February 1

What’s In Your Go Bag?

  The bag- This is the part that tends to change the most from person to person. Some like small bags, some like big bags,  but none the less you need a bag that is durable, portable, and compartmentalized. The pictured bag in this post is our ASO Bag. This is […]

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January 23

Build Up Drill: Eliminate Shot Anticipation

Build Up Drill Shooters having problems with shot anticipation will often miss the target by a significant margin even if they apply all other shooting fundamentals. Anticipation is precisely what it sounds like; a shooter is anticipating the recoil of the shot and attempting to brace for it instead of […]

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January 18

New Product: Detainee Pouch

RE Factor Tactical is excited to announce the release of our all new Detainee Pouch. The Detainee Pouch was designed to be used by U.S. and allied military and law enforcement members to maintain personal property, sensitive documents, and evidentiary items found at a crime scene or raid site and […]

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January 17

Pistol Drill: The Turret Drill

The Turret Drill Overview This pistol drill focuses on multiple aspects of shooting to include; draw speed/efficiency, trigger speed, proper trigger manipulation, recoil management, target identification, accuracy, and places a significant emphasis on target transitions. This pistol drill is for intermediate to advanced shooters and includes multiple target transitions. We […]

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