Best Weapon Light: Evaluation and Review

Why you need a light on your weapon

The reason is actually quite obvious: so you can see what you’re shooting at, duh! While this concept was once purely for SOF operator types, the market is now awash with options at every price point and for every weapon system, you can think of. Whether you need a light for your EDC, nightstand gun, or duty weapon, there is absolutely a light out there that can help you gain the upper hand when you need it most.

A Quick History Lesson

We’ll cut to the chase and keep this in the “modern history” realm so I don’t have to try and explain how a chap in the 19thcentury would affix a lantern to his firelock to fend off the ruffian highwaymen.

Remember when the boys from Pagoda Troop, 22ndSpecial Air Service stormed the Iranian embassy back in 1980? Well, me neither… but this raid didn’t just start the Western world’s love affair with MP5s, it also showcased an early weapon mounted light in the public’s eye. In this case, it was essentially a giant mag light fixed to the top of an MP5. No need to aim during a hostage rescue, right? Either way, those SAS troopers knew back in ’80 the value of being able to observe your target for proper discrimination (followed quickly by judicious prosecution).

Fast forward 8 years to 1989, when the second generation of badass commandos in the form of the US Army’s very own 1stSFOD-D rescued Kurt Muse from Modelo Prison. Larry Vickers, one of the assaulters on this mission, has publicly discussed his weapon set up: a CAR-15 with an old school Aimpoint and a QXL dive flashlight he affixed to his lower handguard with hose clamps. Huge, but at least LAV could aim AND illuminate the Panamanians he was shooting. Gotta love progress, right?

Of note, Surefire, one of the companies heavily featured throughout the article, developed the M310 in 1985. The M310 is a pistol mounted light that is big and clumsy but is essentially what we have today in the form of pistol lights.

Types of Weapon Lights

For the purposes of this article, we’ll break it down into three categories: weapon lights for long guns, pistols, and specialty. I’ll discuss the criteria for an evaluation in each category, followed by specific types of lights complete with specifications and prices.

Best Long Gun Lights

This is the category for rifles and shotguns. Out of one of these lights, you generally want something that can be actuated remotely (but not all the time), long battery life, and a longer range of focused lumens. Adjustable bezels can allow you to focus the brightness for when you’re outside or create greater dispersion indoors depending on your needs. For this evaluation, I did my best to compare like items (2x battery system vs 1x battery system, etc).


Surefire M600DF

This is what many consider to be the golden standard for carbine lights. It’s dual-fuel (DF in the name), meaning it can accept either 2x CR123 batteries or the Surefire SF18650B lithium-ion rechargeable battery. This light gives you a long-range and wide dispersion, as well as many different mounting and activation options.

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Max output: 1500 lumens

Length: 5.56”

Weight: 5.15 oz with batteries

Run time: 1.5 hours

Price: $269 at Primary Arms


-Output of 1500 lumens makes it one of the brightest on the market

-Dual fuel gives you the option to use disposable 123s or a rechargeable Surefire 18650


-Price is up there for sure with an MSRP of close to $300, though the street price is around $270.

-You have to buy a tape switch if you want to activate it remotely

Streamlight Protac HL-X

Streamlight is an economical alternative to everything Surefire does. While Surefire is, in many ways, the industry leader in lights, Streamlight is an excellent company that offers less-expensive products. Which brings us to the actual light: the Protac HL-X. This is essentially Streamlight’s answer to the M600DF in that it also uses CR123s or a rechargeable battery.

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Max output: 1000 lumens

Length: 5.43”

Weight: 6.40 oz with batteries

Run time: 1.25 hours

Battery type: 2x CR123 or 18650

Price: $106.26 at Primary Arms


-All mounting hardware is included with the light, including an M1913 mount, a momentary activation button, and a tape switch. The light is also compatible with all Scout light MLOK or Keymod mounts.

– Price. You can purchase 2x Protac HL-Xs for the price of one M600DF


-Less bright and less run time than the M600DF

-Tape switches are finicky with Streamlights. Ask me how I know…

Cloud Defensive OWL

The Cloud Defensive OWL (Optimized Weapon Light) is a great, albeit fairly new entry into the long gun game for lights. It’s a completely self-contained unit that’s actually quite innovative. It’s reversible and extremely easy to mount, making it a great option if you’re planning on using the light on multiple carbines.


Max output: 1250 lumens

Length: 5.255”

Weight: 11 oz with batteries

Run time: 1.5 hours with included battery

Battery type: 18650

Price: $339.99 at Primary Arms


-Extremely user-friendly to mount. You can remove the tail cap and light head to make it ambidextrous.

-It’s very bright. While it ‘only’ has 1000 lumens, the OWL makes its money with candela (candela is essentially the brightness at the target distance), which is twice as bright as the closest competitor.


-It’s a sizeable light. Proponents will say that it’s a smaller package than competitors’ lights once you include a tape switch and cords, but the OWL is about as girthy as my Geissele MK16 rail (almost, but not quite).

-Laser compatibility is very tough. With how the OWL mounts, it’ll feel most at home at 12 o’clock. If you also use an LA-5, DBAL, or MAWL laser, you’ll have to get creative.

Inforce WMLx Gen 2

The Inforce is on the lower end of the cost spectrum (the Streamlight Protac is less expensive), but it’s still a very good light. It’s very light, at just over 4 oz due to its polymer construction and there’s no need for a tape switch for activation as it has a fixed pressure pad at the rear of the light body.


Max output: 800 lumens

Length: 5.32”

Weight: 4.02 oz with batteries

Run time: 1.5 hours with included battery

Battery type: 2x CR123

Price: $140 at Primary Arms


-Compact and lightweight with still decent performance. Perfect for short to medium ranges on a lightweight build or SBR. I actually mount one on my helmet at work since it’s so lightweight.

-Built-in safety. This is actually an underrated feature, but the Inforce has a bar that you can flip over the pressure pad to ensure you don’t have what’s called a ‘white light negligent discharge.’ It can really ruin your day when you’re in the stack and it’s wrecked by a cellmate who decides to compromise the assault force.


-It’s not bright enough to make distance engagements. It’s fine indoors, but you can’t really properly ID anything past 75 yards outdoors, at least not enough to make a righteous engagement.

-Unless you mount it at 12 o’clock on your carbine rail, you’ll need to buy a 45-degree mount to put the pressure pad in an intuitive position.

Bonus Section

All of the above lights use 2x CR123 batteries, but Surefire, Streamlight, and Inforce make lights that only use 1x CR123 as well. Check out the Surefire Scout 300, Streamlight Protac Rail Mount 1, or Inforce WML for more compact (and usually less expensive) lights. You’ll lose some in brightness, but you’ll gain some weight savings and rail space on your carbine. I use a Surefire Scout 300 at work since we do a lot of CQB, but it’s still plenty bright enough to use outdoors if my NVGs crap out on me.

Pistol Lights

You guessed it; this is where we’ll talk about lights you can mount on your pistol. Size, weight, and ease of activation are what I value in a pistol light above brightness (but what good is a light if it doesn’t illuminate your target anyways?) I’ll use a Glock 19 for comparisons as it’s perhaps the most common EDC pistol for civilians and LEOs alike.

Surefire X300U

In my opinion, this is the absolute standard for combat pistol lights. It’s bright, durable, and easy to manipulate. It’s also versatile and bright enough that you’ll see many people (Larry Vickers prominent among them) who use the X300U on their carbines as well. The “A” version slides on with some nifty pull tabs while the “B” version uses a T-slot that requires a flat head screwdriver, Leatherman, or shell casing rim to tighten. (I went with the X300U-A version myself)


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Max output: 1000 lumens

Length: 3.50”

Weight: 4.0 oz with batteries

Run time: 1.25 hours

Battery type: 2x CR123

Price: $269 at Primary Arms


-It just flat out works. I trust my life to this light and there’s no higher praise than that.

-Bright enough to use outdoors no problem and indestructible.


– If you plan on using this light on your concealment pistol, it’s definitely big.  On a Glock 19, the x300U extends 1 3/8 “ past the muzzle.

Streamlight TLR-1

Streamlight does it again and offers a light extremely similar to Surefire’s offering at a much more attainable price point. On my ODA, we actually had both Surefire X300s and Streamlight TLR-1s with some teammates preferring the TLR-1. The activation on these lights is extremely easy and the light is more than usable at pistol distances.


Max output: 300 lumens

Length: 5.43”

Weight: 3.39 oz with batteries

Run time: 2.5 hours

Battery type: 2x CR123 or 18650

Price: $146.13 at Primary Arms


-The run time is an hour more than what you get with the Surefire without changing batteries.

-It’s a shorter light than the X300 and only extends past the muzzle of a Glock 19 by ½”.  My experience is that if your holster is made for a Surefire X300, it will also fit the Streamlight TLR-1.


-Durability. Guys have used them in combat, but we have to replace more of these than the Surefire models (mainly the lenses break). Full disclosure, our stuff gets knocked around a lot more than the average person, so don’t let this necessarily keep you from making this purchase.

Inforce APL Gen 3

Inforce’s submission is the smallest and lightest presented, requiring only one CR123 and weighing less than 3 oz. It’s also the dimmest light at 400 lumens, but it’s extremely compact. Essentially, if you have a threaded barrel on a Glock 19, it will fit flush.


Max output: 400 lumens

Length: 3.01”

Weight: 2.83 oz with batteries

Run time: 1.5 hours

Battery type: 2x CR123

Price: $120 at Primary Arms


-Lightweight and compact. I mean, the thing weighs as much as 4x .45 ACP rounds according to Inforce.

-This light is the easiest to use. The paddles on the side are perfectly textured and you merely press the paddle to activate, unlike the X300 and TLR-1 where you have to swipe the paddles up or down. You basically sweep the paddle with your trigger finger on the way past the trigger guard.


-Durability. It’s the only light on the pistol list that’s polymer, but there’s at least one isolated instance of poor battery life and flickering. One of my teammates uses his for EDC and hasn’t had either of these issues.

Specialty Lights

These are purpose-built lights for specific purposes or weapons systems. Think about the replacement forend on your MP5 or 870 that has a light on it. I’ll mainly talk about lights for the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw in an MP5 light solution for the boys from Hereford (the boathouse is made of red brick for the movie buffs out there).

Surefire DSF-870 or DSF-500/590

These are specifically made for the Remington 870 or Mossberg 500/590 series (easily the two most common shotguns in LEO squad cars in the U) and has a dual output feature, allowing the user to switch between 200 or 600 lumens. It’s essentially a light that’s built into a forearm for your shotgun with 2x switches on each side of the forend: one for momentary and one for constant on, for both right and left-handed shooters.

Streamlight TL-Racker

The Streamlight offering looks quite similar to the Surefire version, but with a brighter light and a different activation system. With the TL-Racker, it gives you 850 lumens and uses a single switch pad on each side of the forearm for constant/ momentary activation. If you want to use the light momentarily, press and continue to press the activation pad. When you release it, the light will turn off. If you want to keep the light on, push the switch and release quickly. Versions for both the Remington 870 and Mossberg 500/590 are available.

Surefire 328/628 LMF

These Surefire lights are for Heckler and Koch MP5s or HK 53s (essentially a 5.56mm version of an MP5). The 328 LMF offers you 300 lumens while the 628 LMF offers you 600 lumens… both can be had at the same price. These lights are ambidextrous but still different than the racker lights Surefire offers. On the SMG versions, the right side of the light features a long, thin pressure pad (just like the TL-Racker) that serves as a momentary only activator. The left side of the forend features two buttons: one for constant and one for momentary (just like Surefire’s shotgun lights). These are definitely niche lights, as MP5s are generally in the hands of LEOs or very few elements within the US military. However, who doesn’t want to own a sweet piece of history by having an MP5 clone?


Best Lights for Concealed Carry

So after reading the pistol light section, you’ve got a good idea of what you want. While any of those lights (Surefire X300, Streamlight TLR-1, and Inforce APL) are all great lights for concealed carry, I’d like to offer up three additional lights that are perfect for concealed carry. These lights are smaller, lighter, and offer a great companion to your favorite EDC pistol without altering the profile much.

Surefire XC-1B

This is a fantastic light for a couple of reasons: it’s tiny and it runs off AAA batteries. The AAA battery is extremely common and inexpensive. I’ve gotten to the point to where I always travel with CR123s because sometimes it’s tough to find them while away from home and impossible to find them overseas. You get 300 lumens in an extremely compact package that doesn’t protrude past the muzzle of a Glock 19.


Max output: 300 lumens

Length: 2.375”

Weight: 1.6 oz with battery

Run time: 45 min

Battery type: 1x AAA

Price: $269 at Brownells


-Lightest and smallest light Surefire has to offer, all while maintaining Surefire’s reputation for durability and performance.


-The only issue, as with a lot of Surefire products, the price point is high with an MSRP of $299.

Streamlight TLR-7

The TLR-7 is the brightest light in the “concealment” class, with an extremely respectable output of 500 lumens. They also utilized an activation system similar to the Inforce APL series, where you simply brush the recessed paddle with your finger en route to the trigger. The bezel of the TLR-7 is still rather large, but they reduce the overall length to match up with… the Glock 19! There’s absolutely a pattern here…

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Max output: 500 lumens

Length: 2.15”

Weight: 2.40 oz with batteries

Run time: 1.5 hours

Battery type: 1x CR123

Price: $101.99 at Primary Arms


-Extraordinarily bright for the size of this light. I was quite impressed with it, especially on a single CR123 battery.


-Honestly, the only fault I can find with this light is how big the bezel is. The light head is the same size as the TLR-1, which makes it susceptible to crack or break, but that’s a stretch for an EDC light.

Inforce APLc Glock

While Inforce actually makes an APLc line that fits pistols with standard M1913 Picatinny rails, we’ll look at the model specifically made for Glocks. Like other Inforce lights, this model is all polymer and extremely light. This will give off 200 lumens and barely adds to the profile.


Max output: 200 lumens

Length: 2.43”

Weight: 1.87 oz with battery

Run time: 1.5 hours

Battery type: 1x CR2

Price: $95 at Primary Arms


-Another solid light from Inforce that’s light and compact with a great activation system


-Uses the somewhat rare CR2 battery. I’d prefer everything to either run on the same battery or run off something common I can get at a gas station.

Light Accessories

A company that’s actually pretty awesome in the firearms and light industry, which has remained nameless until now, is Arisaka Defense. Arisaka actually makes a lot of different accessories that are all top of the line. You can even buy light bodies, tail caps, and light heads (all compatible with Surefire Scout series lights) in addition to MLOK and Keymod mounting accessories. MLOK has essentially taken over after the SOCOM tests, so you can get mounts that put your light at 45 degrees, in line with the rail system, or (my personal favorite) a mount compatible with an LA-5.

My current home defense carbine is set up with one of their inline MLOK mounts, Arisaka 300 series body (using one CR123), and Surefire tailcap and tape switch. Also check out Magpul, Haley Strategic, Daniel Defense, Knights Armament, etc. for light mounting solutions. The Streamlight Protac series and Surefire Scout series all use the same mounting systems, so a little standardization in the industry has helped the consumer out quite a bit.



Cloud Defensive doesn’t just make an awesome light with the OWL, they also make the LCS (Light Control System). This is the best way to manage your wires if you’re using a weapon light with a remote switch. I still use rubber bands (retaining/ retainer bands for all you jumpmasters out there),  electrical tape, or zip ties to manage wires, but that’s because I haven’t gotten around to buying the LCS. It essentially stores all your wires underneath the switch itself. It’s pricey but definitely worth a look to avoid the mess of wires on your carbine rail.

Using your Light and Helpful Tips

Most importantly, you need to train with your light. I found using a light on my carbine was very simple and intuitive, but it was a different story training with a pistol light. Initially, I started trying to hold down the paddle of my TLR-1 with my support thumb. That was terrible as every time I cracked a shot, the light would go off because my thumb would slip off. Now that I primarily use an X300, I started by flicking the paddle down as I present the pistol. It’s fine now, but it definitely took a lot of practice. If you opt for the Inforce APL/ APLc or Streamlight TLR-7, you won’t have that problem as it’s a very simple activation.

Something you might notice as you use your weapon-mounted lights is that they cloud up with carbon and soot after heavy use, especially on your pistol light or long gun light if you’re shooting unsuppressed. A pro tip is to keep some chapstick in your pocket and apply a thin film of chapstick on your light head. As it gums up with carbon, you can simply wipe off that layer and get back in the action. It works and it looks a lot cooler than wrapping a used sock around your light and holding it on with a rubber band… which I’ve seen.


Walther P99| Determinate Review of a Classic Pistol

Walther P99 Review

How many of you have ever heard of the Walther P99? The Walther P99 is produced by the German gun company, Carl Walther GmBh Sportwaffen of Ulm or simply, Walther Arms. Carl Walther created this company in 1886 and has been producing firearms for over 100 years. The P99 is was introduced in 1997 and has intrigued shooters all around the world with its unique firing system, design, and incredible accuracy. As we review the original P99, we will also go into the different models to give you the best shot at buying the best pistol for your needs.


As much as we don’t like stereotypes, there is some truth to some of them, including the prowess of German engineering. All you have to do is ride in a BMW or Mercedes if you have any doubts about their ability to engineer a product better than anyone else. Personally, I’d rather own a Tesla, but if I could ever afford one, a Mercedes would have to be at the top of the list. If you’re a beer drinker and you’ve never had an Ayinger beer, it doesn’t matter what style you have (Brauweisse is the best), they’re all incredible. When it comes to weapons, we don’t have to go too far back to figure out how incredible they are at engineering weapons (WWII). All the stereotypes and history aside, Carl Walther was ahead of his time in many ways. As he began creating guns in the 19th Century, he wanted to set himself apart from his competition by pushing the envelope on the capabilities and design of a pistol. Although he wasn’t able to see the P99, he undoubtedly would have been very proud.

Walther P99

The P99 is a semi-automatic, short-recoil breech pistol that uses the Browning cam-lock system of operations.  The P99 was made with a glass fiber reinforced polymer frame with a steel slide to cut down on the overall weight of the gun. This description can be found anywhere online; however, most bloggers are too lazy to actually explain to you what any of this means. Here at RE Factor, we strive to educate you on the important details and let you decide for yourself if this is a pistol that you want.

A short-recoil operated pistol is one that the barrel and the bolt are locked together, and as the trigger is pulled, they move together for a few millimeters before they separate, and the bullet exits the barrel and the cartridge is ejected from the chamber. This recoil operation allows the pistol to be handled easier because the felt recoil is significantly reduced versus a blowback-operated pistol. The biggest difference between a Walther pistol and most American made pistols is the internal striker. The P99 has an internal striker, instead of an external hammer, as you can see in the picture below.

This revolutionary design was engineered to make the pistol safer by forcing the slide to be pulled back. If the pistol is fired from the double-action mode, the trigger pull is about 9lbs; however, if you cock the slide back and fire from the single-action mode, the trigger pull weight is only 4 lbs. As impressive and revolutionary as the operation of the gun is, the specifications are equally impressive. Weighing only 1.3 pounds and 7 inches long, this pistol is very easy to conceal and carry comfortably on your hip or shoulder holster.

The P99 comes with a 15-round mag, but you’ll have an option of going up to a 20-round or down to the 10-round mag.  Try to keep in mind that the gun will weigh a few ounces more if you go up to the 20-round mag and will drop a few ounces with the 10-round mag. We recommend trying them out at the range and see which size mag you’d prefer to carry with you. Personally, I love the 15-round mag because it seems like it fits better, and the weight distribution feels better. However, just like anything in life, what works for me won’t necessarily work for you. As far as the feel of the gun, the width of the grip is perfect for my smaller hands. At 1.1 inches wide, anyone, regardless of the size of your hands, can comfortably grip this gun and fire it accurately.



Walther P99
Weight 1.37 lbs
Height 5.3″
Barrel length 4″
Overall length 7.1″
Caliber 9×19, .40 S&W
Magazine capacity 10,15,17,20
Max effective range 55 yards
Width 1.1″
MSRP $325.16 (used)


  • Durable
  • Accurate
  • lightweight
  • Aesthetically beautiful
  • Well priced
  • Revolutionary technology
  • Great concealed-carry gun


  • Can be difficult to get used to because of the different technology than most American guns


  • Glass fiber polymer frame
  • Internal striker
  • Ambidextrous magazine release
  • Interchangeable front and rear sights

Why You Should Buy The Walther P99?

Have you ever bought something and looked where it was made and thought to yourself, “no wonder it doesn’t work”? The Walther P99 will give you the confidence and comfort that you deserve at an incredibly fair price, especially for a foreign-made product. This gun is easy to shoot, incredibly accurate, has very light recoil, and is made to be durable and reliable for decades. If any of these attributes interest you, then don’t hesitate to buy a superior made product from the world’s best engineers.


Walther P99 9x19mm.png


Buy Here


P99 Vs. P99 AS

The original P99 came out in 1997 and revolutionized the gun world with it’s new and technologically advanced design. The P99 AS (Anti-Stress) pistol is built around the frame of the original P99 but made with a new trigger system in 2004. This new trigger system is based around the traditional double-action, single-action pistols we all know and love. The Anti-Stress trigger is one of the most advanced and awesome characteristics I’ve ever seen in a pistol because of the limited effort needed to operate the gun.

This model fires in double action with an 8.5 lb trigger pull and single action with a 4.5 trigger pull. To activate the Anti-Stress trigger, all you need to do is pull the slide back 10mm, which causes the gun to be put in single-action. The P99 AS model is virtually the same gun as the original, except with the addition of the new trigger assembly, a little wider to contain that trigger assembly, and it’s a little heavier.  However, you’ll never notice any difference in the weight unless you hold both guns in each hand. Either way, it’s well worth it to have the Anti-Stress trigger. This gun was designed to be the main carry weapon of law enforcement officers and special operations military members. You can find these pistols for less than $500 if you’re willing to search the internet long enough. We recommend this pistol for anyone who needs a carry pistol that is dependable, durable, accurate, and displays some of the best technology in the gun world.


P99 P99AS
Weight 1.37 lbs 1.5 lbs
Height 5.3″ 5.3″
Width 1.1″ 1.3″
Barrel Length 4″ 4″
Overall Length 7.1″ 7.1″
Caliber 9×19, .40 S&W 9×19, .40 S&W
Magazine Capacity 10,15,17,20 15
Max Effective Range 55 yards 55 yards
MSRP $325.00 $569.00




Walther PPK

The PPK is known as one of the sought after concealed carry pistols in the world, with hundreds of thousands in Europe and North America buying this gun.  Although this is not a P99 model pistol, we thought it would be worth including due to its popularity and application. The PPK is only 6 inches long and weighs less 1.5 lbs fully loaded, which makes it light enough to carry concealed for long periods. It’s only 1 inch wide, which makes this gun universal in regards to the hand size of the shooter. Some people may be drawn away by the 6-round capacity, but you have to understand the purpose of this handgun. This gun was designed to be concealed by undercover police officers or federal agents as a secondary pistol.

This gun is designed to be fired from close range, and the .380 ACP ammo it shoots will provide enough stopping power to destroy your target. Many people have issues with the trigger pull of the PPK, but I think it’s a necessary attribute to the gun.  In Double-Action, the gun has a 13.5 lb trigger pull and a 6.1 lbs trigger pull in SIngle-Action. There is no getting around how heavy of a pull this is, and many shooters can easily pull their shots with this heavy of a pull, but the small size of the pistol masks some of that weight on the trigger.

Personally, I think the trigger pull could be lightened up some. However, it’s so easy to completely control the gun that you’ll barely notice the added weight. This added weight to the trigger helps with preventing accidental discharges while carrying this inside a shoulder holster and accidentally getting your gun caught on something if it’s on your hip. If you’d like to find other concealed carry pistols, read this blog for guidance on some of the best on the market. We recommend this gun for anyone wanting to carry a concealed weapon, especially women who can easily fit this in a purse without it being too bulky.



Walther PPK
Weight 1.47 lbs (loaded)
Barrel Length 3.3″
Overall Length 6.1″
Width 1″
Caliber .380 ACP
Max Effective Range About 40 yards
Height 3.9″
Magazine Capacity 6 rounds
MSRP $406.00


  • Easily concealed
  • Durable
  • Dependable
  • Accurate
  • Made for any size shooter
  • Lightweight
  • Manual Safety


  • Can be expensive
  • Only 6-round capacity
  • Very heavy trigger pull


  • Stainless steel slide
  • .380 ACP for added stopping power
  • Manual safety lever
  • Extended warranty if bought from Walther Firearms


Walther Pistol PPK/S Blue .380 ACP 7rd 2246006


Buy Here


Accessories for the P99

Accessories are all about personal preference and how each individual wants their gun to be setup. The accessories that we believe will make the most difference for you are the ones that give a better sight picture and grip of the gun. For bigger shooters, a 1-inch wide gun can be detrimental because their hands wrap too far around the grip and can easily cause them to pull shots.

Grip Extension For Walter Arms P99 Compact Black

This grip extension easily attaches to the base of your pistol without the need for any added tools or professional help. As we’ve mentioned before, some shooters may feel this gun is too small and hard to handle because they have larger hands than most, but this grip corrects all those issues. This grip extension adds inches to the grip so bigger shooters can come down on their grip and have more surface area to gain more control, which significantly increases the accuracy of the gun. We would never recommend this attachment unless its really needed because it can throw off the feel of the gun if you have average or smaller hands. This piece is only $15 at most online stores and can be a game-changer with your P99 pistol.




   Buy Here


Many people suggest that green is easier to process on the eyes than red, which gives the shooter quicker target identification. With the P99 being made for law enforcement and military, time is a matter of life and death, so don’t hesitate to buy one of the best laser sights on the market. Crimson Trace is one of the best names in the gun world and is trusted by millions of gun owners across the globe. With 2 full hours of constant light and an auto-shutoff after 5 min of being stationary, you’ll have the light you need when you need it.



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What is the best Gun Cleaning Kit?

How To Find the Best Gun Cleaning Kit

Gun cleaning kits are like dishwasher pods, you need both, but no one wants to spend their hard-earned money on them. In this blog, we are going to focus on a variety of gun cleaning kits that are on the market today, from pistol kits to shotguns and rifles. If you own a gun, you probably already have yourself a gun cleaning kit, but is it good enough? Let’s find out!

Gun Cleaning Supplies

Gun cleaning supplies are as essential to your gun as ammo and sights because, without a clean gun, you’ll run into a plethora of problems and malfunctions. Just like if you have a dirty house, your family will be exposed to pathogens that can make them sick and down for a few days, at least. This is the same with a gun cleaning kit, if you don’t clean your gun after every use, you’ll end up with a sick gun that will fail you when you need it most. Whether you’re a hunter trying to feed your family or a solider defending his/her life, you need a clean and functional gun. These supplies below will help make sure you have a clean firearm. One alternative to buying a gun cleaning kit is to buy individual parts and just buy the parts you need for your purpose. The Place to do that is Palmetto State Armory because of their lifetime warranty on their products. If you’re interested in learning more, read our Palmetto State Armory review. 



The Hoppe’s Boresnake cleaning tool is an awesome bore cleaner that takes the place of the traditional cleaning rod that most kits use.  The cool thing about the Hoppe’s BoreSnake is its incredible flexibility, so it’s not difficult to run through the bore quickly. The best part about this cleaning tool is its made of a nylon fabric that is sturdy and lasts long and has brass embedded into the fabric for scrubbing the carbon and lubricant away. If you’re interested in the safest, easiest, and quickest way to clean your barrel, this is it.

Hoppe's Boresnake Viper .44-.45 Caliber Pistol Bore Cleaning Tool - 24004V

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The Remington Oil wipes are used for cleaning the oil out of the barrel and the internal parts of the gun. We recommend the Remington wipes because they are relatively cheap and they get the job done better than non-brand name wipes. We buy them by the hundreds because we have to clean our guns so often, but I would always recommend buying at least 60 at a time if not 100. They store very easily and don’t take up much room at all, so it makes sense to just buy in bulk and save time and money on multiple shipments. Every kit you buy should come with wipes.

MRE Remington Oil Gun Wipes - 36 Wipes Total Clampack


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Bore cleaners are pretty standard in any cleaning kit and this one is simple and does a great job of removing carbon, dirt, sand, and excess oil from the bore of the gun.  Bore cleaners like this are easy to use and attach right on the end of the cleaning rod. If you’re not using a BoreSnake, you must use something similar to this tool to get a tight fit in the barrel to remove enough carbon to make a difference in the performance of the gun.

Remington SQUEEG-E Bore Cleaner 50CAL/.410GA 17129

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One of the reasons people use the BoreSnake instead is cleaning rods are typically metal and can scratch the rifling of the gun. Gunslick Universal Bore Guide is an excellent alternative to the standard cleaning rod because it’s made of rubber and doesn’t scratch the bore of the gun. This cleaning rod also allows for cleaning fluid to be applied to the patch without handling the cleaning fluid and patch, keeping you clean and dry from the cleaning of the gun. If you’re going to go with a cleaning rod, then we would choose one like this.

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Real Avid® Master Cleaning Station Gun-Cleaning Kit

The Real Avid cleaning mat and kit is one of the best on the market for the quality of products in the kit and the cleaning mat that it comes with. I know you might think that the cleaning station idea is not worth the money, but having a place to put your gun and the cleaning supplies without ruining countertops and staining clothes is pretty nice. Besides that, this kit comes with 50 cleaning patches,  2 smart brushes, 2 slotted bore tips, .22-.45 caliber bore jags, .22-.45 caliber bore brushes, detailing picks and brushes, and a 10″ cleaning rod. This cleaning kit gives you everything you need for any caliber pistol or revolver and you can even buy it from Amazon and get that Prime shipping.

Real Avid Master Cleaning Station - Handgun

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GLORYFIRE Gun Cleaning Kit Handgun Cleaning Kit Pistol Cleaning Kit

What I like about the Gloryfire cleaning kit is it provides everything you’d need for any caliber pistol you have and the quality of the material is second to none.  This cleaning kit comes in a very organized and secure zipper pouch that can be easily carried with you to the range without taking up any room. This kit comes with brass cleaning tools and precision scrapers for carbon caked-on internal parts of the gun. This kit also comes with two empty bottles for your cleaning liquids and an additional 100 cleaning patches. The best thing about this cleaning kit is the price, coming in a $12.00 you can easily afford this kit.

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Best 3 Rifle Cleaning Kits

Similar to pistol cleaning kits, rifle cleaning kits have a longer cleaning rod or BoreSnake to accommodate for the longer barrel. These 3 rifle cleaning kits are the best out there because they work great, easy to transport and use, and they have everything you need for any style rifle.

IUNIO Universal Gun Cleaning Kit 

The Iunio Universal gun cleaning kit is one of the best on the market because it can fit any gun and is made of the best quality materials. Many jags are made of plastic or rubber and can either break or corrode, but the Iunio is made of stamped brass that will last your entire life if you take care of it. This gun comes with  6 gun rods, 13 gun jags, 4 slotted tips, 9 gun mops, 14 bore brushes, 3 muzzle guards, 3 utility brushes, 3 accessory adapters, 4 polishing cloths, 100 cleaning patches, 2 oil bottles(empty), and 1 gun cleaning mat.  The portable case is very well made and doesn’t feel like cheap plastic. The best thing about this company is they offer a lifetime guarantee on their products, which is a clear indication that they believe in what they sell, that’s all we could ask for.

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People always ask us which cleaning kits are the best and which ones we use for our personal rifles, so I included the one I use. The M-Pro Tactical cleaning kit is my go-to for my hunting rifles because of how well made and easy to use it is. The kit comes with gun cleaner, gun oil LPX, 2 separate BoreSnakes, lint-free cleaning cloth, duel head nylon brush for pesky carbon, and a gun pad for keeping your area clean. The reason I use this over other brands, is the 2 BoreSnakes make cleaning the barrel so much easier than cleaning with a standard cleaning rod. The case is nice and sturdy and this product comes with a lifetime warranty.M-Pro 7 Tactical Assault Rifle Cleaning Kit 070-1510

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We wanted to include Breakthrough Clean Technologies because of its environmental contributions to the gun world.  This cleaning kit is the safest and most technologically advanced cleaning kit we have seen by removing any harmful chemicals from their solvent. This kit is specifically made for rifles and comes with 4 steel rods,  bore brush, handle for rods, a mop to absorb the oil, a chamber brush, a muzzle guard, brass patch holder, 1 box of patches, a box of wool felts, 1 bottle of 15 ml Breakthrough Military-Grade Solvent, and a bottle of Battle Born High-Purity Oil. With the climate catastrophe ahead of us, we know we can at least trust Breakthrough Technologies to try and make the world a safer and cleaner place to live.

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Best 3 Shotgun Cleaning Kits


Shotguns can oftentimes be lumped into the rifle cleaning kits, but they’re different guns and these cleaning kits below offer you peace of mind that you’re buying the right kit for your shotgun. Typically, shotguns have less moving parts than other guns because it’s a pretty simple operation to fire a shotgun. We included the 3 best kits we prefer on our shotguns and provide the reason we like them over the countless others.

Sage and Braker Shotgun Cleaning Kit

Sage and Braker cleaning kits remind us of Crown Royale packaging in its simplicity, style, and elegance of design.  There are a lot of reasons we love this company, but for starters, this kit can clean your barrel in less than 15 seconds and the entire gun in a few minutes. It’s possible due to the advanced technology in their BoreSnake that provides optimal friction in the barrel. This cleaning kit is incredibly easy to use and only costs $25.00 on Amazon, which is great if you’re a Prime member and can take advantage of the free two-day shipping. Sage and Braker also provide a lifetime warranty on all of their products, which gives you a lifetime of a clean shotgun for less than a few beers at your local bar. The best thing about Sage and Braker is the sponsorship they have with conservation groups, such as Backcountry Hunters and Anglers. Any company that creates a great product and donates time and money to organizations that help preserve our public lands is a company we can get behind and support.


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Real Avid Gun Boss Shotgun Cleaning Kit

The Real Avid Gun Boss Shotgun cleaning kit is very well made and provides all the tools you need for both a 12 and 20 Gauge shotgun. Inside this strong, unbreakable carrying case is 50 cleaning patches, a large slotted tip for removing carbon from your chamber and internal parts, brushes, and mops designed specifically for the shotgun. At $17.00, this shotgun cleaning kit can’t be beaten. This cleaning kit also comes with a trey to place all your parts in so they don’t get lost or dropped as you’re cleaning. We recommend you use this either as a spare cleaning kit, if you already have one, or as your primary shotgun cleaning kit if you don’t.


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We chose to add the Tac Shield cleaning kit because of the quality and amount of tools you get for the price. The best thing about this kit is the universal aspect of shotguns that it provides. This kit provides bore brushes and mops for the 12 gauge, 20 gauge, and .410 gauge shotgun. I was not able to find any other kit that was as universal as the Tac Shield for the price of $25.00.  The only downside of this kit is the number of patches that it provides, which is only 25 cleaning patches. Obviously, cleaning patches are cheap and easy to buy at any gun store in our country, but they could have just as easily added 25 more patches to give you some time before you need to purchase more.



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Honorable Mention-Otis Elite

The Otis Elite gun cleaning kit has everything you could ever want for every style of gun you own. This case has 16 different sized bronze bore brushes for cleaning the carbon off your gun. It comes with 6 different cables that are marked for the correct size of the barrel you have. This case can clean all shotguns, pistols, and rifles with ease and has everything in one location, so you never need to carry more than one case for all your guns. With a price coming in at around $100, this case is well worth the money, especially if you don’t have any cleaning kits yet.


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Cleaning kits are often overlooked by many gun owners who are excited to go to the range, but don’t understand how important maintenance is. A good gun cleaning kit can add decades of life to your weapons when used correctly and will make sure your gun fires when you need it to. There are so many places you could buy your gun cleaning kits, including Amazon, Brownells, Gun Broker, Palmetto State Armory, and The Utah Gun Exchange. We have blogs on most of these companies and encourage customers to research who you buy from, so you understand what the company stands for and what they offer. Our blog on is a good way to understand how the site works and how to purchase your gun cleaning kit from someone online. One of our favorite companies is Brownells because of their warranties and insanely impressive customer service. One thing we can assure you is that if you buy any of the gun cleaning kits listed above, you’ll always have the tools you need to keep your gun up and running when you need it to.





Brownells is a full-service gun company created by Bob Brownell from Montezuma, Iowa, in 1939. Bob Brownell was a gas station and sandwich shop owner until he realized he had a rare talent for gunsmithing. As he began to get more business fixing and altering friends’ guns, Bob Brownell went from a small-time gas station owner to a full-service gun shop.  As the Brownell family began to establish their business, Bob released the first catalog to market his store as the only gunsmith supply store in the world. As he began to distribute these catalogs across the country, his business began to pick up significantly. The demand for well made and proper gunsmithing tools were incredibly high due to the lack of supply across the country. As Bob expanded his company, he included gun parts, guns, gear, and most importantly, Brownell’s started offering a service called “Gun Guru.” This service is unique to Brownells, and we believe it separates them from their competitors by providing gun services to their customers.

Catalog #1 Cover


Gun Guru

Gun Guru’s at Brownells are the men and women you can call for any questions or concerns about your guns or gear. Think of Gun Guru as a call center for firearms, except this call center is filled with some of the most experienced experts in the gun industry. This service is available 7 days a week and provides assistance in how to build guns from individual parts, how to decide which gun is best for you, how to fix any problems with your gun or answer any gun-related questions you may have.

As great as a service as this is, it can be confusing to people who don’t know the lingo associated with Brownells and guns, in general.  There are 6 total people who you could talk to if you call into the Gun Guru office, however, 3 are Gun Guru’s and 3 are Gun Techs.  Cameron is the first Gun Guru, who is a former government employee, specializing in arms repair. Cameron is an IPSC-3 (International Practical Shooters COnfederation) competitive shooter with a Master-Class ranking. Cameron can answer any questions you have on modern firearms and loading and reloading. Call Camron if you want advice on how to become a better competitive shooter or just to talk guns.

John is the AR-15 platform Guru who will walk you through any AR question you might have. He knows how to build, configure, and help with minor repairs to your AR-15 model rifle, semi-auto pistols, and vintage WWII guns. John is the guy to talk to if you have a WWII gun and your not sure how to repair it or how it works. John is a longtime WWII gun collector who can answer any question you might have on WWII guns and ammo.

Tessa is the 3rd and final Gun Guru that specializes in skeet shooting along with pistol and rifle target shooting on the range. Tessa is from the 2nd Amendment capital of the country (Texas) and enjoys quality time shooting with her family or hunting with her dad.  If you’re interested in Skeet shooting or hunting, talk to Tessa and she’ll get you all the info you need to be better tomorrow than you were today.

Gun Tech

A Gun Tech is someone who has the certification and knowledge to help customers repair, build, and increase the longevity of a firearm. Gun Techs can help you identify problems with a gun and how to troubleshoot it to get it up and running again. Brownells has hundreds of accessories and gun parts to replace any issue that can’t be fixed with simple troubleshooting.

Caleb is the first Gun Tech with almost a decade of gunsmithing experience and specializes in historical and modern military firearms. Caleb was an Army Combat Engineer that served honorably in multiple war zones across the globe. His experience gained in the military fueled his love of historical weapons and led him to join Brownells after he completed his gunsmithing schooling.  Often times, people make mistakes on the type of gear they bring into the field, whether hunting or in war, but Caleb can help guide you toward the right equipment and accessories to use. He is well versed in all tactical gear and will prevent you from making similar mistakes by helping you work through your purpose and comfort with the gun.

Perry is a Gun Tech with invaluable experience as a law enforcement officer and mixed-martial arts instructor. Perry’s law enforcement knowledge gives him a perspective that very few people could have, which helps customers make the best decisions on their firearms as possible. Perry specializes in building and shooting pistol-caliber AR model guns. He also fabricates and has the skill to customize individual firearms to meet the needs of each customer. Finally, if your interested in making your gun aesthetically unique, Perry does custom paint jobs on your firearm to gives you that one of a kind gun. Anyone interested in building their own AR model rifle or carbine should contact Perry, and he’ll guide you all the way through the process and make sure you’re doing it safely and legally.

The final Gun Tech is Dean, an 18-year Brownells employee that has all the answers you’d ever need in one location about guns. Dean specializes in a process called “bluing,” which is a chemical process that protects, restores, or decorates metal. All guns go through some sort of Bluing to add color, prevent corrosion, oxidation, and give the gun a significantly longer life span. Dean also teaches many classes for gunsmithing in the AR-15 model rifles and the different finishes that can be added to the AR to enhance the gun. Dean is an invaluable employee that will gladly teach you the basics of bluing and gunsmithing your own weapons at home.

Gun Bluing

Gun Bluing is a very unique and hard to find skill that Brownells will teach you at one of their highly sought after classes in Iowa. Gun bluing can be done in either a cold-blue or hot-blue method that depends on the type of metal and purpose of the metal used.

Hot bluing is a 5-step process that is used to clean and remove rust or impurities in the metal to make the desired final product.  The first step in hot bluing is to place the metal in a degreaser to remove the oils from both the outside and inside. The 2nd step is placing the clean metal into a rinsing container to make sure the oil is removed and ready for the 2nd trip to the degreaser. After the metal is put through the degreaser a second time, it’s rinsed again and finally placed in a bath of molten salts. Since the salt bath is above 290 degrees, it breaks down the metal and makes it very soft and easier to manipulate. Once the bath is done, the metal is placed in a secure location to rest for 24 hours, then its ready to be polished and returned to the owner. Gun Bluing is a great skill to learn if you’re interested in preserving and restoring metal objects to their previous glory.



The International Practical Shooting Confederation is one of the most prestigious shooting competitions in the world.  IPSC is an organization that puts on matches all over the world from Serbia and Russia to Ecuador and Great Britain. This shooting competition focuses on 3 main things, which are speed, power, and accuracy in all of their competitions.

Practical shooting is the focus on these competitions and it’s based around the movement of the shooter and how the shooter interacts with multiple target types. For example, this competition forces shooters to run from spot to spot shooting at moving targets, targets that move when hit, and shooting over/under or around obstacles in your way. These are all movements and drills that you’d find yourself in during a real-life situation, so the IPSC wants to train and test shooters in their ability to shoot accurately while on the move.

To prepare for this level of competition, we suggest you read up on some drills to do by yourself at the range. One of the most essential skills to get down besides safety is your trigger pull. Trigger pull is incredibly vital for every handgun shooter because your trigger pull can mean hitting your target or pulling your shot. After you understand how to manipulate your trigger, you need to worry about shot placement. Shot placement drills will help guide you in the right direction with your accuracy, which is the most critical aspect of shooting. The IPSC is a great way to network and meet like-minded people who want to compete and learn from each other. Once you go to one event, you’ll be hooked on the level of excitement and comradery that is the staple of every competition.



Best Optics for the IPSC

Optics are only used in some of the competitions, but if you go into one of these races, make sure you have the best possible optic you can comfortably afford. We are going to focus on the optics that you can buy directly from Brownells since this article is highlighting their store. However, if you want to know what we think are some other phenomenal optics and scopes, read this article.

Holosun HE508T

The Holosun is a pistol optic designed to give the shooter a big open window to focus on with a high power red dot sight for quick and easy target identification. The best thing about the Holosun is the Solar Fail-Safe system, which gives a single battery a 10-year life! The battery is engineered with a technology called “shake-awake,” which turns off your optic if it’s not being used, and all you have to do to turn it back on is to move your gun enough for it to register movement.

Holosun Optic

Trijicon SRO Adjustable Optic

The Trijicon SRO optic is a slide-mounted optic that is specifically designed to give the shooter the most accurate sight picture available. The extremely wide lens makes it incredibly easy to identify your target during your draw and has a very bright and clean red dot. The battery in the Trijicon is built to last up to 3 years at medium light but can last even longer if you use a lower setting. This optic comes with 8 different settings for your red dot and is capable of night vision in low light environments.Trijicon optic


Guaranteed For Life

Brownells offers an incredible warranty that covers products for a lifetime, and it doesn’t matter what the cause of return is. The only things that have a limited warranty are guns, ammo, liquids, and any other material that has a shelf life. As expensive as the gear and optics are today, this life-time warranty will help put you at ease that no matter what happens, Brownells has your back.


Armslist: Firearms Marketplace


Armslist is a website that allows people in our country to sell guns on a 3rd party platform over the internet in a safe, secure, and legal way.  Whether you’re a dealer, manufacturer, or individual gun owner, Armslist provides you an alternative to  Armslist offers gear, guns, accessories, blogs, and reviews on hundreds of products that you’d be interested in owning. The point of this website is to give buyers and sellers of guns and gear a platform to conduct business easily and legally. We will go into detail on what separates Armslist from their competitors and let you decided for yourself if its a company you’d want to support.

Armslist Legal Defense Fund

Armslist is considered to be a very controversial company because of the way it does business and the fact that its business is guns. Anytime someone can put a gun online to sell without being an official dealer or manufacturer, the government steps in to monitor the legalities. As America struggles with the mass shooting epidemic in our country, many people want to find who or what’s to blame for it. As a result, honest, hardworking, and law-abiding businesses, such as Armslist and Gun Broker, are being targeted every time someone does something unforgivable with a gun.

The government and citizens from both sides of the political spectrum try and prey on these companies because they see them as easy targets or scapegoats. The Armslist defense fund was created to combat any lawsuit that seeks to shut down Armslist from being the platform for law-abiding citizens to sell their guns legally.  With the help of thousands of Americans, Armslist can fight back and provide the excellent services that they’ve come to be known for. Regardless of where you stand on the 2nd Amendment, Armslist will continue to fight against unfair lawsuits as long as they can afford it. If you’re interested in donating to their defense fund, you’ll receive updates on where your money is going and what case your money helps fight against.

The biggest win for Armslist is Daniel Vs. Armslist, in which Armslist was blamed for a murderer’s actions against an unfortunate family in Wisconsin. The court found that Armslist could not be held accountable for someone’s illegal actions, despite that person buying a gun on the site. They cited the Communications Decency Act, which prevents online companies from being held accountable for the actions of a criminal. The reason this law is so important is it prevents misinformed and grieving families from suing someone that is completely unrelated to the actions of a criminal. Without the defense fund, Armslist would not be able to fight against these court cases brought up to destroy their business and any business like them.


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Gun Safety

Firearms safety is the most important thing to know about guns, and Armslist goes to great lengths to make sure you know what you’re doing with a gun in your hand. We can’t stress enough about the importance of firearm safety and Armslist provides a great video that outlines the most important factors to consider with gun safety. Once you have the basic mechanics and range safety, its time to practice and we have some great drills for the range for you to try. While you’re learning how to handle your gun properly, don’t forget to get some kind of safe or a safe and secure place in your house to keep the gun. If you need help with finding a gun safe, read this article and you’ll get all the info you need to make the best decision for you. Once you have a safe and learn how to properly conduct yourself with your gun, its time for you to think about if you want a concealed carry license. If you’re interested in a concealed carry license, but don’t know where to start, try a  concealed carry class.



How do I Sell Guns on Armslist?

There are two different ways to sell guns on Armslist and we’ll discuss both of them below, but we want to make sure you understand the things you need first. The first thing to know about selling a gun on Armslist is that you don’t need an account to sell a gun. However, if you’re a gun nut and have a lot of guns to sell or buy, then creating an account will be a great option for you.

Armslist Premium Vendor

The Armslist Premium Account is specifically designed for vendors who sell up to 500 guns at a time and get the most profit out of it.  This is perfect for gun manufacturers who want another platform to sell their guns and not have to worry about the legality of the sales. Armslist takes care of the legality issues as long as they have a copy of your FFL and other relevant information, such as (company name, driver’s license, etc…). The biggest thing that separates Armslist from their competitors, such as Gun Broker, is Armslist doesn’t charge you fees per sale of the gun. You will end up paying $25 per month and you get all profit for each sale at the monthly rate. No other company that we know of offers you this kind of deal. The Premium Vendor account gives customers access to their own personalized webpage that organizes their entire portfolio. As someone who works on creating content for websites, I can’t overexaggerate how important it is for someone else to manage that web page for you.  The Premium account will save you dozens of hours, so you can focus your time on your business instead of working on websites. With over 200,000 visitors to Armslist every day, The Premium Vendor account will give you the exposure that would cost thousands if you paid a contractor to sell your guns and gear.



Armslist Premium  Vendor
Cost of Membership $25/month
Do You Need an FFL? Yes
Seller fees None
Listing Fees None
Dedicated  Webpage Yes

Armslist Personal Account

The Armslist Personal account is designed for individual gun enthusiasts that sell a few guns per year and need help with organic traffic to their products. This account is free of charge and does not require you to have an FFL or a business license. Any commercial dealer trying to avoid the fees by creating a personal account will have their account turned down and they will not be able to operate under any false pretenses. The Personal account is great for any American that just wants to sell a gun or gear and not worry about the legality of the sale. You do not get your own personal webpage, but Armslist does place all of your listings in one location for easy access for you to look and observe what’s selling and what you still have.  Normally, there’s a lot of added typing with all the paperwork it takes to sell a gun in our country, but Armslist provides auto-fill on their applications to decrease your paperwork time significantly.

Armslist Personal Account
Cost of Membership None
Do You Need an FFL? No
Seller Fee None
Listing Fee None
Dedicated Webpage No
Commercial Use No

Armslist Vs. Gun Broker

Armslist and Gun Broker are two similar websites that sell guns, gear, gun parts, etc…, but are still very different companies. For starters, Armslist simply allows a platform for any American or business to sell their guns and gear without any extra fees. Any person selling or buying a gun on Armslist is responsible for the purchase, Armslist does not get involved in individual transactions. Once a price is set by the seller of the gun, the price is set and it’s up to the seller if they would be willing to come down on a price or not. Whereas, Gun Broker is an auction site for guns that goes to the highest bidder, which can significantly increase your profits. The best thing about Armslist is they don’t have any hidden fees or extra taxes when someone sells and buys a gun, the profit goes to the seller. Gun Broker does not have a monthly rate or recurring bill, but does charge for each sale. The fees associated with Gun Broker can be very tricky though and it’s important to understand them before you create an account and sell your guns on their site.

Armslist Premium Vendor Gun Broker
What are the fees? $25 per/month Final Price of the item sold: (0-$250) Gun Broker gets 6%

Final Price of the Item Sold: (Over $250) Gun Broker gets 6% of the first $250 and 3.5% of the remaining value.

Who needs FFL? Anyone selling an Automatic gun, Commercial sellers Anyone selling an Automatic gun, Commercial Sellers
Dedicated Webpage Yes No
Application Fees None $1.00 Activation Fee

$2.00 Verification Fee

Commercial Use Yes Anyone can sell here


Armslist is a mediator who allows individuals or companies to sell their guns on their website without having to market their products by themselves. Armslist offers two different account types, which are the Premium Vendor account and the Personal account. Each account is dictated to the needs of the seller, which provides options that many online companies don’t offer. The Legal Defense Fund from Armslist protects the 2nd Amendment rights of all Americans who want to conduct business online. Armslist also provides up-to-date news articles related to guns, gun laws, and opinionated articles to educate the public on issues affecting the 2nd Amendment. We strongly encourage anyone interested in selling or buying guns to give Armslist a chance. If you’re not interested in buying or selling products, you could always go support their Legal Defense Fund to ensure the 2nd Amendment rights of Americans are not taken away.