo (168 grain Sierra Match Kings) more than LR118 (US Army match ammo 175-grain open tip match). You essentially need to test a few things out to see how well your rifle handles specific loads at the intended range you want to use.

Twist Rate

The rifle is the last piece to this to bring everything together. The twist rate of your rifle will determine how fast the bullet spin. You’ll see your twist rate as “1/7,” meaning one twist in seven inches of barrel. As a generality, you use slower twist rates (1/7 or ⅛) for heavier projectiles. Europeans use lighter bullets and usually have 1/10 twist barrels.

Types of Scopes

The types of magnified scopes are basically broken down into two categories: variable power and fixed power.

Variable Powered Scopes

Variable powered scopes are fantastic because you can tailor your magnification to the range or target needed. The downside to variable powered optics is that the scopes tend to be a bit heavier and more complicated, forcing the shooter to know the difference between an SFP or FFP reticle for holdovers. Getting caught in combat with your optic on high magnification when you need a quick and close engagement can be deadly, so I always ensure I keep it on low power.

Fixed Powered Optics

Fixed powered optics, while less usable over a wide array of tasks are still quite useful. Trijicon’s ACOG is perhaps the most successful and rugged magnified combat optic of all time. Many SF folks still like using ACOGs in Afghanistan, though it’s fixed at 4x. Fixed power scopes are lighter and more straightforward, with no need to apply different holdovers since the magnification cannot be changed to affect them.

In the end, it’s up to you to determine which class of optic is right for you. Stay tuned for more gear reviews, range tips, and survival tricks.

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Tactical Gear

We know how much you like your tactical style pants, gloves, bags, concealed carry friendly clothes, boots, and more. If you’re looking to find some pretty solid Black Friday sales that last longer than a day, head on over to You’ll find deals up to 80% off. Free shipping on orders over $99, deals on top brand names, like Vertex, TruSpec, Crimson Trace, and 5.11.

Palmetto State Armory

It’s no secret, we’re pro Palmetto State Armory. Why? Because they offer cheaper guns and accessories to those who don’t need or want to pay for fancy. Unfortunately, this means they can often be out of stock on the good stuff, meaning you’ll have to keep an eye out when things do come back in stock. Despite PSA’s already low prices, they’re still offering some pretty good deals, which started on November 22.

Primary Arms

Primary Arms has started early on the Black Friday deals, as well. If you’re looking for deals on weapon accessories, you can most definitely find them. Magpul on your Christmas list? Primary Arms, does in fact, have some pretty good sales on Magpul magazines, and so much more.


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Of course, Amazon is going to have sales. You’ll find everything from Thanksgiving sales, Black Friday Sales, and Cyber Monday. If there’s something you’ve been wanting on all year long, chances are, you’ll find it on sale on Amazon. You won’t have to fight the crowds, or that angry mom, you just need a source of payment and internet access.

In-Store Black Friday Deals

Unfortunately, big retailers have found ways to make sure you come into their stores. They do this by telling buyers they can only get top deals on products in-store, and that they won’t find the same sale price online. That’s really unfortunate, because there are plenty of people who don’t care how big a sale is, they aren’t going to even walk outside their front door on Black Friday, let alone drive all the way downtown, fight doorway traffic, risk the item not being there, and then stand in line for an hour waiting to checkout.

However, for those who are willing to venture out, here’s some of the stores only offering the big discounts to in-store customers.

Bass Pro and Cabela’s

Normally, we’d separate two giant stores, like that of Bass Pro and Cabela’s, but Bass Pro bought Cabelas out a few years ago. As a result, chances are, you’re getting the same stuff for the same prices, no matter which store you walk into.

The two stores are actually offering three big sales opportunities. The first sale will actually be on Thanksgiving. In which case, we’d like to take a moment to say thank you to all of the workers who are taking time away from their own families to ring up customers. Sadly, we know not all customers are exactly pleasant, especially around the holidays, so thank you for putting up with all of that.

The Thanksgiving sale will be from 0800 to 1800. After that, the doors will close to get ready for the second sale start time, Black Friday 2019 0500 to 1100. If you go between these times, you’ll have the opportunity to get some of the doorbusters. However, if you go after 11, the doorbuster will be gone. You can keep shopping until 2100 on Friday, you just won’t get those big doorbuster sales.

Finally, there’s a third sale you can take advantage of; a five-day sale from Wednesday, November 27 to Sunday, December 1.

Disclaimer: All items will be in limit quantities and you cannot do rainchecks.

Black Friday Shopping Tips

Believe it or not, there’s a technique to the madness, or at least we’d like to think so. If you’re a true, hardcore shopper in search of deals, you might already be doing this stuff. For the rest of us, here are a few tips to help you find the best deals during the season of sales.

Look at Online Sales First

It’s no longer a secret that you can get deals online. It’s true, some stores give away the best deals in-person, but this isn’t always the case. Take a look online to first, see how much the regular price of what you want is, and then compare it to holiday sale prices. This way you can see if retailers are intentionally raising prices just so they can lower them and make you think it’s a sale. Also, it might save you all the hassle of going in-store. Another thing to keep in mind, the best sales are not always on Black Friday. Check out Cyber Monday Sales too.

Shop Early

Guess what? A lot of stores start their Black Friday sales early. Take some of the stores we’ve listed above. A few of them have already started handing out sales. Some stores even close the doors completely during Thanksgiving, like REI, who offers their biggest sales prior to the season.

Do Your Research

Know what it is you want. Some people walk through the doors of Walmart just knowing they want sales. Unfortunately, this leads to buying more than you want or need, which means you actually end up spending more than you should. Know what you want, do research on that item. Know how much it normally costs, look at reviews to see if it’s worth the deal, and then go hunting for it. Look to see where the best deals are. You might be able to get a better deal in-store on Black Friday, but you might be able to get a better deal at Amazon on Cyber Monday, if you’re willing to wait a few extra days.


Check Prices

Prices change because sale prices change. Some stores offer better deals as the week goes on, others offer the best deals at the beginning of the week. Keep an eye out on what stores are offering deals, and see if they list their sale prices early. Wednesday and Thursday might have your best prices, but it might also be on Monday.

Remember: Black Friday is no longer the only day, or even the best day to get the best deals. Some stores are offering huge sales all week long.

Best Background Check Websites [2019]

Background Checks

If you’ve ever wanted to rent out a room, you might be interested in running a background check on any potential renters.  Or maybe someone wants to run a background check on you, and you’d like to know what information will be available to them. Of course, you might just interested in how background checks work. Below is a listing of what you can expect from a background check, tips, and some of the top apps you can use to run a background check.


Photo Credit: U.S. Army

What is a background check? 

There are actually different types of background checks, so depending on which type you’re running will depend on what information will be disclosed. For instance, if you’re doing a criminal background check, you’ll see information on a person’s criminal history—did they get arrested, do they have a felony or a misdemeanor? Whereas a reference check is to find out what kind of person you are based on what others say about you. Keep reading for a more detailed list of the various types of background checks you could use or have run on yourself. 

When to do a background check?

If you’re not an employer, you might ask, when would I need to run a background check on anyone? The second most common reason, outside of employment is if you’re going to rent out a room or your entire home to someone. It’s probably wise to know who’s moving into your home. Do they have a job (employment verification check), do they make on-time payments (credit check), are they a decent person (reference check). With that being said, yes, anyone can run a background check on you, but the best programs will require a full name and SSN to do a thorough background check.

Background Check Considerations

If you’re the one running the report or requesting it, before you do so, you might want to consider a few things. Of course, you want to think about what it is you’re looking for—why pay money for a driving record check when the person won’t need to drive? No, you don’t want to run unnecessary reports, this just costs you money and time you could have used elsewhere. Besides this, you want to consider who you’re having run your report. Will you get quality information, are they credible, is it worth the money, and do they have a reliable customer support team? These are all considerations you want to make before paying for a check that might not give you the information you need or want.

Quality of Report

We’ve all seen those “free background check” sites. You type in someone’s name and 100 of the same name comes up, making you sift through a bunch of people you aren’t looking for. You finally find the person you want to check on and half of the information is blurred out. Instead, the report will say something along the lines of, “this individual has a criminal record,” only to find out it was a parking ticket from 10 years ago. Remember, quality also means getting up to date information.

Before you pay money, make sure the background check you’re looking for discloses the information you want. Do you really care that John Doe has three sisters? Probably not, unless you’re trying to determine the accuracy in Mr. Doe’s disclosed family history. Instead, look for quality reports, especially if you’re going to spend money on them.


An accredited background check company should fall in line with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, they should also hold an accreditation from the National Association of Professional Background Screeners.


Depending on your position, you might find value in one background check company over the other. For example, if you’re continually running checks on individuals for employment, you might benefit from an unlimited report deal. However, if you’re renting out your home and want to do a single background check, you don’t want to pay for all that. Instead, some companies do one-time reports or trial periods for an affordable price. So, first ask yourself, what do you need a background check for, and how many of them will you need.

Customer Support

Life happens, which means programs have glitches, things get complicated, stuff stops working, etc. When this happens, you probably want someone there to help, especially if this will be a regular thing.  That’s where a customer support team steps in. If you can’t reach anyone or you have to pay extra for the help only to be told they can’t help, then what good are they? This may seem like an insignificant consideration, but customer support is also an area you want to look into before going with just any credit check company, especially if you’re planning to run multiple reports.

Top Background Check Companies 

Like most companies or programs, not all background check websites are created equal. With that being said, if you want quality, don’t be afraid to do a little research before you buy. Below are some of our recommendations, depending on what you’re looking for.

HireRight Background Checks

We’ll start out by saying, HireRight is accredited not only by the FCRA but also the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. They also have an affiliation with American Trucking Associations (ATA), the Consumer Data Industry Association (CDIA), the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), the National Association for Health Care Recruitment (NAHCR), and the Substance Abuse Program Administrators Association (SAPPA), so if you’re looking for quality, this is probably a good place to start looking, especially if you’re looking for background checks for multiple industries.

HireRight not only offers various platforms to make sure you’re getting the best quality ran background check, but they also have a pretty awesome resource center for both employers and potential employees who might want a little more information on how the process works.

GoodHire Background Checks

Looking for a little more flexibility, GoodHire might be the best option for you. Not only can you get background checks, credit checks, drug screenings, healthcare sanctions reports, identity verification checks, and international checks, but you can also customize them.

For instance, if you have specific needs for the job, GoodHire will let you customize the check to fit precisely what you need. On top of that, they do offer package deals as well as a custom number of checks based on what you want, not what you don’t.

GoodHire is known for both their quick turnarounds and user-friendly interface. And you get all that with both an FCRA and EEOC compliance.

VeriFirst Background Checks

If you’re looking for a quality company to conduct tenant-screening, VeriFirst is worth looking into. Not only do they show financial history, but they do identity checks, a search of the national criminal database, and even offer urinalysis drug screening locations for substance abuse. You can also verify employment, education, and professional license numbers.

With the option of running a tenant reliability screening, which shows if the potential tenant has ever been evicted, and their rental history, you can feel safe knowing whether a person has both the job, income and is overall a good option for renting to, using RentForecase™.

What we like about Verifirst is their free quotes and sample report options. This is nice because you know what you’re getting before you buy it. And what’s even better, you don’t have to purchase a specific amount of reports up-front, which is great if you’re not an employer of a big company or you aren’t renting out apartments. Unfortunately, if you want the free quote, you do have to enter all your contact information, website URL, and company name, reason for reports, number of checks, and type of screenings you want to do.

Types of Background Checks

Reference Check

As written above, a reference check is when someone (typically a landlord or employer) calls your friends and family to find out what kind of person you are. The person requesting your references usually sets the standard—a minimum of three references, cannot be family members.

Employment and Education Verification

Employment and education verification is what it sounds like, verification of what you claim your past employment and education to be. For example, if you say you worked for the DoD for 10 years, your next potential employer would want to verify this to be true. You might be surprised as to how many people lie about where they used to work. Employment verification is kind of like a reference check, only it is a check to confirm your employment. Education verification is typically used in jobs where you’re required to possess a specific certification or a certain level of schooling. You will probably be asked to provide a copy of your transcripts to verify this information.

Criminal Records Check

As stated above, a criminal records check is to took and see if you have a criminal record. If you’re running a criminal background check, you’ll see information about traffic tickets, felonies, misdemeanors, and any arrest history.

Credit Check 

There are different types of credit checks, hard and soft. A hard credit check can hurt your credit score. Typically, hard credit checks are from lenders, for example, when you buy a car or house, a hard credit check will be done. A soft credit check is a check that does not hurt your credit score. For example, if you want to check your own credit score through sites such as, it will not hurt your credit.

Identity Verification Check

Unfortunately, there are some terrible people in this world who are looking to steal your identity. With that being said, someone might steal another person’s identity for a job because they have a criminal background and would not get the job otherwise. As a result, employers might do an identity verification check to make sure you are who you say you are.

Civil Judgments Check

If you had a lien taken out against you or any court judgments, a civil judgment check would reveal that information. However, if it’s been more than 10 years, there is a chance that this check will not disclose that information. 

Driving Records Check

If you’ve ever had an accident, revoked or suspended license, or have points on your license, a driving records check will show this. You might have an employer run a driving record check on you if it’s a job requiring you to drive. This will generally be done if you plan to go into the transportation business.

What are the Best DIY Home Security Companies for Veterans?

The Best Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Security Companies in 2020

In the early days of home security, there were only a couple of companies to choose from, and neither of those companies (ADT and Vivint) offered a reliable DIY option. Today that has changed for the better, and we now have dozens of companies to choose from for our home security needs. It can be challenging to navigate and do all the research associated with such an incredibly important decision.  As a veteran-owned and operated business, we always want to take care of our brothers and sisters across the globe. This is our buyer’s guide to the best DIY home security companies on the market this year.

What if I want a professional to install my home security system?  Our blog: 7 Best Home Security companies for veterans and Service Members will help you find other options that will help you in your search.

Winner: SimpliSafe Home Security

SimpliSafe Home Security is the most respected and trusted in the industry because of the high standard of customer service, and they have literally anything and everything you could ever want. This Security system could be used to secure as big or small a house as you have.


  • No installation fee
  • No contracts
  • They guarantee a police response
  • They verify the alarm, resulting in a 350% faster response from police
  • Quick set-up (30 min)
  • Zero blind spots, guaranteed!
  • Each sensor covers 1,000 square feet
  • Arm & disarm system anywhere with your phone
  • Protects from fire, smoke, water damage and even informs you if your pipes are frozen
  • The vast network provides peace of mind that someone is paying attention to your home


  • The price can be deceiving after all accessories
  • You are giving complete control of your home to a technology device


  • Control system with Alexa
  • Disaster-Proof System 
  • High-Definition cameras capture anyone within range of the sensor
  • Alarms are not tripped for pets, only intruders
  • Precision detection knows the difference between a window breaking and a glass shattering
  • Microantennas reach distances unparalleled to systems this small
  • Phone App gives 24/7 to your system no matter where you’re located

How Long Do SimpliSafe Batteries Last?

Batteries can get very expensive, especially for electronics that are being used 24 hours a day. One of the many advantages of SimpliSafe is the battery life can last up to 10 years! SimpliSafe also provides a warning when you’re batteries are low enough to think about changing them.

What Does the SimpliSafe Base Station Do?

The confusion between the different moving parts of the SimpliSafe System is why I said the price can be deceiving in many ways. The Base Station alone is $115, and you’ll need sensors, keypads, sensors for temperature, water, and smoke, and the cameras to go with it. The Base Station is the machine that connects all of these features and connects to the WIFI and satellites; Think of it as the brain of the entire system.

Where to Buy SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe can be bought at nearly all of the online retail companies, such as eBay, Amazon, Lowes, and Home Depot. I would recommend buying from Amazon if you are a Prime member o it can at least save you shipping costs and you’ll get your system in 2 days.



   Buy Here

How Do I Cancel SimpliSafe?

SimpliSafe Security Systems does not lock you into a contract, but you do pay a monthly subscription of $15 for each base system. The only way to cancel your account with them is to give them a call and tell them you want to cancel. I just called them and asked how long it would take to cancel an account, and I was told 5 minutes.

Why You Should Buy SimpliSafe Home Security

This is the most complete and widely used DIY home security system in our country and provides excellent customer service. My brother has this system and says it’s better than his previous ADT security system, which is saying a lot with how respected ADT is. You could have a state of the art, comprehensive security system for less than $400, depending on the size of your house. The piece of mind of knowing your family and your property is always safe is something that every family deserves.

Runner-Up: Samsung SmartThings ADT Home Security System

The ADT SmartThings Security System is an excellent system that makes it simpler to control and monitor than most other security systems on the market today. You’ll need a lot of pieces to outfit your home as a Smart Home, but once you have the parts, this system is incredibly easy to use and very reliable.

What Does ADT Stand For?

American District Telegraph (ADT) is a company that started out as a telephone company 150 years ago before moving into the security business. ADT saw a dire need for home security and realized nobody was providing that in our country yet. Today, they are known as the most respected home security company in the world.


  • Easy to install and operate
  • Backed by ADT
  • Works with almost any Smart device
  • Integrates your smart features with security features
  • ADT monitors your home for smoke, fire, carbon dioxide,  and water damage


  • Price is steep vs. competitors


  • Door and window motion detector
  • Highly reliable motion detector
  • ADT keychain remote allows to arm and disarm house alarm and send help to quickly
  • The system comes with App for your phone

Where To Buy SmartThings ADT?

SmartThings from ADT can be bought from (Amazon, Lowes, Best Buy, Samsung, Sears, etc... ) most online shopping stores and some smaller businesses carry it as well. I recommend buying this from Amazon because of its connection with SmartThings technology. For example, if you buy this security system from Amazon, you could also buy all of your Smart House accessories. It may get a little pricey, but imagine being able to control your entire house with your phone and voice. SmartThings is the best one to get if you want to make your house a Smart Home or if you’re partial to the ADT brand.


  Learn More


Water Leak Detection

Most companies have some form of a water sensor, but I really like the look and the capability of the Ring water sensor. This hockey puck-shaped sensor provides 24/7 flood and freeze warnings by sending live updates to your mobile app and directly to your home alarm. Place these sensors under a sink, washer & dryer, or in the basement to monitor if any water is leaking or if your pipes are feezing. For $35, this sensor could potentially save you thousands in repair costs. If you’re interested, click the link below to buy.



Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor


 Buy Here


Gas Leak Detector

Carbon Monoxide (CO2) can be one of the most devastating accidents to happen to an ill-prepared or ignorant family, and there are many options to get a detector. The Ring smoke and Co2 Listener is a great back-up tool to use in your home’s CO2 and smoke detector. It works best if you install the Listener with 3 inches of the smoke detector to provide the best connection to protect your family.  If your CO2 or smoke detector sounds for any reason, no matter where you’re at, your phone will get the notification, and first responders will be dispatched if needed.


 Buy Here


Why You Should Buy The Ring Security System

This system is one of the most versatile security systems that I’ve researched, and they offer a great deal of accessorization. I recommend this system for ppl living in apartments or smaller condos because you’ll require less equipment to secure your home with the smallest package they offer. I recommend buying just the video doorbell if you live in an apartment and are only concerned about protecting you one entry. This option could significantly increase your security while being very friendly to your wallet.

Where Should You Buy Ring Security System

You can easily buy Ring from their website,, but they sell them at Amazon, Target, Lowes, Home Depot, and Sears, as well. The easiest, cheapest, and fastest way to get your system is to order from Amazon if you have a Prime membership.


 Buy Here


Most Economical: Scout Alarm

Scout Alarm is the cheapest security system out of the ones listed for basic home security that’s good enough to protect your whole home. The system comes with a base station, a motion sensor, a door panel, 2 keyfobs, a yard sign, and 2 access sensors for around $230. A $10/month fee added to that for 24/7 monitoring, smoke, and CO2 detection still comes out about $30-50 cheaper than SimpliSafe, Ring, and SmartThings ADT.


  • Very affordable
  • 3-year warranty
  • 60-day full return policy
  • No annual contract
  • 4G LGT cellular backup if your internet goes out
  • Interactive cellular app
  • Monitored by a UL certified monitoring system


  • A relatively new company without a lot of time to prove their products
  • The price will be much higher once you order everything you’ll need to order for a moderately sized home


  • Access Sensor alerts your phone and system anytime a door or window is opened
  • In-door camera works 24/7 and can record sound and activates upon movement
  • Scout video doorbell provides real-time monitoring from your phone anywhere you have a connection
  • A water sensor that provides protection against flooding in parts of your home that could have that happen (kitchen, laundry room)
  • Door Panel sensor for added security at the entry points of your home

Why Should You Buy Scout Alarm

You should buy Scout Alarm if you want a different experience from the bigger companies and want to pay a little less. Scout Alarm offers most of the same features as the other companies but does not seem to have the support system that the bigger companies like ADT and SImpliSafe have. I think Scout Alarm is a great way to save a little money and still not sacrifice your level of security for your home and family.

Where Should You Buy Scout Alarm

Scout Alarm can be bought directly from, or you can stick with the Amazon theme and save money and get your package quickly. Buying from Amazon ensures you don’t have to pay for shipping if you’re a prime member and that you’ll have your device in 2-days.

Scout Alarm Smart DIY Wireless Home Security System | 5 Piece Kit - Perfect for Homes & Apartments Under 2000 Sq Ft | Works with Alexa | 24/7 Professional Monitoring | No Contract


 Buy Here



DIY home security systems have come a long way in the past couple of decades and will only get better, more adaptive, and cheaper as time goes on. The ones we recommended today are the ones we have done enough research on, or we own for ourselves (SimpliSafe is what I own) to know these systems are awesome and will go a long way to protecting your family. As with any family, you’re probably thinking of other ways to improve your home security, and if this sounds like you, read our blog, 7 inexpensive ways to make your house more secure.  All of these companies allow you to integrate technology into your home to make the lives of families easier and safer from both internal and external issues. One last thing to look at if you’re still not satisfied is safe rooms. Many of us Vets have notable paranoia, and with the way the worlds going, I don’t blame anyone for wanting to learn more about safe rooms.



Glock 45 Buyer’s Guide

The Glock 45 is one of the guns I’ve been itching to review because of the number of people, specifically police officers that ask about it and the number that now carry it. With the Glock 45 being a newer model than the ever-popular Glock 22, it has drawn a lot of buzz with the adaptations from the previous Glock Models. This Blog is geared toward those who want to know more about the Glock 45 and figure out the economics of it all.

Glock 45

The Glock 45 feels so comfortable for Glock owners because they took the slide from the Glock 19 and added it to the frame of the Glock 17.  They did this because the full frame of the 17 allows more shooters to get a better grip of the pistol. The Glock 19 slide is compact and slimmed down to make it easier to aim down the sights and clear your holster quicker. The trigger pull has 5.8 lbs of pressure, which keeps it on par with any pistol on the market today.   One of the coolest attributes was the adjustable trigger distance that allows you to change between 3 different backstraps (Short-Frame, Medium Frame, and Large Frame attachments) that secure with a single pin to the frame.



Glock 45
Weight 1.35 lbs
Barrel Length 4.02″
Overall Length 7.44″
Trigger Distance 2.76″
Trigger Pull Weight 26 N (5.84 lbs)
Caliber 9X19mm
Height 5.47″
Magazine Capacity 17+1
Width 1.34″
Slide Width 1.0″
Slide Length 6.85″
MSRP $539:00


  • Accurate
  • Smooth 5.8 lb trigger pull
  • Incredibly durable
  • Excellent price
  • Easily concealable
  • Best bang for your buck


  • Even though the trigger is smooth, Sig Sauer and Springfield make a better pistol trigger.


  • Glock Marksman Barrel
  • Flared Mag-well
  • Ambidextrous Slide Stop Lever
  • An nDLC finish on barrel and slide
  • Removal of Finger Grooves for the comfort of all hand sizes
  • Interchangeable Back Straps for different size shooters
  • Reversible Magazine Catch
  • Accessory Mounting rail

Why You Should Buy This Gun

As I’ve mentioned, we know and have personal relationships with hundreds of police officers and military soldiers and everyone I’ve spoken to has endorsed this gun. When speaking with my brother-in-law, I asked, “why would you buy this gun over the 17 or 19”? His answer was the fact that Glock took the best attributes from each gun and added all the new features of the Gen 5 models. The Glock 45 added the new front serrations to work through malfunctions or just another way to manipulate the slide.  If you are not familiar with the new features of the Gen 5 Glock models, read our Glock 19 Review, and you’ll know all you need about Gen 4 & 5 models.

Glock G45 Gen 5 9mm Pistol with Glock Night Sights - PA455S703


Buy Here



Glock 45 vs. Glock 19

This compact slide makes the gun much more streamlined and easier to aim down the sights because it doesn’t feel bulky in any way.  The Glock 45 added the front serrations, removed the lanyard loop of the Gen 4 19, and made the trigger distance more adjustable than the 19 models. The Glock 45 lightened the trigger pull weight and even though it doesn’t seem like a lot, it makes a slight difference, which could help with accuracy.

If anyone asked me which gun, I’d prefer, the 17,19, or 45, I would have to go with the Glock 45. As with any firearm, you have to think about what you need it for and how does it feel in your hand. As many of the police officers suggest, the 45 is easier to put on target than both the 17 and 19 because the slide clears the holster quicker. As every officer knows, that 1/2 second that you save clearing your holster and lining up your target could be the difference between life and death. For competitive shooters, this is much of the same case, but I would recommend the Glock 17 Gen 5 model because the longer slide helps more with recoil.


Glock 45 Glock 19
Weight 1.3 lbs 1.3lbs
Barrel Length 4.02″ 4.02″
Overall Length 7.44″ 7.3″
Trigger Distance 2.76″ 2.8″
Trigger Pull Weight 5.84 lbs 6.29 lbs
Caliber 9x19mm 9x19mm
Height 5.47″ 5.04″
Magazine Capacity 17+1 15+1
Width 1.34″ 1.26″
MSRP $539.00 $500.00


Glock G19 Gen 5 USA 1776 9mm Pistol, Black & Grey Camo


Buy Here



Glock 45 Vs. Glock 22

The Glock 45 and Glock 22 are two of the most commonly carried pistols for police officers in the United States. One misconception people make about the 22 models is they think it shoots a .22 caliber round, instead of the .40 caliber S&W round it actually shoots. To correct this misconception people have to understand that Glock names their guns based on their patent number, not on the caliber it’s chambered in.

For example, the Glock 22 was the 22nd patent by Glock and the Glock 45 is the 45th patent. The Glock 22 is known as the most popular and heavily used service pistol in the country due to its incredible stopping power and capabilities as a concealed carry pistol. The reason hundreds of police officers are moving towards the Glock 45 is it is a Gen 5 model that combines the best of the Glock 17 with the best of the 19.


Glock 45 Glock 22
Weight 1.3 lbs 1.41 lbs
Barrel Length 4.02″ 4.44″
Overall Length 7.44″ 8.02″
Trigger Distance 2.76″ 2.81″
Trigger Pull Weight 5.84 lbs 6.29 lbs
Caliber 9x19mm .40mm S&W
Height 5.47″ 5.47″
Magazine Capacity 17+1 15+1
Width 1.34″ 1.26″
MSRP $539.00 $499.00

Glock 22 Gen 4 .40 S&W Pistol – PG2250203


Buy Here



For police officers, there most likely will be regulations on what you can attach to your gun, based on each departmental regulations. For the rest of us, attachments can be a big advantage, depending on the circumstances, such as low light or a bigger window to aim down. The two main accessories that I would recommend for everyone, is a weapon light and an after-market sight.

Surefire X300U

With any weapon light, the things you need to focus on are the size, weight, brightness, battery life, and durability of the attachment. The Surefire X300U has a lumen of 1000 and will maintain that light for 1.25 hours of nonstop use either outdoors or clearing a building as a police officer. Surefire produces excellent products and this light is no different, just make sure you know it sticks out 1 3/8 inch past the muzzle. This takes away the concealment advantage the Glock 45 offers, but the light gives you an absolute advantage at night or in low light situations for up to 50 meters. Most gun experts will tell you that they prefer to carry a weapon light on their pistols due to the tactical advantage it offers the owner. If you’re concerned about learning more about the Surefire X300U, read our weapon light review, and it gives you everything you need to know about the best pistol lights.

Streamlight TLR-7

The Streamlight TLR-7 is one of the best lights for the Glock 45 because it’s the brightest light for its size on the market today. At 500 lumens and a run time of 1.5 hours nonstop illumination, the Streamlight is significantly cheaper than the bigger Surefire brands. The best part about it is it fits perfectly on the Picatinny rail underneath the pistol and sits flush, so it doesn’t stick out past the muzzle.




Some people may have a hard time looking down iron-sights, especially when your adrenaline is pumping in a life or death situation. One way to help yourself overcome this issue, is with a reflex sight that provides a significantly larger sight picture to aim through. This mini reflex sight will cut down on your target identification and give you that split-second advantage that we all want during a self-defense situation.

Firefield Impact Mini Reflex with 45 Degree Mount Kit - FF26021K


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Where Can You Buy The Glock 45?

Palmetto State Armory is known as one of the best companies to purchase weapons and gear because of their excellent warranties and reliable customer service. Palmetto State offers you the ability to buy all of your ammo, attachments, and weapons on one site.

Brownells is another great company that we trust with our firearms and buying from them will give you the benefit on-call expert Gun Guru’s.  The Gun Guru’s can assist you with any issue you have with your pistol and can help you modify your pistol in the most practical ways.

There are many other great companies, but we give a lot of business to Armslist, as well.  Armslist is a company that allows people from all over the country to list their weapons for others to buy. They act as the intermediary for buyers and sellers to ensure the transaction is legit and each person is aware of the laws involving gun sales online.


The Glock 45 was designed with law enforcement and the military in mind to give them another option for their primary carry pistol. Made with all the Gen 5 additions, such as the Marksman’s Barrel and the NDLC finish, the 45 is made to be durable and accurate. The Glock 19 slide and the 17 frame gives police and soldiers more stability with a full-frame and less time to pull in worst-case scenarios.

The Glock 45 provides front serrations that other Glock models don’t offer another point of contact to clear malfunctions, especially when they’re needed to be clear quick.  As one police officer told me, “Glock took the best from the 17 and 19 and put it in one gun, called the Glock 45”.

The only negative I’ve heard about this gun, which I noticed a little as I shot it, was the trigger. This trigger issue isn’t new to this gun but is an issue with all Glock pistols due to their uniquely designed safety system. As I asked each of these officers if the trigger was a deterrent and they all said they’d still rather shoot with Glock due to its incredible performance, durability, and reliability.

In my humble opinion, there is no other gun on the market that can match the quality of pistol for the price that Glock offers. If you’d like to compare this gun with other great concealed carry pistols, this is the place to do it.

9 Awesome Veteran’s Day Sales for 2019

During Veteran’s Day, we all know there’s a ton of restaurants offering discounted and even free food to Veterans. But did you know, there are a lot of other companies outside of the restaurant business willing to give you a discount as a thank you for your service? Here’s 9 Awesome Veteran’s Day Sales for 2019, some offering discounts all year round.

(U.S. Army photo by Spc. Jeremie Lee /Released)

1. RE Factor Tactical

Yes! Your favorite company, RE Factor Tactical is throwing in some pretty nice specials. But we aren’t waiting until Nov. 11 to do that. From Nov. 7 – Nov. 11, you can get different specials, depending on what you purchase So, go check out some of our new stuff here, and get your special offer before time runs out!

1) Every order gets a PVC 2 x 3 American Flag PVC Patch (colors may vary)

2) Order 100 IQ Targets and get a Deadman’s Hand Deck, free

3) Order 100 Essentials Targets and get an Essentials Shooting Guide, free

4) Order a Blasting Cap and get a Violence Patch, free

5) Order any poster and get a Pink Mist Poster, free

6) Order three shirts and get a Sierra my Delta Shirt, free

7) Order 200 of the same target and get 25 additional targets, free

2. SKD Tactical

SKD Tactical largely distributes to Military and Law Enforcement personnel. Because their normal customers come from a military background they don’t offer the traditional “Military Discount”. Instead, they offer great deals all year round by keeping their prices very competitive.

3. Proven Outfitters

Proven Outfitters is another company not trying to rape you year-round just so they can make it look like they’re giving you a break come Veteran’s Day. Instead, they sell their products at the lowest available rate. Meaning, you’re really getting a discount no matter when you shop with them.

4. Tactical Distributors

Yes! Tactical Distributors gives a military discount—and a First Responder discount—and you don’t have to wait until Veteran’s Day to take advantage of their military rate. You simply need to go to their website and confirm your military/veteran status. You can do that here.

5. Lowe’s

Lowe’s is one of those companies thanking military members and veterans for their service year-round. A few things may have changed since your last visit, so here’s how that works now. You must go online and connect your Military service with a MyLowe’s account. Once you’ve verified your status, you will automatically get a discount online or in-store when you show you’re MyLowe’s card, NOT your military ID. If you have any issues, you can talk to a customer service representative in the store and show them your DD214, Military ID Card or Dependent ID Card. Yes, you can also extend this discount out to your family members, and get a 10% discount year-round. Oh, and we can’t forget to mention, they send out emails through the year with military/veteran only discount too. You just have to present your MyLowe’s Card that’s associated with your Military service.

6. Home Depot

Home Depot also offers a military/veteran discount year-round. Simply show proof of your service at checkout and you’ll get a 10% discount.

7. Target

Did you know that Target offers a 10% discount Nov. 3 through Nov. 11? Well, now you do! All you have to do is go online, to their website, confirm your military/veteran status, and collect your coupon. You can get your discount online or in-store, but you’ll need to confirm your military status online first. Once that’s done, they’ll send you an email with your coupon.

*Excludes gift cards, prepaid cards, alcohol, milk, select baby products (Peg Perego, Philips Avent), select toys (Barbie Dreamhouse, Fisher-Price Imaginext Jurassic Rex, Hot Wheels Corkscrew Crash, Thomas & Friends Super Station), Elf on the Shelf, LEGO, L.O.L. Surprise!, Bose, JBL, Sonos, Apple, Fitbit, Tile, LG OLED TV, Samsung TVs, DSLR cameras & lenses, mobile contracts, Nintendo hardware and Switch games, PS4 hardware, Xbox hardware, Red Dead Redemption II video games, Vitamix, Tylenol pain relief, clinic & pharmacy, and Target Optical.

8. Cabela’s

Everyone loves Cabela’s, and Cabela’s loves you back. Unlike some outdoor retailers, who offer military/veteran discounts one day a week or only on holidays, Cabela’s offers a 5% discount. All you have to do is show your Military ID Card, Veteran ID Card or DL showing your veteran status at checkout. Of course, being a company that sells outdoor equipment, there are a few things you won’t be able to use your discount on.

*Excludes Firearms, Ammunition, Black-powder guns and equipment, Reloading equipment, Air guns, Pellets, Pistols, Scoped and non-scoped rifles, Boats, trailers and motors (does not apply to canoes and kayaks), ATVs/UTVs and trailers, Tractors, Services for boats, ATVs, UTVs and tractors, Alcohol, Gift cards, Non-merchandise services, such as hunting licenses and Gear Guard

9. Great Clips

Great Clips is giving away free haircuts on Nov. 11. Simply show your ID, whether that be your Veteran or Military ID Card. You can also go in and get a free haircut card and use it at a later date, so long as you use it before Dec. 31, 2019.

If you’re not a member of the military or a veteran, you can purchase a service on Veteran’s Day and then get a free haircut card to give to a veteran you know. Again, they’ll have until Dec. 31, 2019, to use their free haircut card.

Veterans’ Day Discount on Amazon Prime Accounts

It’s that time of year again where everyone is looking out for the big discounts, but one specific to Veterans in this busy holiday season is Veterans’ Day. Typically we see coupon codes, free burgers, discounts of tactical gear, but not too often do we see things like discounted prime accounts. This year, Amazon Prime is on the list.


Now before you get too upset because you’ve already opened an account, you can renew your current account at their lowest rate from now until November 11. However, only you, the veteran or military member can take advantage. Of course, most families share an account, so it’s really not that big of a deal.

Who’s Eligible

  • Active Duty
  • National Guard
  • Reserve
  • Veterans

Who’s Ineligible

  • Everyone not listed above, including dependents

One year accounts will run you $79, originally $119. Of course, you’ll have to verify your information first. Simply make sure you don’t have to try more than three times, otherwise, you’ll have to talk with customer support (no one wants to do that).

So, go sign-up before it’s too late! Click on any of the images below to learn more.


“To receive this promotion, you must be a verified U.S. veteran, Active Duty or Reserve or National Guard member.

    • This promotion is available Nov 6–11[2019]
    • If eligible, you can sign up for Prime at $79/year (normally $119/year) for the first year
    • You can attempt verification a maximum of three times
    • Prime Student and discounted Prime members are not eligible for this promotion
    • Amazon and Partner Rewards points can’t be applied towards this promotion

Note: Discharge date is the day you left the military”


TikTok Reportedly Under Investigation as National Security Risk

Just in case you weren’t already concerned about your personal data, there are red flags being thrown, saying China might be collecting and storing information on users of the app, TikTok.

TikTok is an application—used mostly by teens, according to ABC News—that lets users create and share videos.  Recently, the app— owned by ByteDance, which is based in Beijing—has grown in popularity with American users, but where is all that American data going?

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The concern lies in the fact that American users are feeding information to a Chinese-based company, even though its headquarters are in California. However, some believe that TikTok is sharing U.S. date with China’s Communist Party.

According to Axios, Senator Josh Hawley, the collaboration between TikTok and Apple could be a threat to national security as well.


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A TikTok representative did reply to the raised concerns, claiming to “remain committed to working productively with Congress as it looks at how to secure the data of American users, protect their privacy, promote free expression, ensure competition and choice among internet platforms, and preserve U.S. national security interests.”

According to ABC News, a source from the company said all U.S. users of TikTok have their data stored in the United States, while the backup redundancy is held in Singapore. TikTok reportedly said all their data centers are stored outside of China and none of it is subject to foreign government, including Chinese law.

Unfortunately, Apple never made any comment about its collaboration with the company, other than saying it has encryption key control to data stored on iCloud.

Hawley stated, “I would say that doesn’t necessarily mean that the communist government doesn’t have access to the data,” he said. “I don’t know that it matters where the data is stored for that kind of a company. I think you’ve got to assume that there is a backdoor way into that data.


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