March 15

Jedburgh Cover Shirt V2.0 | The Best Concealed Carry Shirt

RE Factor Tactical and Tactical Distributors are proud to announce the release of the Jedburgh Cover Shirt 2.0 We released a Beta-version of this shirt in mid-2017 and were looking to make the perfect concealed carry specific shirt. We released the beta version for a fraction of the cost and […]

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February 28

Natural Bag Enhancement: The Enhanced Kit Bag

The Enhanced Kit Bag was designed to fill all the voids that were left by other kit or gear bags. We found a lack of organization, durability, and innovation in the standard issue kit bags issued in the military and decided to design a bag that can house and organize all […]

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February 26

Unconventional Solutions™ | The Operator Band™

The Operator Band™ is the first band designed to fit the mission needs of Special Operations personnel. Created by a Special Forces S.E.R.E Level C graduate the components of the band are intended to provide everything needed when encountering a survival situation. Each Operator Band comes standard with seven different survival tools. This includes […]

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February 23

Marine Raider MOH Recipient: PFC Henry Gurke

  PFC Henry Gurke was a member of the Third Raider Battalion during WWII. He was awarded the Congressional MEDAL OF HONOR posthumously for his heroic actions on May 31st, 1944. The MOH was awarded to his parents by the assistant secretary of the Navy. PFC Gurke later had a […]

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