April 6

US Launches over 50 missiles at Syrian Military

On 6 April 2017 the United States Military launched over 50 Tomahawk Cruise Missiles at Syrian forces as a retaliation for chemical attacks against Syrian civilians. The missiles were launched at a Syrian airfield where the US government believes the chemical weapons originated.  

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April 3

Quantico Tactical and RE Factor Tactical Announce New Partnership To Meet Equipment Demands For Government Customers

Quantico Tactical and RE Factor Tactical today announced the new availability of RE Factor Tactical products through all retail locations and government contracting vehicles belonging to Quantico Tactical. As a leading supplier to the Department of Defense, Quantico Tactical is now able to provide innovative and specialized equipment, manufactured by […]

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March 31

Tourniquets for Heroes

  Tourniquets for Heroes is a special initiative aimed at equipping Law Enforcement Officers with life-saving tourniquets for personal carry while on duty. Each year thousands of officers are killed in the line of duty while protecting the communities they serve. Many of these officers are not provided with the […]

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March 20

The RE Factor Tactical Tourniquet Standard

The propensity to carry a tourniquet, especially among civilians is on the rise which is great.  Massive hemorrhage is the most commonly found preventable death on the battlefield which means it’s crucial to carry the equipment to control it. While many civilians, LE personnel and military personnel are carrying tourniquets, they […]

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