April 19

IDPA Rules

The following are the 2018 rules from IDPA.  The original rules can be found here.  These rules are for reference only.  We suggest going to the IDPA website to receive the most up to date rules and regulations. THE FOUNDING CONCEPTS OF IDPA Founded in 1996, the International Defensive Pistol […]

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April 18

Best Binoculars of 2018 [Buyer’s Guide]

We put together a list of some of our top rated binoculars for your ease of use.  Because there are hundreds of options of binoculars on the market it’s easy to purchase a pair that offers too much or too little quality.  While the US military spends thousands of dollars […]

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April 17

Free Printable Shooting Targets

Our Free Printable Shooting Targets are easily downloadable and can be printed on standard 8.5 x 11″ paper.  Each target features elements of our larger targets that are also available on our website. 1. The Kill Zone Target– This 8.5 x 11″ free downloadable target features the head of our […]

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April 14

How To Check for Vital Signs | What Vital Signs Mean

What are Vital Signs? The human body is magnificently designed. Just like a high performance race car, a trained individual can tell you what’s wrong with someone based on a standard diagnostics test just like the local technician at the local auto repair shop. For cars, it’s a diagnostic test. […]

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