Military One Source

Military One Source is a program for service members, veterans, and their families. They offer so many services, for free. However,  many service members don’t take advantage of what they have to offer, usually because they don’t know what’s available to them. So, here’s everything you need to know about Military One Source and how to take advantage of their free help.

What is Military One Source?

Military One Source is a U.S. Department of Defense Program. You’ve probably heard about them if you’re in the military, and you might have heard of them pre-deployment or during TAPS. They’re available to both service members and their family to help you smoothly transition from military to civilian, civilian to military, and pre/intra/post deployment processes. If you need tax help, counseling, employment help, relationship advice, that’s what they’re there for, and confidentiality is a high priority. They even offer legal help for reservists who lose their job as a result of a deployment.

Confidential Help

Confidential help might seem like a myth, especially if you’re currently serving. There’s so much stigma around the idea of getting help. There’s nothing wrong with seeking help, whether it’s for dealing with the stress of moving or getting through a traumatic event, Military One Source has the resources to help you through it, and confidentially.

Non-Medical Counseling

Non-medical counseling is a service provided through Military One Source for active duty, guardsmen and reservists. It is also available to immediate family members and survivors. If you have concerns with relationships at home or work, you need help managing stress, maybe you are having issues communicating in your marriage, need help adjusting to the military culture, phases of a deployment, want to improve your parenting skills, or you’re suffering from grief or loss, non-medical counseling might be what you’re looking for.

Specialty Consultations

Specialty Consultations are meant for individuals who need help with the process of adoption, adult disabilities, building healthy relationships, education, caring for the elderly, relocation and transition support for spouses, special needs, peer-to-peer support, wounded warrior assistance, and even health and wellness coaching.

Interactive Tools & Services

Right when you thought Military One Source already provided a great deal of services, they go and give you more resources such as financial counseling, MilTax services, caregiver support services, spouse education and career opportunities, of course resilience tools, and even language services—to help with translations when you’re OCONUS, translate documents, and bridging language barriers such as that with a foreign-born spouse.

Moving & Housing

If you’re a part of the military, it is inevitable, you will be moving. Whether it’s moving to your first duty station or your 15th, having resources available can make the moving period a little more bearable than trying to do it all on your own.


Whether your move is due to a PCS or separation, Military One Source will provide you will all kinds of resources to get you from point A to point B. They’ll help you plan your move, get sponsorship, and even help if your spouse is moving while you’re deployed.


Moving overseas comes with its own set of challenges. If this is you, don’t worry Military One Source has your back. They’ll help you figure out logistics and family, and let you in on what life is like overseas.


Do you have specialized housing needs? Are you in need of some disaster planning? These are both things that Military One Source will help you with. They even provide educational resources to help you better understand Family Separation Allowance (FSA), Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH), and Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA).

Military Life Cycle

No one ever said military life was easy, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of resources out there to help make things go a little smoother, such as when you deploy for the first time, or when you get to your first duty station.

New to the Military

If you’re new to the military, things might seem a bit overwhelming, we’ve been there. Luckily, Military One Source has resources to help you settle into your new environment. They’ll even provide you with free courses on how to invest and car buying (you should take advantage of both of these).


If you haven’t yet, or you have a record-breaking number of deployments under your belt, there’s something for you on Military One Source. There are even resources for family members. If you’re already hip-deep into your deployment, or you’re getting ready to return home, they can help you there too.

Separation & Transition

If you’re making that civilian transition, there’s most likely going to be a lot of anxiety that comes with it. Questions such as, what’s next and how to survive in the civilian job market are all too common. Military One Source has plenty of resources available for you to take advantage of before and after you get out.


There are so many resources a veteran can take advantage of, if you know about them. Not only do you get the classic “here’s who will give you discounts” lists, but they help you will things like the VA, coordinating funeral honors, educational resources, and even training vital to the job market you’re searching. 

Friends & Extended Family

Too often are resources available only to service members and their immediate family. But, that doesn’t mean friends and extended family can’t benefit from knowing a little more about their service member’s life. Military One Source has details on how to recognize stress in military members, how to support service members, and even how to recognize military scams.

Financial & Legal

Financial advice and resources are something every military member should take advantage of. Whether you sever part-time or you’re active duty, Military One Source is another place to seek advice.

Personal Finance

Military One Source can help you create a financial plan, no matter what your current finances look like, no matter what phase of your military career you’re in, and no matter how much you know about making the most of your military pay. They also have educational resources on saving, the different types of military pay, how to invest, pay off debt, even manage a checking account. So, even if you didn’t learn that stuff before graduating high school, they’ll help you out. They also have legal resources available for members looking to understand consumer rights, and it’s all free.


Sadly, being in the military doesn’t mean everyone will do you right. If you’re finding yourself dealing with a prick-of-a landlord who won’t let you out of a lease, aren’t getting the health benefits you’re legally allowed, or need help with civil lawsuits, estate planning, contracts, and lease reviews, or ID theft, there’s a resource Military One Source can point you toward.

Tax Resource Center

Military One Source has a tax resource center you can take advantage of using free MilTax software. Or, maybe you need a tax extension because of a deployment, MilTax can help you there too. They’ll also provide you with both tax consultants and plenty of educational resources to help make filing easier.

Education & Employment

If you’re a part of the military, there are so many educational opportunities available to you—outside of tuition assistance and the GI Bill—but if you don’t know about them, they won’t do you any good. Luckily, Military One Source has you covered.

Service Members

Whether you entered the military with a degree or you’ve never stepped foot on a college campus, Military One Source can help you get started once you’ve entered the military. Do you need help selecting the right college, don’t understand tuition assistance, or need help securing a job that you can find meaning in after you get out, then check out the resources Military One Source has to offer. If you’ve already made the transition out, you have access to their services one year after separation.

Children and Youth

If you have little ones in school or they’re getting ready to start Pre-K, you’ll find a list of benefits and resources for Pre-K to 12th grade, tips on changing schools, higher education for your child, and even help to get them a job.


Did you know that a military spouse can get up to $4,000 in tuition assistance? If not, this is only one of the things Military One Source can show you how to get. Whether you’re a spouse seeking an advanced degree, a license, or need career connections because of all the moving, Military One Source can point you in the right direction.

Family & Relationships 

Relationships in the military can be difficult. Deployments, PCSing, being far from loved ones all cause stress on families. Add in things like special needs, dealing with casualties, and being the survivor and it only makes life that much more stressful. Military One Source has resources to help in these areas, both for spouses and children.


Benefits and resources available to spouses include details on your entitlements, such as getting a military ID, employment benefits, the local MWR (Morale, Welfare, and Recreation) programs, how to register for TRICARE, opportunities for education, marriage counseling, and surviving spouse benefits can all be found through Military One Source.

Parenting & Children

Most military installations have programs for children and their parents. Military One Source can help you take advantage of things like finding out about summer activities at the on-base library, find childcare, tips on parenting teens, help with an adoption process, and parenting through a deployment.

Special Needs          

If you have a family member with special needs Military One Source can get you in touch with a special needs consultant, help get you in touch with local support, and finding special needs childcare. There are plenty more resources available and tons of benefits you can find through Military One Source, so whether you have a special needs child or adult, they’re there to help you.


It’s no secret that the military puts a strain on relationships, and sometimes it leads to break-ups and divorce, and even falling-outs with co-workers. If you need advice on how to keep your relationship going strong, tips on how to manage relationships while you’re deployed, relationship challenges and divorce, or parenting and guardian tips, Military One Source has resources and benefits available.

Family Life

Just because you’re serving in the military doesn’t mean abuse or neglect doesn’t occur. Military One Source can show you how to prevent such a thing from happening, and how to recognize the signs of abuse. They’ll also show you how to stop it, and give you resources to help you or someone you know who’s a victim of or related to someone dealing with domestic, child abuse, or neglect.

Survivor & Casualty Assistance

If you’re a survivor of a service member who has passed away, you might find yourself in need of legal and financial assistance. Military One Source has resources available to you and can help provide some support in attempting to find a new way of life without a spouse or parent. They’ll also help by connecting you with a grief counselor if desired.

Health & Wellness

Military One Source does not provide direct health care services, however, they do provide a lot of resources for service members and even family members who are trying to live their best life, mentally and physically. 


Again, Military One Source does NOT provide direct health care services. But, they will help you navigate TRICARE plans and point you in the right direction when it comes to figuring out which plan works best for you and your family.

Healthy Living

There is an obligation service members have to stay fit while serving. This means maintaining physical, mental, and spiritual fitness. Military One Source can point you toward fitness products, give you advice on getting to your peak performance, and even provide you with a health and wellness coach.

Mental Health

The military has a stigma about getting seen for mental health concerns. But, you don’t have to go see a military doctor for advice and counseling services, unless you really want to. Military One Source can point you in the right direction.

Military Crisis Line: 800-273-8255(then press 1) or chat by texting 838255 

Wounded Warriors

If you’re a wounded warrior, you’re entitled to a lot of benefits. Military One Source can help you figure out what these benefits are and give you a list of resources such as military relief organization contacts, and educational and employment benefits to help. They also provide wounded warrior specialty consultations to help with things like finding transportation, respite care, reporting problems with military facilities, and getting any additional support you might be in need of.


If you’re the caregiver of a wounded warrior, you’ll need resources and support too. Military One Source can provide you with resources in military and family life counseling, financial counseling, specialty consultations, and non-medical counseling, services you might need as a result of a spouse’s life-altering injury.

Recreation, Travel & Shopping

No one ever said the military had to be all work and no play. It’s important to find ways of relaxing and spending quality time with your family if you want to keep your mental health on point. Military One Source can show you where to go for discounts on recreational events, travel tickets, and ways to save at the commissary and military exchange.


Whether you’re looking to have a good time testing your fitness, you’re single, want to start a new hobby, think of the library as your second home, or want to attend concerts, Military One Source will show you how to make the most out of what your base has to offer.


Not all of your travel has to be mandatory. If you want to go on a hike, climb a mountain, explore the local community overseas, Military One Source has what you need to get your adventure on.

Commissary & Exchange

Did you know that you can get more than a tax-free and discounted shopping experience at the commissary and military exchange? Military One Source will let you in on all the details, like scholastic rewards for your children, employment opportunities for your dependent(s), and any contests.

National Guard & Reserve Component Information

If you’re not active duty, simply put, you don’t get the same benefits. If you’ve come from active duty to a guard or reserve component, you might find there’s a big difference, not only in operations but how benefits work and what resources are available to you. Military One Source can help you figure it out.

Guard and Reserves

If you’re in the Guard or Reserves, your educational benefits work differently, and so do your medical benefits. You still have the option to use TRICARE and tuition assistance, but the parameters of them are a bit different. Military One Source offers webinars to help you sift through all the policy lingo without giving you a major headache.

Employment & Education

Just because you’re serving part-time doesn’t mean you don’t need help with things like resume writing and turning that military lingo into civilian equivalent experiences. Military One Source will help you with your resume and getting hired. There are plenty of programs out there looking to hire someone with military experience, Military One Source will help you locate them.

Military Separation & Retirement

Whether you did 20 years or 4, leaving the military behind can be daunting, especially if you were serving in an active role. Even if you served strictly as a reservist or in the guard, you might want some help making a full transition to civilian status. Military One Source has the resources to help you do that. If you’re actively looking to go into the reserves or guard, they also have recourses available to get you there.

Military One Source Contact Numbers

If you need to talk to someone, there’s confidential help 24/7 provided by Military One Source. They even have overseas calling options.

Military One Source Phone Number: 800-342-9747

OCONUS Calling Options: 800-342-9647 or 703-253-7599

Emergency Contacts for Disaster & Evacuations: This will vary based on the branch and state you’re in. It’s best to visit Military One Source here for a full list of contact options.

VA News: VA Loan Limits Lifted

No matter which lender you go through, it won't change your loan limit requirement, but it might change your experience. Check out our 5-star lenders below!

What You Need To Know

RE Factor Tactical Buyer's Guide
  • Loan limits will be lifted in 2020
  • The VA backs 25% of your home loan
  • Until 2020, if you exceed the loan limit, you will most likely have to make a down payment

Top VA Lenders

Veterans United
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A while back we told you about the Blue Water Navy Vietnam Veterans Act. When President Trump signed the law saying Navy Veterans who served on the seas around Vietnam would get benefits they deserve, the VA home loan limit was also lifted.

Currently, the VA backs 25% of a qualifying veteran’s VA home loan, and with that comes loan limits. While your entitlements reset when you sell or pay off your home, you can still only buy a home for less than or equal to the county’s loan limit where you’ll be purchasing a home.

Yes, you can exceed this loan limit, but then you’ll be required to make a down payment. With the loan limit being lifted you can now purchase a $2 Mil home if you wanted. Of course, the VA still only backs 25%, and a lender doesn’t have to issue the loan.

In any case, there’s no longer a down payment required for any VA home loan purchased house. And that means you can buy that $500,000 house without making a down payment, no matter which county you live in.

However, this will not go into effect until 2020. So, if you’re purchasing a house during the summer of 2019, you’ll still be stuck with loan limits and a down payment if you choose to buy a house exceeding the limit for the county the house is located in.

Veterans United

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JG Wentworth

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The Best Revolver for Concealed Carry [2019]



Whether or not you should use a revolver for concealed carry is a contentious topic argued by gun enthusiasts and professionals alike. Like concealed carry semi-automatic pistols, revolvers have a lot of pros and cons when it comes to concealed carry. Here we aim to take a look at things to consider when selecting the best revolver for concealed carry as well as some of the pros and cons of selecting carrying a revolver in general.

Using a Revolver for Concealed Carry


One of the best things about a revolver is they tend to be reliable. In general, if you squeeze the trigger on a revolver it’s going to fire. In a world where you might be relying on your pistol firing when you need it most, this is a very important attribute.

Concealed Carry Backpacks

The other great thing about a revolver is it’s simply, part of the reason it’s so reliable. Unlike a semi-automatic pistol, you don’t need to worry about slide locks, magazine release buttons, stove-piped rounds, and improperly seated magazines. As long as you have unspent rounds in the cylinder chances are the weapon will fire, making the revolver ideal for anyone who might not be comfortable with using a firearm (although we always advocate extensive training if you want to carry concealed). Revolvers are fairly easy to conceal and many models will easily fit in a purse, pocket, or waistband.


Revolvers have some pretty big cons, one being they are very difficult and slow to reload. Unless you’re a world-class competition revolver shooter, reloading a revolver will be slow and cumbersome. Further, revolver clips (called moon clips) are difficult to carry as they can be bulky and less slip than a concealed carry semi-automatic pistol magazine. This means you’re usually limited in your round capacity which for concealed carry revolvers is typically around 5-6 rounds.

Best Concealed Carry Shirt

Another con with revolvers is their trigger weights. Because revolvers often omit a safety they come with a heavy stock trigger. These trigger pulls are long, heavy, and hard to manage during rapid fire. Some revolvers offer a double-action/single-action trigger that reduces the weight but then you’re required to either first pull a double trigger action or carry with the hammer cocked. Due to a concealed carry revolver’s design, they also tend to come with a shorter barrel making them less accurate. This coupled with the difficulty of holding the pistol with both hands makes it less accurate than a traditional semi-automatic pistol

Is it Worth It?

Good question and the answer is: it depends. At the end of the day, your personal carry pistol will depend entirely on your own unique situation. We do recommend taking a look at our best concealed carry pistol guide to see some of the options and comparisons of the different concealed carry pistols available.

Personally, I like revolvers for concealed carry as a quick and easy option. If I don’t have the time to dress to carry my normal set up I can quickly and easily throw a revolver in my pants or jacket pocket and roll out where a semi-auto option would require a holster and the right cover shirt and maybe some extra mags and in the end a bit more thought. I also like throwing a revolver in my backpack or center console as a good backup gun. One thing I personally wouldn’t do is carry a revolver every day as my primary concealed carry option… but that’s just me.

Concealed Carry Revolver Calibers

There are a number of concealed carry pistol caliber options but the most popular version is the .38 special. Other versions include a 9mm, .45ACP, 410 shotgun shell (yes we are serious), .44 magnum and .357 magnum.

.38 Special

.38 Special revolver cartridge. SP bullet. Manufacturer: Sellier & Bellot. Photo Credit: Malis/Wikimedia Commons

The .38 Special is a great concealed carry caliber because it’s small enough to fit 5-6 in a compact cylinder while still offering some pretty impressive stopping power. The .38 special or 9 x 29.5mm has almost the same diameter as a standard 9mm round but is much longer. This is a rimmed, centerfire cartridge designed by Smith & Wesson and was an extremely common round carried by police departments and government agencies from the 1920s all the way up to the 1990s. This is a much slower round than other common revolver rounds but it’s still very effective and accurate.


Not a lot of revolvers are chambered in 9mm but there are a few. The Ruger LCRx is a great 9mm concealed carry revolver. One nice thing about the 9mm cartridge is it’s shorter than a .38 special which means it can have a shorter cylinder and in turn an arguably more company pistol. The 9mm does fire faster than the .38 special which could lead to a more accurate shot group, although there are a lot of other things that come into play when it comes to accuracy.

.45 ACP

Several .45 ACP variants: hollow point, full metal jacket, WWII-era military issue birdshot  Photo Credit: Derek280/Wikimedia Commons

.45 ACP is a less common concealed carry revolver round but one of the most notable pistols you’d see is the Smith & Wesson Governor. The Governor is chambered in both .45 and .410 making it a real beast of a concealed carry gun. Some people will argue that a .45 is a better option to carry simply because it has more stopping power. While it’s true that it does have more stopping power we are huge proponents for shot placement over stopping power. Many people advocate 9mm for concealed carry because you will most likely get to carry more rounds than a 45. However, with the revolver, you are usually limited to 5-6 rounds, regardless of the caliber. For example, the Taurus Model 450, chambered in .45 Colt is probably the smallest .45 you’d find on the market and comes with a 5 round capacity. In contrast, the Smith & Wesson M&P 340 comes in a .38 special round and also has a 5 round capacity.

.44 Magnum

.44 AMP cartridge on the left and a .44 Remington Magnum round on the right. Photo Credit: Darkman IV/Wikimedia Commons

.44 Magnum is usually reserved for full-size revolvers and is a very powerful round, the most powerful according to Dirty Harry apparently.  It’s a bit smaller than the .45 in diameter but it’s a lot longer simply due to its original design as a revolver round. The .44 Magnum makes for a formidable concealed carry revolver round, however, due to its size, it’s fairly uncommon in smaller sized pistols. One big fallback to using a round with this much kick is that you are going to sustain some pretty serious “kick” which will cause your gun to come off target making follow up shots difficult and inaccurate.

.22 Caliber

High-velocity, copper-plated .22 LR rounds                        Photo Credit: X_Wad/Wikimedia Commons

There are several concealed carry revolvers on the market that use a .22 caliber. While this round is a very small round and won’t inflict a lot of damage, it is easy to conceal and can offer a larger round capacity. It is pretty uncommon for someone to carry a .22 caliber revolver but it can happen. A few positives to carrying the round is it’s easy to control, ammo is very inexpensive and it’s compact. Even still, we’d strongly recommend not going with this option.

Single Action vs Double Action

When selecting the right revolver for you, you might come across the terms, single action and double action. If you don’t know the difference, don’t worry, we’re here to help.

Single Action

Single action means one action happens when you pull the trigger. The hammer drops and your weapon fires. This happens because you must first physically cock the hammer to the rear, and pulling the trigger simply sends it forward.

Double Action

Double action literally means that two actions are being performed when you pull the trigger. The first action cocks the hammer back and the second action sends the hammer forward, causing the weapon to fire. If the revolver you plan to purchase says it’s double-action, then it won’t be like in the movies where they physically cock the hammer to the rear, that’s single-action. Double action means the trigger does all the work for you.

Our Top Rated Concealed Carry Revolvers

We want to preface this with the disclaimer that we do not usually carry a revolver for concealed carry. We wrote an entire blog about our preferred concealed carry gun and the pros and cons of each option.

Smith and Wesson 642 Airweight

The Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight is our top choice for a concealed carry revolver. At 15 ounces it’s extremely light and a very non-invasive pistol to carry around. This is one of the most popular concealed carry revolvers on the market and for a very good reason. The 5 round cylinder and trigger offer a smooth consistent pull that will help ensure you’re putting rounds on target when needed.

Because the pistol is made with an aluminum frame and a steel cylinder it offers both a light and durable design that will withstand whatever abuse you throw at it. The 642 Airweight also features a snub-nose design making it ideal to carry concealed but also reduces its max effective range.  If you’re looking for a solid revolver that you can wear in almost any attire you choose, the Smith & Wesson 642 Airweight is one of the best options around.

642 Airweight Specs

  • Caliber: 38 S&W SPECIAL +P
  • Capacity: 5
  • Barrel Length:
  • Overall Length: 6.3″
  • Front Sight: Integral
  • Rear Sight: Fixed
  • Action: Double Action Only
  • Grip: Synthetic
  • Weight: 14.4 oz / 408.2g
  • Cylinder Material: Stainless Steel
  • Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Frame Finish: Matte Silver

Smith and Wesson BodyGuard .38

You should start noticing a trend with Smith & Wesson revolvers, they are all pretty solid. Smith & Wesson pretty much invented the concealed carry revolver game and their quality still stands among the best.

Should you Carry a Backup Gun

The BodyGuard .38 also features a light aluminum frame making it easy to carry. Like the Airweight it also features a short snub-nose barrel making it ideal for concealment but lousy for engagements over 10-15 yards. While there are many versions of the .38 special we prefer the Crimson Trace version. With ambidextrous laser controls, ambidextrous cylinder release, a smooth trigger pull, and a compact design this revolver is a solid option. With an MSRP of $539, it is on the higher end of pricing for revolvers but you certainly get what you pay for.

BodyGuard .38 Specs

  • Caliber: 38 S&W SPECIAL +P
  • Capacity: 5
  • Barrel Length: 1.875″ / 4.8 cm
  • Overall Length: 6.6″
  • Front Sight: Black Ramp
  • Rear Sight: Integral
  • Action: Double Action Only
  • Grip: Polymer – Gray
  • Weight: 14.2 oz / 402.6g
  • Cylinder Material: Stainless Steel with PVD Coating
  • Barrel Material: Stainless Steel
  • Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy

Taurus Judge

Carrying around the Taurus Judge is a bit of a game-changer. Chambered in both .410 and .45 you’re basically carrying around a pocket of hate. A .410 round is an interesting round to use for concealed carry since it doesn’t pack the same stopping power as the .45, especially if you get any sort of distance between you and your target. At 29oz this is certainly a lot heavier than the two previous models we just mentioned but it is still small enough to carry concealed.

Judge Specs

  • Frame Size: Compact
  • Capacity: 5
  • Action Type DA/SA
  • Caliber: 45 Colt
  • Height: 5.10″
  • Width: 1.50″
  • Weight: 29.00 oz.
  • Barrel Length: 3.00″
  • Overall Length: 9.50″
  • Front Sight: Fiber Optic
  • Rear Sight: Fixed
  • Safety: Transfer Bar

Ruger LCR .22

If you’re looking for ultimate concealment that still has the ability to have any sort of decent round capacity, consider the Ruger LCR .22.  At 15oz and measuring 6.5″ long by 4.5″ high it’s easy to hold and conceal at the same time. While the revolver chambers in .22 offering less stopping power it does hold 8 rounds giving you more chances to put accurate shots on target. While we don’t usually advocate a .22 for concealed carry this one does actually serve a purpose and does a great job for what it’s built for.

LRC .22 Specs

  • Grip: Hogue® Tamer™ Monogrip®
  • Front Sight: Replaceable, Pinned Ramp
  • Barrel Length:1.87″
  • Cylinder Finish: PVD
  • Twist: 1:16″ RH
  • Rear Sight: U-Notch Integral
  • Finish: Matte Black
  • Weight: 14.9 oz.
  • Height: 4.50″
  • Overall Length: 6.50″
  • Capacity: 8
  • Grooves: 6

Concealed Carry Purses


Eligible Marines could take home a $57,000 Bonus in 2020

The $250,000 Army Infantry bonus may be something blowing in the wind, but Marines taking home a $57,000, that’s scheduled to start in 2020. To be eligible you’ll have to be a re-enlisting Marine in one of a handful of career fields before Sep. 30, 2019, and you’ll have to submit your re-enlist package before Aug. 30, 2019 if you want to add on the Early Reenlistment Kicker.

Photo Credit: Lance Cpl. Christopher D. Thompson/U.S. Marine Corps

Qualifying careers include those in high demand, such as Infantry, Aviation Maintainer, and Air Traffic Controller. If you’re an able and willing Marine, a lateral-move into Counterintel, Imagery Analysis, Recon, Critical Skills Operator, Psychological Operations, Cyber, Explosive Ordnance Technician, Cryptologic Cyberspace Analyst, Signals Intelligence/Electronic Warfare Analyst, Special Intelligence System Administrators, Marine Corps Community Services, Contract Specialists, and Criminal Investigative Division Agent will land you a $40,000 bonus if you’re a first-term Marine.

Special Military Pay

What makes these incentives even better, they can be combined. If the cards fall right, a first-term Marine could end up taking home a $90,000 bonus in a lateral move, if they re-up for 6-years and can combine an SRB with early reenlistment (must be after July 5 and before Aug 30, 2019).

According to the Marine Corps’ 7220 Bulletin, “Retaining our experienced and qualified Marines remains one of the Commandant’s highest priorities.  Achieving retention goals is vital for shaping and sustaining the Marine Corps’ enlisted force.”

Retaining experience may be a priority, but here’s the kicker (not the early reenlistment kicker), prior service Marines do not qualify for the 2020 bonus because they can’t come in until after Nov. 1, 2019, a month after reenlistment packages have to be submitted.

Top 5 Marine Corps Movies

However, there is an exception to every policy. If you’re looking to go from a prior service, regular component to an active component of the Marines and you’re both qualifying and willing to go into one of the critically short Primary Military Occupational Specialties (PMOS), then you are the exception.

And if you’re already in Aviation, Marines will get up to a $280,000 bonus to stay and keep flying, because too many Marines are leaving to fly in the civilian sector. This bonus, however, requires an 8-year commitment.

Marines’ Sky Penis Penetrates Salton


Read Now

Sig P365 Review


The Sig Sauer P365 was released at SHOT Show 2018 and made a huge splash in the Concealed Carry Handgun market. Loaded with features, the Sig P365 offers a front rail, a 12 round magazine (other options are now available), night sights, and a compact size similar to the Glock 43. We should note that the Glock 43 comes with a 6 round magazine and does not offer night sights or a front rail. Right off the bat, the Sig P365 is looking pretty good. But let’s take a detailed review of the Sig P365 and see if it’s really the best bang for your buck (pun was intended #dadjokesfordays).

Learn More


  • Length- 5.80″
  • Width – 1″
  • Height – 4.30″ with factory 10 round magazine
  • Weight – 17.8oz (empty)
  • Barrel Length – 3.10″
  • Frame – Stainless Steel
  • Trigger – Striker-Fired
  • Trigger pull weight – 6lb
  • Capacity – stock 10 round or 12 round option
  • Price – $599.99 MSRP


  • Slide serrations on front and back
  • Sig Sauer Night Sights
  • 10 or 12 round magazines
  • Modified double stack magazine
  • Smooth 6lb trigger pull
  • Ambidextrous magazine release option
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Sig P365 Explained

The Sig P365 offers a large number of features that make it ideal for concealed carry. First and foremost the Sig P365’s size to round capacity ratio is unmatched. At the moment there is no other model on the market that offers the round capacity of the P365 with a comparable size. This alone makes it an excellent choice for concealed carry but the features don’t stop there. Sig’s attention to detail on the P365 really makes it tough to beat.

Things like stock night sights, an excellent trigger, a thin profile, and an extremely durable design make the Sig hard to beat. One thing that really impressed us was how well the Sig fits in larger hands. If you’ve ever tried to use a traditional concealed carry pistol you’ll know you often feel like a circus bear riding a bike… it’s just too small and doesn’t really sit properly. But the Sig P365 somehow feels like you’re using a regular sized pistol rather than one that you can throw in your pocket and forget about.

Concealed Carry Guns

The Sig P365’s trigger-pull combined with its ergonomics makes it an extremely accurate pistol. Anyone who’s used the pistol will tell you it’s just easy to shoot, plain and simple.

Sig P365 vs Glock 43

If you’re looking to compare the Sig P365 to similar builds on the market then your closest competitor is most likely the Glock 43. Most Glock enthusiasts prefer the Glock 43 for concealed carry due to its compact size coupled with a traditional Glock build and feel.

However, when compared side by side the Sig P365 sizes almost identical to the Glock 43 but comes with a much higher round capacity, stock night sights, an ambidextrous magazine release, and a shorter profile. This makes the Sig P365 a very strong contender for anyone looking to conceal carry. In fact other than the price, the Glock 43 stock doesn’t hold too many wins over the Sig P365.

Sig P365 Glock 43
Weight 17.8oz 17.95oz
Width 1″ 1.02″
Height 4.30″ 4.25″
Length 5.80″ 6.26″
Barrel Length 3.10″ 3.39″
Round Capacity 10+1 stock 6+1 stock
Stock Sights SIGLITE night sights Stock iron
Trigger Pull Weight +-6lbs +-8lbs
Price $599.99 +  $449.99+

Sig P365 vs Glock 43X

While the Glock 43 falls short in many categories against the Sig P365, the Glock 43 does come a little closer. By increasing the height from 4.25″ to 5.04″ Glock managed to up the 43X’s capacity to 10 rounds matching the Sig P365. While this does offer a much better round capacity it adds over 3/4″ to the height making the pistol a little more difficult to conceal.

Sig P365 Glock 43X
Weight 17.8oz 18.7oz
Width 1″ 1.10″
Height 4.30″ 5.04″
Length 5.80″ 6.5″
Barrel Length 3.10″ 3.41″
Round Capacity 10+1 stock 10+1
Stock Sights SIGLITE night sights Stock Iron
Trigger Pull Weight +- 6lbs +- 8lbs
Price $599.99  $449.99+

Sig P365 Problems

After Sig’s initial release of the P365, they issued a recall in order to fix a number of user-reported issues. The primary issue reported is primer drag, meaning the face of the firing pin dragging across the primer when the barrel unlocks during the firing sequence. This brings up a concern of possible damaged firing pin tips and subsequent light strikes. There were other reported issues such as failure to extract and the trigger return spring breaking. However, a large amount of these issues are rumor mill and Sig ensures their customers that the issues were fixed. If you are looking to get a Sig P365, consider purchasing a new one to ensure you don’t run into any possible issues.

Concealed Carry Insurance

P365 Magazine

The Sig P365 comes with a stock 10 round magazine and an optional 12 round magazine which increases the overall height of the pistol itself. The 12 round magazine is a great option for anyone looking to carry a couple more rounds or individuals with large hands that experience issues with properly gripping concealed carry pistols. In addition, in May 2019, Sig announced the release of a 15 round magazine that adds a full inch to the gun’s height.

Sig P365 15 Round Magazine
Sig P365 15 Round Magazine
Magazine Pistol Height (with Magazine Capacity
Flush Fit Magazine (Ships with pistol) 4.3 inches 10+1
10-Round Extended (Ships with pistol) 4.5 inches 10+1
12-Round Extended 4.7 inches 12+1
15-Round 5.5 inches 15+1

P365 Sights

The Sig P365 comes with stock x-ray day/night sights that make for a quick sight picture in both day and low light situations. It’s important to note that most companies do not include any sort of glow sights with their stock pistol configurations and a good set of night sights can run upwards of $100. Given the fact that the P365 costs around the same as other CCW pistols, this is a really nice value-added feature that really makes the pistol hard to beat when it comes to the best bang for your buck.

The Best Concealed Carry Shirt

The sights themselves come with a green dot on the front sight and white dots on the back sights. This helps you quickly and accurately establish a solid sight picture. (We should note that you should ensure you know what sights your Sig P365 comes with prior to purchase since there are several available variations.)

Sig P365 Trigger

One of the Sig P365’s best features is its trigger pull. Sig really knocked it out of the park when it came to getting a smooth trigger pull that is clean, crisp, and light. The Sig P365’s trigger pull is 6lbs, 2lbs lighter than most of its competitor’s trigger weights. We think 6lb is a happy medium of being light enough to offer a clean pull but heavy enough to reduce the risk of negligent discharges. In addition to a great trigger weight, the P365’s trigger pull is unbelievably smooth and crisp. Sig certainly put a lot of thought into producing an excellent trigger pull that matches some of the upgraded options on the market.

Where to Buy the Sig P365

You can buy the Sig P365 pretty much anywhere you can buy handguns. One place you could look to buy from fellow gun owners is We wrote an entire article on how the website works, which you can read about in the link below.

Gunbroker | Know Before you Buy

Of course, you can also buy a P365 through Sig Sauer if you’re looking to buy new.

Available Accessories and Upgrades

There are plenty of accessories you can purchase for your Sig P365. Holsters can be found on SigSauer’s website, of course. You can even find laser sights, night sights, fiber optics, different magazine styles, triggers, and carrying cases.

Buy Now

Buy Now

P365 Ammo

You can buy 9mm ammo for you Sig P365 basically anywhere ammo is sold. You can also buy bulk online and save some money. However, depending on where you live, you might be better off walking into a local store. Of course, there’s always the option of getting into reloading—but it’s an expensive hobby to get started in.

Should you Carry a Backup Gun

If reloading isn’t your cup of tea, Cabela’s, Luckygunner,  Ableammo, and Cheaper Than Dirt might be some places worth comparing prices. Keep in mind, once you add in taxes and shipping you might find the prices turn out to be about the same as going to your local shop. Also, the Sig P365 is rated for +P ammunition, so that’s another available option when you’re out there searching for ammo.

Pentagon Considers Raising Max $40,000 bonus to $250,000 for Infantrymen

It’s no secret that the military needs a bit of a revamping. There seems to be nothing but a bunch of overweight, entitled recruits lining up to say, “I do” to the United States Military. Apparently, the revamping is being considered for Army Infantry—nothing to do with being overindulging entitled brats, necessarily. But, one recommendation is a minimum age of 26, this way they come in with a little life experience—as much as you can get in 26 years prior to military service.

U.S. Army First Sgt. Daniel Moss, assigned to the 25th Infantry Division Lightning Academy, performs cold-load training to Rangers from Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment, before the start of waterborne training at Bellows Air Force Station, Hawaii, Nov. 14, 2018. Lightning Academy waterborne operations off the coast of Hawaii offers a unique training environment and partnership opportunity for United States Army Special Operations Forces and the 25th Infantry Division. (U.S. Army photo by 1st Lt. Ryan DeBooy)

And what might someone with a whopping 26 years of life under their belt get for joining the infantry? A $60,000 annual salary and a $250,000 bonus; sign me up! Luckily there’s more to it than a giant paycheck, there’s also going to be more skills required in the hopes of making these new Infantrymen more ranger like, that is if this plan ever takes off.

Buy Now

“There is truth in this fact that we have not paid great attention to this idea of specially selecting people and incentivizing infantrymen and giving them the right skills,” retired Army Lt. Gen. Thomas Spoehr told the “I think we can do a lot better in the Army… about getting the right people into these positions.”

Of course, not everyone is on board with this new recruiting technique, that would potentially involve being brought on as an E-4 or E-5 and retirement after 13 years of service with half-pay.

Ranger Panties

“The question that I think the Army has got to grapple with is … is this a cost-effective use of Army dollars,” said Dougherty, who served in the 75th Ranger Regiment in the late 1990s.
“I don’t think that we are headed into a period where … you are likely to see heavy investment in light infantry.”

The big question here is, where is the money going to be cut from to provide these high salaries and bonuses? Where will qualifying individuals be found if fitness standards and age limit are raised? And how will recruiting actually go, especially since the Army is already failing to meet recruiting quotas?

WWII Ranger PVC Patch

“What are the tradeoffs? Do we really want to do this? Do we really want to spend what is likely several billions of dollars in order to do this for our forces?” Dougherty asked.


Read Now [Review] | What To Know Before You Buy

If you’re into firearms, chances are you’ve heard of GunBroker and given the fact that they have over 2.5 million users, chances are you’ve also used them before. While GunBroker doesn’t actually sell any firearms they are the world’s largest gun broker and help broker hundreds of thousands of purchases each year. With that being said it’s important to know a few things before you decide to use their platform. Like any internet-based business, there is the propensity for fraud from the users and while Gun Broker does a great job of monitoring their customer base, some turds still slip through the cracks. So before you decide to use GunBroker take a sec and read our comprehensive users guide to ensure yourself success!

What is GunBroker?

GunBroker is the largest online gun broker in the world. In short, it’s the eBay of weapons. And while it’s a great place to buy and sell weapons, it’s not GunBroker selling, they’re just a platform on which the bidding occurs.

GunBroker by the Numbers

Some pretty incredible facts about GunBroker that may surprise you

  • 3.5 million – number of registered users
  • 20 – years in business
  • 8,522 –’s international website rank. This means there are only 8,522 websites on the internet that get more traffic. To put this into perspective there are 1.94 Billion websites on the internet in 2019. In nerd speak, this is one of the most popular websites on the internet.
  • 750,000 – daily active gun listings
  • 6 million – number of people that visit the website each month
  • 4 billion – total gross sales transactions conducted on the website since 1999

How It Works is just what it sounds like, a broker. Basically, you take people who want to sell firearms and people that want to buy firearms and you link them up… that’s it. GunBroker doesn’t actually sell any firearms, they just broker the sale between two people and take a cut of the sale, much like eBay or Craigslist. When a seller posts an item users are able to bid on that item. Again, like eBay, the seller is allowed to post the item for any price they like to attract buyers.

In addition, there is the option for a reserve meaning the seller requires a minimum amount to move forward with the bid. The listing will go on for a certain amount of time and during that time buyers will bid on the firearm. Buyers are able to outbid each other right up until the event closes.

Concealed Carry Guns

Some buyers simply put a buy-now option on a firearm. In the image above you will see there is a starting bid amount of $1,279.98 as well as a “Buy Now” price of $1,279.98. This basically means the gun is for sale for $1,279.98.  Some guns will have a much lower starting bid and buyers will have the option to get the gun at a good discounted price. This is where you as the buyer can really get some good deals! If you find a gun you’re after for a low starting bid and nobody bids on it, then you will win the gun.

One of the coolest parts of GunBroker is you have the ability to find just about any firearm you’re after. For example, below is a screenshot of a search we did for a Sig P365. There were over 1,063 items pertaining to that search! That means chances you’re going to find something that will work for you.

Getting the gun

Once you’ve purchased the firearm you will need to have it shipped to you from the seller, this will require an FFL. If you do not have an FFL you can have the seller ship the firearm to your nearest FFL in your state. There, the FFL will have you fill out a Form 4473 and you will receive a background check. Once everything comes back clear you will be able to take your new firearm home!

Concealed Carry Insurance

Selling on GunBroker

If you’re looking to sell your firearm GunBroker is a great way to go but you also need to be careful. If you don’t do your homework on how the system works you could easily lose some money by not marketing your gun properly or by not using the best pricing. If you want to use GunBroker to sell your firearm, we’d suggest first going on and purchasing one to start (it’s a great excuse to buy another gun). By going through the process of purchasing a firearm you will have a much better idea of how it works.

Fees and Pricing

If you’re to sell on GunBroker it’s important that you look at the fees they take for each sale. While the fees are fair they aren’t negligible and will cut into your profits a bit.

Membership Fees

There are no basic membership fees to sign up for GunBroker.


Buying Fees

Typically there are no buying fees associated with GunBroker unless their system flags your profile as suspicious. In the event your profile is flagged you will be charged $2 for a detailed security check.

Selling Fees

To place an add on Gunbroker is free. However, if your product sells you will be charged a Final Value Fee. Now, GunBroker makes this statement about their Final Value Fee:

A Final Value Fee is assessed if your item is sold. The Final Value Fee is assessed when the listing closes and is based on the price that the item is sold for. If the item is not sold there is no Final Value Fee. You can use our Final Value Fee Calculator to find out the final value fee associated with the selling price of an item.

Here is how you calculate your Final Value Fee:

Take the first $250 of your final value and multiply it by 6%. If your item sold for $250 or less this is your Final Value Fee.

If your final value was more than $250, take the additional amount over $250 and multiply it by 3.5%.

Add up these amounts and that is your Final Value Fee.

If that sounds confusing don’t worry, we are here to help. Let’s look at two examples.

Example 1  – You sell a gun for $240

Because the gun is less than $250 you would multiply it by .06 (6%) which is $14.40. $14.40 would be your Final Value Fee.

Example 2 – You sell a gun for $700

First, take $250 and multiply it by .06, which is $15.

Next, take the remaining amount which is $450 and multiply it by .035 (3.5%) which is $15.75,

Now add together the two amounts, $15.75 + $15 = $30.75 and that is your Final Value Fee.

Premium Prices

There are some additional pricing options if you’d like your post to really pop. The purpose of this is just to get

Boldface Title $1.00
Colored Title $1.00
Featured Listing $2.95
Highlight $2.00
Scheduled Listing $0.10
Showcase Listing $4.95
On-site Sponsored Listing $4.00
Off-site Sponsored Listing $7.00
Subtitle $3.50
View Counter $0.50

GunBroker Gold Membership Program

The Gold Program is a $50/year program that basically puts you into an exclusive buying program. Based on what we read it’s actually not a bad way to go. One of the best options we can see is a dedicated live chat support option. The only reason we mention this is that one of the chief complaints about using GunBroker is that any issues you may experience often go unanswered. Having a dedicated live chat would certainly help alleviate some of those problems. In addition, the Gold program offers its members special pricing on guns as well as a gift bag and some other perks. If you use the platform regularly this wouldn’t be a bad way to go for sure.

Best Concealed Carry Shirt

Reported Issues

We’ve spent the past few paragraphs going over how GunBroker is great. Now let’s take a look at some of the issues users report regarding GunBroker.

Customer Service

The Better Business Bureau gives GunBroker a B rating and the customer ratings on their website are 1.5 stars out of 5. Not great. Although keep in mind that people usually don’t go to BBB to leave positive reviews about a company. One of the main things we saw in those reviews are complaints about getting ahold of GunBroker in the event there is an issue with a purchase.

On we found a lot of complaints regarding lazy sellers. This is something important to keep in mind when making a purchase, you are relying on the seller to actually do their job! Once you make a purchase the seller must go through with their end of the bargain. Unforuntaletly, this is kind of out of the hands of GunBroker since they can’t exactly for the seller to do what they say they will do… They can only refund your money and that can sometimes take a while to do. So if you make a sale and the seller sits on it, you could be out the cost of the gun until it’s all sorted out. That being said it’s important to note that GunBroker does thousands of transactions every single day. On the BBB website, there were only 45 complaints and on the website, there were about the same amount as well. So while issues do occur, it’s not very often.

Counterfeit Items

Again, when purchasing off GunBroker you need to keep in mind that you’re dealing with the general public and therefore subject to running into some scam artists. One of the biggest issues on GunBroker is ordering an item and receiving a counterfeit in its place. This especially pertains to gun accessories such as optics. Luckily, GunBroker offers a way for buyers to select sellers who have a good sales history. Each seller receives a grade (such as A+) which is based on their past performance and feedback from customers. Chances are when you buy from a seller with good sales history they are going to follow through on their promise. If you go to purchase an item from someone with no sales history and the deal seems too good to be true, chances are it’s a scam.

GunBroker App

If you’re looking for GunBroker’s mobile app you will be disappointed to hear that it’s been discontinued due to Apple’s gun policies. In March of 2019 they released this statement:

Due to policy changes within their companies, Apple and Google have chosen to not support our apps at this time.   Unfortunately, that also means we cannot provide needed updates and fixes or new access to the app. We hope you will continue to use our site via your mobile browser, which we are making more responsive to phone users

While the apps are gone they responded by optimizing their website’s mobile experience and we have to see it’s actually pretty well done. One of the nice things about the company is they are a huge entity and continually push to ensure their web users get the best experience possible.

Tools for Sellers

If you’re looking to sell on instead of just buying, there are plenty of opportunities to do so. has put together an array of resources for those interested in selling

New Sellers

If you’re a new seller, you probably have more than a few questions. At GunBrokers they provide you with several resources to get you started. There’s a how-to sell guide and a simple registration process to buy and sell on the website.

Listing Items

If you’re looking to do a basic listing, it won’t cost you anything until the item listed sells. To get you started there’s a pricing report you can take advantage of, and for $15, you can get your item appraised. You’ll even find listing templates to help make life a little easier.

During the Auction

If you’ve put your item up for sale, you’ll obviously be keeping a close eye on bids. To do this you can go under “My Auction” to view both current and past listings. You can also edit the price of your listing, add a description, manage pictures, choose to end your auction early, and view any feedback for you, other sellers, and bidders. 

After the Auction

Once your auction is complete because someone purchased your item, the next step is to get the buyer’s information. You’ll also be required to verify an FFL. If your item did not sell you have the option of relisting the item if it did not sell.

Manage the Auction

Through the “Manage the Auction” tab, you can check on your account’s status to verify fees and look at statements. You can also edit your account information, add or replace bank account information, make payments, add links to your listings, block bidders who are causing you issues, and subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters.


Tools you can take advantage of on is the RESTful API, Bulk Lister, Dealer Store, and Image Resizer


Services provided include FreedomCoin, Escrow Service, Fast & Automated Shipping Refund, and FFLGuard. 

Payment Gateways offers a variety of payment gateways to include: BitRail, Fast Charge Payment Gateway, BankCard USA, and Payment Alliance International

E-Commerce Tools for Sellers

E-Commerce tools available to sellers include Ecomdash, CrossxPostit, Listagun, Rapid Gun Systems, Celerant Technologies, Cervelle, and Pawnmaster.

Are Concealed Carry Badges a Good Idea?

If you’ve looked into carrying concealed or you are a life long concealed carry holder, chances are you’ve looked into concealed carry badges. Concealed carry badges are a bit of a contentious topic in the CCW world. In short, proponents say it’s an easy way for you to identify yourself as not a threat to law enforcement and bystandards. Opponents say a Concealed Carry badge is cheesy, confusing to authorities, a waste of time and unnecessary. In this blog, we review the pros and cons of carrying a concealed carry badge as well as review some of the most common badges on the market.

Pros To a Concealed Carry Badge

Carrying a concealed carry badge is a decent way to help separate yourself in the event of a shooting. In the heat of the moment, law enforcement will be looking to quickly and accurately identify good guys from bad guys. By pulling out your badge and presenting it you are able to give a certain amount of recognition.

Keep in mind, pulling anything out while police are in the heat of the moment might get you shot if it looks like you’re reaching for your gun, that’s also on your person.

While law enforcement may not be able to read that your badge says “concealed weapon” they will be able to recognize that you have a badge and badges are associated with law enforcement or security offers. Many experts recommend that if you are involved in a shooting you should holster your weapon, pull out your badge, and extend your arms. This allows anyone coming to the scene to see that you are unarmed and quickly identify you as a “good guy”.

Concealed Carry Backpacks

Another pro to having a concealed carry badge is to avoid panic or confusion for civilians. Most concealed carry badge holders will place their badge next to their firearm. In the event they accidentally show their firearm, an onlooker will see the badge next to it and again assume they are licensed to carry the firearm. A badge and concealed carry insurance tend to be the two things you can do to help up your chances of making it through a concealed carry shooting encounter.

In short, having a badge is a way to legitimize the fact that you have a concealed carry weapon. It’s a quick recognition to others that you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing and you’re licensed in some way to have the firearm that you are presenting.

Cons To a Concealed Carry Badge

First and foremost concealed carry badges can kind of be a pain to carry. If you’ve ever spoken to a police officer who carries off-duty you will know that badges are a pain to carry. Badges are bulky and users are always trying to figure out the best way to display it. When carrying concealed the overall goal is to keep the weapon concealed. A badge just makes that task a little more difficult.

Concealed Carry Guns

Another con to carrying a badge is the fact that a badge is not official and should not take place of your credentials. Concealed Carry Badges may be purchased on Amazon or other websites and there are no governing laws that dictate what a badge should look like or have. This means that the badge itself carries no official weight and no law enforcement will see it as an official item.

Concealed Carry Purses

Finally, most people see a badge and assume law enforcement. If someone sees you carrying a badge they could mistake you for a law enforcement officer. In theory, this could turn you into a potential target or it could force you into a situation that you are not trained for because someone assumes you’re law enforcement.

The Best Concealed Carry Badges

We looked through the internet and found that there are a huge amount of very cheesy concealed carry badges. If you’re looking for something decent that won’t cost you a lot of money check out our list below.

Concealed Carry Gold Badge and Wallet

Learn More

This is one of the better wallet/badge combos we found that offers a fairly slim profile. Most of the other ones we came across look like something George Costanza would wear.  The price is certainly right one this combo and probably your cheapest option.

Custom Concealed Weapons Permit Badge

Learn More

This badge is available through the website and allows you to fully customize your badge to include your state and permit number. These badges run around $60+ but certainly offer a very professional look.

Standard Concealed Carry Badge

Learn More

If you’re looking for a fairly standard Concealed Weapons/permit Badge check out NICs Law Enforcement Supply. At around $28 this is a pretty inexpensive badge and looks fairly official. It’s a pretty solid option if you’re looking to get something inexpensive with good quality.