Everything You Need for Your Range Box

Since the beginning of our military careers we have been putting together range boxes, whether it be for a couple of guys going to the range, an SFODA or a company size element.  It seems as though there is never a good packing list put together for a range box so we decided to put together a good list of everything you might need in a typical range box.

The Range Box

We personally use the Stanley 50 Gallon Mobile Chest.  This is because it’s durable, has wheels and a nice little compartment where we can store stuff.  In addition, it’s lockable which is nice if you want to lock everything up.  It’s also big enough to carry everything we need.  No matter what you choose, we recommend looking for something that is durable, easily portable and weather resistant.

How to Improve Your Skills Between Range Days

Shot Timer

We are huge advocates of using Shot Timers when going to the range since it’s a great way to record your results.  If you want to get the most out of your range time, bring a notebook and pen and record your drills, times and progression.  Most people simply go and blast away, however you most likely won’t be improving on your skills.  We personally use the Pocket Pro and Pocket Pro II and this is a common timer used at USPSA Matches.

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Gun Lube

Gun lube is an absolute must-have. If you don’t take care of your gun and lube it up, it won’t perform to its maximum potential and is much more likely to malfunction. It’s good to have a good lube on hand to apply before shooting, and a good cleaner to help eliminate any carbon build-up after the shooting is done. This ensures that your weapon will continue functioning properly every time you pull the trigger. Frog Lube is a great option because it is a great lube and can clean your gun after a long day at the range.


Gun Tool Kit


A gun tool kit is necessary for fixing and maintaining your weapon and weapon accessories.  This can include specialty tool that your weapon or weapon accessories may need. Most weapon accessories such as lights and lasers use specialty screws that require specific tools such as hex-keys, or star tools. So make sure you have all the specialty items you need when you head to the range. The Real Avid Gun Tool pictured above is an all in one tool so it saves you space in the range box, and has everything you need to work on your weapon or weapon accessories.

Extra Mags

Having extra mags on hand can save you time, and maximize the amount of time you spend training while at the range. If you can load more mags at a time, you will not have to stop to load mags as often and will be able to get in more repetitions in. This is pretty self-explanatory.



Choosing a good target can increase your training effectiveness, especially when paired with a solid training plan with challenging drills and scenarios. Don’t waste your time and ammo at the range by randomly firing rounds. You will be much better off by identifying your deficiencies and practicing specific drills that will improve on these shortcomings. The Essential Shooting Guide & Essentials Target combo has been proven to be an excellent training aid that starts with the Essentials Drill. This drill is a 150 round drill designed to work on different aspects of shooting to include: basic marksmanship, drawing from the holster, reloads, target transitions, differing trigger manipulations, and a combat-focused shooting. Upon completion of the drill, you will diagnose areas that need improvement. The book then offers chapters of different drills that are used in conjunction with our Essentials Targets as well as areas to mark your improvement.

Learn The Essentials Of Marksmanship

The Essentials Target is designed to give you an essential set of drills that will maintain your current proficiency level. The drill takes 150 rounds to complete and covers multiple aspects of pistol marksmanship to include slow aimed fire, weak and off-hand shooting, target transition, trigger speed changes, drawing, magazine reloads and controlled multiple shot groups.


Bore Punch

This is a necessity for anyone who trains har on the range. Running, dropping to the prone, and taking cover all allow for the chance of getting mud or gunk in your barrel if you take a spill. Don’t be an idiot and attempt to fire your gun with a blockage in the barrel, pull out the bore punch and clear the barrel before continuing to fire. The Real Avid Bore Punch is great for cleaning rifles barrels after a range day or clearing your barrel that has been packed with mud, dirt, or grime.

How to Speed Up Your Pistol Draw

Cleaning Kit

After a long day at the range, your gun can be filthy. Covered in carbon, dirt, mud, and sweat, your gin should be cleaned after every use to ensure it functions properly when you need it. A good cleaning kit will include hard and soft brusher, bore rods, bore snakes, rags, and cleaning solvent at a minimum. These items not only clean your gun, but they make doing so much easier than simply using a rag and some elbow grease. The Gloryfire Gun Cleaning Kit is a one-stop shop in regards to cleaning a weapon and even comes with a bore punch.


Your IFAK should include everything from bandaids and Neosporin, to tourniquets, chest seals and combat gauze. Ensure you have a sufficient amount of medical items to treat any types of trauma that are associated with tactical training. That being said, the gear does no good if the user does not know how to properly use it, so make sure you and all others at the range with you know where the medical gear is located at all times in case of emergency, as well as how to properly use it if the need arises. The above Delta Trauma Kit can house all the medical items you would need if a traumatic injury occurs but it does no good if you do not know how to properly use the medical items that you have at hand.



Pasties can save you time and money by allowing you to make your target last longer by covering up your shot holes. They can also be used to enhance drills or create new drills altogether like the dot torture drill.  Pasties can also be used to protect your nips from abrasion and sunburn.


All lasers, lights, and optics run on batteries, so ensure you have plenty of the correct batteries for the accessories that you will be using at the range using.


Ear Protection

A good pair of hearing protection that cancels out the sound of rounds being fired while still allowing you to easily have conversations are an absolute must-have at the range. They are convenient to have and will save you from tents and hearing loss. We use the Impact Sports for any non-tactical range day and they work great.

Fast Pistol Shooting Techniques

Eye ProtectionYour eyes are important so protect them with quality eye protection. Always bring a quality pair of clear lensed ballistic eye pro for indoor and outdoor shooting and a pair of tinted ballistic eye protection for outdoor range days. Don’t forget an anti-fog lease cleaner and a lease cloth to ensure you see what you are shooting at with no grime or fog obscuring your vision. The Wiley X WX 300 Saber Advanced is an awesome and affordable pair of eye protection with interchangeable lenses.

How to Speed Up Your Pistol Draw

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This Is Why You Should Honor Memorial Day Without The Sales


Every year Americans take off work, spark up the barbecue, open their wallets and head to the stores to save money on Memorial Day sales.  Everything from mattresses to cars are marked down in honor of Memorial Day, or in honor of those who served or whatever the excuse is for that company to make a buck.

First off, lets be clear; sales are a way for companies to make money.  Period.  End of story.  We don’t have sales because we want to give the consumer a break or to be nice, we (the collective we of companies) have sales to make money.  Sales allow us to move inventory that may be stagnant or help to drive consumer to websites or storefronts to make larger purchases because they feel as though they are getting a deal.  Sales are great for everyone; we make money, you guys save money.  However, let’s not have any misconceptions about it, sales are designed to make money.

Now, Memorial Day is a federal holiday that honors those who died while serving our country in the armed forces.  Let’s word that differently.  Memorial Day is one day a year, that we as citizens pay homage to the men and women who gave their lives for our freedoms and way of life.  It’s not Veteran’s Day, it’s not just a free day off work, it’s not labor day and it’s not just an excuse to get with your buddies and drink beer.  This is our one day that we, as a nation, say thank you.  To us this is a sacred holiday.  For those of us who lost friends along the way this is a chance for us to remember them, honor them and to cherish the service and sacrifices they gave us.

When a company holds a Memorial Day Sale they are taking a day created to mourn our nation’s fallen warriors and using it as an opportunity to make money.  They are saying “thank you for your sacrifice, now lets make some cash.”  In our eyes this is wrong.  There are literally 364 other days in a year that you can hold a sale.  Let’s just not do it on the day that is designed to mourn the fallen as I believe it cheapens and detracts from what the day was made to accomplish.

Think of it like this….  Memorial Day began following the Civil War when soldiers and citizens would visit the graves of the fallen and decorate them.  Do you think they did this thinking how someday we all could get a free day off of work and get some killer savings on cars and mattresses?

Now, to the average American mattress store owner, you almost can’t blame them.  They may not have been affected by the grievances of war like many of our nation’s Veterans and Gold Star Families.  They might not understand the sheer gravity of the day and what it means to those who have lost their friends and loved ones to war.  However, for those selling products in the tactical gear industry, there is absolutely no excuse.  Your industry profits off of war.  Plain and simple.  If you sell a plate carrier, pouches, magazines, or any other piece of kit, t-shirt, patch, apparel that is designed to be used/worn by military personnel you are profiting off war.  We aren’t saying it’s a bad thing.  We do it.  It’s a great industry and we absolutely love our job, our customers and what we accomplish.  But without war and the military, our business and most other businesses in the tactical gear industry would fail.  So, if you are a seller of said merchandise that profits off the existence of war, don’t take the one day of the year designed to honor the fallen to make more money.  It is inherently and immorally wrong.

So what should you do on Memorial Day?  Honestly, do whatever you want.  This is America, the land of the free.  You can celebrate the holiday in whatever way you see fit.  This is merely our opinion, for whatever that’s worth.  We will be shutting down our store to all web sales and taking the day to remember our brothers who gave their all.  We will take the day off work to meet with friends and family to cherish the awesome lives we are afforded by the sacrifices of others.  We won’t go get a bargain deal on some shoes or buy a memorial day inspired shirt.  We will just remember and honor the fallen.

We sincerely hope other businesses, at least in the tactical gear industry, will follow suit.  It would be incredible to turn Memorial Day back into a day of mourning, remembrance and respect.

West Points’ Recommended Reading List

The United States Military Academy at West Point is one of the premier academic, military institutions in the world today. The following is the West Point history department’ list of top 10 classic military novels.

On War by Carl Von Clausewitz.

 Some Principles of Maritime Strategy by Julian Stafford Corbett

This brilliant exposition established Corbett as a classical maritime strategist whose concepts of sea power are found in current U.S. maritime strategy.

History of the Art of War Within the Framework of Political History by Hans Delbruck

“Two thirds of a century after it first appeared, this last volume of Delbruck’s fundamental work on military history has been translated into English. The work remains essential for the history of European warfare. . . . The translation reads well, although it occasionally reflects too closely the complicated grammar of the original German. Extensive notes and an index. . . . College, university, and large public libraries.”-Choice

 Command of the Air by General Giulio Douhet

In the pantheon of air power spokesmen, Giulio Douhet holds center stage. His writings, more often cited than perhaps actually read, appear as excerpts and aphorisms in the writings of numerous other air power spokesmen, advocates-and critics. Though a highly controversial figure, the very controversy that surrounds him offers to us a testimonial of the value and depth of his work, and the need for airmen today to become familiar with his thought.

The Commandant of the Marine Corps Professional Reading List For NCOs

The progressive development of air power to the point where, today, it is more correct to refer to aerospace power has not outdated the notions of Douhet in the slightest In fact, in many ways, the kinds of technological capabilities that we enjoy as a global air power provider attest to the breadth of his vision. Douhet, together with Hugh “Boom” Trenchard of Great Britain and William “Billy” Mitchell of the United States, is justly recognized as one of the three great spokesmen of the early air power era. This reprint is offered in the spirit of continuing the dialogue that Douhet himself so perceptively began with the first edition of this book, published in 1921. Readers may well find much that they disagree with in this book, but also much that is of enduring value. The vital necessity of Douhet’s central vision-that command of the air is all important in modern warfare-has been proven throughout the history of wars in this century, from the fighting over the Somme to the air war over Kuwait and Iraq.

Roots of Strategy, Book 2 by Ardant  Du Picq

Ardant du Picq’s Battle Studies, Clausewitz’s Principles of War, and Jomini’s Art of War.

Ardant du Picq’s Battle Studies, Clausewitz’s Principles of War, and Jomini’s Art of War all included in a single book.

The Art of War (1838) by Baron Antoine-Henri De Jomini

Antoine-Henri Jomini was the most celebrated writer on the Napoleonic art of war. Jomini was present at most of the most important battles of the Napoleonic Wars. His writing, therefore, is the most authoritative on the subject. “The art of war, as generally considered, consists of five purely military branches,-viz.: Strategy, Grand Tactics, Logistics, Engineering, and Tactics. A sixth and essential branch, hitherto unrecognized, might be termed Diplomacy in its relation to War. Although this branch is more naturally and intimately connected with the profession of a statesman than with that of a soldier, it cannot be denied that, if it be useless to a subordinate general, it is indispensable to every general commanding an army.” -Antoine-Henri Jomini

The Art of War (1521) by Niccolo Machiavelli

Written after 1513’s “The Prince,” Niccolo Machiavelli’s war treatise, “The Art of War,” is a dazzling array of war tactics and strategies based on the military strength of the Romans. Machiavelli wrote “The Art of War” as a dialogue between a group of young men in the Florentine republic. The main narrator, Lord Fabrizio Colonna, is the voice of knowledge and wisdom. The others ask questions about military tactics, and Fabrizio gives them advice on an army’s training, deployment, and organization. Much like how the military communicates within itself, Machiavelli’s “The Art of War” is a clear, precise, and structured text. It doesn’t have the same wit and cynicism of Machiavelli’s other works, but by choosing this style, the author was purposefully mimicking his subject. He also calls upon the classical tradition of a dialogue to share his wisdom. While yielding to classic Roman strategies may seem outdated, Machiavelli was an expert on the subject. He spent fourteen years as the secretary to the Chancery of Florence, allowing him to oversee the daytoday activities, weaponry, and logistics of the army. After “The Art of War” was released in 1521, world leaders and military tacticians slowly adopted his war philosophies as their own; the Roman strategies outlined in Machiavelli’s treatise had already proved reliable for over onethousand years, and they would continue to be applicable for many more years to come.

The Influence of Sea Power Upon History 1660-1783 by Alfred Thayer Mahan

The definite object proposed in this work is an examination of the general history of Europe and America with particular reference to the effect of sea power upon the course of that history. Historians generally have been unfamiliar with the conditions of the sea, having as to it neither special interest nor special knowledge; and the profound determining influence of maritime strength upon great issues has consequently been overlooked. This is even more true of particular occasions than of the general tendency of sea power. It is easy to say in a general way, that the use and control of the sea is and has been a great factor in the history of the world; it is more troublesome to seek out and show its exact bearing at a particular juncture. Yet, unless this be done, the acknowledgment of general importance remains vague and unsubstantial; not resting, as it should, upon a collection of special instances in which the precise effect has been made clear, by an analysis of the conditions at the given moments.

General Mattis’ Reading List For Leaders

A curious exemplification of this tendency to slight the bearing of maritime power upon events may be [iv]drawn from two writers of that English nation which more than any other has owed its greatness to the sea. “Twice,” says Arnold in his History of Rome, “Has there been witnessed the struggle of the highest individual genius against the resources and institutions of a great nation, and in both cases the nation was victorious. For seventeen years Hannibal strove against Rome, for sixteen years Napoleon strove against England; the efforts of the first ended in Zama, those of the second in Waterloo.” Sir Edward Creasy, quoting this, adds: “One point, however, of the similitude between the two wars has scarcely been adequately dwelt on; that is, the remarkable parallel between the Roman general who finally defeated the great Carthaginian, and the English general who gave the last deadly overthrow to the French emperor.

 The Art of War by Sun Tzu. 

The Art of War is an ancient Chinese military treatise dating from the 5th century BC. Attributed to the ancient Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu the text is composed of 13 chapters, each of which is devoted to one aspect of the art of war. It is commonly thought of as a definitive work on military strategy and tactics. It was placed at the head of China’s Seven Military Classics upon the collection’s creation in 1080 by Emperor Shenzong of Song, and has long been the most influential strategy text in East Asia. It has had an influence on Eastern and Western military thinking, business tactics, legal strategy and beyond.

The Peloponnesian War by Thucydides

“The greatest historian that ever lived.” Such was Macaulay’s assessment of Thucydides (c. 460-400 BC) and his history of the Peloponnesian War, the momentous struggle between Athens and Sparta that lasted for twenty-seven years from 431 to 404 BC, involved virtually the whole of the Greek world, and ended in the fall of Athens. A participant in the war himself, Thucydides brings to his history an awesome intellect, brilliant narrative, and penetrating analysis of the nature of power, as it affects both states and individuals. Of the prose writers of the ancient world, Thucydides has had more lasting influence on western thought than all but Plato and Aristotle. This new edition combines a masterly new translation by Martin Hammond with comprehensive supporting material, including summaries of individual Books; textual notes; a comprehensive analytical index; an appendix on weights, measures and distances, money, and calendars; ten maps; an up-to-date bibliography; and an illuminating introduction by P.J. Rhodes.

RE Factor Tactical 9 Line Bro Card

While the 9 Line MEDEVAC will help get you out of danger, this will help keep you out of trouble.  You’re welcome.

9-line bro card is:

Line 1. Delete Phone browser history.

Line 2. Go to phone contacts, and delete Domino’s One, Domino’s two, Domino’s three, Papa John’s one, Papa John’s two, Papa John’s three, Burger King, and Taco Bell 2 and 3. Leave Domino’s real and Papa John’s real. Also, leave Taco Bell 1. She’s earned the right to come to the hospital, but schedule that shit carefully.

Line 3. Duck tape my chew can to my chest, so I have some to look forward to when I wake up.

Line 4. Divvy up the whiskey in my footlocker among my unit before the XO finds out.

Line 5. Divvy up porn stash among the unit. Don’t ship that derelict shit home.

Line 6. If my dick is blown off, do everything you can to save me, I want a robo-dick prosthetic, that’d be fuckin cool.

Line 7. If my eyes are damaged, don’t let my buddies take pics behind me hanging their balls over my head.

Line 8. There are 2 debit cards in my wallet, take the blue one out and hold it for me until I request it. Don’t tell my wife about that one.

Line 9. If I’m being evac’d because of a 2nd Lt’s screw up or friendly fire, beat his ass for me.



The Best Defense Targets

Different targets have different training objectives.  This is our guide to some of the best targets for defense training.  A defense target is considered a target that enhances your ability to react in a defensive situation rather than an offensive situation.  A defensive situation includes things like an active shooter, an assault/burglary or any other situation where you are reacting in a manner where you were not anticipating to use your weapon.


A Defense Target can either be a paper target or a steel AR 500 target.  Different paper targets and steel targets will offer different training opportunities.  We like to shoot on steel because it offers that audible instant feedback.  However, paper targets can often offer more drills with specific shapes or images.

So here is our quick guide to some of the best defense targets:

  1. KRATE AR 500 Steel Target

The Krate AR 500 steel is great for defensive drills because it offers instant feedback when a round strikes the steel.  This defense target is relatively inexpensive and unlike paper can be shot over and over again.

Want to improve your marksmanship? Read our blog, 5 Gun Targets to Increase your Marksmanship

2. Kill Zone Target

The Kill Zone Target makes for a great defense target because it gives you an idea of how your shot patterns might affect a human body.  The target has an overlay of anatomically correct human anatomy, featuring all the major organs and bone structure.  In addition, the target has an IDPA overlay that can be paired with a number of drills readily available online.

3. FAB Defense TargetOne of the best defense targets on the market is the FAB Defense Target.  This has a special, self-healing plastic that can be reused a number of times.  In addition, like the steel target, this target reacts when hit.  We like this option because they are a lot lighter than the steel defense targets and there is no minimum safe stand-off distance.

4. The Active Shooter Target

The Active Shooter Target is a great defensive target because it helps give you target recognition as well as see if your shot placement is within the vital areas of a human body.

Need work on your target transitions? Read our blog, This Drill is Designed to help work on your Target Transitions

5.  A Zone Splatter Target

The A-Zone Splatter Target is a 7 x 12″ splatter target that is designed to fit the standard USPSA A Zone.  This A Zone represents the rough size of the vitals of a human body.  This is a great defense target since it can be applied to any target and gives instant feedback with high vis orange splatter.

Don’t have the finances to buy new targets? Read our blog, Free Printable Shooting Targets

The Commandant of the Marine Corps Professional Reading List For NCOs

Each  Commandant of the Marine Corps has a suggested reading list for professional development that they recommend to their Marines. When a new Commandant is named, a new reading list is developed that reflects what the new commandant believes will make Marines into the best war-fighters and leaders possible. There are specific reading lists for each stage of a Marines Career that range from a junior enlisted reading list, all the way to a Senior Commissioned Officer list, and all career phase in between. The current Commandant of the Marine Corps, Robert B. Neller, has developed the current list below specifically for Non-Commissioned Officers or NCOs and is designed to not only develop NCOs into better leaders but also to give them a further understanding of military and Marine Corps history. Through the study of past conflicts, it not only allows the reader to develop an intimate knowledge of strategies used in previous wars such as the Civil War and WWII but also first-hand accounts of the feelings and experiences that troops felt during these conflicts.