August 17

Pistol Shooting Drill: The Abbate

This pistol shooting drill is done in honor of  Sgt. Matthew Abbate who was killed in action in Sangin Afghanistan while serving as a Marine Scout Sniper with 3rd Battalion 5th Marines. He was posthumously awarded the Navy Cross for his actions during his tour of duty. Overview  The Abbate […]

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August 13

What are the Different Types of VA Loans?

If you’re looking to purchase a new home or even refinance your house, consider looking into a VA Loan.  While there are a couple of different types of VA Loans, most of them are fairly straight forward. VA Loans are a great way to finance your house and come with […]

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August 12

Why a VA Loan is Better Than a Traditional Loan?

After going through some extensive heartaches while applying for a loan recently, we have decided to put out information to our customers that might help them in the event they want to get a new home loan.  Because most of our customers/readers are Veterans, we think this information on the […]

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August 8

A Veteran’s Guide on How to Start an Online Business (Getting Started)

So here’s the reality…  If you’re a Veteran, chances are you’ve thought about starting a business as a means of transitioning into civilian life.  Starting a business is tough, trust me, but I want to offer a few tips to get you going.  I personally love to see Veterans be […]

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