December 2

How Facebook is Destroying Small Business

Over the past few months and years we have seen first hand how Facebook, the necessity of Social Media, has slowly crushed small business in return for profits to share holders and the owner Mark Zuckerburg. In 2011, when we first opened our doors, Facebook and Instagram were a godsend.  […]

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November 26

Black Friday 2017 Breaks New Record on Firearm Background Checks at Over 200,000

On Friday, the FBI processed over 203,086 background checks for firearms, breaking a new daily record.   That number surpassed last year’s record of 185,713 and 2015’s record of 185,345.   This number only represents the amount of background checks conducted and not the number of actual firearms sold since many customers […]

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November 25

Sergeant Major of the Army Dailey’s Top 10 Leadership Tips

No. 1. Yelling doesn’t make you skinny. PT does. If you’re not out there saluting the flag every morning at 6:30, you can automatically assume your soldiers are not. Soldiers don’t care if you’re in first place. They just want to see you out there. This is a team sport. […]

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November 15

Rifle Drill: The Hammer Drill

Overview The Hammer Drill is intended to be completed on our Human Resources Target. This rifle drill focuses on several different aspects of shooting to include; trigger speed, proper trigger manipulation, recoil management, target identification, and target transitions. This drill can be as easy or difficult as the shooter chooses to […]

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