November 15

The FBI Shooting Qualification (New)

In 2013 the FBI updated their pistol qualification to what they believe is more applicable to what a field agent might face.  One of the biggest changes of the qualification are the distances.  The newest qualification goes from 3-25 meters while the older standard shot at distances out to 50 […]

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November 13

How to Identify Terrorist Profiles and Radicalization paths

As terrorist attacks continue around the globe, more and more focus is put on stopping the attack before it happens, not just in apprehending the radicalized individual, but in stopping the radicalization before it takes place.  A large part of that is mapping the radicalization cycle and identifying those at […]

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November 9

Pistol Shooting Standards and Qualifications | ICE (Immigration Customs Enforcement)

The ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) Shooting Qualification is required for ICE Agents and one of the more difficult federal qualifications.  Below is a simplified version of the qualification. Firearms: Contract Authorized Handgun Ammunition: Contract Authorized, 51 rounds (shooters will begin with one 17-round magazine loaded in their firearm and […]

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November 7

Pistol Drill: 9 of Diamonds

Overview The 9 of Diamonds Pistol Drill Card is from our Dead Man’s Hand Shooting Deck and is intended to be used in conjunction with our IQ Pistol targets. This pistol drill focuses on several different aspects of shooting to include; draw speed, shot placement, target transitions, and the identification […]

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