November 6

Let us design your next target!

Do you have an idea for a target and would like to have it printed? RE Factor Tactical would like to design and print your next target! We have designed several different targets for multiple government agencies, police departments, military units, and shooting ranges. Whether it’s black & white, full color, […]

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October 11

How to use the Human Resources Target

Images ©Copyright 2017 RE Factor Tactical The Human Resources Target was created at the request of U.S. Special Operations units for improving their already advanced shooting capabilities. Units from the SOF community needed a target that would provide diversity and complication,  as well as test the skills of their operators […]

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October 10

Meet the all-new Carl Gustaf M4

Images courtesy of SAAB During the 2017 AUSA Annual Meeting held in Washington D.C., SAAB showcased the all-new and more lethal Carl Gustaf M4. Built with a number special upgrades, the new weapon system is lighter, smarter, and deadlier than any of its previous generations. Since its debut in 1948, […]

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October 9

Tips for being a Private Military Contractor (PMC)

Tips for new Private Military Contractors Hey Hero, congrats on making it out of the military and into the PMC world. You are about to embark on the greatest monetary adventure of your life, but before you do we wanted to offer a few pieces of advice. 1. Kit- Before […]

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