December 8

Pistol Drill: The Beikirch

Sgt. Gary B. Beikirch of 1st Special Forces Group (A) is a Vietnam Medal of Honor Recipient.   You can read more about his heroic actions below. The Beikirch is a difficult pistol drill that helps train your transition capabilities.  You can make this drill more difficult by adding reloads or […]

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December 7

What’s the Deal With the Combat Fitness Deck?

The Combat Fitness Deck™ was designed to give forward deployed military service members the ability to easily maintain their fitness levels regardless of location or gym availability.  The Combat Fitness Deck™ includes 52 different high intensity workouts that can be performed with minimal equipment. As you progress through the deck, […]

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December 6

Rifle Drill: The FML Run-Down

The FML Run-Down came from some of the guys constantly saying “f*&^ my life” after trying this rifle drill over and over.  The rifle drill is a great combination of precision, dynamic movement, reloads, fast target acquisition and rapid fire techniques. Setup Set up one of any of our Human […]

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December 2

How Facebook is Destroying Small Business

Over the past few months and years we have seen first hand how Facebook, the necessity of Social Media, has slowly crushed small business in return for profits to share holders and the owner Mark Zuckerburg. In 2011, when we first opened our doors, Facebook and Instagram were a godsend.  […]

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