December 21

Features of the VS-17 Marking Panel

The VS-17 Marking Panel measures 18 x 11″ VS-17 and is designed to aid troops in marking their location and increase visibility from the friendly troops.The panel is double-sided with one side being hi-vis orange and the other being hi-vis yellow which makes it perfect for signaling aircraft in a […]

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December 15

Rifle Drill: The Tabata

This rifle drill is named in honor of Sergeant Major Ernest “Ernie” K Tabata.  Ernie was a roll model, a war hero and a pathfinder for the Special Forces Regiment.  You can read more about Ernie below. The Tabata Rifle Drill is designed to push your target transitions.  This drill […]

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December 12

Pistol Drill: The Howard Drill

COL Robert L. Howard was a Medal of Honor winner during Vietnam.  Before his death he was the most decorated living Medal of Honor Recipient.  You can read more about COL Howard below. The Howard Drill is a great mixture of speed vs accuracy.  You can make this pistol drill […]

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December 9

Rifle Drill: The Benavidez

MSG Roy Benavidez was a member of Special Forces and MACVSOG during Vietnam.  He is a medal of honor recipient.  You can read more about his heroic actions below. The Benavidez Drill tests your rifle marksmanship in a CQB setting.  This is a complex rifle drill that will force you […]

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