April 12

The RE Factor Tactical Kill Card Challenge

The RE Factor Challenge is designed to test your pistol shooting capabilities.  The drill will test your speed, accuracy, trigger manipulations and reload times. Anyone who is able to meet the drill standard will receive the RE Factor Tactical Challenge patch.  This patch is not available for purchase and is […]

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March 30

ReadyMan: Everything You Need to Know about Bugging-Out

Get the Free Bug-Out Bag Builder Everything You Need to Know about Bugging-Out Picture yourself sitting in your home, relaxing on your couch, and an alert pops up on your phone calling for an immediate evacuation. Some natural disaster (wildfire, hurricane, tornado, etc.) is impending your location and a state […]

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March 26

How to Properly Use a VS-17 Panel

What is a VS-17 Panel? The VS-17 Panel is a high vis panel used by the US military to be properly identified by adjacent units and overhead flying aircraft.  VS-17 Panels come in a number of sizes and configurations, however, in general they come with two high vis colors and […]

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March 23

Everything you need to know about USPSA

IPSC vs. USPSA vs. IDPA Basically IPSC, USPSA and IDPA are generally the same thing in that they are all dynamic competitive shooting sports.  However, each one tends to have it’s own unique quality. USPSA (United States Practical Shooting Association) This is the largest pistol association within the United States […]

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