September 13

Lending Tree VA Loans Review

LendingTree – A Leading Online Loan Marketplace LendingTree, LLC is a leading online marketplace with one of the largest networks of affiliate lenders in the nation. Lending Tree provides a way for its customers to connect with multiple lenders simultaneously for a variety of financial borrowing needs, including home mortgages […]

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September 12

JG Wentworth VA Loans Review

J.G. Wentworth was founded in 1991 in Chesterbrook, Pennsylvania as a merchant bank specializing in transactions in the healthcare industry. In 1992, the company began to purchase New Jersey’s auto insurance deferrals from claimants who could not afford to wait 12 to 18 months for their settlements. Click Here to Review Rates […]

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August 22

The Easiest Language to Learn

I started studying German and Russian at the age of 11, and since then I’ve also studied Indonesian, Spanish, French, Arabic and a number of off the walls languages that I needed for work.  I’ve had many people ask me what I think is the easiest language to learn.  The […]

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August 17

A Veteran’s Guide to Starting an Online Business (Building a Website)

Starting a business is tough. Chances are you have a great idea that all you’re friends told you is, and now you want to put it into motion… Now it’s time to start looking at how to build a website and get your products available to the public. In my […]

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